Hard Disk Connectors and Jumpers by oxo41447

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									Hard Disk Connectors and

        Jeffrey Khalil
• Jumpers configure specifications of Hard Disk
• Jumpers connect HD w/ system
• Number of jumpers and connectors depends
• A: Data interface
• B: Manufacturer
• C: Special features on the drive
•   Note: Instructions for setting the jumpers are printed on either the HD itself or on
    the user manual.
           Power Connector
•   HD uses 4-pin plug from power supply
•   Four wire connection
•   Keyed
•   Supplies +5 and +12 Volts
•   Pins are numbered 1-4
  Data Interface Connector
• Modern Hard Disks are either IDE (ATA) or
• Determine type by looking at the HD interface
• IDE (ATA) has 40 pin connection
Data Interface Connector cont.
• SCSI has 50, 68, or 80-pin D-shaped
• 50-pin is narrow SCSI
• 68-pin is wide SCSI
• 80-pin is wide SCSI w/ SCA (single connector
      IDE/ATA Configuration
• Jumper selections that may be available:
• Drive Select (Master or Slave)
• Slave Present- older drives- tells master that
  slave is present
• Cable Select: master or slave cable
• Size Restriction: large drive looks small.
 SCSI Configuration Jumpers
• SCSI disks are more complex = more settings
• SCSI Device ID: 3-4 jumpers, which # (0-7 or
• Termination Activate: disks on ends of the
  chain must be terminated.
• Disable Auto Start: don’t automatically spin
  when booting
• Delay Auto Start: Delay start (Duh)
 SCSI Configuration Jumpers
• Stager Spin: High-tech delay auto start (wow)
• Narrow/wide: …Am I big or small?
• Force SE: force newer SCSI disks to use
  single-ended (SE) operation instead of Low
  voltage Differential (LVD)
• Disable Parity…
           LED connector
• Light-emitting Diode (LED)
• Indicates Disk activity
• Mounted on the HD itself before Hds were
  moved inside the case
• Mounted on case afterwards w/ wire running
  to the HD
• LED then was attached to HD controller
• Now connected to motherboard
• SCSI has external LED connector
        Hard Disk Logic Board
•   Older hard disks were “dumb”
•   Standard hard disks today are “smart”
•   IDE describes all HDs today
•   Proper term is AT Attachment (ATA)
•   SCSI also has integrated electronics
             Control Circuitry
•   Internal Logic board controls:
•   Spindle motor
•   Read/write functions
•   Actuator
•   Power
•   Internal Cache
•   Overall performance

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