Installing a Second Hard Disk by oxo41447


									                         Installing a Hard Disk

Note: You may work in groups of two.         NAME(S):___________________________
Please enter all answers on the Sheet provided.

Task Requirement:-
The aim of this task is to remove and reinstall the existing Hard Disk Drive
(HDD) with the same one The steps involved will require you to

PART A - Find current HDD settings.

Use CMOS set-up or some other Utility Program to obtain hard disk details
and list these below.

You may find these links are helpful in checking the model no. against the
factory jumper settings etc:

                  Type        Cylinders         Heads         Sectors

Hard disk C:    _______      __________       _______       ________

Turn the power to the computer off. Open the case and check the jumper
settings of the existing HDD. This HDD will need to be set to the master of a
two drive system. List the various jumper settings below for this HDD.

Make of HDD: ___________________ Model of HDD:_________________

       Single Drive Configuration:

       Master Drive Configuration:

       Slave Drive Configuration:
Do not change the Jumper settings for this HDD.

Check the Jumper settings of the new HDD, this drive will need jumper
settings of Primary Master.

List the details for this HDD.

Make of HDD: ___________________ Model of HDD:_________________

Cylinders         Heads          Sectors     Size

__________       _______         ________   _____

PART B - Remove old and Install new hard disk.

Turn the computer off.

Check the jumper settings on the new HDD to Single Drive Settings and
install this in place of the old HDD.

Re-boot the computer and enter CMOS, make the required changes to the
disk drive .

Save CMOS and reboot the computer and check that this drive is now
working correctly.

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