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									Curtin University Library Corporate Communications Plan 2008

The purpose of the Library Corporate Communications Plan is to help the Library communicate more
effectively and efficiently with its target audiences.

Communication goals and channels for target audiences

In 2008, the Library will use the following communication channels to meet the goals for each of its
target audiences:

Target Audience       Communication Goal                                  Communication Channels

Staff and students    Increase awareness and encourage use of             library website, blog (OASIS),
                      the Library collections, services, facilities       podcasts, mail outs,
                      and workshops                                       enews, Curtin email lists, posters,
                                                                          lift signs, Grok advertisements,
                                                                          invitations to events
University            Increase recognition of the essential               enews, Curtin email lists, VC
Management            contribution the Library makes to the               message to staff, JCPML
                      university and the return on investment that        newsletter, Cite magazine,
                      the Library delivers                                invitations to events, university
                                                                          meetings, personal contact
Library staff         Increase awareness and pride of Library             staff email, library management
                      employees in library goals, achievements            communications to staff, staff
                      and opportunities                                   blog, WIKI, invitations to events,
                                                                          training sessions
Library Profession    Increase the perception of the Library as a         published articles in professional
                      leading Australian library within the library       journals, eg inCite, WAIN list,
                      profession                                          papers/presentations at
                                                                          conferences, professional training
                                                                          sessions, LATN COW
Community             Increase awareness of the Library’s value           media releases, Curtin FM radio,
                                                                          community newspapers, Update
                                                                          on Curtin publication, Alumni
                                                                          communications, JCPML
                                                                          newsletter, invitations to events,

Communications Strategies

In 2008 the Library will continue to adopt four strategies, informed by objectives in the Library Plan

Strategy 1      Attract positive response to new Library              Add excitement and value to the on-
                resources, services, facilities and events            campus experience of Curtin students
                                                                      and staff ;
                                                                      Enrich the virtual experience of Curtin
                                                                      students and staff.
Strategy 2      Increase awareness of existing Library services       Develop services for targeted
                                                                      communities, internal and external to
Strategy 3      Develop awareness of the library’s strategic          Effectively communicate our strategic
                direction, initiatives and successes                  direction and services.

Strategy 4      Deliver quality library communications that are       Improve Library efficiency, effectiveness
                professional and effective and deliver return on      and return on investment
Communications Initiatives

The following 2008 Strategic Initiatives have been identified as of particular relevance to Corporate

        Develop and promote the Women’s Health Collection (1918 – 1938?) as a virtual collection

        Promote and develop Asian Languages collection

        Develop L2 Learning Space

        Install monitors displaying updated Lib information

        Provide guidance for writing for publication

        Increase engagement with the Library profession

        Establish a “brand” for the Library

        Participate in the AUQA audit

        Target Senior Managers for support

Key Messages

The following messages, which express the Library’s mission, will continue to be incorporated
consistently into all communication activities in 2008:

        The Library offers an innovative and professional service to the university.

        The Library is a vital and valuable part of the university and wider community.

These may be reinforced by slogans and logos, consistent with the Library’s “brand” initiative.

Evaluation criteria

Each new communication activity/event in 2008 will continue to be tested against the criteria of the
Communication Plan.

        Which target group(s) is it aimed at?
        Will it help achieve the goal for the target group(s)?
        Which strategy or strategies does it progress?
        Which key message does it promote?

Karen Tang,
Associate Director - Corporate Services

Lesley Budrovich ,
Promotions, Events, Corporate Communications Officer


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