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boot-Düsseldorf 2009: Resurgent optimism

boot continues t o provide economic impet us t o the industry / 238,000 high-
calibre visit ors boost ed confidence in the yacht and wat ersport s industry

There is a resurge of optimism in the yacht and watersports industry. Troubled
waters in the world economy meant that many industry insiders took a rather
gloomy view of boot’s run. On 25 January 2009, after welcoming the public
for nine days, it was, however, clear: Things are far from grinding to a halt! No
fewer than 238,000 high-calibre visitors from 65 countries ensured that
exhibitors across the majority of product segments had something to smile
about – often some surprisingly good business. The previous event in 2008 was
attended by 267,000 visitors. Spread across 220,000 square metres of
exhibition space covering 17 halls, the world’s No. 1 yachting and watersports
fair showcased 1,641 exhibitors from 57 countries and their boat premieres,
new watersports gear as well as equipment and accessories.

“boot 2009 was staged under some of the most difficult conditions
imaginable for a consumer fair. As anticipated, there was a dip in visitor
numbers but we managed to retain those yachting and watersports
enthusiasts with high purchasing power and they have given the industry new
impetus,” commented Werner Matthias Dornscheidt, President and CEO of
Messe Düsseldorf. “boot has once again proven its standing as an economic
barometer and source of stimulus for business.”

This is confirmed by Jürgen Tracht, managing director of the Bundesverband
Wassersportwirtschaft (Federal Association of the Watersports Industry –
BVWW): “At the end of the first weekend, a collective sigh of relief went
through the halls. That was the psychological turning point.”

Also attesting to the high calibre and purchasing power of at tendees are the
initial visitor surveys. Seventy-one percent of visitors indicated that they
intended to buy boats, equipment or watersports gear in 2009. Just under 60
percent made purchases or placed orders at boot. A total of 45,000 visitors
arrived from abroad. Interest in the event is on the rise throughout the
Americas and the Middle East.

According to Jürgen Tracht, the market for boats and yachts is characterised
by a distinct trend: “Customers value innovation and quality over price.
Companies that are creative and offer convenience, top quality and service
are able to hold their own on the market.”

This is especially apparent among the sailing boats and yachts this year. Says
Michael Schmidt, CEO of Greifswald-based HanseYachts AG: “boot 2009 was
a big success for us. In terms of sales, it was one of the best runs we’ve had in
years – it was a truly excellent fair all round with wonderful visitors dropping in
from the outstanding start through to the very end. Our expectations were far

Demand for both motor and sailing boats in the middle price bracket of
EUR 80,000 to EUR 200,000 was, however, sluggish.

Although trade in large yachts was not as brisk as in previous years, some
leading yards and dealers still reported good sales and plenty of interest from
potential buyers based abroad. Albert Drettmann, head of Bremen-based
yachting agency Drettmann, asserted that once again this year, boot is the
most important event for his company – no ifs or buts. The company sealed
good deals and forged promising new contacts that augur well for strong
post -fair business.

As regards equipment and accessories, the move to greater comfort and
security continues. Demand in this segment closely mirrored last year’s level.

When it comes to holidays, there is no tightening of purse strings. boot -
Düsseldorf is a first -class, one-stop shop for travel. According to surveys, 54
percent of boot visitors were planning a watersports holiday, while 42 percent
were looking for their next destination at boot. Charter companies and
exhibitors in the water tourism section reported that business was good.
Bookings streamed in and fleet capacities in Germany and abroad have
filled up nicely. A particularly popular choice was unwinding on a houseboat
– this doesn’t require a boating licence to travel Europe’s inland waterways.
Sailors’ top picks are the Baltic and Mediterranean but overseas spots are also
registering a lot of interest.

An evergreen favourite is the Diving Show boot -Düsseldorf in Hall 3. Every fifth
visitor stopped in at the world’s biggest consumer fair for diving and diving
tourism under the boot umbrella. Manufacturers of scuba equipment and
agencies for diving tourism were particularly pleased with the fair’s run.

Boats and yachts remained top of visitors’ agendas. A good two out of three
came to gather information in this segment. Other areas of focus for visitors
were boat equipment, engines and technical accessories (60 percent), water
tourism offers, boat and yacht charters and, of course, diving.

The ten theme parks at boot were yet again a big hit among visitors. Leading
the field were the Sailing Center, the Classic Show, Big Blue Holiday World and
the Diving Show. The activities center in Hall 1 – which brought together
Beach World and the Sailing Center under one roof – struck a chord with
young watersports enthusiasts.

Again in 2009, boot -Düsseldorf left virtually nothing to be desired. According
to initial surveys, well over 90 percent of visitors reported that their
expectations were met. boot -Düsseldorf 2010 will open its doors from 23 to 31
Düsseldorf, 25 January 2009

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