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                                         Article I

       The name of the organization shall be the Mississippi Chapter of Phi Beta Lambda.

                                        Article II
        Section 1. The purpose of PBL is to provide opportunities for post-secondary and college
students to develop competencies for business occupations and business teacher education. PBL
is an integral part of the instructional program and in addition, promotes a sense of civic and
personal responsibility.

       Section 2. The specific goals of PBL are to:

       Develop competent, aggressive business leadership
       Strengthen the confidence of students in themselves and their work
       Create more interest in and understanding of American business enterprise
       Encourage members in the development of individual projects which contribute to
       the improvement of home, business, and community
       Develop character, prepare for useful citizenship, and foster patriotism
       Encourage scholarship and promote school loyalty
       Assist students in the establishment of occupational goals
       Facilitate the transition from school to work

                                        Article III

        Section 1. The members of the Chapter shall be those members of PBL residing and/or
attending a post-secondary school and/or college in the state of Mississippi.

       Section 2. State PBL shall be open for membership to these classes of members:

        Active members shall be students in the fields of business who accept the purpose of PBL
and subscribe to its creed. Active members shall pay dues as established by PBL and may
participate in state events in accordance with the guidelines of the State Awards Program, serve
as voting delegates to the State Leadership Conference, hold state office, and otherwise represent
their local chapters as approved by their local advisers.

        Professional Members shall be persons associated with or participating in the
professional development of PBL as approved by local chapters. Such members may include
local chapter advisers, business teachers, business teacher educators, state supervisors of
business and office education, employers or supervisors of cooperative work-training students,
advisory council members, businesspersons, and other persons contributing to the growth and
development of PBL. Professional members shall pay dues as established by PBL, but shall not
participate in events, serve as voting delegates, or hold office.

       Honorary Life Members may be elected to a state or local chapter by a majority vote
They shall be persons who are assisting in the advancement of business and office education
and/or who are rendering outstanding service to PBL. Honorary life members shall not vote or
hold office and shall not be required to pay dues.

                                        Article IV

                                    Dues and Finance
        Section 1. Dues. State dues based on fiscal reports by the state office and on
recommendation by the State Executive Board shall be determined by a majority vote of the
local voting delegates at the State Leadership Conference. Initial membership dues shall be
submitted to the PBL National Office by November 1. Additional membership dues must be
submitted to the PBL National Office by the date stated in correspondence from the state office
in order to compete at the State Leadership Conference.

       Section 2. Annual dues shall be $7.00. (Amended – March 4, 1991)

        Section 3. An itemized financial report of revenue and disbursements shall be presented
at each regular State Executive Board meeting and shall be made available to the members.

       Section 4. State officers must have approval from the state office before travel for

       Section 5. Fiscal year. The fiscal year of the PBL shall be July 1 through June 30.

                                          Article V

        Section 1. PBL shall be an association of local chapters, each operating in accordance
with a charter granted by FBLA-PBL, Inc. Only chapters which have received charters, Greek
names, and numbers issued by FBLA-PBL, Inc. and which are currently in good standing, shall
be referred to as chapters of “Phi Beta Lambda” or “PBL”.

        Section 2. The State Executive Board shall serve as the policy making body of this
organization, and shall act within the framework of the state Constitution and Bylaws. It may be
referred to as the State Executive Board.

        Section 3. The PBL State Adviser is employed by the Mississippi Department of
Education and serves as a liaison officer between the national association, the State Executive
Board, and PBL Local Advisers. The PBL State Consultant and State Coordinator are appointed
by the State Adviser and assist with activities concerning the Executive Board, conferences, local
advisers, and other duties. The State Chairman is appointed by the State Adviser and Office of
Student Organizations with approval by the national association and assists the State Adviser as

                                         Article VI

                                 Officers and Elections
       Section 1. State Officers. The state elected officers of PBL shall be a president, a vice-
president, a secretary/treasurer, and a reporter/webmaster.

       Section 2. Qualifications for state officer.

       A. The candidate, if elected or appointed, must be enrolled in school through his/her
          term of office.

       B. The name of the candidate will be forwarded to the state office.

       C. Office candidate application forms must be received in the state office by the deadline

       D. The candidate must be recommended by the chapter adviser and endorsed by his/her
          local chapter.

       E. Candidates for secretary/treasurer must be proficient in word processing and must
          have completed, or be in the process of completing, one semester of accounting.

       F. Candidates for reporter/webmaster must be proficient in Web page design and
          maintenance and must submit a CD containing a sample Web page designed by the
          candidate. The sample CD will be submitted with the officer application.

       Section 3. Nominations.

       A. Each chapter will be allowed to enter only one candidate for any of the five
          state offices.

       B. Nominations cannot be made from the floor under any circumstances. In the case that
          there are no nominees for an office, the PBL Executive Board will accept
          recommendations and then appoint someone to fill the office.

       C. The state office will notify all chapters of the candidates for each office one week
          prior to the conference.

       D. Only candidates approved by the State PBL Office shall be nominated.

       Section 4. Elections.

       A. Official nomination speeches will be limited to one minute each.

       B. Campaign speeches will be limited to three minutes for president, two minutes for
          candidates for vice-president, and one minute for all other offices.

       Section 5. Term of office. State officers shall be elected for one year or until their
successors are elected or appointed, and their term of office shall begin at the close of the State
Leadership Conference at which they were elected or appointed.

        Section 6. Advisement of State Officers. An adviser from the chapter of which the state
officer was a member at the time of his/her election or appointment will serve on the Executive
Board. If the state officer transfers to another institution, an adviser from the nominating chapter
will serve on the Executive Board through the National Leadership Conference; upon transfer, an
adviser from the transfer institution will serve on the Executive Board beginning in August.

       Section 7. Vacancy in Office. Should the office of president become vacant, the vice-
president becomes president. The Executive Committee shall then appoint the vice-president
and any other office which should become vacant.

        Section 8. Appointment of Parliamentarian. The student who scores the highest on the
written parliamentary procedure test of those candidates that have submitted an application for
parliamentarian shall be appointed the state parliamentarian. This individual shall have at least
one year remaining before graduating from a post-secondary institution.

       Section 9. Guidelines for Selection of a National Officer Candidate.

       A. The candidate must meet all national officer candidate qualifications.

       B. The candidate must be recommended by the chapter adviser and endorsed by his/her
          local chapter.

       C. Officer candidate application forms must be received in the state office by the
          deadline date.

       D. Applications will be submitted to the State Executive Board. The board will select a

       E. No more than one candidate will be selected to run for a national office from the

                                         Article VII
                             Duties of PBL State Officers
       Section 1. The president shall:

       A. preside over the State Executive Board meetings and business meetings of PBL,

       B. direct the activities and projects of the state chapter,

       C. appoint appropriate committees and committee chairmen,

       D. serve as an ex-officio, nonvoting member of all committees,

       E. be responsible for the State Chapter Annual Business Report which will be submitted
          to the National Leadership Conference by the published deadline.

       Section 2. The vice-president shall:

       A. assume the president’s responsibilities in the absence of the president,

       B. assist the president and other officers in the association’s activities.

       Section 3. The secretary/treasurer shall:

       A. keep accurate records and minutes of all meetings and executive board meetings,

       B. submit the minutes to the state office within two weeks following the State Executive
          Board meeting,

       C. assist the state office in keeping an accurate record of the funds of the association,

       D. give financial reports at designated periods.

       Section 5. The reporter/webmaster shall:

       A. prepare two state newsletters on the Mississippi PBL Web site, one in the fall and one
          in the spring,

       B. set up and maintain the Mississippi PBL Web site,

       C. serve as the public relations officer for the state chapter.

       Section 6. The parliamentarian shall advise the president on the orderly conduct of
business in accordance with PBL Bylaws and Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised.

                                        Article VIII

                            State Leadership Conference

       Section 1. A State Leadership Conference will be held each year. The State PBL
Adviser will arrange the date and location of the State Leadership Conference.

        Section 2. Each local chapter in good standing shall be entitled to send two to four voting
delegates and alternates from its active membership for the purpose of electing state officers to
the State Leadership Conference in accordance with the following:

       Under 50 members – two voting delegates
       50 to 100 members – three voting delegates
       Over 100 members – four voting delegates

       Section 3. Conference delegates shall be entitled to vote on matters which come before
the general sessions.

        Section 4. The quorum for all business meetings of the State Leadership Conference
shall be a majority of the registered delegates.

                                         Article IX

                                 State Executive Board

       Section 1. The state officers of PBL shall be the voting delegates of the State Executive
Board. The State Chairman, the State Adviser, the State Consultant, the State Coordinator, and
the advisers of the state officers shall be ex-officio, nonvoting members. These voting and
nonvoting members shall constitute the State Executive Board.

       Section 2. Duties. The State Executive Board shall:

       A. Conduct the business of the state chapter in accordance with the State Constitution
          and Bylaws.

       B. Hold meetings for planning and governing the activities of the state chapter.

       Section 3. Meetings. The Executive Board shall meet in regular session twice each year-
once in the fall and once in the spring. Special meetings may be called by the State Chairman
when necessary.

        Section 4. Voting by Alternative Methods. Business of the State Executive Board may
be conducted by mail, teleconferencing, and/or electronic conferencing at the discretion of the
PBL President upon approval of the State PBL Adviser. For adoption, action by alternative
methods shall require a three-fourths vote of the members eligible to vote and shall be recorded
in the minutes of the next regular meeting.

        Section 5. Minutes. Proceedings of each board meeting shall be recorded and reported
by the state PBL secretary/treasurer. Immediately after each board meeting the
secretary/treasurer shall write the minutes and submit a copy to the state office. The minutes will
be reviewed by the state president and state adviser before distribution to the state board

                                             Article X

        Section 1. Committee business may be conducted by alternative methods at the
discretion of the Chairman. For adoption, action by alternative methods shall require a three-
fourths vote of the members eligible to vote and shall be reported to the committee members no
later than the next regular meeting.

         Section 2. The President of PBL shall, with the approval of the State Executive Board,
establish committees, appoint their members for a period not to exceed his/her term in office, and
assist these committees in their activities.

                                        Article XI

                                       Hall of Fame

       Members of the PBL Hall of Fame shall consist of first place winners at the National
Leadership Conference and national officers, effective National Leadership Conference of 1986.
                                        Article XII

                               Parliamentary Authority
        The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern PBL in all
cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the rules of
FBLA/PBL, Inc., these Bylaws, or any special rules of order that PBL may adopt.

                                       Article XIII


        Proposed amendments to these Bylaws shall be submitted in writing no later than January
15 to the State PBL Chairman by local chapters or by a state officer. Notice of proposed
amendments shall be sent to the local chapters by two weeks prior to state conference. Proposed
amendments shall be reviewed by the State Executive Board before they can be submitted to the
conference delegates. The State Executive Board shall present approved proposed amendments,
with recommendations, to the delegates at the State Leadership Conference. A two-thirds vote of
the delegates present and voting is required for adoption.