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     Update of Labor Compliance Program Under 2009 Regulatory Amendments (8 CCR
                                §16425(f) or §16426(f))

Please see instructions at end for submitting electronic and hard copies of this update information.
NOTE: The Director may ask for additional documentation as to any information provided or any other
information that may have a bearing on your continuing ability to do labor compliance enforcement.

Name of Labor Compliance Program:


Contact person (include name, title, address, telephone, fax, and e-mail, if available):

If different from the person listed immediately above, please provide contact information for
the person responsible for preparing and answering any questions about this Update.

1.      Annual Report Information:

        Date of submission of most recent Annual Report:

        Period Covered in Most Recent Annual Report:

        Entity That Submitted Most Recent Annual Report if different from the Program
        submitting this Update:
2.   Program Personnel (list separately according to instructions below):

     Please provide the name, title, job responsibilities, experience and training of each
     person currently employed by the program. For experience, include time spent with
     your program or any other labor compliance programs. You may also include other
     public or private sector experience which you believe is relevant to the enforcement of
     prevailing wage requirements on public works. For training, include all formal training
     (including dates and provider) while employed by your program and any prior training
     that you believe is relevant to the person’s current job responsibilities. It is not
     necessary to include persons who perform purely clerical functions in this item.
     However, you may provide general information about clerical support to provide a
     clearer picture of the service capacity of your program. Finally, if your program relies in
     part on consultants, volunteers, or other non-employees to provide labor compliance
     services, please describe the persons who provide those services, their relationship to
     your program, and the nature of services they provide.

3.   Competent Legal Support:

     Identify the attorney(s) or law firm(s) (including address and other contact information if
     available) that currently provides legal support for your program, including advice on
     public works coverage under Labor Code §§1720 et seq. and representation in
     enforcement proceedings under Labor Code §§1742 and 1771.6. If your attorney or
     firm has never handled an enforcement proceeding under Labor Code §1742, please
     provide a separate statement indicating what experience and training the attorney or
     firm has that will enable the attorney or firm to provide prompt and competent
     representation in such a proceeding in accordance with the provisions of Labor Code
     §§1741 – 1743 and the prevailing wage hearing regulations at 8 CCR §§17201 et seq.

4.   Updated Program Manual

     Please submit copies of the current manual outlining the responsibilities and procedures
     of your program. (See submission instructions at end of this form.)
5.       Specific Conditions Placed on Program Operation (if applicable):

         If you are aware of any specific conditions placed on operation of your program, either
         in the initial letter approving your program or in any subsequent notice, order, or
         correspondence from the Director that was directed specifically to your program, please
         provide a separate statement on what steps you have taken to remain in compliance
         with those conditions.


       I certify that the update information set forth in this form and the attachments and
additional items submitted with this form is true correct and complete.


                                                      Name and Title


     Please submit two identical copies of your update according to the following instructions.
     Updates must be received by no later than the close of business on February 27, 2009:

     Electronic copy (only) to Office of the Director -- Please transmit this update, including all
     attachments and your updated Program Manual, by e-mail to
     Please transmit these items in a format that can be read by Microsoft Word or an Adobe
     Reader (i.e. in .doc, .docx, or .pdf format). If you are unable to transmit by e-mail, then
     please send hard copies of all items to DIR, Office of the Director, 455 Golden Gate Avenue,
     10th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94102, Attn.: Connor Schmeding.

     Hard copy (only) to Division of Labor Standard Enforcement -- Please send a hard copy of
     this update, including all attachments and your updated Program Manual, to:

                Division of Labor Standards Enforcement
                Attn.: Regional Manager Susan Nakagama
                300 Oceangate Blvd., No. 850
                Long Beach, CA 90802