MASONIC FAMILY “B” FLOAT
                                          Sponsor Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Masonic Family Organization that sponsors the use of the float are as follows:
       1. Fill out a “Parade Request and Information Form’ available from the Grand Lodge web page and mail it to
           the Committee. These forms will provide the Committee with written information on who to contact, time
           of day, where to park, parade routes, etc.
                The price on the B float is as follows:
                         $175 if picked up and returned to Maple Valley.
                         $275 if delivered to parade city.
                It is suggested this cost be shared by all the participating Masonic Family organizations in your
       community, thus alleviating a financial burden on any one group. If full funding is not available, contact the
       Float Committee chairman to negotiate a mutually satisfactory donation.
                Make check payable to – “Grand Lodge of Washington” and mail to
                         WB Jack Davis – Chairman
                         20821 Renton Maple Valley Rd. SE
                         Maple Valley, WA 98038
       2. Upon receiving confirmation from the Committee that the float will be available for your parade, you should:
                (a) Obtain, complete, and submit any parade entrance forms, which may be required by your local
                parade officials. This must be done in a timely manner to ensure there is room for the float in your local
                parade. Please send a copy of the forms that are submitted to the local parade committee This will
                allow us to comply with any local parade rules with which we are unfamiliar.
                (b) Pay any parade “entrance” fees that may be required.
                (c) If other Masonic organizations are participating in your parade, (such as the Shrine), contact your
                local parade officials to get the Masonic Float positioned with these other units, preferably leading the
                Masonic contingent.
                (d) Insurance is provided by the Grand Lodge of Washington. However it is important that you provide
                the proper name and address of the organization asking for the Certificate of Insurance (if such is
                required) by your local parade committee.
       3. Float dimensions entry classification
                Length – 13 feet
                Width – 5 feet
                Height – 6 feet
                Fraternal or Non-Commercial
       Remember to plan on the float to be set up in the designated float assembly area, with other floats if possible. If
       not feasible, find a level area close by for assembly that is big enough for the truck and trailer to turn around.
       Provide assistance, under the direction of the driver, for the unloading and loading of the float into its trailer.
       You should plan on starting the float setup at least 60 minutes prior to judging.
       4. The “B” float design has room for only one (1) rider. The rest of your contingent will walk along with the
       float. Every attempt should be made to have all the local Masonic Family organizations represented. A good
       turnout results in a successful float appearance, which provides very good publicity for your local groups.
       5. The sponsoring Masonic bodies should be prepared to:
                (a) Provide or reimburse the driver for food.
                (b) Provide overnight lodging if it should be required.
                (c) Provide safe overnight storage for the float if necessary. These details can be coordinated with the
                assigned float driver as applicable.
       6. The Masonic Family Float Committee will provide a qualified driver for the float. He will also, transport the
       float to and from your parade and will supervise its assembly and disassembly.

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