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					Fiscal Year-End Close
 Getting your invoices, changes, and accruals to us….
             Preparing for the new year….
         What to expect if the worse comes…
 Fiscal Affairs Web Site

 This presentation and additional
   information about Accounting
  policies and procedures can be
access through the Internet by going
          to our web page:
   Fiscal Year-end Deadlines
   Policy Reminders
   Travel
   Petty Cash
   Staff lists - Whom to call for answers
   Blanket order management
   Open commitment accuracy
   Accruals
   Invoices
   Hospitality
   What the future has in store
      Fiscal Year-End Deadlines
   May 2nd – Requisition for order exceeding $20.000.
   May 23rd – Procurement Card charges (Purchases
    made after this date will be charged to FY 03/04).
   May 30th – Last day to submit requisitions for all items.
    No commitment for any amount will be allowed for FY
   End of May – All reprographics will charges for May
    will appear for FY 02/03. June meter readings will be
    applied to FY 03/04.
   June 16th – Final day to place orders with Corporate
    Express, both eWay and Special Orders. Orders after
    this date will be for FY 03/04.
   June 16th – Final day to submit request for travel or
    other travel and training funds to be encumbered.
   June 27th – Final day to submit Petty Cash Vouchers
    to Bursars Office.
   June 27th – All uncommitted balances will be pooled
    and allocated centrally.
         Policy Reminders
   Requisitions:
      Paper, must be received in ADM 361 by
       5 pm.
      On-line, approved by 5 pm.
   Account number changes can only be
    made to open commitments.
   Procurement Card statements must be
    submitted to Song Park by May 30, 2003.
   Corporate Express orders must be placed
    and approved by 5 pm June 16, 2003.
       Travel 2002-2003

   If travel is completed by May 31
    2003, submit travel claim by June
    16, 2003.
   If traveling during the month of June,
    you must submit a travel advance
    request with the estimated total
    dollars to be spent (even if you are
    not requesting money in advance).
   See attached example.
         Travel 2003-2004

   If your travel commences July 1,
    2003, you must use new fiscal year
   The Accounting Office is not
    authorized to process any Travel
    Advance requests until a Budget has
    been signed by the Governor.
   Trust and Special Project accounts
    are exempt from the requirement.
               Petty Cash
   All petty cash requests must be submitted
    to the Bursar’s office by 2 pm June 27,
   Receipts dated more than three months
    prior to the submission of petty cash
    request will not be accepted.
    Individual purchases must not exceed
    $50.00 (exclusive of sales tax). The total
    per form must not exceed $200.00 per
    department per week.
   Petty cash purchases after June 16 are
    limited to emergencies only.
         Accounts Payable Staff

A/P Staff            Payment Area       Phone number   E-mail name Fax number

Eddy Quijada         A-E (1--6-8)         338-2115     eddyalex   841-5038
Minh-Ngoc Nguyen     F-N (1--6-8)         338-2423     ngocmn01   841-5036
Alice Louie          O-Z (1--6-8)         338-2808     alouie     841-5031
Michael Getman       AP Lead              338-7139     mygetman   841-5035
Meina Saleh          6-9 Accounts         405-3683     meina007   841-5039
Melissa Naranjo      Trust Funds (7-)     338-1977     mnaranjo   841-5034
Julie Savignano      Supervisor           338-7130     julies     841-5030

Tapati Shah          Travel               338-2629     tapati     841-5037
Jason Huynh          Hospitality          338-3561     jhuynh     841-5094
David Chelliah       Supervisor           405-3693     chelliah
                   Purchasing Staff

Purchasing Staff                                Phone number   E-mail name Fax number

Bill Cowsert        Buyer                         338-7124     bcowsert   338-1984
Rose Balancio       Contracts Coordinator         405-3654     balancio   338-1984
Judy Hopper         Buyer                         338-1837     judithdh   338-1984
Haro Kagemoto       Asst. Procruement Officer     338-2547     haro       338-1984
Mary Beth Paul      Buyer                         338-2544     marybeth   841-5019
Cindy Reedy         Buyer                         338-1833     cindyr     841-5021
Deanna Tam          Corporate Express             405-3511     dytam      841-5015
Stephen Smith       Procurement Director          338-3879     scsmith    338-1984
    Blanket Order Management

   Review open commitments to verify valid
   Anticipate your expenditures for the month
    of June.
   No invoices with expenditures/services
    dated after June 30 will be paid on a prior
    year blanket.
           Open Commitments

   Take form with your accounts,complete it, and return
    it back to us.
       1st Pass - Payment and Receiving - Return to A/P
         within 1 week.
       2nd Pass - Only Open Commitments
                For not fully completed orders.
   Review existing open commitments.
   Use the attached worksheet to request
    corrections/changes to existing commitments. Forms
    are due by June 20.
   Further assistance can be requested by e-mailing, a
    specific time and any date in May. Hours available
    between hours of 1-4PM.
   PO Change Request Form

PO Number Vendor Name               Line Number(s) +/- Change New Total     Need item Cancel itemPay item Notes

B000085   Allied Propane                              -500.00      934.67

B004540   Day Wireless System                        3,000.00        0.00                                 Close order

P004829   Associated Lighting                   2                    0.00             a                   No freight charged

P000413   Nor-Cal Moving                                                                        a         Service completed

          For a blanket order, you can change the amount or close.
          For a standard order, you can cancel lines which have not been received.

   At the end of June, Accounts
    Payable has to accrue our
    obligations. An obligation is any
    amount the University owes. In
    Accounts Payable, we base the
    obligation amount on three things:
       Amount of unpaid invoice.
       Amount of items received, but not yet
       Amount reported by colleges or
        Accruals Continued…

   Accounts Payable relies on the end
    users to report those obligations
    which are unknown to the
       Invoices which have been received by
        the end user and have not been
        forwarded to A/P.
       Items which have not been logged in by
        Receiving Department and for which we
        have not been sent an invoice.
    Accruals Continued…

 Portions of service orders,
  agreements, and contracts where
  service has been completed and
  for which we have not been sent
  and invoice.
 Any obligation for which there is
  currently no encumbrance
  (excluding procurement card,
  internal charges, and Corporate
      Accruals Continued…
   We will give you an open commitment list.
    You will let us know the amount which
    needs to be obligated. In some cases, we
    need to create an encumbrance.
   At this point, we anticipate our last day to
    make payment prior to Year-End close will
    be June 20th. Every commitment of the
    University’s funds not paid by that date will
    need to be accrued. All accrual
    worksheets must be submitted by June
    26th. You will be notified if the dates are
   When you receive a copy of an invoice
    for approval, please respond within 7
   The standard payment terms for the
    State of California is net 30 days.
   Please approve invoices as quickly as
    possible and submit to Accounts
   Monthly invoices for same dollar,
    recurring charges such as leases,
    maintenance agreements, pager rental,
    etc., a letter of approval will be use in-
    lieu of.
   If an event is on campus and the vendor
    does not require a purchase order:
       Arrange to have the invoice sent directly to
        your attention. Once you received the
        invoice, complete Request for
        Payment/Reimbursement of Hospitality
   If an event is on campus and the vendor
    does required a purchase order:
       Complete a requisition and a Hospitality
        Purchase Order Request. After the event,
        complete Request for
        Payment/Reimbursement of Hospitality
     Hospitality Continued…
   If an event is off campus, we always want
    to give the vendor a purchase order.
     Complete a requisition and Hospitality
      Purchase Order Request. After the event,
      complete Request for
      Payment/Reimbursement of Hospitality
    The State of California discourages
      prepayments of any kind. We are aware that
      many hospitality vendors insist on a deposit
      prior to the event. Our policy is to prepay up
      to 50% of the cost as required by the vendor.
      If a prepayment is needed, indicate the
      amount on the Hospitality Purchase Order
     The Future – Short term

   Budget signing – We already
    anticipate that the FY 03/04 budget
    will not be signed by July 1, 2003.
   Suspended services – We will inform
    all colleges and departments that
    some our services will be suspended
    until the budget has been signed.
   Prepare for the worst - Use most of
    your available funds this year to
    cover the beginning of the new FY.
    The Future – Long Term

   The university will begin to
    transition into a new accounting
    system next year.
   Work Groups to improve
    existing service or formation for