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					                                Chapter 10

    Section 1. Precedence
    Section 2. Authority
    Section 3. Detail to Duty
    Section 4. Succession to Command


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                                                            Chapter 10
       PRECEDENCE,                                  AUTHORITY                        AND COMMAND
                                                  Section 1. Precedence


                                                           Artick                                                                   A*
    O!llcemofLheNcwd Sewice             ..    . .    .       100 I   Recedenceon Caurt.s.ndi3.aards    ............... ..            100S
    RemdenceofOfficers      .........................        1002    Precedence i. f%cessionstiro          .              ..         100’7
    Relative fink and Precedenceof                                   TiIJaof ORicem Holding Ac@    Appaimunentn                 .    100S
       OfiicemofDifferecit Services        . . .            1003     TilJesand Authority of Cermi. ORicms . . . . . . . . . . . .    1009
    Premdmm of m Ofiicer in Gmmmnd . . . . . . . . . . .    1004     MmnerofAddressing Officcrs            ............              1010
    Reccdc.ceofdm    Executive OtTicer     . . ......       1005

    1001.     Officers       of the Naval Service.                    as iD the staff corps. All other chief warrant
                                                                      officers and warrant ofiicers are classed as in the
    1. Officers of the United States nava I service
    shall bs known as otlicers in the line, ofiicers in
    the staff corps, chief warrant of!lcers         and
                                                                      5. Officers of the Msrine Corps of and above the
    warrant oftlcers.
                                                                      grade of second Iieutsnant are offmsrs in the line
    2. Otllcers    in the line of the Navy include the                and include:
    following     officers in the grade of ensign and
    above:                                                               a. oficem      not restricted in the performance                 of
                                                                      dutfi and
       a. line officers        not   restricted     in the per-
    formance of duty;                                                   b. ofilcers designated     for limited                duty       in
                                                                      appropriate technical fields.
       b. limited duty ofilcers designated           for duty in
    line technical fields; and                                        6. Chief warrant officers and warrant ofllcers                      of
                                                                      the Marine Corps am classed as in the line.
       c. line ofiicers restricted in the performance
    of duty designated         for engineering       duty,
                                                                      7. The tsrm ‘line officer of the naval service”
    aeronautical     engineering     duty, and types of
                                                                      includes line otlicers of both the Navy and the
    special     duty which       include    cryptology,
                                                                      Marine Corps.
    intelligence, public affairs, and oceanography.
                                                                      8. Within   the Manual for Courts-Martia),
    3. Officers in the staff cm-ps of the Navy include:
                                                                      United States, 1984, and the Manual of the
       a. 05kers in the Msdical, Supply, Chaplain,                    Judge Advocate General, the term ‘officer”
    Civil Engineer,    Judge Advocate   General’s,                    includes a chief warrant officer, but does not
    Dental, Msdicsl Service and Nurse Carps, not                      include a warrant officer, unless the context
    restricted in the performance   of duty within                    indicates otherwise.
    their respective COTPXand
                                                                      9. Certsin officers are MAectsd and designa,tsd
       b, officers in staff corps designated         for limitsd
                                                                      material specialists.    They continue to serve as
    duty within their respective corps.
                                                                      ofikm-s in the line or in the staff corps from
    4. In the Navy there are chief warrant    officers                which selected, with duties appropriate to that
    and warrant officers. Chief warrant cdilcers and                  line or sMfcorps,   including material acquisition
    warrant ofilcers whose technical specialty is                     and support      duties   appropriate    to their
    within the cognimnce of a staff corps are classed                 experience, training and education.

                         PRECEDENCE,        AUTHORITY      AND COMMAND                   .

1002.   Precedence    of Officers.                    grade and the same     date of rank, are serving
                                                      together, they shall   have precedence according
1. Thedate ofrznkof     anofflcer istbat stated in
                                                      to the time each has   service on active duty as a
his or her co remission, or, when no commission
                                                      commissioned oflicer   of the United States.
for the current grade has been issued to the
otlicer, the date established by the Secretary of     4. When serving with the Army, Navy, Marine
the Navy.                                             Corps or Air Force, commissioned officers of the
                                                      National Oceanic and Atmospheric       Adminis-
2. Allofflcers  of thesame grade take precedence
                                                      tration shall rank with and after officers of
with each other according to their respective
                                                      corresponding grade i“ the Army, Navy, Marine
dates of rank. However, in the case of ofilcers
                                                      Corps, or Air Force of the same length of service
with the same &w of rank, or of officers who
                                                      in grade.
have gained or lost numbers, their precedence
shall bs as indicated in the appropriate active-      5. A Public Health Service officer in uniform
duty list, retired list, or Reserve       Officer     may use, for the purpose of identilcation      and
precedence limm.aintained     in accordance with      address,   the military   or nsval    rank cor-
law or regulation                                     responding   to the grade marking worn.         An
                                                      o~lcer of the Public Health Service detailed for
3. Chief warrant oft3cers of the Navy or Marine
                                                      duty with the Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air
Carps, in the same grade, take precedence with
                                                      Force, Coast Guard or National      Oceanic and
each other acmniing ta the dates of rank stated
                                                      Atmospheric Administration     may use in official
in their com missions. When the commissions of
                                                      correspondence    the military   or naval rank
two or more of t.hsm are of the same date, they
                                                      corresponding to the grade marking worn.
take precedence mmrding to the order in which
their names are shown in the appropriate lineal
                                                      1004.   Precedence     of an Officer    in
4. Wsrrant offkers of the Navy or Marine Corps
                                                      An o~lcer, either of the line or of a staff corps,
take precedence with each other according to the
                                                      detailed tn command by competent authority or
dstes of rank stated in their warrsnts. When the
                                                      who has succeeded to command, has precedence
warrants of two or more of them are the same
                                                      over all ofllcers or other persons att.achsd to the
date, they take precedence according to the order
                                                      command of whatever rank and whether they
in which     their names     are shown    in the
                                                      are of the line or of a staff corps.
appropriate lined lists.

5. The details of computing        precedence of      1005.   Precedence     of the Executive       Ofl%er.
oficers of the reserve components sbal! be as
                                                      The executive ofilcer, while in the execution of
prescribed by separats regulation.
                                                      duties as such, shall take precedence over all
                                                      persons under the command of the commanding
1003.   Relative    Rank and Precedence          of
        Officers   of Different Services.
1. Relative   rank of grades of officers in the       1006.   Precedence     on Courts   and Boards.
Army, Navy, ?&rine Corps, Air Force and Coast
                                                      Tbe precedence established by these regulations
Guard, whether on the active or retired lists, and
                                                      shall be observed on all courts and boards.
of the National     Oceanic  and Atmospheric
Administration   snd Public Health %rvice when
                                                      1007.   Precedence     in Processions        Ashore.
serving with the military, is indicated in Table
1.                                                    1. Offmers in processions      on shore shall be
                                                      placed in formation according to their grade but
2. The precedents of offkers of the same relative
                                                      not necessarily    according    to their order of
grade    shall be in accordance      with their
                                                      precedence in grade. All processions on shore
respective dates of rank, the senior in date of
                                                      where officers appear in an official capacity, and
rank taking precedence over the junior.
                                                      where formation is necesssry, shall be regarded
3. When officers in the Army, Navy, Marine            as military formations.     The command thereof
Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Public             shall devolve upon the senior line oK1cer in the
Health Service, having the same or relative           formation,   except where the commander         or


                                PRECEDENCE.         AUTHORITY   AND COMMAND

    commanding officer of the unit in formation is a       Engineers,   the Judge Advocate General,      the
    membar of a stafY corps, the senior oficer in the      Chief of the Dental Corps, the Chief of the
    formation who is a member of that staff corps          Medical Service Corps and the Director of the
    shall be in command thereof.                           Nurse Corps, shall be the principsl advisors and
                                                           sponsors on matters concerned with officers in
    2. When     serving   on shore    with a mixed
                                                           their respective corps and enlisted personnel
    detachment composed of sailors and marines,
                                                           with ratings associated with the corps. Also, as
    the marinea shall always bs placed on the right
                                                           heads of corps,     they shall be spokesmen
    in battalion    or other infantry   formation on
                                                           regarding professional matters with the military
    occasions of ceremony.
                                                           and civilian communities.

    1008.   Title of Officers    Holding   Acting
                                                            1010.   Manner   of Addressing   Officers.

    An officer holding an acting appointment shall         1. Except as provided       in paragraph 2, every
    have the title of his or her acting grade and,         oflicer in the naval service shall ba designated
    when such appointment is revoked, shall resume         and addressed in official communications     by the
    the title of his or her actual grade.                  title of his or her grade, preceding the name.

                                                           2. In oral official communications, an oflicer will
    1009.   Titles and Authority      of Certain
                                                           be addressed by the his or her grade, except that
                                                           oflicers of the Medical Corps and the Dental
    1. The Commander,         Naval Supply Systems         Corps may bs addressed as “Doctor” and officers
    Command,      the Commander      Naval Facilities      of the Chaplain Corps may be addressed          as
    Engineering     Command, and the Chief of the          ‘Chaplsin.”     When addressing an officer whoss
    Dental Division shall have, while so serving, the      grade includes a moditier, the mdtler       may bs
    s.dcfitiond titles of Chief of Supply Corps, Chief     dropped.
    of Civil Engineers, and Chief of Dentsl Corps,
                                                           3. [n written communications,  the name of the
                                                           corps to which any staff corps oflicer belongs
    2. The Surgeon General, the Chief of Supply            shall ha indicated immediately aftsr the officer’s
    Corps, the Chief of Chaplains, the Chief of Civil      name.

I                                                                                                          .s1
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I   82
                                                                          Chapter 10
     PRECEDENCE,                                             AUTHORITY                                 AND COMMAND
                                                            Section 2. Authority


                                                                        Arciclc                                                                                    At-tick

Exercise of AuIhotily   .........................                         1020    Authority tnPkeSetfWIOuty                        ................. ..             1022
Authority Ovw SubordinaLss . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .            1021    AULtmriQinalfoat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    1033
DdegMi.noiAudIotiLY         ......................                        1022    Authority and Reqmsihility of.
Abuse of Amhorily . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     1023      senior Offcer Under
Comrndiam-j and Cmflict& Orders                         .                 1024       Cer&in Circumaances       ...................... ..                            1034
Auborityofan Off~rk&m-nd                                      .           1025    Authority and Status of Pemms in tie
A.tbmity dm OtKcer Who                                                               C&.st Gumd. National Oemnic and
   Suaeedsm Command . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .           1026       Aummpberic Adminiswati.m and
Authon”ty ofa Vice C-mmIsrukr or Oepaty .                                 1027       Public Health Sewim      .........................                             1035
Authority of the Cummander or                                                     Authority of Offkem With
   C4mmmding ~lcer of a Sase or                                                      Acting Appointmerwj      ...... ................. ..                           1036
   SwiOnOverVisiI.imgCamm.m&                      ... .                   1028    Authority of Warrant OK,cers.
Amtmrity of the Ccmmnding                                                            NomCkmm@&ned
   OOicerof. Hnspital Ship . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                     05iLwamdPeuyotlicem             . . . . . . .. ... ... . .. . . . .            1037
Autbmity aim Offw.zrof the                                                        AulAorityofSemries    ........ .... ................ .                            1038
   Marine Corps Over NavP.1Forces . . . . . . . . . . .                   1030    A.ahmity of Juniom m Issue
Authority of OII&ra Embarked us                                                      Orders mseniors    .. .. .. . . .. . . . .. .. ... .. .. . . . . .             1029
   Passm&rs      ................. ..............                         1031

1020.        Exercise         of Authority.                                        naval personnel embarked,                            or when placed                on
                                                                                   duty by such officer.
1. All persons in the naval service on active
service, and those on the retired list with psy,                                      c. When senior ofllcer at the scsne of a riot or
and transferred members of the Fleet Rsserve                                       other emergency,   or when placed on duty by
and the Fleet Marine Corps Rsserve, are at al I                                    such oflke r.
times subject to naval authority.      While on
active service they may, if not on leave of                                        1021.          Authority           Over Subordinates.
absence except as noted below, on the sick list,
taken into custody, under arrest, suspended                                        All of3cers of the naval service, of whatever
from duty, in confinement        or otherwise                                      designation or corps, shall have all the nscsssary
incapable of discharging their duties, exercise                                    authority for the performance of their duties and
authority over all persons who are subordinate                                     shall be obeyed by all persons, of whatever
b them.                                                                            designation or corps, who are, in accordance
                                                                                   with these regulations        and orders      from
2. A person in the naval service,                           although         on
                                                                                   competent authority, subordinate ta them.
leave, may exercise authority:
   a, When in a naval ship or aircraft and placed                                  1022.         Delegation             of Authority.
on duty by the commanding officer or aircraft
                                                                                   The delegation of authority and the issuance of
                                                                                   orders and instructions by a psrsam in the maval
   b, When in a ship or aircraft of the armed                                      service shall not relieve such person from any
services of the United States, other than a naval                                  responsibility imposed upun him or her. He or
ship or aircraft, as the commanding officer of                                     she shal I ensure that the delegated authority is

                             PRECEDENCE,        AUTHORITY      AND COMMAND

    properly exercised and that his or her orders and     1025.   Authority   of an Officer    in Command.
    instructions are properly executed.
                                                          An off]cer, either of the line or of a staff corps,
                                                          detailed to command by competent        authori Ly,
    1023.   Abuse   of Authority.
                                                          has authority over all officers or other persons
                                                          atbched to the command, whatever their rank,
    Persons in authority    are forbidden to injure
                                                          and whether they are of the line or of a staff
    their subordinates by tyrannical or capricious
    conduct, or by abusive language.
                                                          1026.   Authority    of an Officer   Wbo
    1024.   Contradictory    and Conflicting                      Succeeds    to Command.
                                                          1. An officer who succeeds to command due to
                                                          incapacity,     death,  departure    on leave,
    1. An officer who diverts another from any
                                                          detachment    without relief or absence due to
    sert,ice upon which he or she has been ordered by
                                                          orders from competent authority of the otlicer
    a common superior, or who requires a person WI
                                                          detailed to command, has the same authority
    act contrary to the orders of such superior, or
                                                          and responsibility as the ofllcer whom he or she
    interferes   with Lhose under such superior’s
    commmd,      must immediately report this action
    to the officer      whose   orders   have    been     2. An officer who succeeds tn command during
    contravened,   and show that the public interest      the temporary    absence    of the commanding
    required such action.     All orders under such       oflicer shall make no changes in the existing
    circumstances    shall be given in writing when       organization,  and shall endeavor    to have the
    possible.                                             routine and other affairs of the command carried
                                                          on in the usual manner.
    2. If an off&er receives an order which annuls,
                                                          3. When an otlicer temporarily     succeeding   to
    suspends or modifies one received from another
                                                          command si~s official correspondence, the word
    superior, or one contrary to instructions        or
                                                          “Acting” shall appear below his or ber signature.
    orders from the Secretary of the Navy, he or she
    shall exhibit the original order, unless under
                                                          1027.   Authority   of a Vice Commander      or
    instructions not m do so, and represent tbe facts
    in writing to the superior from whom the last
    order was received. If, after such representation,    A vice commander      or deputy shall exercise
    the officer   from whom the last order was            command or control only over activities     and
    received should insist upan the execution of that     matters specified in his or her orders, or as
    order, it shall be obeyed. The officer receiving      directed by KISor her superior.
    and executing      such order shall report the
    circumstances    to the superior from whom the        102S.   Authority of tbe Commander      or
    original order was received.                                  Commanding     Officer of a Base or
                                                                  Station Over Vialing Commands.
    3. If an enlisted person in the naval service
    receives an order which annuls, suspends or           While at a naval base or naval station and not
    rhodiiles one received from another superior, he      under     the command        of the naval       base
    or she shall immediately represent the facts tn       commander       or naval station     commanding
    the superior from whom the last order was             off]cer, the offxcer in command or in charge of a
    received.   If, after such representation,     tbe    ship, craft, unit of aircraft      or troops shall
    superior from whom the last order was received        conform     to the orders      of the naval     base
    should insisL upon execution of that order, it        commander or naval Wmion commandktg officer
    shall be obeyed.     The person receiving      and    related ta common or specific services which he
    executing      such order    shall   report    the    or she may provide.       Such common or specific
                                                          services may include field operations, security,
I   circumstances     as soon as practicable
    superior from whom the original
                                                to the
                                           order was      tire protection,    safety, defense,    sanitation,
    received.                                             recreation and welfare.

                           PRECEDENCE,          AUTHORITY       AND COMMAND

1029.    Authority of the Commanding                       1031.   Authority of Officers     Embarked      as
         Officer of a Hospitsl Ship.                               Passengers.

                                                           1. The commanding ofiker of a ship or aircraft,
1. The naval    hospital   in a hospital     ship
                                                           not a flagship, with a flag officer eligible for
embraces all persons attached to the hospital
                                                           command at sea embarked as a passenger, shall
either for duty or for treatment, all activities
                                                           be subject to the orders of such flag officer.
within the ship which are devoted to the care or
                                                           Other ofiicers embarked as passengers, senior to
treatment of the sick or injured, and all parts of
                                                           tbe commanding ofilcer, shall have no authority
the ship which are used for the care and
                                                           over the commanding off]cer.
treatment   of the sick or injured, as living
quarters by persons attached to the hospital,or            2. Officers embarked as passengers         who are
for the stowage of the supplies and equipment              junior tn the commanding oi%cer, or ofticer in
belonging to the hospital.                                 charge of the military detachment of a ship of
                                                            the hlilit.ary Sealift Command, if not on the stdf
2. The commanding officer of the naval hospital            of an officer also embarked, may bs assigned tm
is under the command of the commanding officer             duty when the exigencies of the service render it
of the hospibl ship. The commanding oftlcer of              necessary. Tbe commanding oftlcer or ofIicer in
the ship shall normally        limit the exercise of       charge of the military detachment shall be the
command       over the naval hospital           to such    judge of such necessity.        Passengers     thus
military      matters     as discipline,      security,    assigned shall have the same authority            as
intelligence,   communications,       fire protection,     though regularly attached @ the ship.
watertight integrity, stability, preservation and
                                                           1032.   Authority    to Place Self on Duty.
maintenance,       and overall     cleanliness,     with
regard for the responsibility of the commanding            Nod!lcer    may place him- or her self on duty by
officer of the hospital for the asnihry conditions         virtue of bis or her commission or warrant alone.
of the naval hospital.       Except as above stated,
                                                           1033.   Authority    in a Boat
the commanding otXcer of the hospital ship shal 1
not exercise control, within the hospital, over its        Except when embarked in a boat authorized by           r..
administration      or organization,     including the     the Chief of Naval Operations b have an officer=       “’ ‘,’’=-”<
expenditure or accountability        of funds allotted     or petty ofiicer in charge, the senior line officer I~ : ~ 1 =T
the hospital, the assignment of personnel and              (including commissioned      warrant and warrant
work, and the establishment               of technical     officer)  eligible   Ior command      at sea has
methods and procedures, unless such control has            authority over all persons embarked therein,
been specifically      delegated    to him or her by       and is responsible         for tbe safety      and
competent      authority.   Nothing in this article        management of the boat.
shall be construed to prevent the appropriate
                                                           1034.   Authority and Responsibility         of a
assignment of a proportionate share of work of a
                                                                   Senior Officer Under Certain
general nature to personnel attached to the
naval hospital,
                                                           1. In the event of a riot or quarrel between
                                                           persons    in the naval     service    or in other
1030.    Authority of an Officer of the Marine             circumstances       not provided     for in these
         Corps Over Naval Forces.                          regulations     in which persons in the naval
                                                           service are involved a“d the exercise of nava I
Officers of the Marine Corps may not command               authority is necessary, the senior off[cer in tbe
ships or Navy shore facilities. This article shall         naval service      at the scene     shall assume
not be construed to prevent an officer of tbe              command and take the action necessary, unti I
Marine Corps, when so detailed by Lhe Secretary            relieved of this responsibility     by competent
of the Navy or a commander         in chief, from          authority.    All persons in tbe naval service in
having and exercising such authority as may be             the vicinity shal I render prompt assistance and
neceswry    to direct the operations of all forces         obedience    to the ofiicer thus engaged in the
assigned ta him or her.                                    restoration of order.

                        PRECEDENCE,       AUTHORITY       AND COMMAND

2. Should there be no commissioned    ofllcer or     1037.   Authority of Warrant Officers, Non-
warrant otlker at the scene, the senior petty                Commissioned   Officers and Petty
05cer or nonmmmissionsd    ofilcer present shall             Officers.
assume cOmnmnd-
                                                     Chief warrant officers, warrant officers,      m“.
3. The person who assumed mmmsmd under the           commissioned    ot%cers and petty officers sha))
circumstances    described in this Article shall     have, under their superiors,       sII necessary
have theautboritytn      apprehend any person in     authority for the proper performance       of their
the naval service.                                   duties, and they shall be obeyed accordingly.

                                                     1038. Authority   of a Sentry.
1033.   Authority snd Status of Persons in
        the Caast Guard, National Oceanic            A sentry, within tbe limits ststed in hLs or her
        and Atmospheric   Administration             orders, has authority over all persons on his or
        and Public Heaftb Ssrvice.                   her post.

                                                     1039.   Authority of Juniors     to Issue Orders
Whenever. by order of the President. uersonnel
                                         .                   to Seniors.
of the Coast Guard snd the .National Oceanic
snd Atmospheric Administration, and offmers of       No member of the armed forces is authorized, by
the Public Health Service, are ssrving ss part of    virtue of his or her rank alone, to give any order
the naval service, they shall be subject to the      or grant any privilege, permission or liberty to
laws, regulations and orders which pertain to        any of%cer senior t.ahim or her. A member is not
the Navy insofar as maybe necessary            for   required    to receive   such order,    privilege,
command       discipline   and effective   naval     permission or liberty from a junior, unless such
administration.    Otherwise, they shall continue    junior is at the time:
to be subject ta laws, regulations and orders of
                                                        a. in commmd of the ship or other command
their respective ssrvices.    They shall have the
                                                     ta which the senior is atwchd,
same authority and control over otlicers and
enlisted persons of the other s4rvices as that t.a      b. in command or direction     of the military
which their grade, rank or rats entitles them in     expedition  or duty on which      such senior is
their respective ssrvices.                           serving

                                                        c. an executive cdlicer executing   an order of
103S.   Authority of Officers   WItb Acting
                                                     the commanding ofiicer
                                                        d. a sentinel or member of the armed forces
An oficer duly appointed ta act in any grade         police issuing an order in connection with such
shall, while serving under such an appointment,      duties or
have the ssme authority as if he or sbe held a
                                                        e. a military  judge   issuing  an order        in
comtilon     in the acting grade.
                                                     connection with court-martial proceedings.

                                                                          Chapter 10
     PRECEDENCE,                                              AUTHORITY                                AND COMMAND
                                                       Section 3. Detail to Duty


                                                                         AA+                                                                                          A rlide

Basis f.r Delail.q . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    1050    Cammmdof.S @CarpsActivity                       ..                ...                1059
Clumeesin Detaiisto             ....................                 105 I   Multi.serviceCnmmmds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .             10s0
Ordm-ntnActiveService                             .    .          .       1052    Octail.fExecutive Officer . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .            1061
C.-mmmdOin TaskForce               .. ................ .                  1053    Oetail of Heads of Oepmtmmts and
C-ammandofa Nwnl Base . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .             1054                 ................................
                                                                                      Otieromcem                                                                       1062
&m-ndofa Shipyard . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .          I055    Oemil of%sms     Performing
Camzmnd .afn Ship            .......            .                         1056       Medical .arf&l,gmus6crvices                ............... ...                    1063
C.munandofm AcLivity
           Air                         ...................                1057    Detail af Euliswd Perwms for
(kmmmndofe ..subnmrine . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .          1058       Certain Outies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    10S4

1050. Basis for Details.                                                           2. In the event that the senior offker present on
                                                                                   a foreign     station   issues   any orders     as
Appointments, details, tr$msfers and assign-
                                                                                   contemplated    by this article, he or she shall
ments shall be made on the basis of official
                                                                                   report the facts, including      tbe reasons   for
                                                                                   issuing such orders, tn the Commandant of the
                                                                                   Marine Gmps, or the Chief of Naval Personnel,
1051.        Changes           in Details@            Duty.
                                                                                   as appropriate, without delay.
No officer, except the senior offker present, shall
                                                                                    3. Retired ot%ers of the Navy and Marine Carps
change the detail of a person assigned by a
                                                                                    may be ordered to active service, with their o
superior    to a specific     duty without      the
                                                                                    consent, in time of peace. In time of war or a
permission of that superior.     Tbe senior officer
                                                                                    national emergency, such retired oficem       may,                                          .   ‘~
present shall not change the delail of any person
                                                                                    at the discretion of the secretary of the Navy, bS                                              ~ .
without good and sufficient      reason and shall
                                                                                    ordersd ta active service.
report all changes and the reasons for them @
the superior without delay.
                                                                                    10S3.          Command               of a Task Force.

1052.        Orders        to Active         Service.                              1. A commander in chief, and any other naval
                                                                                   commander, may detail in command of a task
1. No person who is on leave of absence or not on
                                                                                   force, or other task command, any eligible officer
active service shal I be ordered into active service
                                                                                   within his or her command whom he or she
or on duty      without      permission      of the
                                                                                   desires. All other ofiicers ordered to the task
Commandant of the Marine Corps, or the Chief
                                                                                   force or the task command shafl be considered
of Naval Personnel, as appropriate, except:
                                                                                   subordinate to the designated mmrnander.
  a. In the case of a psrson on leave of absence,
                                                                                   2. All orders issued under the authority of this
by the officer  who granted     the leave or a
                                                                                   article shall continue in effect after the death or
                                                                                   disability of the olTcer issuing them until they
   b, By the senior oi%cer present on a foreign                                    are revoked by his or her successor in command
 Lation.                                                                           or higher authority.

                                                    PRECEDENCE.           AUTHORITY       AND COMMAND

                   3. Thepowers delegated            toacommander        by this    4, An o~]cer oft        Navy shall not normally be
                   article are not conferred         on any other     oficerby      detailed to comma          an aviation unit of the
                   virtue   of the    fact   that   he or she   is   the senior      Marine Corps nor sb        an oflicer of the Marine
                   officer present.                                                   orps normally be d          iled to command       an
                                                                                    a “ntion unit of the Nav         Aircraft units of the
                   1054.    Command          of a Naval Base.                        M “ne Corps may, how              r, be assigned    to
                                                                                    ship or to naval air activ           ‘es in the same
                   The ofiicer detailed ta command a naval base
                                                                                     mann    as aircraft      units o        e Navy and,
                   shall be an oflicer of the line in the Navy,
                                                                                    convers    , aircraft units of the        vy may be 50
                   eligible for command at sea.
                                                                                    assigned     Marine Corps air activi          A group
                                                                                    composed        aircraft units of the          vy and
                   1055.    Command          of a Naval Shipyard.
                                                                                    aircraft uni      of the Marine         Corps    ay be
                   The officer    detailed  to command     a naval                  commanded ei         r by an offker of the N         or
                   shipyard    shall be trained   in the technical                  an OKlcer of the      rine Corps.
                   aspects of building and repair of ships and shall
                   have had substantial previous experience in the                   1058.   Command       ofa Submarine.
                   technical and management phases of such work.
                                                                                    The ofllcer detailed ta command a submarine
                   Such officer may have been designated         for
                                                                                    shall be an officer of the line in the Navy,
                   engineering duty.
                                                                                    eligible for command at sea and qualified for
                                                                                    command of submarines.
                   1056.    Command          of a Ship.

                   1. The officer detailed   to command     a com-                  1059.    Command       of a Staff Corps    Activity.
                   missioned ship shall be an oflicer of the line in
                                                                                    Officers in a staff corps shall be detailed to
                   the Navy eligible for command at sea.
                                                                                    command only such activities as are appropriate
                   2. The officer detailad to commmd an aircratl                    LOtheir corps.
                   carrier, an aircraft tender, or a ship with a pri-
                   mary task of operating or supporting aircraft                     1060.   Muldaervice     Commands.
                   shall be an oftlcer of the line in the h’avy,
                                                                                    1. When different commands of the Army, Navy,
                   eligible for command at sea, designated      as a
                                                                                    Air Force, Msrine Corps and Coast Guard join or
                   naval aviator or naval flight oflicer.
                                                                                    serve togeth&, the o~cer highest in rank in any
                                                                                    of the armed services on duty there, who is
            +      1057.    Command          of an Air Activity.
                                                                                    otherwise eligible ta command, commands      all
             ~     1. he officer detaild     to command       a naval               those forces unless otherwise directed by the
      ~~   @,      avi ion school, a nava      “r station, or a naval               President.
                             organized    fo    flight   tactical  or
                                                                                    2. An officer of the naval service in command of
     ~~~’’~~@$m~          “$ativeP.W==s           llbesnoflicerofthe                a unilied, specf]ed, joint or combined command
                   hne ]    he Navy, designa        as a naval aviator
                                                                                    is not authorized tn exercise operational control
                   or nav     flight oKlcer, eligi e for command at
                                                                                    over United States naval forces not speciticsily
\!                 sea.
                                                                                    assigned ta that command for operations, nor is
                   2. The o      er detailed tn com      nd a naval air             he or she authorized to exercise authority      as
                   activity of      hnical nature on      ore may be an             senior officer present or senior officer present
                   officer of th line in the Navy n          eligible for           afloat over such United States naval forces.
                   command      at ea but designate         as a naval
                                                                                    1061.    Detail of Executive    Officer.
                   aviator or nav      flight ofilcer or de       ated for
                   aeronautical en       eering duty.                               1. The officer detsiled as executive o~lcer shall
                                                                                    bean ofilcer eligible b succeed to commsnd who,
                   3. The officer det “led @ command a          arine

                                                                                    when practicable,      is next in rank to the
                   Corps aviation     sc 001, a Marine Co       s air
                                                                                    commanding officer.
                   activity on shore or      Marine Corps ai unit
                   organized for flight tac ‘cal purposes shall    an               2. When no officer     has been detailed    as
                   officer of the Marine        rps, designated      a              executive  officer by the Commandant    of the
                   naval aviator or naval flig    ofticer.                          hlarine Corps or the Chief of Naval Personnel,

.   .
                                                                             **+                **+.+**.                                          +..
                                                                             *+.                . ...+...                                         ++..

                                                     q                      COG:          ALNAV           DISTP.13UTION                            ..-+*++

        P.       051525Z                 JTL         95
        FM:       SE-V                   WASFHNGTON                          DC
        INFO          CNO          WASHINGTON                       DC

        Subject:                   U.s             ~W            =GULATIONS,                               1990               INT331M              CIIII?JGE//

        mCIM                   //N05800//
        A.mAv          039/95
        MSGID/GENADMIN/NO                                    9SL/        /
        SUBJ/U             S           NAVY          SSTJLATIONS                        ,       1990        2Ni”EZtM                    G.4NGX/              /
        REF/B/DOC/SECNAV/16                                    SEP90//
        RSF/C/DOC/U                         .S.    CODE/26           FEB70//
        NAR2/R5F                   A     IS        SE~EF             LTR              OF        16     APR        93,           ROL=S ,                MISSIONS,                  AN=     FUNCTIONS
        OF     TI          ~                      FORC=S            OF        THS           0N2T=D              STATES.                       REF        ~       IS       U.S.       i-JNY
        FSGULATIONS                      ,        1990.             RS!S          C IS           10     U. S.C.                 SECTION                  5942.//
        =/1.       IN                        L=F        A,     SSCOEF                  DIRFXTED                   SECAIF,                ASSIST=                      BY     SEGJAV,           TO
        CONSOLIDATE                          2NIT7A                 FI~-W2NG                           AIRCPJL~                    ZlA2N2N               G ?OR              ALL      S3RV2CSS
        IN     IMP~ING                                  TZIIS        DIR3CT~                           2N       PRIMARY                  TFLA2NING ,                      A2R     FOFCE        AND
        NAVY          SEW                INSTRUCTOR                          ‘dCHANGES                  IN       ~Y                     =94            AND FOLLOH                       WITH
        STUDENT                EXCEiANGES                     2N     LATS              FY94
        2.       FDRTHSR                     SLANS            CALL            FOR ’23E                 P?.OTOWE                         MULTI - SE311                     CE ~ING
        PAGE          02       RDENWliQ                 836         UNCLX
        SQUADRONS ,                      35        ~S         REESE               hF        ,    T==             ~              VT       3,        =             WAITING             F=LO,
        FLORIDA            ,       TO        l??=         ALTERNATING                            USAF           AND USN/USMC                             O?TICSRS                 ASSIGNED           AS
        CO~~G                            OFFICERS                   0?        TZS           SQUADRONS
        3.       THERE                 IS         NO STATUTORY                         LIMITATION                         TIZAT WOULD                        ?3SCLOD=              NAVY
        TRAINING                   SQOAD?.ONS                  FROM 3EING                            COMMANDED 3Y                            AIR         F07!CZ             OR MAFJNS           COZDS
        OFFICEXS               ;       IiOWELE2 ,              A CFUWGE                         TO     ARTICLS                  1057          OF         ?.S?         B     IS    ~CSSSARY             IX
        02D5P.         TO          PROCEED                WITX.              IM?L~                   iATION               OF       ~           COK%X.ND P:HASE 0?                             SE~EF        ,S
        CONSOLIDATION                              DIRECTIIPI
        4.       ARTICLE                     1057         OF R3F                  S    IS        ~-a                      TO       .-              AS        FOLLOWS :
        2.057.             CO!@lAND                 OF       AN A2R                   ACTIVIH               :
                 1.            TEE           OFFICER               DETA2L~                       TO     COMMAND A NAVAL                                      AVIATION              SC<OOL ,          .=.
        NAVAL          A2R             STATION,                OR A NAVAL                            AIR        oNIT            ORGANIZSD                        FOR FLIGSI              TACTICAL
        PURPOSES                   SHALL            BE       AN OFFICER                          OF     TICZ LINE                       IN    TH2            NAVY,           DESIGNATED              A5     A
        NAVAL          AV2ATOR                     OR NAVAL                   FLIGST                 OFFICER,                   ELI GISLE                    FOR          COf@lANO       AT     SEX.
                 2.            FOR           T3E        PURPOSES                      OF TITLE                  10,           U. S.C.          ,       SE~ION                5942,       A NAVAL
        AIR      TRAINING                     SQUADRON                       IS       NOT        CONS IDER=D                       TO BE               A NAVAL               AVIATION           SGiCOL
        OR A NAVAL                      AIF.        UNIT           ORGANIZED                         FOR        FLIGhi                  ZA~ICAL                   PURPOSES                    THE
        OFFICER                DETAILEE                   TO       COMFUWC A NAVAL                                    AIR          =NING                         SQUADRON              O?. AM A2?.
        UNIT        O?LGANI ZED                     FOR        Pi3NINISTRAT2VE                                  PDRPOSSS                     S~                  SS    A LINE           OFFICER
        07    THE NAVAL                       SZRVICS,                       DES IGNATED                    AS        A NAVAL                 AVIATOR                  OR NAVAL               FLIGET
        2-AGE         03       RUEli-036                           ~CL2.S
        OFFICSR            ,       ELIG13LE                  FOR             COMMAND.                   IF       A NAVAL                     AIFt        T?d2NING                 SQUADRON           9=
        3EEN        DESIGNATED                          A MULTI - SSRVICS                               TRAINING                        SOUADRON ,                    ‘E=        OFFICER
        DETAILED                   TO        CO~                 THAT                 SQUAORON                  NAY           S2        A LI.NE              0F?IC3R              FROM AIJY
        A-TWEC SERVICE                            D5S IGNATED                         A5 .=             Equivalent                           OF        A NAVAL               AVIATOR           OR
        NAVAL          FLIG-~                 OFFICER                ANC              OTHERWISZ                  ELIG13k-                     TO         COFWAN’D AN AVIATION
        SQUAD20N                   OR UNIT                ~3p.                T1-:qT            OFFICER,              S       PE3TI.NSNT                     S22V2CS              RSG-ULATiONS
                 3.            TIJZ 07?ICSR                        L3ETAIL?D                     TO     COMMAND A NAVAL                                   AIR          ACT2VITY               OF A
        TSC-XICAL                   NA~RE                 ON SHORE                     MAY BS               M?        0SS1=                   OF         T_-=         LINE        IN    T!=     N2NY
        NOT      ELIGIBLZ                     FOR. COWWAND AT                                   SZA ,       BUT           D2SZGNATZD                         .=S A NAViJL AVIATO?.                         O?.
        A    NAVAL             FI,IGhI              OFFZ CS?                  OR DESIGNATED                               :02           =~ONA~ICX                            ENGIX=ER2NG
    . .

                   4.      THE         OFFICER           DETAILSD         TO     CCMMAND A i%U!INZ                       CORPS       AVIATION
          sCXOOL,          A MA--INS              CoRPS       ~R      ACT~im              ON SHO=              OR A MARINE                COLDS          AI?.
          DN2T      ORGIXIZEO                FOR       FLIGET       TACTICAL          PU’RPOSZS            SHALL          BE    AN OFFIG                   0?
          TSE      NA!!INE         COWS,              DZSIGNATZD          P-S A NAVAL             AVIATOR            OR NAVAL             FLIGi7T
                   5.      oTRZR         ‘TH2Ji AN           AIR TRAINING             SQUAORON,                AN OFFICER              OF TEE            ~.-”-<
          S13.PLL NOT           NORMALLY               BE DET2J=               TO    COMMAND AN AVIATION                         ONIT        OF      TEi
          MiLQINE CORPS                 NOR      SI-??        AN OFFICER             OF ‘T=         MARINE           CORPS       NOR’-lALLY              BS
          DETAILSD            TO       CObMAND           AN AVIATION             ONIT      O?     TICE NAVY.               AIRcP-2sI              UNITS           OF
          PAGE      04     RUENAAA2836                   ONCLAS
          THE      MLWXE           CORPS         t4AY,       HOW=VER,          SE    ASSIGN=D            TO     SHIPS          OR TO NAVAL                xx
          ACTMTIES                 IN    THS          SAhCS !lANNER        AS       AIRCRAFT            OliITSOF           THE       NAVY         AND,
          CONVERSELY,                  A231~                UNITS     OF THE NAVY                !=iY    BE     SO AsSIGN=                 TO       MARIE
          CORPS         AIR     ACTMTIES                      A G20UP          COMPOS=            OF AIRCRAFT                 UNITS        OF      T&E        NAVY
          AND A2RCPXiT                  UN2TS          OF lXS       MARINS          CORPS        MAY BE         COMMANOEO EITii=i=                       BY X-4
          OFFICER          OF      =         NAVY        OR AN OFFICSR               OF THE MARINE                   CORPS
          S        NOTES        REGARDING               TRS    A30VE       CiANGZS          .     NAvREGS            1057.1          HAS     B.=
          c?iANGEll        TO      BE    cONSISTENT                WITR    THE       RELEVANT            STATOTE,             REF     C     (1.    S.,
          DELETING            UNITS          0RGANIZS22            FOR    “ADMINISTRATIVE                  “    PURPOSES             F20M         NAVP.=GS
          1057.1          COVSRAGE)                    ARTICLE        1057.2         IS    =IRSLY               NSW       AND,       CONSIS2E!iT
          WIT33 REF           C,       DOES      NOT REQOIF.E             ‘TIE      COMMANDER OF A TWiINING                               SQ~RON                TO
          BE A NAVAL               AVIATOR             OR NAV~           FLIGliT      OFFICER.                 IT    PSRMITS          OTn=
          SERVICE          OFFICERS              TO     SERVE       AS    CO M24ANDING OFFICSRS                          OF DESIGNA~
          MOLTI - SERVICE                N7UTAL A2R            TRAINING             SQO?3XONS                  NAVREGS          1057.3            AND
          FUiVE NOT           BEEN       cSANGEO            BUT     HAVE       BEEN       RENUMBERED.                    NAVREGS          3.057.5         XI?IS
          2TIS     WORDS        “OTHER           TRAN        AN AIR       TRAINING              SQG%DRON”            AT    TRS       BEGINNING                m
          CONFIRM          THE         ACCEPTX@ILITY                OF Ti?S         P=CKfCS             OF ASSIGNING                 ?-lA??lI=       CO==S
          OFFICERS            TO       CO!JMAND OF NAVAL                  AV2ATION              ‘TFUCUJING SQOADRONS
          6.       IN     LIEO         OF ENTS21NG             TEIS       INTSRIM          C=LWGE         IN        =F     B,    MA-KS BOLD
          PAGE      05     ROENAAA2 S36                 0NCLA5
          LEE            NOTATION              AT     BEGINNING           OF ART          1057,         C-SEE AJ.NAV            X.195”             AND        .?ii.E
          3%1S      ALNAV          WITH        REF      B
          7.       THIs       INTERIM            CH?GZ         WILL       BE     INCOP.P02JLTED                INTO       TEE    =           P~I~
          REEISION            OF RSF           B.//
          B.       RSLEASSD             BY     ‘T=      FZONOR.=LZ         JOI-IN ii.           DALTON.

                                       PRECEDENCE,          AUTHORITY     AND COMMAND

         as appropriate,  or when the officer so detailed is         or permitted    to psrform   only   such   duties   as are
         absent or incapable of pm-forming the duties of             related   to medical,dental or religious service
         the offtce, the commanding ofilcer shall detail             and the administration     of medical, dental or
         the senior line officer within the command and              religious   units and establishments.       This
         eligible to succeed to command as executive                 restriction  is necessary    to protect the non-
         officer except that, if the commanding ofilcer is a         combatant status of these personnel under the
         member of a staff corps, he or she may detail as            Geneva Canventians of August 12,1949.
         executive o~lcer the next senior oftlcer in the
         appropriate staff corps.                                    1064.     Detail of Enlisted Persons for
                                                                               certain Duties.
         1062.       Detail of Heads of Departments         and
                                                                     1. Petty offlcem and noncommissioned  ofiicers
                     Other Officers.
                                                                     shall not bs detsiled to perform mess duties,
                                                                     except     when nonrated   personnel are not
         When no officer       has been detailed     by the
         Commandant of the Marine Corps or the Chief of
         Naval Personnel, as appropriate, as head of a               2. Marines shall not be detailed 1A psrform the
         department       or other    subdivision    of the          duties of master-at-arms,    yeoman or hospital
         command,      or to specific      duty within   the         corpsman, except in case of emergency,     which
         department or subdivision, or when the ofticer so           shall be determined by the commanding officer.
    ,.   dehiled is absent or incapable of performing the            When nscessary b make such an assignment, it
I        duties so assigned, the commanding officer may              shall continue only until a suitable psrson can
         detail a suitable officer to perform such duty.             bs selected for the required duty.

                                                                     3. Under such regulations as the Sscretary    of
         1083.       Detail of Persons Performing                    the Navy prescribes, enlisted members of the
                     Medical or Religious Services.                  naval service and enlistsd members of the Coast
                                                                     Guard when it is operating as a service in tbe
         While   assigned     ta a combat   area during   a psriod   Navy may be assigned to duty in a service
         of armed     conflict,   members   of Medical,   Dental,    capacity in ofllcers’ messes and public quarters
         Chaplain,         Service, Nurse or Hospital
                       Medical                                       where the Sscretary finds that this use of the
         Carps and Dental Technicians shall be detailed              members is desirsble for military reasons.


         (Page intentionally left blank)


                                                                                    Chapter 10
         PRECEDENCE,                                                    AUTHORITY                                  AND COMMAND
                                                 Section 4. Succession to Command


                                                                                   ArtiA                                                                                   At-akk

    Sank and Grade of.. Offker Wbo                                                              s accession raCammand ofa Subnmrim . . . . . . . . . . . .                  Ioea
        Succeeds wCommand            ......................                          1070       Suacsaioninauttk      ..............................                        1081
    Successim Pw.$critmdby a                                                                    .%messim ta Cammand by
        CammmderinChief              .. ........... ........                         107 I          Ofiicers intbe SwJTC.mps . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    10s2
    succession ofa Oep.ty or                                                                    ~           to Cammand by
        Vicec.1.nmmder      ...........................                              IM2            ffirn    fhignnwd for Engineering
    s ucceasionof a Chief .af.%ff and                                                               Dutyorspecialn”ty     ... ......................
       Other .%ffOHicrm        .........................                             1073       Suussion b Command hy tine
    Suces&m 10Cammand of a Fleet,                                                                   Officem Designated fOrLimiti D.ty              ...........
       %bdi.iskm of a FleeL Fleet hfarim Force m                                                s uccE$&m coCommad by Chief
        %bdivisi..   of. Fleet Marine Form . . . . . . . . .                         1074           Wmrmn Oaicemd        Wmrmlt Oficcm                  ........            10ss
    s —“m       w ilmmmnd ofa Naval                                                             s uccasion ta Canunmd by
       Symemstimmmd            .......... ..............                            1075          Officersafthe MmineCoqts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .          10s6
    Sua&nto        C-ammmdofaN avalSase                          ........           1076        %ccesian coCanmmd.. Oerach.entafan
    s ucceasi.n u Command of a Nav. I                                                              OEicerin CmnmnndWi LhO”lReiief     ....... .....                         10s7
       ‘SJmre Activity . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     Ion        Seiiefof a Camnmdimg Ofil-m t.Ya
    s~ntc.         cammmld Ofasbip                 .... ... .... .                   1078          sutmrdimta   .......... .................... ...                         loss
              “In fhmmmdofanAircmf
                               tUnil                                                 1079

    1070.         Rank and Grade of an Officer                                        who        offker by virtue of the fact that he or she is the
                  succeeds to Command.                                                           senior officer prec.ent.

    An offker          who succeeds to command                            acquires         no
                                                                                                  1072.       Succession of a Deputy or Vice
    increase        of rank        nor change            in grade. by virtue               of
    such succession               alone.

    1071.         Succession Prescribed                           by a Com-                      Except as otherwise provided for specitlc cases, a
                  mander in Chief.                                                               deputy or vice commander          shall succeed    to
                                                                                                 command in the case of the incapacity or death
    A commander      in chief and, when empowered by
                                                                                                 of the off:cer whose deputy or vice commander he
    the Chief of Naval Operations, any other naval
                                                                                                 or she is, and, unless the latter directs otherwise.
    commander        may prescribe        the order   of
                                                                                                 at other times during the absence of such oKlcer.
    succession    to command,     including   bis or her
    own, among the various aflicers whom he or she
                                                                                                  1073.       Succession  of a Chief of Staff and
    h= detailsd ta commend task forces or other
                                                                                                              Other Staff Officers.
    task commands.       All orders issued under the
    authority of this article shall continue intn effect                                         In the absence or incapacity of the commander
i   after the incapacity      or death of the officer                                            on whose statT he is serving, a chief of staIT, chief
    issuing    them until revoked        by his or her                                           staff ofticer, or other officer on a staff may
    successar in command or by h]gher authority.                                                 succeed to command if next in rank within the
    The powers delegated       to a naval commander                                              command and otherwise eligible as provided in
    under this article are not conferred on any other                                            these regulations.

I                                                                                                                                                                            91
                                        PRECEDENCE.                    AUTHORITY      AN DCOMMAND

107L         Succession to Command ofa Fleet,                                    officer present in emergency or other unforeseen
             Subdivision of a Flee& Fleet Marine                                 situations which demand his or her action.
             Force or Subdivision of a Fleet
             Marine Force.                                                       1075.   Succession to Command of a Naval,
                                                                                         Systems Command.
1. In      the      event      of    the       incapacity,            death,
departure        on leave or detachment                   without       relief   1. When there is a vacancy in the oflice of the
ofacommander                inch
                               iefof           a fleet,   a commander            commander      of a naval systems command          or
of a subdivision         of a fleet,         a commanding           general      during the disability      of the commander      of a
of a fleet    marine        force,     or a commanding              general      naval systems command, or during the absence
of a subdivision  of a fleet msrine force, or when                               of a commander of a naval systems command
such officer is absent from his or her command                                   and unless he or she directs otherwise, the vice
due LO orders from competent authority and ao                                    commander shai) succeed to the command of the
directs,  the following    applies with regard   to                              naval systems command until a successor takes
succession            Lo command,               unless       competen~           office, or the disability or the absence ceases.
authority          prescribes          that     a deputy         or    other
                                                                                 2. When the foregoing       paragraph   cannot be
officer    shall      sumeed        w command.            With        respect
                                                                                 complied     with because     of the disability   or
                                                                                 sbsence of the vice commander, the oficer on the
      a.   A fleet,    he    senior      line officer      of the Navy,          stafTof the commander next senior in rank of the
eligible      for     command           at in the fleet or
                                              sea,                               line or of the same slaflcorps as the commander,
suMivision          of a fleet shall succeed to command.                         as appropriate, shall succeed IQ command of the
                                                                                 naval systems      command,      unless otherwise
   b. A fleet marine force, the senior otlicer of
                                                                                 direc~d by Lhe Chief of Naval Operations, until
the Marine Corps, eligible for command, in the
                                                                                 a successor takes office or the disability or the
fleet marine force or subdivision     of a fleet
                                                                                 absence of the commander or vice commander
marine force shall succeed LOcommand.
2. During the absence from Kk or her command
or beadquarLers     of any of the commanders                                     1076.   Succession     to Command      of a Naval
referred to in paragraph 1 of thk+ article, and                                          Base.
when such oflicer has not directed that he or she
be succeeded in command as provided in the                                       1. 1n the event of the incapacity or death of Lhe
preceding paragraph,     succession to command                                   mmmander of a naval base, or when he or she is
shall be as follows                                                              absent and provided he or she so directs, he or
                                                                                 she shall be succeeded by the officer, eligible for
   a. The chief of staff                      or chief     staff officer
                                                                                 command at sea, designated by the commander
within a fleet_
                                                                                 of the naval base, with the approval         of the
   b. The deputy or assistant        commander                                   immediate supsrior.
within a fleet marine force, or the chief of staif if
                                                                                 2. During the absence of the commander             of a
a deputy     or assistant    commander      is not
                                                                                 naval base, and when he or she has not directsd
                                                                                 that he or she be succeeded in command               as
3. An officer succeeding b command shall have                                    provided in the preceding paragraph, Lhe chief of
authority to issue orders required LOcarry on the                                stall’ or chief staH o~lcer shall have authority to
established     routine   and to perform       the                               issue the orders required         to carry on the
administrative   functions of the command.      He                               established        routine    and    perform       the
shall be the officer commanding      for the time                                administrative functions of the naval base. This
being for the administration and for the exercise                                shall not be construed ta limit the authority or
of general court-martial jurisdiction within the                                 responsibility    of the senior officer present in
command.     This shall noL be construed ta limit                                emergencies      or other unforeseen      situations
the authority and responsibility    of the senior                                wh~ch demand hk or her action.

                              PRECEDENCE,         AUTHORITY      AND COMMAND
    1077.   Succession   to Command       ofa Naval         2. [n the event of the incapacity, death, relief          ‘
            Shore Activity.                                 from duty or absence of the officer detiiled    to
                                                            command an aircraft group or wing, the line
    1. In the event of the incapacity,       death or
                                                            of?lcer next in rank within the command      and
    absence of the commanding officer or officer in
                                                            otherwise    eligible    as provided    in these
    charge of a naval shore activity not otherwise
                                                            regulations shall succeed tu command or cnntml,
    provided for in these regulations, the officer next
                                                            as appropriate,    until relieved  by cnmpetent
    in rank shall succeed ta command, except:
                                                            authority   or until the regular     commander
       a. The commanding       officer   shall   be         returns.
    succesded by the executive   officer who, if so
                                                            10S0.   Succession to Command ofa
    detailed bythe Chief of Naval Personnel. need
    not be next in rank.
                                                            1. In the event of the incapacity, death, relief
        b. When appropriate, and notwithstanding
                                                            from duty or absence of the ofilcer detailed to
    the above subparagraph,     the Chief of Naval
                                                            command a submarine,          the executive    ofticer
    Operations may specify that the commanding
                                                            shall succeed ta command until relieved              by
    officer shall be succeeded by an officer eligible
                                                            competent     authority     or until the regular
    for command at sea, who need not be next in
                                                            commanding       officer   returns.   Succession     to
                                                            command, after the commanding officer and the
                                                            executive ofllcer, of a submarine shall bs by the
    1078.   Succession    to Command ofa Ship.
                                                            line offker regularly attichcd ti and on bnsrd
    In the event of the incapacity, death, relief from      the submarine who is next in rcnk and qualifkd
    duty nr absence       of the officer    detailed   to   in submarines,      until relieved    by competent
    command      a ship, the executive     n~~cer shall     authority or until the regular         commanding
    succeed to command until relieved by compstsnt          officer or executive ofilcer returns.
    authority    or until the regular      commanding
                                                            2. [n nuclear puwered submarines,        succession
    oEicer returns.     Succession to command, after
                                                            shall be by the line officer satisfying the criteria
    the commanding         officer  and the executive
                                                            in paragraph       1. and who is additionally
    ofllcer, shall be by the line ofiicer in the h’avy
                                                            currently    qualified     for the supervision,
    eligible for command at sea, next in rank and
                                                            operation     and maintenance          of nuclear
    regularly attached to and on board the ship,
                                                            propulsion plants.
    until relieved by compstent authority or until
    the regular commanding         officer or executive     1081. Succession     in Battle.
    offxcer returns.
                                                            When a flag offtcer or nther commsnder of ships
    1079.   Succession tnCommcnd          of an             is incapacitated in battle the officer next in rcnk
            Aircraft Unit-                                  in the flagship and eligible ta succsed him or ber
                                                            shall succeed provisionally until the ofilcer who
    1. In the event of the incapacity, death, relief
                                                            would succeed as provided         in Article   1074
    from duty or absence of the officer detailed to
                                                            announces that he or she bas tsken mmmand.         It
    cnmmand an aircrail squadron, the executive
                                                            is the duty of the officer          who succeeds
    officer shall succeed to command until relieved
                                                            provisionally   ta repart, as saan cs practicable,
    by cnmpetent authority or until the regular
                                                            the incapacity of the flag officer h the officer
    commanding      oficer   returns.    Succession   to
                                                            who will succeed       to command      and to the
    command, after the commanding otTmer and the
                                                            immsdiate superior of the flag ofticer.
    executive officer, of an aircraft squadron shall kc
    by the line otliccr regularly attached to and on
                                                            1082.    Succession tn Command by Officers
    baard the aircraft squadron who is next in rcnk
                                                                    in the Staff Corps.
    and qualfled h command an aircrsft unit, until
    relieved by competent       authority or until the      Officers   in the staff carps may succeed  to
    regular commanding oflicer or executive oficer          command      only at such activities  as are
    returns.                                                appropriate ta their corps.

                            PRECEDENCE,        AUTHORITY        AND COMMAND

    10S3.   Succsasion to Command by Officers            1087.   Succession to Command on Detach-
            Designated for Engineering Duty or                   ment of an Officer in Command With-
            SPecial Duty.                                        out Relief.

                                                         Should an officer    in command     be detached
    Officers   designated    for engineering   duty,
                                                         without relief, succession to command shall be
    aeronautical   engineering duty, or special duty
                                                         by the oftlcer who, in accordance     with these
    who are otherwise eligible as provided in these
                                                         regulations, would succeed ta command in case
    regulations,  may succeed to command only on
                                                         of the incapacity, death or abaence of the officer
                                                         in command.

    1084.   Succession  to Commamd by Line
                                                         10S8.   Relief of a Commanding        Officer by a
            Officers Designated for Limited
                                                         1. It is conceivable     that most unusual       and
    Officers of the line designated for limited duty
                                                         extraordinary circumstances may arise in which
    may succeed to command         of an activity in
                                                         the relief from duty of a commanding officer by a
    conformity with the following.
                                                         subordinate      becomes    necessary,   either    by
       a. in ships, offlcera of the line of the Navy     placing the commanding ofllcer under arrest or
    designated for limited duty who are authorized       on the sick list. Such action shall never be taken
    to perform all deck duties afloat may succeed to     without the approval of tha Commandant of the
    command.                                             Marine Corps or the Chief of Naval Personnel,
                                                         as appropriate,     or the senior officer present,
       b. Within other commands        of the naval
                                                         except when reference to such higher authority
    service.  any limited     duty officer   with a
                                                         is undoubtedly      impracticable   because of the
    designator appropriate    to the function of the
                                                         delay involved or for other clearly         obvious
    activity may succeed to command.
                                                         reasons. In any event, a complets report of tbe
                                                         matter shall be made w the Commandant of the
    1085.   Succession to Command by Chief
                                                         Marine Corps or tbe Chief of Naval Persamel,
            Warrant Officers and Warrant
                                                         as appropriate, and tbe senior ofticer present,
                                                         setting forth all facts in the case and the reasans
    Chief warrant oflicers and warrant ot%cers may       for the action       or recommendation,         with
    succeed to command of an activity in conformity      particular    regard to the degree of urgency
    with the following                                   involvsd.

       a. In ships, chief warrant       officers and     2. In order that a subordinate     officer, acting
    warrant ofiicers who are authorized to perform       upon his, or her own initiative,            may be
    all deck duties afloat may succeed to command.       vindicated for relieving a commanding        officer
                                                         from duty, the situation must be obvious and
        b. within   other commands    of the navsl
                                                         clear, -and must admit of the single conclusion
    service, any chief warrant oftlcer or warrant
                                                         that tbe retention       of command        by such
    ofilcer with a designator   appropriate  to the
                                                         commanding       officer    will seriously       and
    function    of tbe activity  may succeed     to
                                                         irretrievably prejudice the public interests. The
                                                         subordinate oflicer so acting

    10S6.   Succession to Command by Officers              a.    Mu&be   next in succession   to command.
            of tbe Marine Corps
                                                            b. Must be unable tn refer the matter to a
                                                         common superior for the reasons set forth in the
    An oflicer in the Marine Corps shall not succeed
                                                         preceding paragraph.
    la command of any ship or naval shipyard, or of a
    naval station, except when the oflicer detailed tn      c. Must be certain    that the prejudicial
    command the station is an officer of the Marine      actions of the commanding ofiicer are not caused
    corps.                                               by instructions unknown to him or her.

I   94
                              PRECEDENCE,          AUTHORITY     AND COMMAND

       d. Must have given thematter much careful            of these    regulations      to discourage      its
I   consideration,  and have made such exhaustive           employment in cases of this nature. However,
    investigation ofalltie  circumstincesas maybe           bscause the action of relieving     a senior from
    practicable.                                            command involves most serious possibilities,       a
                                                            decision to do so, or to so recommend, must be
       e. Must bs thoroughly    convinced   that the
                                                            based upon facts established       by substantial
    conclusion to relieve the commanding officer is
                                                            evidenca, and upon the official views of others in
    one which     a reasonable,      prudent    and
                                                            a position to form valid opinions, espscia]ly of a
    e%rienced     officer would regard as a necessary       tschnical character.    An ofllcer relieving his or
    consequence    fmm the frets thus determined to
                                                            her commanding ofiksr, or recommending        such
                                                            action, together with all others who so counsel,
    3. Intdligent,f earlessi nitistivei sanimportanl        must IEM the legitimate responsibility for, and
    trait of military charsctsr,    It is not the purpose   must bs prspared @justify, such action.

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