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Softball Napanee Host of OASA Pee Wee Eliminations by yco10525


									                               Softball Napanee
                                     Host of
                              OASA Pee Wee Eliminations
                                        June 25-27, 2010


See the OASA website for a map of Greater Napanee showing the locations of the diamonds, hotel,
motels, restaurants, and hospital. Every location on the map is within 3 minutes from the centre of
the Town of Greater Napanee with the exception of the diamonds at the North Fred Sports Complex
which is less than 10 minutes. Napanee is located approximately halfway between Belleville and
Kingston, each about 25 minutes away.


The main diamonds are at the Napanee Fairgrounds Sports Complex located at 170 York Street, the
west end of Thomas Street. The North Fred Sports Complex is located south on County Road 8.


Softball Napanee will be operating a canteen at the Napanee Fairgrounds Sports Complex. Menu
items include hamburgers, hotdogs, chicken burgers, sausages, bagels along with the usual snack
foods at very reasonable prices.


Napanee has many fast food restaurants, sub shops, pizza take-out, donut shops, as well as family
restaurants. See map.


Rooms have been booked in the Napanee area through:

All Sport Accommodations
Christa Kingsley
fax: 519-686-2953

Belleville and Kingston both have hotel accommodations as well.

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