Reading List Recommended by Jim Delisle at ABC Annual by nrd78674


									                               Reading List Recommended by Jim Delisle
                                 at ABC Annual Conference May 2006

Karen Ro gers ~            Re-forming Gifted Education

Hoagies Gifted ~ 

                           (Fo r articles on overexcitability / intensity)

SENG ~           
                           (supporting emotional needs of the gifted)

Davidson Institute ~

Stephanie S. Tolan ~       Is it a Cheetah?

                           Dabrowski's Over-excitabilities
                           A Layman's Explanation

Miraca Gross ~             "Play Partner" or "S ure Shelter"?

Susan Winebrenner ~        Teaching Gifted Kids in The Regular Classroom

Joan Sm utny, et al ~      Teaching the Young Gifted Child in The Regular Classroom

Annemarie Roeper ~         The Annemarie Roeper Method of Qualitative Assessment
                           (Gifted Education Communicator, Fall 2004)

Sharon Lind ~              Before Referring a Gifted Child for ADHD Evaluation

                           Tips for Parents of Intense Children

                           ( search her name o n Hoagies for many mo re articles)

Linda Silverman ~          http://www.gifteddevelop uct_M arketing/bks.htm
                           (Many topics includin g visual-spatial learners, dual exceptionalities, intensities and m ore – also
                           search her name on Hoagies for links to many articles)

James T. Webb, et al ~     Misdia gnosis and Dual Diagnosis of Gifted Children and Adults

Joa nne Rand W hitmore ~   Giftedness, Conflict and Underachievement

Turk & Campbell ~          What’s Wrong with Doug: The Academic Struggles of a Gifted Student with ADHD from Pre-
                           school to College
                          What’s Right with Doug: The Academic Triumph of a Gifted Student with ADHD Gifted Child
                          Today, 26, 40-45

Information Centre on ~
Disabilities and
Gifted Education

Torrance, Murdock ~       How to Grow Up Creatively Gifted
& Fletcher

Christine Badawy ~        A Personal Response to Affective Issues of the Highly Gifted

James Delisle ~           Parenting Gifted Kids

                          Barefoot Irreverence: A Collection of Writings on Gifted Child Education

                          Once Upon a Mind: Stories and Scholars of Gifted Child Education

                          Comfortably Numb: a New View of Underachievement
                          (Gifted Education Communicator, Winter 2004)

                          Justin’s Genius

                          Guidin g the Social and Emotion al Development of Gifted Youth

                          The “G” Word (Shhh!)
                          Understanding Our Gifted

                          Gifted Programs in Crisis: What Else did We Expect?
                          NJAGC Viewpoints ( New Jersey Association for Gifted Children)

                          The Gifted, You Know
                          Gifted C hild Today

                          The Gifted Garag e Sale
                          Gifted C hild Today

Delisle & Galbraith ~     When Gifted Kids Don ’t Have all the Answers
                          Gifted Kids Survival Guide : A Teen Handbook

Delisle & Lewis ~         The Survival Guide for teachers of Gifted Kids

Delisle & Schultz ~       More than a Test Sco re

                          Smart Talk: What kids say about growing up gifted

Delisle and Berger ~      Underachieving Gifted Stud ents
                          http://www.kidsou ntent/underachieving_gifted.html
                              Additional Resources Suggested to Address the
                         Social, Emotional and Moral Aspects of Gifted Learners :

Delisle & Delisle ~         Growing Good Kids: 28 Activities to En hance Self-awareness, Compassion & Lead ership

H. Jackson Brown ~          What I’ve Learned         (Live, Learn and Pass it On)

Quo te W orld ~             http://www.quo

more quotes          ~

Thomas Friedman ~           The World is Flat
                            http://www.thom rldisflat.htm

Dav id A. W hite ~          Philosophy for Kids
                            The Examined Life: Advanced Philosophy for Kids

David Elkind ~              The Hu rried Ch ild

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