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ToK Presentation Grade Conversions


									TOK: Internal Assessment (Oral)                  Name ___________________________                  Period: ______      Time: _________

Criterion A: Identification of knowledge issue. Did the presentation identify a relevant knowledge issue involved, implicit or embedded in a real-
life situation?
            5:      Identified a knowledge issue that was clearly relevant.     3-4:      Identified a knowledge issue…in some ways relevant…
            1-2:    Referred to a knowledge issue but it was irrelevant…        0:        Level 1 not achieved.

Criterion B: Treatment of knowledge issue. Did the presentation show a good understanding of knowledge issue, in the context of a real-life
           5:      Good understanding                                       3-4:     Adequate understanding
           1-2:    Some understanding                                       0:       Level 1 not achieved.

Criterion C: Knower’s perspective. Did the presentation, particularly in the use of arguments and examples, show an individual approach and
demonstrate the significance of the topic?
          5:       Clear personal involvement and full demonstration of significance.
          3-4:     Some personal involvement and adequate demonstrate of significance.
          1-2:     Limited personal involvement and did not demonstrate significance.              0: Level 1 not achieved.

Criterion D: Connections. Did the presentation give a balanced account of how the topic could be approached from different perspectives? Did the
presentation show how the positions taken on the knowledge issues would have implications in related areas? (Emphasis on quality of connections,
not quantity.)
          5:       Clear account of different perspectives and consideration of implications in different areas.
          3-4:     Satisfactory account of different perspectives and began to explore similarities and differences [of perspectives].
          1-2:     Explored at least two different perspectives to some extent.                      0: Level 1 not achieved.


IB Grade Boundaries for the Presentation: A = 19-20; B = 16-18; C = 13-15; D = 9-12; E = 0-8

IA TOTAL             Grade book (50)      LETTER                                    IA TOTAL              Grade book (50)       LETTER
20                   50                   A                                         10                    32                    D
19                   48                   A                                         9                     30                    D-
18                   44                   B                                         8                     29                    F
17                   42                   B                                         7                     28                    F
16                   40                   B-                                        6                     27                    F
15                   38                   C                                         5                     26                    F
14                   36                   C                                         4                     25                    F
13                   35                   C-                                        3                     24                    F
12                   34                   D                                         2                     23                    F
11                   33                   D                                         1                     20                    F

Documentation: Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

             5                                          3                                     1                                 0
PPD          Submitted before oral begins               Submitted after oral but on           Submitted after day of oral       Incomplete: No
                                                        same day                                                                credit for TOK
PMF          Submitted the next time class              Submitted late                        (NA)                              Incomplete: No
             meets after the oral                                                                                               credit for TOK

Documentation points, out of 10: _______

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