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									106    Fitness Instruction & Outdoor Recreation                                    Enroll at or call (310) 825-9971 or (818) 784-7006

  FITNESS INSTRuCTIoN                                                         Certificate Program in
                                                                              Fitness Instruction
  & ouTDooR                                                                   Join Team Elite!

  RECREATIoN                                                                  We’ve	got	your	back...and	your	abs,	quads,	glutes,	and	hamstrings!	
                                                                              UCLA	Extension’s	Certificate	Program	in	Fitness	Instruction	
                                                                              combines	it	all:
  107 Fitness Instruction                                                    •	 Theoretical  knowledge	you’ll	need	       Physiology Requirement
  107 Outdoor Recreation                                                        to	stand	out	in	the	field
                                                                                                                          The Human Body: How It Functions
                                                                             •	 Practical training	to	hone	the	skills	

                                                                                that	keep	you	marketable                  (offered online and face-to-face at
                                                                             •	 Preparationfor professional certifi-      UCLA and Santa Clarita)
                                                                              cation	provides	the	foundation	you	         Page	107.
                                                                              need	to	prepare	for	exams	through	          or
                                                                              ACSM,	NSCA,	and	ACE,	among	                 Human Anatomy and Physiology
                                                                                                                          Page	139.
                                                                              Our	comprehensive	program	and	
                                                                              one-stop	shopping	are	why	personal	         Required Courses
                                                                              trainers,	coaches,	fitness	enthusiasts,	
                                                                                                                          Exercise Physiology m
                                                                              dietitians,	nurses,	psychologists,		
                                                                              and	those	seeking	to	change	careers	        Applied Anatomy and Biomechanics
                                                                              make	UCLA	Extension	their	top	              Introduction to Human Nutrition
                                                                              pick.	Our	sought-after	graduates		
                                                                              go	on	to	become	leaders	in	the	             (offered at UCLA and Santa Clarita)
                                                                              indus	 ry	and	shape	the	health	of	          Resistance Training Fundamentals
                                                                              generations	to	come!
                                                                                                                         + Exercise Prescription, Program
                                                                              For	more	information	or	to		                 Design, and Coaching Techniques
                                                                              schedule	an	advisement	appoint-
                                                                                                                         + Fitness Testing and
                                                                              ment	call	(310) 206-8456	or	
                                                                                                                           Health/Risk Appraisal
                                                                              For	current	courses	visit		                  Page	107.
  Save Time and Gas!                                                          Curriculum Overview
                                                                                                                          Elective Courses
                                                                                                                          Students	must	complete	courses	
                                                                                                                          that	total	two	full	elective	credits.
  Fitness Instruction Courses Now Held at                                     The	curriculum	consists	of	seven	
                                                                              required	courses	and	two	full	              Exercise and Sports Nutrition m
  College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita                                     electives.	
                                                                                                                          Practical Training for
  Students	living	in	the	Santa	Clarita	area	can	now	take	courses	in	the	                                                  Fitness Instructors
  Certificate	Program	in	Fitness	Instruction	at	College	of	the	Canyons.                                                   Page	107.
                                                                             +	Not	offered	this	quarter.

                                                                              New This Quarter

                                                                              Don’t Take Your Clients
                                                                              Home With You!
                                                                              Sat,	Oct	9
                                                                                                                          If	you	work	with	clients,	then	
                                                                                                                          you’ve	probably	“taken	them	home	
                                                                                                                          with	you”	on	at	least	one	occasion,	
                                                                                                                          allowing	your	workplace	concerns	
  With	a	convenient	schedule	that	        Offered this Quarter
                                                                                                                          to	spill	over	into	your	personal	
  allows	you	to	complete	the	pro-
                                          The Human Body: How It Functions                                                life—and	that	can	lead	to	burn-out.
  gram	in	just	one	academic	year,	
  students	save	time	with	a	shorter	      Introduction to Human Nutrition                                                 This	workshop	uses	ritual	and	
  commute	and	a	faster	track	to		                                                                                         experiential	techniques	to	promote	
                                          Page	107.
  certificate	graduation.                                                                                                 self-care	techniques	that	allow	you	
                                                                                                                          to	let	go	and	leave	your	clients	
                                                                                                                          where	they	belong—at	work!
  For	certificate	advisement	call	(310) 206-8456.
                                                                                                                          Page	129.
Enroll at or call (310) 825-9971 or (818) 784-7006                                                                                                     Fitness Instruction & Outdoor Recreation                            107
                                                                                                                                                                                          Practical Training for Fitness
Fitness Instruction
For more information call (310) 206-8456.                         Discover the Joy of Sailing                                                                                             Instructors
                                                                                                                                                                                          X 451.1 Physical Education 14 units $675
                                                                                                                                                                                          (This course meets Fall through Spring Quarter.)
                                                                                                                                                                                          Bring your knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics to
Human Anatomy and Physiology                                      Enjoy	the	pleasures	of	sailing	our	beautiful	coastal	waters.                                                            life by learning the basic equation for all exercise
X 400.6 Physiological Science 4 units $495                                                                                                                                                instruction, keys to effective exercise demonstration,
(For general education students.)                                 Sailing I: Practice and Theory                                                                                          the art of various cueing techniques, safety and preci-
This course provides an introduction to the structure,                                                                                                                                    sion of fitness-testing administration, and fundamentals
                                                                  This	internationally	certified	course	
function, and integration of cells, tissues, and organs                                                                                                                                   of exercise progression. Gain practical exercise instruc-
of the human body. Systems considered include mus-                is	designed	to	take	you	from	novice	                                                                                    tion experience while you practice these skills in a safe,
cular, nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive,           to	a	proficiency	level	necessary		                                                                                      supportive environment with the opportunity for feed-
renal, endocrine, reproductive, sensory, and cognitive.           to	command	a	sailboat	up	to	25	feet	                                                                                    back. This course trains you to be a personal fitness
Instruction develops from molecular and cellular prin-            in	light	to	moderate	wind	and	sea	                                                                                      trainer and/or group exercise leader who works with
ciples through organs and organ systems to energy                                                                                                                                         mainstream populations and also addresses training
metabolism and fluid compartments, considering
                                                                  conditions	in	familiar	waters.                                                                                          special populations. Learn, practice, and receive feed-
homeostasis and responses to stress, and concluding               Taught	by	Paul J. Miller,	MA,	                                                                                          back in the execution of various exercises using a
with central nervous system functions in movement,                director	of	the	California	Sailing	                                                                                     variety of equipment. Exercise genres covered include
consciousness, and language. Meets physiology                                                                                                                                             selectorized equipment, cable equipment, free weights,
requirement in Certificate Program in Fitness Instruc-
                                                                  Academy	Coast	Guard	School		                                                                                            body weight exercises, basic powerlifting techniques,
tion. Enrollment limited. Internet access required to             and	former	U.S.	Naval	Academy	                                                                                          kettlebells, plyometrics and sports conditioning, basic
retrieve course materials. &                                      sailing	coach.                                                                                                          mat Pilates and core training, popular cardio machines,
Reg# V8527B                                                                                                                                                                               walking, running, stretching/flexibility, and other small
                                                                  This	page.                                                                                                              equipment (medicine balls, foam rollers, Dyna Discs,
       UCLA: 1749 Physics & Astronomy Bldg.
       Wed 7-10pm, Sep 22-Dec 8, 12 mtgs                                                                                                                                                  gliding discs, Bosu balls, stability balls, tubing and
Erik Stephen Schweitzer, MD, PhD, Associate                                                                                                                                               resistance bands, etc.) Improve your form for better
Research Neuroscientist, retired, Department of Psy-                                                                                                                                      exercise demonstration when teaching. Participants
chiatry, and Semel Institute for Neuroscience and                                                                                                                                         observe and shadow trainers and fitness instructors,
Human Behavior, UCLA                                                                                                                                                                      then teach others in a supervised setting with the
                                                                                                                                                                                          opportunity for feedback. Wednesday lectures cover
The Human Body:                                               Introduction to Human Nutrition                               Resistance Training Fundamentals                              concept review and test prep. Friday classes are for
                                                              X 451 Physiological Science 4 units $495                      X 453 Physical Education 4 units $495                         practical training and concept application. Two full
How It Functions m                                            This course provides students with a background in the        This course covers basic and advanced methods used            elective credits in Certificate Program in Fitness Instruc-
X 449 Physiological Science 4 units $575                      basics of nutrition and stresses the link between nutrition   to develop muscular strength, including circuit and           tion. Enrollment/class participation contingent on sign-
The body is a dynamic organism exhibiting a complex           practices, health, disease, and exercise performance.         priority training systems, training cycles, and periodiza-    ing a liability waiver at first class.
integration of biochemical, mechanical and physical           Topics include macronutrient needs; vitamins, minerals,       tion. Instruction examines the use of these methods to
functions. This course provides a systems approach to                                                                                                                                     Reg# V8553B
                                                              and other supplements; energy balance; weight control;        prescribe productive exercise programs, as well as                   Lectures
overview the normal function of cells, nerves, hor-           the effects of nutrient excesses and deficiencies on          physiological, neurological, and psychological adapta-
mones, muscles, respiratory system, heart and circula-                                                                                                                                           UCLA: John Wooden Center
                                                              performance; ergogenic aids; eating disorders; and how        tions of the body to strength training. “In-the-weight-              Wed 7-10pm, Oct 27-Jun 1
tion, immune system, digestion, and metabolism. For           to recognize nutrition practices that may require profes-     room” practical experience and proper lifting and
technical requirements see page 156. Meets physiology                                                                                                                                            Practical training sessions:
                                                              sional referral. Practical application of this knowledge is   spotting techniques are emphasized. Prerequisite:                    UCLA: John Wooden Center
requirement in Certificate Program in Fitness Instruc-        achieved through nutrition labeling and literature evalu-     X 452 Applied Anatomy and Biomechanics. Required
tion. This foundation provides a framework for addi-                                                                                                                                             Fri 7-10pm, Oct 29-Jun 3, 52 mtgs
                                                              ation. Required course in Certificate Program in Fitness      course in Certificate Program in Fitness Instruction.                (no mtg 11/26, 12/10, 12/15, 12/17, 12/22,
tional required courses in the Certificate Program in         Instruction. Enrollment limited. &                            Enrollment and class participation are contingent on
Fitness Instruction and should be taken first. &                                                                                                                                                 12/24, 12/29, 12/31, 3/16, 3/18, 3/23 & 3/25)
                                                              Reg# V8988B                                                   signing a liability waiver at the first class. Internet       Elisa Terry, Program Director, FITWELL Services, UCLA
Reg# V8524B                                                          Santa Clarita: UCEN 314, College of the                access required to retrieve course materials. &               Recreation
       Sep 20-Dec 12                                                 Canyons, 26455 Rockwell Canyon Rd.                     Reg# V8552B
John Farr, MS, MA, CSCS, USAW, athletic performance                  Mon 7-10pm, Sep 20-Dec 6, 12 mtgs                              UCLA: 5264 Boelter Hall
coach                                                         Elaine Yip, MS, RD, Clinical Dietitian, Morrisson                     Tue 7-10pm, Sep 21-Dec 7, 12 mtgs
The Human Body: How It Functions
                                                              Management, LAC+USC Medical Center
                                                              Reg# V8528B
                                                                                                                            John Farr, MS, MA, CSCS, USAW, athletic performance
                                                                                                                                                                                          Outdoor Recreation
X 449 Physiological Science 4 units $495                                                                                                                                                  For more information call (310) 206-8456.
                                                                     UCLA: 5225 Math Sciences
Meets physiology requirement in Certificate Program in                                                                      Exercise and Sports Nutrition m
                                                                     Tue 7-10pm, Sep 21-Dec 7, 12 mtgs
Fitness Instruction. This foundation provides a frame-                                                                      X 404.7 Public Health 4 units $575                            Sailing I: Practice and Theory
                                                              Suzanne Bogert, MS, RD, Project Director, Network for
work for additional required courses in the Certificate                                                                     This course covers topics in sports nutrition and exer-       842 Physical Education 3 CEU $425
                                                              a Healthy California, Los Angeles Region Nutrition
Program in Fitness Instruction and should be taken first.                                                                   cise science. Students gain an in-depth understanding         This internationally certified course is designed to take
                                                              Program, County of Los Angeles
For more information see above. &                                                                                           of the roles of carbohydrate, protein, and fat in the diets   you from novice to a proficiency level necessary to
Reg# V8581B                                                   Applied Anatomy and                                           of very active people and learn what foods, fluids, and       command a sailboat up to 25 feet in light to moderate
      Santa Clarita: UCEN 314, College of the                                                                               supplements support optimal training, performance, and        wind and sea conditions in familiar waters. Instruction
      Canyons, 26455 Rockwell Canyon Rd.
                                                              X 452 Physiological Science 4 units $495                      recovery. Students also learn how to calculate energy         covers nomenclature and commands, rigging and
      Wed 6:30-9:30pm, Sep 22-Dec 8, 12 mtgs                                                                                needs, evaluate body composition, and tackle difficult        unrigging, parts of the boat, tiller and rudder effect,
                                                              This course provides fitness instructors with an under-
John Farr, MS, MA, CSCS, USAW, athletic performance                                                                         weight and eating disorder issues. A review of the            docking and undocking, rules of the road, theory of sail,
                                                              standing of musculoskeletal anatomy and the application
coach                                                                                                                       nutritional needs of athletes in endurance, strength,         cycling, points of sail, proper sail trim, true and appar-
                                                              of basic biomechanical principles to the moving body.
                                                              This application allows fitness instructors to analyze a      weight-class, and aesthetic sports also is included.          ent wind, getting out of irons, sculling, upwind sailing,
Exercise Physiology m                                         movement and identify poor mechanics that could con-          Don’t miss this chance to develop new professional            using telltales, tacking, buoys, knots, signal flags, crew
X 450 Physiological Science 4 units $575                      tribute to injury, design exercises for particular muscle     relationships, receive feedback from an expert instruc-       overboard retrieval techniques, downwind sailing, jibing,
This course is designed to provide the fitness instructor     groups, and more safely and effectively advise on the use     tor, and demonstrate your knowledge. Dietitians, fitness      state and federal requirements for recreational vessels,
with an in-depth exposure to the interaction of the car-      of exercise equipment. Prerequisite: A basic course in        instructors, athletic trainers, strength specialists,         and safety at sea. Enrollment limited. For on-the-water
diovascular, respiratory, endocrine, nervous, and muscu-      human biology or anatomy and physiology, or consent of        coaches and sports enthusiasts can benefit from the           sessions, a choice of weekday or weekend formats is
loskeletal systems during exercise. Instruction empha-        department. Required course in Certificate Program in         unique opportunity to interact and share knowledge in         available once a week, totaling 19.5 hours. Attendance
sizes practical application of the physiologic concepts in    Fitness Instruction. Enrollment limited. Internet access      this online format. Due to the large images and presen-       at the classroom sessions is mandatory. Enrollment/
determining fitness levels, prescribing exercise, and         required to retrieve course materials. &                      tation files used in this course, a high-speed Internet       class participation contingent on signing a liability
monitoring people for signs of overexertion and underly-                                                                    connection is suggested though not required. Course-          waiver at first class. Visitors not permitted.
ing disease. Topics include energy metabolism; the cir-       Reg# V8551B                                                   work must be submitted as Microsoft Word or Excel             Reg# V9194B
culatory, respiratory, neuromuscular, and endocrine                  UCLA: 5436 Boelter Hall                                attachments.For technical requirements see page 156.                 Westwood: 107 Extension Lindbrook Center
systems; environmental considerations; principles of                 Mon 6:30-9:30pm, Sep 20-Dec 6, 12 mtgs                 Prerequisite: A basic course in human nutrition and                  Tue 7-10pm, Sep 28; Oct 12 & 26, 10 mtgs
exercise training; and theories of obesity and weight         Elizabeth A. Likes, MA, exercise physiologist                 exercise physiology, or consent of instructor. Full elec-            (on-the-water sessions begin 10/9 at California
control, exercise, age, and disease. For technical require-   and educator                                                  tive credit in Certificate Program in Fitness Instruction.           Sailing Academy Coast Guard School, 14025
ments see page 156. Prerequisite: Basic course in                                                                           Enrollment limited; advance enrollment required. &                   Panay Way, Marina del Rey)
human biology or anatomy and physiology or consent of                                                                       Reg# V8526B                                                          No refund after Sep 29.
instructor. Required course in Certificate Program in                                                                               Sep 20-Dec 12                                         Paul J. Miller, MA, Director, California Sailing Academy
Fitness Instruction. Enrollment limited. &                                                                                  Marge A. Morris, MEd, RD, CDE, Manager, Diabetes              Coast Guard School; former U.S. Naval Academy
Reg# V8525B                                                                                                                 and Medical Nutrition Therapy Center, Mercy Regional          sailing coach
       Sep 20-Dec 12                                           m Online course                                              Medical Center; registered dietitian in private practice
Perry Powell, MS, MBA, Director, Western U.S., EDS
                                                               & Text required; see page 160
                                                                M Course held during daytime hours

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