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                                              UNIVERSITI KEBANGSAAN MALAYSIA
                                               Graduate School of Business
                                               Inspiring futures, nurturing possibilities      M-GSB
                                                                                            UK M-GSB

             Master OF BUSINESS
The Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme aims at providing an integrated and relevant knowledge of business
and management. This programme is designed for those seeking to advance their career in business and management. For
those who have already embarked on their careers, this programme offers the opportunity to reflect on their managerial
experience and extend their knowledge into new areas. Thus, the programme is expected to increase students’ ability to think
critically about management theory and practice, and to be able to solve a wide range of managerial problems.

                                                                                 Core courses are designed to equip students with management
Who should attend ?                                                              tools and skills which are important in business decision making.
                                                                                 These comprise eight courses :-
Professionals, managers and executives who wish to enhance their
managerial skills that are relevant for career advancements in the public        ZCZB6013           Business Law and Ethics
and corporate sectors.                                                           ZCZA6103           Accounting for Decision Making
                                                                                 ZCZC6303           Financial Management
                                                                                 ZCZB6503           Organizational Management
Programme Learning Outcomes                                                      ZCZD6703           Marketing Management
 Ability to lead an organisation                                                 ZCZB6023           Business Economics and Decision Analysis
                                                                                 ZCZB6513           Managing Operations and Information
 Ability to communicate effectively                                                                 Systems
                                                                                 ZCZB6523           Strategic Management
 Ability to work as a team

 Ability to master and apply advanced knowledge of business and                  Research component :
 management within complex situations                                            Intended to build the vital skills to conduct research that
                                                                                 focuses on addressing managerial problems with policy
 Ability to make effective decisions analytically using quantitative and         implications and using the right methodology to arrive at
 qualitative tools                                                               pragmatic solutions to these problems.

                                                                                 ZCZF6033            Business Research Methodology
 Ability to manage creatively and innovatively                                   ZCZF6043            Research Project

 Be aware of life long learning and able to manage relevant information
 obtained from different sources
                                                                               Concentration courses are designed to provide students
                                                                               with knowledge in specific areas of interest in business and
                                                                               management. Students need to elect one of the following concen-
 Ability to identify opportunities and to prepare a business plan              trations areas, where a minimum of five (5) courses are to be taken
                                                                               to complete a particular ‘concentration’ area.
 Ability to behave ethically with high sense of responsibility to society
                                                                               Concentration Area
 Ability to think and act in a global and cross - cultural environment         Taxation ( collaborative program with inland Revenue Board) :
                                                                               ZCZA6113            Tax Economics
                                                                               ZCZA6123            Issues in Tax Administration
 Ability to observe the impact of professional practice on the
                                                                               ZCZA6133            Tax Audit
                                                                               ZCZA6143            Tax Law I
                                                                               ZCZA6153            Tax Law II

Programme Structure (48 units)                                                 Organizational and Human Resource Management :
Core courses                            24 units                               ZCZB6533          Human Resource Management
Concentration courses                   15 units                               ZCZB6543          Organizational Theory and Design
Research component                       6 units                               ZCZB6553          Organizational Behaviour
Elective course                          3 units                               ZCZB6563          Leadership
                                                                               ZCZB6573          Staffing and Human Resource Development
Islamic Management :                                                      Admission Procedure
ZCZB6903       Islamic Philosophy, Values and Ethics in
               Management                                                All applications need to use only the prescribed forms either
ZCZB6943       Islamic Economics and Finance: Theory and Ethics          accessible from GSB’s website at, or
ZCZB6923       Special topics in Islamic Management                      office, and the completed forms are to be mailed directly to GSB’s
ZCZB6933       Islamic Perspectives in Leadership and Human              office. Certified supporting documents with detailed academic
               Development                                               transcripts (including grades of all courses taken), have to accompany
ZCZC6XX3       Can be chosen from Islamic Banking and Finance            the completed application material.
                                                                         All applications (including candidates’ credentials) are assessed on
                                                                         individual merit by GSB’s Graduate Committee, in the decision to
Islamic Banking and Finance (collaborative program with INCEIF):         offer places for admission.
ZCZC6943         Islamic Economics and Finance: Theory and Ethics
ZCZC6953         Islamic Financial Institutions and Markets              Candidates will be admitted into the programme for studies
ZCZC6963         Islamic Finance Regulations and Governance              commencing in July (first semester) and March (third semester).
ZCZC6973         Applied Shariah in Financial Transactions
ZCZC6983         Deposits Mobilisation and Financing

Applied Finance and Investment:                                           Tuition Fees (RM)
ZCZC6313         Financial Market Analysis                                Fees are due at the time of registration
ZCZC6323         Financial Statement Analysis
ZCZC6333         Investment and Portfolio Management
ZCZC6343         Derivative Markets and Financial Risk                    Local Students
ZCZC6353         Securities Law
                                                                          Registration Fees                                RM 1,000.00
Marketing :                                                               University Fees                                  RM 3,950.00
ZCZD6713           Marketing Research                                     Tuition Fees                                   * RM 16,800.00
ZCZD6723           Customer Behaviour Analysis                            Library Fees                                     RM    400.00
ZCZD6733           New Product Development                                Alumni Fees                                      RM    100.00
ZCZD6743           Services Marketing and Strategy                        Convocation Fees                                 RM    150.00
ZCZD6753           Sales Management
                                                                          Grand total                                     RM22,400.00

Teaching and learning approach: Integration of
experiential and interactive learning approaches which utilize the
case study method, simulations and role-playing                           International Students
                                                                          Registration Fees                               RM 1,200.00
Medium of Instructions:            While English is the predominant       University Fees                                 RM 4,740.00
language of interaction in class, students may write their                Tuition Fees                                  **RM 20,160.00
assignments in either English or Malay language.                          Library Fees                                    RM    480.00
                                                                          Alumni Fees                                     RM    120.00
                                                                          Convocation Fees                                RM    180.00
                Duration of Studies :-                                    Grand total                                     RM 26,880.00
          3-6    semesters        (full time)
         5 - 10   semesters       (part time)
                                                                          Note :
                                                                          * Tuition Fees For Local Students (RM350 x 48 units)
Admission Requirement                                                     ** Tuition Fees For International Students (RM420 x 48 units)
a. Bachelor Degree with a good Cumulative Grade Point Average
   from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia or any institution of
   higher learning recognized by the Senate with a minimum of             Fees Structure
   two (2) years working experience at post-bachelor degree level;
                                                                          Programme                      MBA full time                MBA part time

b. Bachelor Degree with a very good Cumulative Grade Point                                           local         International          local
   Average from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia or any institution
                                                                          Semester 1                 5,650            6,780               4,320
   of higher learning recognized by the Senate and without
   working experience at post-bachelor degree level; or                                                                                   4,220
                                                                          Semester 2                 5,550            6,660
c. Bachelor Degree with a very good Cumulative Grade Point                Semester 3                 5,550            6,660               4,220
   Average, but without basic knowledge in business and
   candidates are required to undergo Pre-Master of Business              Semester 4                 5,650            6,780               4,220
   Administration classes;
                                                                          Semester 5                                                      5,420
d. Other qualification equivalent to a Bachelor Degree and other
   qualification or experience recognized by the Senate.                  Total                     22,400           26,880              22,400

 English Language Requirement for Admission                                        Any enquiries please contact:
 Foreign Applicants whose native language is not English and                      • MASTERS and tuition
                                                                      All registration fees PROGRAMME amounts are subject to
 locals applying for admission who intend to write their thesis/      change without notice H/P: 013-324 6650 (SMS only)
                                                                                    Tel: 03-8921 4718
                                                                                   • DOCTORAL PROGRAMME
 dissertation in English language, should demonstrate good                           Tel: 03-8921 4483 H/P: 013-324 6651 (SMS only)
 command of English (either TOEFL score of minimum 550 (paper                      • E-mail:
 based)/213 (computer based), or IELTS-band 6.0.                                   • Website:

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