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									Executive Master of Business Administration of Peking University

                                                                -- Aspiration, Wisdom and Vision


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A message from the Dean

--- Let us dream boldly of building a powerful country with burning affections for
the people.

    Mr.Tao Xingzhi, a reputed educator of China, once had said that born with aptitudes
and gifts of some kind, everyone in the world must live and even die for a great cause.
We should meet this great era of innovations and reforms with the courage of the same
magnitude. Again, China has opened the door that once had separated the east from the
west and retarded the connections between tradition and modernity. In this great era of
change, China will in turn be converted into one of the most powerful and wealthy
nation of the world, in which we must be endowed more opportunities to fulfill
ourselves, transcend ourselves and create a new history of our own.
    In a world under globalization we are now facing competition and challenges
unparalleled in every segment of the society. Only those with global vision and strong
competitiveness can accomplish invincibility in the ups and downs of world economic
and political development. Beijing University must update its ideology and ideas to meet
the latest advancement of the world if she wants to keep her status as a leader of the time.
Therefore, we must maintain our dynamics and enthusiasm in perusing knowledge for
our whole life so as to make us a person of ambition, wisdom and vision.
                                                                                                                   Hai Wen
                                                                   Vice President of Peking University

                                Chancellor, HSBC School of Business, Peking University

About HSBC School of Business, Peking University

                                                                                 ---- To where our dream starts
As a institution incorporating teaching, research, and community services and under the
leadership of Prof. Hai wen, vice president of Peking University, HSBC School of
Business, Peking University ( originally Shenzhen Business School of Peking
University) was founded in 2004. In August, 30th, 2008, Shenzhen Business School of
Peking University officially changed its name to HSBC School of Business with
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                                                                                                                             EMBA 招生简章 

donations from HSBC Bank to support Peking University’s strategy of building leading
business school of world class (the unveiling ceremony was hold in October, 22nd,
2008), which has horned the beginning of corporations between the top university of
China and world-class financial institutions in advancing China’s education
By making the most of Shenzhen’s innovative environments for originality and its
excellent locality of neighboring Hong Kong, one of the leading metropolis in the world,
HSBC School of Business will fully exercise academic advantages of Peking University
in the light of “based on Shenzhen, meeting the needs of the world”, enhancing
connections between Hong Kong and mainland China and between China and the world.
HSBC School of Business will commit itself to cultivating advanced economic research
and business leaders with solid theoretical foundation and strong real time working
experience for the government services, research institute, enterprises and financial
institutes of all descriptions. HSBC School of Business attaches heavy weights in
cultivating, in line with the world-class standards, the future business and financial
leaders with great adaptability to meet increasingly intense globalization. Relying on
sagacity and persistent efforts by all of us, HSBC School of Business has stand out as
an emerging world class business school highlighting cultivating high-end talents for
China’s finance management and business administration.
HSBC School of Business now has successfully launched full-time and part-time
programs to meet demands of various categories, including EMBA program,
Dual-Master’s Degree program of Economy and Finance by Peking University and
Hong Kong University, Dual-Master’s Degree program of Management and Finance by
Peking University and Hong Kong University, EDP program and so on.
The dual-degree programs are aiming at educating outstanding financial professionals
and talented business leaders with specially designed teaching modules and under strict
instructions from the top faculty of all over the world. In line with the international
codes of administration and education, our programs feature English delivery of all
courses, professionalism and personality buildup, which has received wide-range
recognitions and welcomes to our graduates from enterprises of various industries. The
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                                                                                                                              EMBA 招生简章 

annual income of our first graduates 2008 goes to RMB 0.185 million Yuan and the
employment rate of 2009 has also come to 100%.It would have been a mission
impossible to cultivate talents or professionals with such a strong competence and
competitiveness if it were not for the persistent efforts from the faculty and students as
EDP executive program is a serial program specially tailored for executives and
business leaders of China, which integrates trainings in business administration,
financial management and entrepreneurship. In the program we strive to improve
students’ comprehensive competence in management, cultivate their global perspectives
and managerial ideology, reformulate their reasoning and decision-making flow, and
enhance the strategy-making capacity of a modern business leader. Now we have set up
short-term and long-term programs such as EMP program for global business leaders,
FIP program, International Forum for CEOs, Serial program for CEOs, AMP program,
FIP program, Advanced PE seminar, est. HSBC School of Business has obtained a
recruitment of 2000 within two years, bring to it a well-received reputation from
enterprises of the local region and even the whole China.
The launching of EMBA program by HSBC School of Business will definitely further
the school’s overall advancement in fields such as disciplinary construction and
development, international exchanges, and faculty team configuration. Meanwhile, it
will also provide broadened options for the entrepreneurs from all over the world to
enrich their management skills and enhance their personal quality as leaders.

Research Institutes
        Relying on an abundant research strength and strong faculty team of good
qualifications and diversified backgrounds, HSBC School of Business has established
four research institutes tracing the latest academic development in business
administration and aiming at constructing high-end international think tank and
providing academic supports for the greater success of the nation’s economic
development and prosperity, of which are The Institute for China and Global Economy
(ICGE), HSBC Finance Research Institute (HFRI), Research Center of Doers' Group
Business Model, and Institute of Compass Management.
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                                                                                                                             EMBA 招生简章 

HSBC Finance Research Institute (HFRI)

     HFRI was founded in November, 2008 under the sponsorship and donations from
Charity Fund of HSBC. By constructing academic and policy exchange platform
featuring flexibility, HFRI takes pain in strengthening collaborations and exchanges
among leading institutions of higher learning, financial research institutes, or even
among the top scholars in financial studies. Prof. Hai wen is the current dean of the
school and Prof. Frank M. Song, from Hong Kong University, its managing dean. Its
objective is to encourage and support academic research in finance with particular
emphasis on the areas of banking, the securities markets, and the financial policies of

Institute for China Global Economy (ICGE)

     With Prof. Li, Wenzhu as its managing director, ICGE was founded under the
sponsors and joint efforts from scholars in economics and management field of both
Peking University and Hong Kong University. Holding the vision of utilizing
Shenzhen’s preferable locality of neighboring Hong Kong and with global perspectives
and sophisticated research tools, ICGE will widely enhance its collaborations and
academic exchanges with Hong Kong University in leading the edges of economic
research into issues of innovations and economic development encountered by China.
Actively participating in policy-generating procedure led by the government and
providing constructive advice for macro-decision, ICGE also commit itself to advancing
China’s disciplinary construction in economics and relevant fields through enhanced
academic explorations and deepened communications among the leading scholars of the
Doers’ Group Research Center for Business Models
     Research Center of Doers' Group Business Model is a research organization
co-initiated by Graduate School of Business Peking University and Doer’s Group. Prof.
Wei Wei, Vice Dean of Graduate School of Business Peking University, is director of
the center, which is supported by the excellent faculty and academic research of
Graduate School of Business Peking University. By uniting the prosperous private
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                                                                                                                              EMBA 招生简章 

enterprises in Shenzhen and Hong Kong to carry out business model research,
generalization and application, our research center aims to strengthen the impact of
business model spectrum in management research and reality.
     Our objective is to organize scholars and professionals both at home and abroad to
set up a standardized research system for business model with cross subject methods.
While probing into the essence of business models, we carry out investigation into real
life cases to set up typical case base. We also utilize our research results to help
enterprises re-assess their own business models and to re-design it, hence they can
optimize their internal and external sources to gain competitive advantages.
     We devote our efforts to carry out standardized theoretical research on business
models, to promote international academic communication within this area, to bring up
suggestions on business model designing and optimization, and to help enterprises
enhance their competitive edge and finally maximize firm values.
Institute of Compass Management.
     Institute of Compass Management was co-founded by HSBC School of Business,
Peking University and Shenzhen Compass Investment and Management Co., Ltd. The
unveiling of Institute of Compass Management by Mr. Wen Hai, Vice President of
Peking University and Mr. Kun Li, founder of compass management & Chairman of
Shenzhen Airlines on April 21st 2009 declared the establishment of Institute of Compass
     Institute of Compass Management is dedicated in the following fields: Integrate
the multiple resources, continue research on the methods, tools, systems and philosophy
of compass management and build a relatively complete compass management system;
apply training, consulting, case study as well as methods in real business, practicing
compass management mode to help enterprises solve problems encountered in the
process of rapid development

About the EMBA Program by HSBC School of Business

                                                                ---- Military academy of business elites

     EMBA is the initial name for Executive Master of Business Administration. It is an

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                                                                                                                              EMBA 招生简章 

official degree awarded by the state to professionals who have accomplished the strict
training and instruction in management.
     EMBA program by HSBC School of Business, Peking University, is formulated in
line with international instruction modules and degree-awarding procedures. The
program aims at equipping advanced managerial personnel of various categories with
deepened and broaden instructions and sophisticated management tools. Our EMBA
program lasts for 2 years with 4 days of meeting for each month. All candidates who
have finished the studies of all the courses required and have successfully accomplished
rehearsal of defense will be conferred Master’s degree in business administration by the
Peking University.

Program Objectives

                                --- Educate leaders who make a difference in the world

HSBC’s EMBA program prepares executives from all walks of life for new levels of
leadership in their careers and within their organizations, through which:
    You can lead strategically, responsibly, and ethically.
    You will master the latest management concepts and tools to transform from
    executives into indispensable leaders.
    You will look beyond horizon and formulate proactive and competitive strategy to
    position your organization for growth and profitability.
    You will be an exceptional leader who can navigate the challenging landscape with
    unique insights in to the market.

HSBC School of Business’s Advantage

    Tracing the changing world with sincerity and casting objective prospect for
    China’s economic future

    Mao yushi, Li yining, Fan gang, Zhang wuchang, Hai wen, Ma weihua, and
more….. Top economists, Masters of art in management, and successful business
leaders who conceive comprehensive understanding and awareness of Chinese economy
will be invited to share their latest studies and researches in cutting-the-edge theories

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and hot topics in economics, management and finance, deepen our insights into the
changes of world economic patterns, cast outlook for China’s economic trend and
conduct deep analyses on incentives that drive the growth and profitability of an

    Enlightening wisdoms with intellectual liberty

In the light of intellectual liberty hold dear by Peking University for more than a century,
HSBC School of Business embraces ideas and ideologies of different views to enlighten
wisdoms in our classroom.

    Keeping pace with the times in the financial field

    Adjacent to Hong Kong, one of the financial centers of the world, and with the
partnership strongest ever with Hong Kong University, HSBC School of Business have
obtained excellent accesses to talents and professional in financial field, contributing to
a luxury faculty team of top scholars from all over the world. What we have is not just
the solid foundation in financial theoretical domain but field-based teaching informed
by our faculty’s first-hand experience in business and business research.

    Learning across the globe contributes to the competitiveness of China’s
    domestic enterprises

Today's executives lead within a global context. To meet the demands of an ever more
international, interconnected economy, our EMBA program embraces a global
perspective in all its programs aiming at exploiting global business wisdom and
informing business arts and laws. Learning from famous scholars with multiple global
affiliations and international business experiences, exploring problems with CEOs
successful home or aboard, studying in the classroom of the world’s leading business
school, visiting top enterprises of the world in field, a mix of successful business leaders
will work together to shape the global competitiveness of domestic enterprises.

    Focusing on case studies and research of enterprises in China, our EMBA
program high lights the success under the Chinese management model.

HSBC School of Business strives to construct an academic platform to advance the rise
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                                                                                                                              EMBA 招生简章 

of the Chinese management model in a bigger scene, which in itself is an important
strategic step to deepen the internationalization of China. The network of case research
consists of EMBA students, full-time faculty, and full-time graduate students of
different levels, and top consulting services in China, who will conduct project research
in the enterprises of the EMBA students. With diagnostic methods for case studies and
based on EMBA students’ reviews and self-assessment of the management issues
involved, case research team develops high-impact and vivid cases and study material
featuring domestic enterprise of China.


                                                                               ---- A program to fit your need
To meet the demands of an ever more international, interconnected economy, HSBC
School of Business embraces a global perspective and problem-shooting strategy in all
its programs. Our EMBA program concentrates on two major fields of studies: global
strategy and financial investment.

       Course                                                                Descriptions
                                         Opening Ceremony
                                         Overviews on Research Methodology and Case
     Opening Ceremony &
                                         Personality Analysis and Mindset Management
                                         Team Spirit Buildup
                                         1 Scientific Socialism Theory and Practice
                                         2 Business English
                                         3 Managerial Economics
                                         4 Business Model and Its Innovation
                                         5 Quantitative Analysis for Management
                                         6 Corporate Strategy
 Compulsory                              7 Corporate Governance & Legal Affairs
 Courses                                 8 Organizational Behavior
                 Core Courses
                                         9 Management of Organizational Culture and
                                         10 Human Resource Management
                                         11 Marketing Management
                                         12 Information Management
                                         13 Corporate Finance

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                                                                                                                              EMBA 招生简章 
                                         1  Global Economic Analysis
                                         2  Comparison between Chinese and West Cultures
                                         3  International Business
                     Global              4  Global Leadership
                    Strategy             5  International Business Law
                                         6  Global Competitive Strategy
                                         7  International Business Negotiation
   Optional                              8  Business Ethics
   Courses                               9  Macro-economics
                                         10 Investment Behavior
                                         11 Financial Management for Leaders
                    Financial            12 International Finance
                   Investment            13      PE&VC
                                         14  Derivative Securities
                                         15 Strategic Mergers and Acquisitions
                                         16 Corporate Assessment and Listing Strategy
                                         Discovery Journey to success:
                                         Exploring Secrets behind American Corporate
                                         Historical and Cultural Journey to Success:
                                         Inheritances tha
                                         Japanese Style of Management
                                         The Essence of Toyota’s Meticulous Management
  Thesis Writing and Defense             Submit Thesis and Participate in Oral Defense.
       Commencement                      Commencement Ceremony

Core Courses

Managerial Economics

Based on the essential concepts such as supply, demand and costs, Managerial
Economics will examine the principles of microeconomics and their applications to
managerial decision-making. The focus of the course will be on developing systematic
and logical analyzing approaches for decision-making and management. You should
expect to leave the course with a firm grip of how economists think about business
problems, and the ability to apply mathematic and statistic analyzing tools from the
course to a variety of problems in the business.

Business Model Innovation

The business model, which also is referred to as speciology in business ecosystem, is a
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                                                                                                                              EMBA 招生简章 

deal structure of benefit counterparts. To formulate business model, one should ponder
three questions: who is you “the benefit counterparts”? What values can be exchanged
between or among the benefit counterparts? How to design a business model that
ensures win-win situation? The course will subvert the traditional reasoning patterns
with thinking pattern of business model and lead you to the wonderland of various
business models.

Quantitative Analysis for Management

This course is a study of Quantitative Methods and Business Analysis approaches in
organization. The objective of the course is to familiarize the student with advanced
quantitative approaches and mathematical optimization techniques used to address
managerial and industrial problems. In addition you will gain insight and an
understanding of modeling and rational approaches to decision- making and their
contribution to organizational effectiveness. Analysis and communication are
emphasized throughout the course by using real world and practical applications and

Corporate Strategy

Strategy is anything but a mirage intangible in the sky! It is a supporting system of
decision-making, which serves to ensure a company’s sustained development and stable
profitability in business. The course will discuss fundamentals and principles of strategy
management, covering the various components of strategy formulation, implementation
and evaluation. The case method will be used extensively to combine theory and
application, which will not only equip students with effective approaches to generate
scientific strategies for the company’s future development, but also enhance your
capacity to manage the company strategically with a broader perspective.

Corporate Governance & Legal Affairs

Through discussing laws involved in business administration and their applications in
real practice, the course helps to construct basic framework and awareness of law for
business operations. Along with corporate law, securities law, students will study

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                                                                                                                              EMBA 招生简章 

intensively core theories, fundamental tools and new ideas employed in corporate
governance. Through analyzing success and failure of cases home and abroad, the
course will explore the trend and issues emerging in the development of China’s
corporate governance. You will leave the class with comprehensive command of
approaches and tools to govern the company effectively.

Organizational Behavior

The purpose of this course is to provide you with a foundation of theories such as
demand-motive-behavior         and           fundamental                    skills           like          motivation                  to
understanding/diagnosing and managing organizational behavior effectively.

Management of Organizational Culture and Innovation

Effective management of corporate culture is essential to maintain the company’s
sustainable success in the competition. Also efficient innovation can leverage a
company destiny. The purpose of this course is to help students to grasp the
development of the organizational culture and skillfully enhance innovations within the

Human Resources Management

Human Resources are the key to the success of a company. Human Resources
Management explores the theories and approaches to motivate employees effectively
and boost maximum labor efficiency. The course will cover such topics as recruitment,
communication, motivation and training. Based on systematic introductions of
fundamentals of human resource management, the course will further explore human
resources management in the context of globalization featuring internet, flexibility and
Marketing Management
As an integral part of modern business management, marketing management probes the
problem of how to analyze and utilize environment and resources acquired. Along with
product development, market investigation, advertisement campaign, public relation,
promotion, customer service and sales, marketing is included in the chain activities
necessary to deliver products or services to the customers to meet the their demands and
hence fulfill the company’s targets.
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                                                                                                                              EMBA 招生简章 

Information Management
On the completion of the course, you will establish comprehensive understanding
s of information management in terms of IT basics, planning and strategy, resour
ce configuration and optimization, E-business, and design and assessment of the i
nformation system.
Corporate Finance
We will explore how corporations make financial decisions through the analysis
of cases in real practice and how to properly apply the techniques to real-life sit
uations. And the course is composed of well-selected topics such as such as fina
ncial statement analysis, long-term financial planning, capital budget management,
risk premiums, cost of capital & long-term financial policy, international corporat
e finance, etc.

Optional Courses
Part 1. Global Strategy

International Economic Analysis

The focuses of the course involve macroeconomic theories, such as exchange rate,
international balance of payment, price stability and economic growth, and
microeconomic activities in an open economy, such as production of commodity,
consumption, and market price mechanism, etc. Besides, comparison studies of major
economies in the world will shape a more comprehensive and dynamic understanding of
the world’s economy.

Comparison between Chinese and West Cultures

Based on deep analyses of Chinese traditional culture, the course dissects the cultural
ideologies that drive the development and innovations of Chinese management model.
Not just simply examining western culture analytically as an observer, the course strives
to understand it on the perspectives as a participant so as to make a solid foundation for
scientific and deep insights into the western management. Through comprehensively
analyzing the differences between the east and the west in terms of reasoning flow and
model, values, religions, politics, inter-relations between nations, economics and
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                                                                                                                               EMBA 招生简章 
inter-personal interactions, etc., teachers will concentrate on various impacts brought by
these gaps to the management and management models of the two kinds.

International Corporate Management

The purpose of the course is to explore how to impose effective management under
transnational scenarios. The course will embrace a wide range of topics from
development history, risk control tool kits, strategies, and qualities of the managers. By
learning from cases in real practices home and abroad, you will not only command the
features of transnational management environment and management of an international
company, but also master principles and formats of direct investment and develop
expertise necessary for problem-shooting and strategy-making. 

Global Leadership

What China needs is leaders with global vision for the future. Global Leadership
focuses on core conceptions, theories and practices involving in successful leadership.
The purpose of the course is to help our students lay down leadership development
scheme of their own, and reconstruct powerful leadership for them.

International Business Law

The course will introduce the mainstream law systems of the world with contract law,
business organization law, negotiable instruments law, etc. as it focuses, broadening
students’ vision of international business laws, enhancing students’ capacity to exercise
international business management under laws.

Global Competition Strategies

Competition strategies are essential to the success and failure of a company in the world
of competition without boundaries. The course will study theories involved in strategy
management and strategy’s competitiveness. Based on examining current inner and
outer business environments of a company, the course aims at developing global
strategies of effectiveness and efficiency for the students.

International Business Negotiation

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                                                                                                                              EMBA 招生简章 

Through case study and workshops, the course will strengthen the training in building
real practice capacity of the students in light of negotiation principle and theories
involving in international business negotiations, improving students’ abilities to
handling problems of business communication and negotiation effectively.

Business Ethics

Business Ethics determines how far you can go in business development. Business
Ethics, as a cross-disciplinary course, hence serves as the foundation of today’s business
and social relations. The course probes elements that will impact the outcomes of
business, including political climate, economic environment, law system, natural
environment and technology development. Also, the course will study fundamentals on
which ethics strategy or policy of a company is made, such as marketing, research and
development human resource and corporate finance, etc. Through assessing and
examining practices in the daily business management, students will establish correct
business ethics.

Part 2. Financial Investment


To teach students how to make scientific decision on management and investment with
a broadened economic vision and the deepened insights into the market is the targets of
the course. Combined the introductions of macroeconomics theories with reviews of the
major economic patterns shown in China’s economic situation, fiancé and monetary
policy-making of past 30 years, the course focuses on helping students understand how
China’s policy system and mechanism influence its economy and hence increasing their
abilities to lower the risks of decision-making responding to the macroeconomic

Investment Behavior

The course features applicability and practice. Through comprehensive introductions of
the investment behavior theories in marketing and corporate management, the course
analyzes investment behaviors in the real cases with cutting the edge financial analysis
instruments and approaches, helping students construct good commands of modern
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                                                                                                                               EMBA 招生简章 

stock analysis tools to make the right investment decisions at the right time. 

Financial Management for the Leaders

Accounting and financial management are of importance in the daily administration of a
company. The course will discuss two critical issues in financial management:
investment and capital-raising of a company and help students understand and
effectively assess the company’s financial situation through indicators in financial

International Finance

Starting with the introductions of fundamental concepts such as financial market and
exchange rate and then the discussions of bigger topics like transnational finance and
capital raising, the course will explore in details the problems arising in various
financial practices so as to establish comprehensive understandings of international
financial operations. 


The course examines venture capital of various descriptions in terms of operation
modules, patterns, assessment procedures, and withdrawing mechanism and so on.
Based on real cases, the course will discuss techniques working in different phases of
venture capital management. 

Derivative Securities

The course is an overview of derivatives introducing their features, market structure,
and so on. During the course we will examine different types of derivatives and how
they are priced. Many examples will be considered, allowing students to appreciate the
possible uses of investment portfolios including derivative securities. 

Strategic Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is an importance instrument to optimize resource
allocation and stimulate market efficiency. The course concentrates on the studies and
researches of strategic mergers and acquisitions in various topics such as opportunity
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                                                                                                                              EMBA 招生简章 

recognition, tender offer, privatization, legal protection mechanism, business
configuration after mergers and acquisitions, transnational M&A by Chinese enterprises,

Enterprise Evaluation and Its Listing Strategy

The course will introduce the listing procedures and laws of the key stock exchanges in
the world and discuss, through cases studies, listing strategy issues such as when and
where to list the company, how to choose listing partner and what co -operations you
need to successfully list your company from the investment bank, law firms and
accounting firms. 

About the Faculty Team 

                 ---- Let the best minds enlighten you wisdom and mould your soul.

Prof. Hai Wen

Vice president, Peking University

Chancellor, HSBC School of Business, Peking University

Mentor to Doctor’s Degree

                                                              A doer can never live without dreams!

As a full time faculty member and mentor to doctor’s degree, Prof. Hai wen focuses his
researches and teaching in such fields as international economics, development
economics and management economics. He is a master of art in getting knowledge,
sometimes abstract or even abstruse, across to his audiences with plain language and
vivid stories of daily life, leaving students with profound enlightenments that can be
lived with for the rest of their lives. Crowned as Top Ten Outstanding Teacher of the
Peking University for years, Prof. Hai thus has earned great popularity and respects
from the students and audiences due to his expertise in field and charming personalities.
After 30 years rapid development, Prof. Hai wen believes, China has become a
dominant force that drives the wheel of global economy. With China’s successful entry

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                                                                                                                              EMBA 招生简章 

into the WTO, the pace and magnitude of its economic development has been
increasing at bigger scale. Therefore, the impacts of the global economy to the china
and even the company itself must be considered seriously by the business leaders in
making decisions, which highlights the increasing importance of the international
economics as a subject, particularly to those entrepreneurs in our EMBA program.
As the chancellor of HSBC School of Business, Prof. Hai wen underlines reshaping the
competitiveness of domestic enterprises with global vision and prospection, also a core
conception imbedded in our EMBA program. To be specific, our EMBA program
attaches special importance to enhance entrepreneurs’ global vision, cultivate their
strategic mind, and establish foreseeing awareness to the future development of the
global economy. Prof. Hai wen also emphasizes the internationalization of the Chinese
entrepreneurs in themselves which includes the familiarities with strategies and codes
exercised in the competition and the skillful implementations of various advanced
management techniques or tools. Chinese business leaders should deliberate on the
matters arising 20 years later, he added, that is to say, they should consider now the
future position of Chinese enterprises in the world economy, and Chinese entrepreneurs
should keep their eyes on the economic development of the world, not just that of local
Chinese market.
Dr. Fan, gang
Professor and mentor to doctor’s degree, HSBC School of Business
                       Pursue a worldly success with aloofness of mind away from it.
As full-time faculty member and mentor to doctor’s degree, Prof. Fan, gang’ research
and teaching focus on such fields or courses as Chinese Economy, Economics of
Transition, Development Economics, Western Economics, and Economic Theories of
Socialism and the Practices, etc.
Prof. Fan, gang is one of the most influential scholars in the academic circle of
economics domestically or even internationally. Following the Buddhism doctrine of
pursue a worldly success with the aloofness of mind away from it, Prof. Fan, Gang has
been concentrating his studies and research in economics and Chinese economy for
decades, making extraordinary contributions to the formation and development of
                                                                                                              第  17  页  共  29 页 
                                                                                                                                 EMBA 招生简章 

China’s modern economic theories through his abundant findings and huge
publications in the field.
Holding unique insights and understandings to the hot economic issues such as
macroeconomic control, reform of state-owned companies in China, and trend of
Chinese economy, Prof. Fan, gang is particularly good at exploring solutions to the
problems faced by Chinese economy with fundamental theories in economics. He can
always impress his students or audiences with his profound academic achievements,
elegant but penetrating style of teaching, and keen sense of observation to the new trend
of global economy. 
Prof. Fan, Gang proposes an absolute altitude of mind be acquired by EMBA students to
lead his or her company to a greater success. Only those who can contemplate on the
issue of a company’s development with global vision can grasp the pulse of the
economic development in its real sense, fit the company into the scheme with
advantages of his own, skillfully control the rhythm of the company’s development and
hence to accomplish sustainability and globalization of the company.

Dr. Wei Wei

Vice dean and Professor in management, HSBC School of Business

    Understanding completely, acquiring comprehensively and exercising skillfully:
                                                                                       Three phases of acquisition.

Prof. Wei Wei has been exploring business model and strategy management for about
two decades and has accumulate ample experience in teaching, corporate training, and
management consulting. His academic wisdom has been well-demonstrated in his
numerous publications published in academic journals like Economy and Management,
Scientific Management Research, Commercial Studies, Statistics and Decision Making,
and Business Model Research.
As a leading figure in business model studies in China, Prof. Wei Wei defines business
model as deal structure of benefit counterparts for the very first time. Also, based on his
research of cases first hand and economic theories, he has creatively established a
scientific system of subject study for business model, which covers definition, position,
                                                                                                                 第  18  页  共  29 页 
                                                                                                                              EMBA 招生简章 

operation system, key resources and competence, profit pattern and so on. Discovering
Business Model published by Prof. Wei Wei is now the first academic works
systematically and profoundly analyze business model as a subject of science in China
and even in the world.
Prof. Wei Wei advocates making money at ease. He believes a good business model,
which generates positive cycle of client- investment- profit, can help enterprises harvest
higher growth rate and faster development pace with less input.


Wen Hai
Professor, Mentor to doctor’s degree
PhD, Economics, University of California at Davis
Vice President, Peking University
Chancellor, HSBC School of Business, Peking University
Fields: International Economics, Development Economics

Gang Fan
Professor, Mentor to doctor’s degree
Vice chairman, China Society of Economic Reform
Director, China Reform Foundation
Director, National Economic Research Institute
Chancellor, China Development Institute (Shenzhen)
PhD, Economics, Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)
Harvard Visiting Scholar; Hon. Doctor, Auvergne University
Fields: Macroeconomics and Economics of Transition
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                                                                                                                             EMBA 招生简章 


Vincent Chang
Associate Professor & Associate Dean
PhD, Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
PhD, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, University of California at Berkeley
Fields: Finance, Energy, Econometrics, Computational

Wei Wei
Associate Professor & Associate Dean
PhD, Management Science, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Fields: Strategic Management, Business Model Design, Organization Economics

Shiyan Jin
Ph.D, Economics, Nankai University
Chief Economist, Sinolink Securities
Fields: Investment Behavior, Investment, Financial Derivative Instruments
Jie Zhang
PhD, Finance, Purdue University
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                                                                                                                                EMBA 招生简章 

Adjunct Professor, HSBC School of Business, Peking University
Professor in finance and mentor to doctor’s degree & dean, Business School, HKU
Fields: Investment, Financial derivative instruments, Mutual Fund, International
Finance, Financial Economics

Min Song
PhD,Economics, Ohio University
Adjunct Professor, HSBC School of Business Professor, Economics, HKU; Executive
Dean, HSBC Financial Research Institute, PKU
Fields:     Financial   Economics,           Bank          Supervision,                Financial             Derivative,              and

Minsoo Lee
Professor & Associate Dean
PhD, Economics, Washington State University
Fields: International Finance and Trade, Energy Economics, Open Macroeconomics,
Economic Development, Applied Econometrics

Jane Peihsun Wu

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                                                                                                                              EMBA 招生简章 

PhD, Marketing, Cornell University
Fields: Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Retailing, Marketing Channel, E-Commerce

Hao Ma
PhD, Strategy Management, University of Texas at Austin
Professor, Economics, China Center of Economic Research
Professor, Management, International MBA program, PKU; Chief of EMBA project
Professor, Management, University of Illinois at Springfield
Fields: Strategy Management, International Competition and Cooperation,
Decision-making in complex organization

Li Zhang
PhD, Retail and International Business, Ohio University
Professor, Management, China Center of Economic Research
Assistant to the dean, International MBA of Peking University
Fields: Marketing Management, Retail and Consumption Behavior

Pin Zhang
PhD, Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Science
Adjunct Professor, Economics, HSBC School of Business
Vice Director, Professor and Mentor to doctor’s degree, Economic Research

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                                                                                                                           EMBA 招生简章 

Institute, CASS
Fields: Development Economics, Economic Growth and Capital Formation

Yongxiang Shi
Visiting Scholar, Dean, EDP program of HSBC School of Business
Chief Economist, International Cooperation Center, NDRC, China
Fields: Corporate Strategy Management, Corporate Finance, Profit Pattern

Chunhua Chen
PhD, Management, European University of Ireland
Professor jointly appointed, HSBC School of Business, Peking University
Fields: Organization and Culture Management, Organization Behavior

Jianqiao Liao
PhD, Economics, Toronto University
Fields: Human Resource Management, Ergonomics

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                                                                                                                             EMBA 招生简章 

Tao Li
Associate Professor
PhD, Government, Harvard University
Fields: Education, Labor Policy, Political Economics

Ying Kong 
PhD, Economics, Carleton University
Fields: Industrial Organization, Managerial Economics 

Jonathan Altman
Assistant Professor
PhD, Applied Economics, Clemson University
Fields: Health Economics, Industrial Organization, Public Economics

Christopher Balding
Assistant Professor

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                                                                                                                               EMBA 招生简章 

PhD, Political Economics, University of California at Irvine
Fields: Political Economics

David Ong
Assistant Professor
PhD, Economics, University of California at Davis
Fields: Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Game Theory and Industrial

Young Joon Park
Assistant Professor
PhD, Economics, University of California at San Diego
Fields: Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, and Game Theor

Academic Exchange  

                      ——A concerto played by leading Scholars and business leaders
     Ever since its establishment, HSBC School of Business takes pains to building
dynamic exchange mechanism to enhance communications and interactions among
celebrities of all walks of life by hosting academic exchange campaigns like Chinese
and Global Economic Forum, exploring edge cutting theories or hot topics in field of
economics, finance and management for one hand, and providing golden opportunities
for the faculty and students to broaden their horizon and enrich their knowledge.
1.My understanding of Chinese Economy                                 
Lectured by Dr. Shan, Jianwei, Managing Director and General Manager, Newbridge

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                                                                                                                                EMBA 招生简章 
Capital, USA. March, 6 , 2006
2.Random in the financial Market of Mainland China, Hong Kong and the world. 
Co-lectured by Laura Cha, former vice-chairman of the China Securities Regulatory
Commission and Mr. Yundong Zhang, Chief of Shenzhen Securities Regulatory Bureau.
Sept. 27th, 2006
3.How does the development of financial instruments change the modern society? 
Co-lectured by Mr. Fangxiong Gong, CEO, JP Morgan China, Mr. Kun
Deng managing director, Lazard Freres, and Mr. Ming Cai, former fund manager,
Bosera Funds. Oct. 18th,2006
4. Constitutional Economics and Economic Development of China 
Lectured by Mr. Mao, Yushi, famous economist of China, former director, Unirule
Institute of Economics and registered consultant, Asia Development Bank. Nov. 20th,
5.Capital Market and the Development of Commercial Bank 
Lectured by Mr. Ma, Weihua, the president of China Merchants Bank. Nov. 21st, 2006
6.Trend of Chinese Economy 
Lectured by Prof. Li, Yining, famous economist of China, the honorary dean of
Guanghua Business School, Peking University, and a member of the national committee
of CPPCC .Dec. 9th, 2006
7.China’s Development and External Balance of the Economy 
Lectured by Dr. Fan, Gang, vice president of Chinese Research Society of Restructuring
Economy, Director of Chinese Reform Fund .Jan. 1st, 2007
8.Chinese Economy in the Coming 20 Years 
Lectured by Prof. Hai Wen, vice president of Peking University, Chancellor of HSBC
School of Business, Peking University. May, 5th, 200
9.Income Disparity and the Profound Problem Of Our Current Marco-economy 
Lectured by Prof. Lin, Yifu, vice president and chief economist of the World Bank,
director of China Center for Economic Research. April, 2nd, 2008
10.Current Status of Chinese Capital Market 
Prof. Cheng Siwei, Former vice chairman of NPCC, Chairman of the central committee
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                                                                                                                              EMBA 招生简章 
of CNDCA. April, 10 , 2009
11.How China responds to the global financial crisis? 
Lectured by Prof. Wu Jinglian, famous economist of China, researcher fellow with the
Development Research Center of the State Council. Dec. 16th, 2008
12.Challenges faced by Chinese Economy
Lectured by Prof. Zhou Qiren, famous economist of China, the dean of National School
of Development, Peking University. April, 29th, 2009


                                                              ——A galaxy of stars shining in the sky

About Alumni Association

    HSBC School of Business, Peking University, is where the dreams are conceived
and burning and where we have our only family. In the light of the guideline formulated
by Prof. Hai Wen that the Alumni Association be the best of the best, the Alumni
Association of the school tries hard to boost connection between alumni and the school
on one hand, and encourage supports of any kind from the alumni to further the school’s
great cause of constructing a world-class business school.

Pictures of Alumni Carnival

Application and admissions

                                                                                           ——Welcome to PHSB

To be accepted by HSBC School of Business, you should:

    Abide by regulations and laws and be of lofty personalities
    Holder of Bachelor’s degree or above
    Have at least 8 years working experience and at least 5 years experience in
    Have the official letter of consents from the employer.

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                                                                                                                                EMBA 招生简章 

Recruitment Scheme

Enrollment: 100 students for two classes. (2009)
Deadline: Nov. 28th, 2009
The 1st time Paper-based Test and Interview Date: Early Dec., 2009
The 2nd time Paper-based Test and Interview Date: Middle Jan., 2010
Paper-based Test and Interview Location: Shenzhen
Registration Date: March, 2010

Application Materials
All qualified candidate should submit application materials as follows
1. Application Forms
2. Photos, Business Card, and duplicate ID Card
3. A copy of diploma, degree certificate.
4. Organization chart of the company served.
5. An introduction of the company served.
6. A official letter of consent from the employer
7. Two reference letters
8. Application Fee: RMB 1000 Yuan
Notes: Applicants hold degrees from overseas universities (including schools at Hong
Kong, Macao and Taiwan) should receive official verification Certificate from the
CSCSE and the submission of the certificate is required.

Paper-based Test
1. The test is composed and organized by HSBC School of Business, Peking
2. Applicants with Official GMAT score report of 600 or above can be exempted from
   the test.
3. Candidates who have received MA or PhD can take interview free of preliminary

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                                                                                                                               EMBA 招生简章 

Interview will be organized by the Recruitment Committee composed of full-time
professors and outstanding entrepreneurs invited.


Based on candidates’ performances in the test and interview, the recruiting committee
will offer to admit those most competent candidates. Final decision will be dispatched
to the applicant via telephone, Email, or letters of admission 10 days after the interview.

The tuition for EMBA program, HSBC School of Business, totals RMB 390,000 Yuan,
including fees for lectures, textbooks, handouts, happy hours, lunch, stationary, and
dissertation defense. However, Extra charges for transportation and accommodation in
international exchange module are required on actual need.

Degree Awarding
EMBA program of HSBC School of Business implements credit system for its degree
awarding. Only those who have received credits required and successfully complete
dissertation defense can finally be granted Executive Master’ Degree of Business
Administration. Details can be seen Brochure for EMBA Students.

Contact Us
Tel: 86-755-26032733       26032766                26032799
Fax: 86-755-26033062
Postal Code: 518055
Email: emba@szpku.edu.cn
Web: http://emba.phsb.pku.edu.cn
Address: C128, Peking University Campus, University Town, Nanshan, Shenzhen

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