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Volume 22, Number 3                                                                                                                                                                 May/June 2010

                                                        All art is at once both surface and symbol

The Art of Comics

Left to Right: comic racks at The Beguiling;Festival poster for 2010 Toronto Comics Arts Festival by Daniel Clowes; TCAF organizer Christopher Butcher. Photos by Althea Manasan

By Althea Manasan                        Forget about everything you               the major publishing com-                 bration of comics.”                       for the hardcore fans,” says
                                         thought you knew about                    panies known for standard                     The accessible and affa-              Butcher, explaining that he
            boy named Gus

                                         comic books. TCAF cele-                   superhero      fare.     The              ble atmosphere of TCAF is                 is determined to draw in a
            is born with                 brates the more literary side             Toronto-based artist pro-                 deliberate, says Christopher              more diverse readership.
            deer-like antlers            of the paneled and speech-                duces his own weekly                      Butcher, the show’s organiz-              “We wanted a festival open
            in the midst of a            bubbled medium known to                   online comic called Raising               er. His day job is managing               to the public, not just the
mysterious epidemic. A sen-              connoisseurs as “sequential               Hell. “TCAF focuses more                  The Beguiling, a treasure                 regular comics cognoscen-
sitive      artist     named             art.” The event, taking place             on indie projects,” Belanger              trove of comics and graphic               ti.” The people who visit the
Mendleman roams through                  on May 8th and 9th at the                 says. It's a departure from               novels in downtown Toronto                show span across all demo-
a bustling rural marketplace             Toronto Reference Library,                the larger, more commercial               ( To                   graphics, Butcher says:
rife with malevolent under-              will feature over 200                     comic book conventions, the               ensure that TCAF has a                    young and old, male and
tones in early-20th-century              authors and artists from                  ones stereotypically filled               mass appeal, Butcher part-                female, longtime comic fans
Europe. A cynical, middle-               around the world. They will               with obsessive and excitable              nered with the Toronto                    and newbies who just want
aged loner named Wilson                  be here showcasing their                  geeks. “TCAF feels more                   Public Library and made                   to see what all the buzz is
reflects on his life of failed           work, which spans the                     like a festival—calm and                  show is free to attend.                   about.
relationships.                           gamut of genres – from                    approachable. Just a cele-                    “Comic conventions are                        Continued on page 2
    These are just a few of              slice-of-life stories and
the stories that you’ll find at          romantic romps to tales of
this year’s Toronto Comic                adventure and fairy-tale
Arts Festival.                           epics.
    Yes, comics.                             “Marvel and DC don’t
    Forget about super-                  have booths at TCAF,” says
heroes. Forget about tights.             Andy Belanger, referring to

      a publication of

                                                                                          Invitation to recall       King Tut’s Unsung Artists       Scarborough Historical        Words and Images
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2 surface & symbol, May/June 2010

Your Invitation to                                                                                         Comic Arts Festival
                                                                                                           cont’d from page one.

                                                                                                               TCAF was founded in 2003, and origi-                                    push the comic book medium beyond the
                                                                                                            nally held every two years, but its popu-                                  limited stereotypes. “”We want to do
                                                                                                            larity grew so much so that it’s now an                                    other things besides superheroes,” says
                                                                                                            annual event. The idea for the show was                                    Ramon Perez, another TX member whose
  Coming Thursday, June 24th, 7 - 9pm                                                                       conceived by Butcher during a road trip                                    online comic called “Butternut Squash” is
  Centennial Science and Technology Centre, Centennial College                                              to attend the Small Press Expo, a large                                    about – in a nutshell – “boys, coffee, girls
                                                                                                            independent comic book festival in                                         and sex.”
                                                                                                            Maryland.                                                                      When Perez was just a young illustra-
                A.N.A.S.A. Collective - fashion show
                                                                                                               He decided that Toronto was in dire                                     tion student at Sheridan College in the
                Elevated Grounds - performing arts                                                          need of a similar event because of its                                     early 1990s, he remember that teachers
                Silent auction with great prizes and more!                                                  “vibrant comic scene.” Though he admits                                    criticized his work for being too “comic
                                                                                                            that the city’s reputation has grown a lit-                                book-y.” “Comic books were frowned
      We know that Scarborough is a culturally vibrant                                                      tle stale over the past few years, he’s                                    upon [and considered] a substandard art
   and diverse place – a community that has given birth                                                     expecting a revival, particularly with this                                style” he says, adding that years later, he
   to many successful artists and continues to cultivate                                                    year’s upcoming release of a major movie                                   is one of the few working artists from his
   talent and creativity. So to celebrate what                                                              based on an independent comic book,                                        graduating class. “Now it’s almost cool to
   Scarborough has to offer, SAC is holding a cultural                                                      “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.” The book,                                   say you work in comics.”
   showcase event with star power and community                                                             as well as the film, are set in Hogtown,                                       With a professional career spanning 14
   impact – Starborough!                                                                                    and proudly feature our locales as the                                     years, Ramon Perez has traveled to festi-
                                                                                                            story’s backdrop. “That’s Toronto at the                                   vals in places like Portugal, Spain, Italy
      On Thursday June 24th, 2010, at the Centennial                                                        forefront,” says Butcher. “It’s bringing the                               and France. He has noticed that
   Science and Technology Centre, Starborough will                                                          attention back. [People see it and] think                                  Europeans take a “more arts-based”
   feature Scarborough’s current and future stars.                                                          ‘Oh I get it. There really is cool stuff out                               approach to comic books compared to
   Starborough will also act as a fundraiser to support                                                     there.’”                                                                   North Americans. “They’re more accept-
   Scarborough Arts Council youth and community                                                                One of the groups producing all this                                    ing of comics over there. There’s a love
   programs, ensuring that under-served communities                                                         cool stuff is Transmission X, a local col-                                 affair with [comics] that isn’t here,” says
   can continue to participate in accessible and relevant                                                   lective of professional comic book artists                                 Perez. “In Europe, they revere the art.
   arts initiatives.                                                                                        and illustrators. Founded in 2007, TX was                                  There are museums with rows upon rows
                                                                                                            an avenue for these artists to publish their                               of comic book art in frames.” Even in
      The Starborough Gala committee, Board, volun-                                                         own       personal      projects      online                               New York City, he says, there are gallery
   teers and sponsors are working hard to put this event                                                    ( “We really wanted                                      showings devoted to comics. “It’d be nice
   together which will also include silent auction, art                                                     to do our own thing,” says Belanger, one                                   to see that kind of respect here.”
   exhibit and sale, and a cocktail reception. This event                                                   of the collective’s founders. “No editors                                      That respect for comics of all genres is
   will be a great opportunity to get to know                                                               were involved. It was just us being cre-                                   exactly what TCAF is trying to bring
   Scarborough Arts Council in one evening, meet the                                                        ative…pushing each other to create our                                     Toronto. In addition to the booths where
   Board, members and Scarborough residents, and                                                            own material.” At TCAF, the TX artists                                     creators promote their work, the show
   enjoy our home grown talent in this unique evening                                                       will have an entire room dedicated to                                      will also feature programs, readings and
   of entertainment.                                                                                        only their work. Belanger will be offering                                 discussion panels to inform, educate and
                                                                                                            “Hell Raiser,” “Bottle of Awesome,” and                                    engage the uninitiated. If people are will-
            - Sergei Petrov, Board Member & Gala Co-Chair                                                   “Kill Shakespeare,” an imaginative                                         ing to give comic books a chance, they
                                                                                                            adventure story starring The Bard’s char-                                  may realize that there’s much more lurk-
                                                                                                            acters.                                                                    ing beneath the glossy surface.
                                                                                                               One of TX’s grander missions is to

                                                                                                                                                               individual donors. Scarborough Arts Council         Communications Coordinator
surface &symbol                                                                                                                                                would like to thank CIBC for their support of our
                                                                                                                                                               youth programs.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Cindy Rozeboom
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                                               surface & symbol, May/June 2010 3

Invitation to Recall
By Aasana Sri                            hand printed on Washi paper that
                                         was cut into pieces, then loosely
         he Scarborough Arts

                                         stitched onto traditional Western
         Council hosted its 25th         paper. Her piece is about water-
         Annual Juried Exhibition        front development, pesticide use,
         in the Corridor Gallery at      and wetland destruction putting
the     Centre     for     Creative      significant pressure on our lakes,
Communications. The winner of            rivers, and streams. “Like this
the prized Frank Faubert Memorial        piece it would appear that our
Award for Art was presented to Liz       ecosystem is increasingly being
Menard and the 2010 Jurors Choice        held together by a thread,” said
Awards went to artists Todd              Menard.
Tremeer and Viktor Mitic.                    Inspired by the assassination of
   The theme of the event was            Benazir Bhutto, Benazir, is a high-
recall-an exploration of the things      light of Mitic’s current series of pop
that have reshaped our world in          art paintings in which he shoots
the past ten years. 33 artists from      bullet holes onto the outline of sub-
all disciplines submitted their          jects. The feeling of devastation is
work to SAC to be juried by Erin         drawn closer by shooting holes
Peck, exhibitions and outreach co-       and leaving burn marks in the
ordinator, Doris McCarthy Gallery,       composition.       “Although        the
the     University   of    Toronto       process is very loud there is sense
Scarborough and Katrina Enros,           of peace after the smoke is gone,”
gallery    administrator,     Doris      said Mitic.
McCarthy Gallery, the University             Similarly, Tremeer’s painting,
of Toronto Scarborough.                  Sarajevo, is part of a larger and
   Menard’s work …being held             ongoing series of paintings that
together by a thread is an etching       represents the constructiveness of
                                                      history. “I allegorically
                                                      suggest how our cur-
                                                      rent military actions
                                                      around the world may
                                                      be represented in the
                                                      future,” said Tremeer.
                                                          What do you recall?

                                                       Counter clockwise from
                                                       upper left:

                                                       Recall Winner Liz Menard and
                                                       “...being held together by a

                                                       Benezir by Viktor Mitic;

                                                       From outside the gallery
                                                       looking in;

                                                       SAC Creative Mosaics Program
                                                       Coordinator Cian Knights
                                                       ponders Kernel Memory by
                                                       Laura Moore.

 To our hardworking volunteers who offer their time and energy to assist with
 the distribution of surface & symbol...

 Mary Jo Carter Dodd, Sofia Dendura, Margaret Gleeson, Karen
 Harvey, Barb McEvoy, Sharon McGregor, Linda Murray, Nina
 Otulakowski, Naomi Torrance

4 surface & symbol, May/June 2010

King Tut’s Unsung Artists
By Denise Jayawardene                                                                                                                        because      the     ancient
                                                                                                                                             Egyptians believed that
         rom November to

                                                                                                                                             gold was the skin of the
         April the Golden                                                                                                                    gods.     Leprohon     says,
         King Tutankhamun                                                                                                                    “They were incredible
         and      the     Great                                                                                                              craftsmen, using copper, a
Pharaohs       reigned     over                                                                                                              malleable metal, to carve
Toronto. This AGO exhibit                                                                                                                    through stone. Sometimes
featured more than 100 arti-                                                                                                                 they carved reliefs into the
facts from ancient Egypt,                                                                                                                    inside curve of small stone
many of which were uncov-                                                                                                                    cylinder cups, so that when
ered for the first time in 1922.                                                                                                             a candle was placed inside,
Ancient artifacts were lit up                                                                                                                one could see the image
on display showing off their                                                                                                                 from the inside out. They
golden splendor granting us                                                                                                                  were that good, that skilled,
a glimpse into how the king                                                                                                                  and that incredible.”
and his court lived in ancient                                                                                                                  Leprohon believes that
Egypt.                                                                                                                                       Picasso first saw ancient
   The famous blue-painted                                                                                                                   Egyptian art at the Louvre
golden Death Mask of the                                                                                                                     in France, “Picasso must
young king remains in Cairo;                                                                                                                 have looked at their art and
nevertheless, visitors were                                                                                                                  said “that’s it!”. Picasso
dazzled with a ten-foot stat-                                                                                                                was enthralled with how
ue of the King, a beautifully                                                                                                                they played with points of
preserved canopic (an urn)                                                                                                                   view and perspective. He
that held his mummified                                                                                                                      must have felt a connection
stomach, the royal bed, a                                                                                                                    with the ancient Egyptians,
gold      death      mask     of                                                                                                             who painted both perspec-
Psusennes I and the bust of                                                                                                                  tives at once, because both
Amenhotep IV, King Tut’s                                                                                                                     are correct.” The ancient
probable father. There was                                                                                                                   Egyptian craftsmen used
an abundance of other arti-         The calcite canopic stopper (lid of an urn) that contained the stomach of Tutankhamun                    symmetry and both the full
facts such as jewelry, wall                                                                                                                 and side profiles of objects
reliefs, cat coffins, toys and                                                                                                              all     in     one     piece.
                                          apprenticed at their father’s knees                       Leprohon speaks about the
tools. Relics found inside King                                                                                                        After having seen the Louvre
                                          at a young age. By the time they identity of these craftsmen, “It is
Tut’s tomb were created by ancient                                                                                                   material, Picasso began to play
                                          were twenty or twenty-five they not known who created these
Egyptian artists to preserve the                                                                                                     with the same points of view and
                                          would get very good. They would works of art, because at that time
Pharaohs’ legacy into the afterlife.                                                                                                 perspectives, as did the ancient
                                          become well known in their com- craftsmen never signed or stamped
   The AGO website states, “It is                                                                                                    Egyptians.
                                          munities as master craftsmen and their work. For them, it was about
through the art of Ancient Egypt                                                                                                        When asked what more can
                                          were called upon by the palace to the glory of the king, because it
that we have come to know so                                                                                                         artists today learn from these
                                          do work for the king. The sculp- was to be used forever. It was not
much about their family, religious                                                                                                   ancient     Egyptian     craftsmen,
                                          tures were likely done by one about the artist, it was about mak-
beliefs, and political structures. We                                                                                                Leprohon replied, “Patience.” Just
                                          craftsman and the reliefs were ing a piece for eternity. In that time,
will share these interesting stories                                                                                                 like the ancient Egyptian crafts-
                                          done by a team of craftsmen”.                         artists or craftsmen were not
through this exhibition”. After                                                                                                      men, modern artists should take
                                               Leprohon explains how these allowed to be individuals, not able
reading this, I began to think about                                                                                                 the time to master their crafts so
                                          craftsmen were chosen by the to add their own flair to their work.
those artists that created these                                                                                                     that the future generations can
                                          palace and how they were com- Individuality is a modern concept,
exquisite pieces for the king: who                                                                                                   look at the legacy left behind from
                                          pensated, “The king employed the a freedom that artists today should
were they? How did they learn                                                                                                        our society.
                                          best craftsmen that money could appreciate”.
their art form, how were they cho-                                                                                                      Leprohon is an Honorary
                                          buy. But, they were not paid in                           The sculptures featured at the
sen, were they paid, were they                                                                                                       Trustee for The Society for the
                                          cash; instead they were “paid in exhibition were made of stone
honored?                                                                                                                             Study of Egyptian Antiquities
                                          kind”, or “paid in grain”. At the found in the desert, like calcite
   Ron Leprohon is a professor of                                                                                                    (SSEA). The SSEA is a Toronto-
                                          time there were no coins or forms (Egyptian alabaster), granite, lime-
Egyptology at the University of                                                                                                      based non-profit organization
                                          of money. It is possible that they stone, clay, quartzite & schist.
Toronto. He was involved with                                                                                                        founded to stimulate interest in
                                          received, for example, fifty loaves Artifacts were commonly decorat-
both the King Tut exhibitions in                                                                                                     Egyptology. They conduct courses
                                          of bread; they may have kept five ed with gold or bronze and the
Canada held in 1979 and again this                                                                                                   and hold events like lectures and
                                          for immediate consumption and eyes were often inlaid with lapis,
year. He sheds light on how these                                                                                                    movie nights which are open to the
                                          traded or bartered with the rest. obsidian and crystal. Some sculp-
ancient Egyptian artists acquired                                                                                                    public, so you can continue to
                                          This hefty payment may have tures were painted; black paint was
their skills, “The men, (they were                                                                                                   enjoy ancient Egyptian civilization
                                          brought up their social status, created with carbon from charcoal,
likely men), stone or metal work-                                                                                                    long after the exhibition is gone.
                                          which was very important at the yellow and red pigments made
ers, who created these artifacts                                                                                                     Check          their        website,
                                          time. It was an honour to do any- from orpiment, blue from copper
would have been puzzled by the                                                                                             , for more infor-
                                          thing for the king. What you did carbonate, green from malachite
word “artist”. They considered                                                                                                       mation.
                                          for the king, you were doing for a and white from plaster. Precious
themselves “craftsmen”, who
                                          god.”                                                 gold was applied to statues
                                                                                                                                          surface & symbol, May/June 2010 5

Scarborough Historical Museum
By Michelle Ridout

    “Action,”      shouted     Devon
Taylor-Black, historical interpreter
at the Scarborough Museum, and
director for the night. The room,
which was previously filled with
the sounds of giggling, mumbling,
and shuffling, fell silent.
    Each actor took their place on
the stage, and the play com-
menced. This may not be the typi-
cal scene you would expect to find
in a museum, but it is the one you
would stumble upon if you visited
the Scarborough Museum on a
Tuesday night.
    Six years ago the Scarborough
Museum created the program
“Scene Change.” The museum
saw an opportunity to fulfill a need
for accessible family theatre in
Scarborough, while allowing teens
to creatively express themselves.
High school students who had a
passion for theatre, and were look-
ing for a way to earn their forty        Youth from the Flashback and Scene Change teams celebrate the 2nd annual Musuemees at the Scarborough Museum
hours of community service could
join the group, in which they            coaching them on theatre tech-                expertise. The group recently creat-           showcased in a student run gallery
would learn about, and practice          niques such as line delivery, body            ed a book which told the history of            at the museum in June. Another
plays. The group would then per-         positioning, and vocal tone and               the community of Bendale through               new youth team is that of “The
form at the museum during events,        clarity.                                      photos taken by the volunteers.                Knitting Brigade” run by Julia
and on the weekend.                          “Scene Change” often runs in                 The youth programs at the                   Thayer. “The Knitting Brigade” is a
     “Scene Change” was so suc-          conjunction with one of the muse-             Museum run in three month                      knitting group which meets week-
cessful that the museum has since        um’s newer youth teams, “Jazz                 cycles, with each group completing             ly, knitting bandages for leprosy
developed other youth groups.            Band,” run by Caitlin Ryan. This              a major project at the culmination             victims in India. The final youth
The museum now hosts youth               group is a jazz band which prac-              of the cycle. Recently, one group              group which the museum is devel-
teams which meet to discuss and          tices both historical and contempo-           had the opportunity to create an               oping is a “Camp Leadership
learn about photography, art, jazz,      rary pieces in the cozy setting of            exhibit still on display in the muse-          Club.”       Led       by     Shanu
and even knitting. The young             the Cornell House parlor, and per-            um called “Vintage Spotlight.”For              Thiyagalingam, the youth in this
adults in these groups are able to       forms at most of the museum’s                 this project the groups “FlashBack”            group will learn mentoring and
express and develop their creativi-      large events. They also recently              and “Scene Change” worked                      leadership skills, in preparation for
ty, while also learning important        had the opportunity to perform at             together. Members of the group                 their interaction with other youth
life skills, and forming friendships.    the Malvern Family Resource                   “Scene Change” re-staged old por-              and children during the museum’s
Each group also provides a service       Centre, and (as of press time) are            trait photographs while in cos-                summer camps.
to the community, ranging from           preparing for their performance at            tume.      Then      members       of              In all of the museum’s youth
creating art for exhibits, to knitting   the SAVA Volunteer awards May                 “Flashback” used digital photogra-             groups, young adults develop
bandages for leprosy victims.            5th. For young adults with a pas-             phy to make the photographs look               invaluable life and job skills, such
    The youth group “Scene               sion for music, “Jazz Band” pro-              old. Both the photographer and the             as the ability to work both inde-
Change” is led by Taylor-Black,          vides a great opportunity to share            actor reflected on how they felt               pendently and as a team. The
who holds a degree in theatre. The       this passion with others.                     about this project, and some even              museum also provides a letter of
youth volunteers in this group               If you are a young adult, or              speculated about the feelings and              reference to each member who suc-
meet once a week for two hours,          know a young adult, with an inter-            thoughts of the original subject of            cessfully completes the three
during which time they learn new         est in photography, then the muse-            the photo.                                     month cycle, an asset for future job
theatre techniques, and practice         um’s program “FlashBack” may be                  Due to the immense success of               applications. Most importantly
plays which they perform at the          of interest to you. “FlashBack” is            youth programming, the museum                  each member leaves the group
museum during the summer. The            run by Pailagi Pandya, who is cur-            is developing three new youth                  with a sense of pride in knowing
itinerary of each “Scene Change”         rently enrolled in the University of          groups. One is ArtWorks, which is              they have made an impact on their
meeting is flexible; based on the        Toronto’s specialist program for art          run by Cheyenne Twiner, a student              community.
number of youth that attend, and         and culture, and has practiced the            at the Ontario College of Art and                  For more information contact
their particular skills set. The         hobby of photography for years.               Design. In this program, budding               the Scarborough Museum at (416)
atmosphere is relaxed and open,          Pandya mentors each member of                 artists have the opportunity to lean           338-8807, or The
with Taylor-Black soliciting feed-       this youth group, based on their              new art techniques, as well as                 Museum is located at 1007 Brimley
back from the youth, while still         skill set, and the group includes             develop pieces which can be used               Road, just north of Lawrence.
                                         members with varying levels of                in their portfolio, and will also be
6 surface & symbol, May/June 2010

 A Net.Art Education Begins
 By Vasha Zindros                                                                                                                  Town Centre.
                                                                                                                                      The participatory nature of
             computer search for the

                                                                                                                                   most Internet Art makes the explo-
             term “Internet Art”                                                                                                   ration feel collective; even if the
             yields       422,000,000                                                                                              screen is watched by one, the expe-
             results.    Somewhere                                                                                                 rience is made of many.
 between the encyclopaedic entries,                                                                                                Discovering Net.Art, often through
 the resource databases, the online                                                                                                arbitrary clicks of the mouse, felt
 galleries, the sites selling posters                                                                                              like a cultural treasure hunt, some-
 and reproductions, a Web-weak                                                                                                     times yielding stones, more often
 writer realizes that she’s in way                                                                                                 gems. Unlike an expertly defined
 over her head. And at result 16,                                                                                                  collection, finely labelled and per-
 give or take depending on the                                                                                                     fectly lit, to observe Internet Art is
 search engine, Jon Ippolito’s essay,                                                                                              to collaborate, with the artist,
 Ten Myths of Internet Art, confirms     A screenshot from                                                     through the medium, for the mes-
 her, ahem, ignorance. She learns, at                                                                                              sage. Lesson learned.
                                         selected passages into five streams             Wireless Toronto user account at
 Myth One, that Internet Art, as a                                                                                                    In-Site Toronto runs from
                                         of new prose.                                   designated hotspots around the
 genre, does not include works of                                                                                                  March 31st 2010 to December 10th
                                            In disqualifying Myth #2,                    city, the user will automatically
 other art mediums simply exhibit-                                                                                                 2010 and further information,
                                         “Internet Art appeals only to those             experience newly commissioned
 ed online. Internet Art cannot exist                                                                                              including hotspot maps, can be
                                         entrenched in it”, Jon Ippolito                 works of art. In Scarborough, Dave
 outside its medium, a fact compli-                                                                                                found at To
                                         claims that “many people who                    Dyment’s work, an exploration of
 cating both collection and longevi-                                                                                               begin your own Net.Art education,
                                         would never set foot in a gallery               celebrity culture and the Internet,
 ty. So, what does Internet Art look                                                                                               the following websites proved very
                                         stumble across works of Internet                can be accessed at two marvellous-
 like?                                                                                                                             helpful:  ,
                                         art by following a fortuitous link.”            ly unlikely venues: the Teriyaki
     The very nature of Internet Art                                                                                               w w w. n e w m e d i a f i x . n e t ,
                                         Consider the recently launched In-              Experience Eglinton, and the
 extends beyond social and geo-                                                                                          
                                         Site Toronto. By logging on to a                Teriyaki Experience Scarborough
 graphical borders and unlike con-
 ventional art that can usually be
 identified by the Who, What and         Play Review:
 When, Net.Art cannot always be
 attributed to a single artist, nor                      Nothing Much Happens Next
 does it necessarily have a comple-      This is What Happens Next                       sophical and self-reflexive.              annoying as the play goes on is the
 tion date attached.                     Written by: Daniel McIvor                           Will, who reflects will, muses        sweeping neuroses of all the char-
     For example, Canadian Chris         Produced by Necessary Angel                     on his selfishness, resolutions, liv-     acters and the uniform repeated
 Joseph partnered with Kate              At the Berkeley Street Theatre to May 8, 2010
                                                                                         ing in the now, philosophy, story-        speech patterns common to all.
 Pullinger           to        create                                                    telling and happy endings. Warren            It’s as if Daniel Brooks took a, a networked        Reviewed by Nora Ohanjanians
                                                                                         is obsessed with his divorce from         break with This is What Happens
 novel inspired by a grocery store                                                       his male partner, and getting back        Next. The innovative risk-taking
                                             What happens when a famous
 parking lot in Richmond, England                                                        his stuff. His friend and lawyer,         director of extraordinary plays like
                                         artist decides to mix his reflections
 where five men, since 2001, have                                                        Susan, who has two young daugh-           Bigger than Jesus was happy to let
                                         and rants, with elements of the
 fallen from the sky. The lot is situ-                                                   ters, complains about her children        his long-time friend and collabora-
                                         postmodern and the absurd, then
 ated directly beneath a flight path                                                     and clients. Her new date, Aaron,         tor, McIvor, stand in the middle of
                                         gets his long-time celebrated friend
 into Heathrow airport, and the                                                          the astrologer, a woman-turned-           a bare stage and deliver his lines.
                                         to direct, and adds the friend’s
 men are believed to have been                                                           man, (Erin-turned-Aaron) delivers         There was precious little move-
                                         name to the credits? Audiences
 stowaways on airplanes from                                                             reflections on the meaning of life,       ment or blocking. McIvor just
                                         flock to the play with great expec-
 India. By clicking on a shifting                                                        social values, righteousness, and         stood there and talked. The projec-
                                         tations for the award-winning
 icon, the viewer unlocks text and                                                       the physical quality of truth. A          tion of the character names on the
                                         names, but leave disappointed.
 images revealing the interconnect-                                                      father, who’s related to Susan, feels     screen looked cheap and was
                                         Not a happy ending.
 ed, fictional stories of Yacub, the                                                     guilty about his alcoholism, and          unnecessary, since both the acting
                                             Daniel McIvor and Daniel
 man looking for escape, and                                                             uneasy about his role as a father.        and the lines distinguished them.
                                         Brooks’s latest collaboration, This
 Harriet, the good housewife who                                                         And his seven-year-old son, Kevin,        The lighting and sound effects,
                                         is What Happens Next, can best be
 must watch him fall. Finally the                                                        describes his father as a character       helped add some variety and
                                         described as lackluster. Even
 viewer is encouraged to contribute                                                      in a fairy-tale, who drinks “magic        atmosphere to an otherwise
                                         McIvor’s superb acting can’t save
 to the narrative, and along with                                                        juice” and turns into a monster.          monotonous production.
                                         the play from its repetitive writing
 Jospeh and Pullinger there are 104                                                          Most monologues are witty and            If you’re a Daniel McIvor fan,
                                         and bland direction.
 participants credited with the emo-                                                     funny, with some profound and             the play will give you another
                                             The play starts with McIvor
 tive project.                                                                           poetic moments. There are com-            chance to enjoy his excellent acting
                                         playing himself, arriving late, apol-
     Jason Lewis’s I Know What                                                           mon themes (self, will, sexuality,        for an uninterrupted 70 minutes. It
                                         ogizing and changing into his act-
 You’re Thinking, available at                                                           relationships, social norms) in the       will also let you in on some more
                                         ing gear on stage, as he tells us the, trans-                                                          otherwise fragmented writing. The         details about his personal life and
                                         funny story of why he’s late. From
 forms the viewer, or rather the                                                         characters are loosely connected to       musings.
                                         then on he impersonates six char-
 viewer’s hard drive, into a poetic                                                      each other, but there’s little interac-      Otherwise, This is What
                                         acters: Will, Warren, Susan, Aaron,
 wonder. On download, the pro-                                                           tion between them, and there is no        Happens Next falls short of what
                                         little Kevin and his father. Most of
 gram seeks out stored text on the                                                       plot. The writing is disjointed and       you expect from two bigwigs of
                                         the monologues can pass for
 viewer’s computer, from emails to                                                       repetitive. What becomes almost           Canadian theatre.
                                         standup comedy. Some are philo-
 essays, and then randomly fuses
                                                                                                                                     surface & symbol, May/June 2010 7

                                                                                         WHITING OUT WISHES
                                                                                         for “Beach Days” by Jane Orr Novotny

                                                                                            Building castles in the sand was one of the ways,                  Elana
                                                                                            as a girl, that I grew airborne.

                                                                                            Pat and pack domes, windowed clusters, roads            Sheila
                                                                                            between their doors, the imprint of knees on the beach.

                                                                                            Fluid with potential, my hands finned,                             John
                                                                                            shoulders lifted to the wind,

                                                                                            my imp’s imagination spinning…                                     Elana
                                                                                            Once I counted thirteen towers—two for each
                                                                                            of my trolls and one for the gull

                                                                                            not gully, mired moats, drawbridges askew,                 Sheila
                                                                                            to fly above to others, dropping on their perfect hallows,

                                                                                            whiting out wishes built into                                      John
                                                                                            castles engrained with other possible lives.

Jane Orr Novotny, Beach Days                                                             A renga by John Oughton, Sheila Stewart, Elana Wolff

for “Beach Days” by Jane Orr Novotny
                                         achieving that float of dreams.
                                                                                            words and
Regarding seagull,                       Gull considers mass, ground, density.

one girl on her haunches.                Neither moves. Sky a palette of
Regarding girl, one                      marine and cloud tones,
seagull stands in the liminal            two other girls prepare the ritual sacrifice:
where small currents bring provender.    hives of sand for the tide to swarm.
Girl thinks her bones hollowing,
arms feathering and extending            By John Oughton
                                                                                            Poetry inspired by visual art pieces.

                                                                                         for “Words and Colours” by Tharmila Rajasingam

                                                                                            Leaves and grids, my mind growing                                  Sheila
                                                                                            veins, arteries, mesh.

                                                                                            Silent, icy, Stonehenge cold;                                      Elana
                                                                                            I’m tempted to stay swaddled in my gopher coat.

                                                                                            No fence around the stones in ’82—                                 Sheila
                                                                                            now tour buses park beside the site.

                                                                                            Bluehenge up the river,                                            Elana
                                                                                            transit for the huge blue stones from Wales.

                                                                                            Veins, arteries, mesh.                                             Sheila
                                                                                            Thought growing—stilling out of the serigraph

                                                                                            to ash.                                                            Elana

Tharmila Rajasingam, Words and Colours                                                   A renga by Sheila Stewart and Elana Wolff
8 surface & symbol, May/June 2010

Book Review:

                               The Golden Mean
Written by Annabel Lyon                 not anticipate is King Philip’s          would question its overall impact.          Aristotle sums it up perfectly
Reviewed by Lori Callan                 request he remain in Macedon as          Does the young Alexander, under         when he says: “Soon I’ll be alone
                                        tutor to Alexander. Aristotle’s          Aristotle’s tutelage develop signifi-   in a quiet room where, for the rest
    The Golden Mean is Annabel          intellectual ambitions, he must          cantly?     Is the Golden Mean          of my life, I can float farther and
Lyon’s first novel. It was nominat-     sideline.                                achieved, in any meaningful way?        farther out into the world; while
ed for a plethora of awards in 2009,       While Aristotle’s character is        Does Aristotle manage to reach          my student, charging off the end of
including the Giller, the Governor      both compelling and sympathetic,         Alexander in his quest to teach him     every map, falls deeper and deeper
General’s Award for Fiction and         the young Alexander’s is less so.        something of the contemplative          into the well of himself.”
the Roger’s Writer’s Trust Prize.       While the novel’s title refers to        life?                                       For all the differences between
The Golden Mean was awarded             Aristotle’s attempts to teach the            Perhaps it doesn’t matter a great   Aristotle and Alexander, Lyon tells
the latter prize.                       youthful Alexander the “elusive          deal. Lyon’s impeccable portrayal       us, ultimately their shared human-
    Among the novel’s strengths is      balance between extremes”, for           of Aristotle – the complexities of      ity, and the suffering each endures,
Lyon’s ability to portray her narra-    this reader, the narrative does not      his relationships, of his mind, and     makes these seemingly polar oppo-
tor, the philosopher, Aristotle, with   always deliver in terms of               of his heart – make The Golden          sites more alike than we might at
utter accessibility. With his collo-    Alexander’s character develop-           Mean well worth the read.               first contemplate. And it is with
quial speech, and in his essentially    ment. Therefore, the relationship        Whether Alexander’s character           this shared humanity, though
human qualities, he captivates.         between teacher and pupil, while         benefits from his master’s teach-       unevenly drawn, the reader can
    The novel travels from the pre-     often moving, is also often some-        ings is of somewhat less impor-         ultimately relate.
sent, back and forth in                                                          tance.
time, so that the reader
encounters Aristotle’s
childhood; his father’s
desire he become a
physician and his rejec-
                                                                                          The Nostalgic Fifties
                                                                                          By Laura Ewing
tion of this occupation;
his quirky friendship                                                                     Jukeboxes blared to Sinatra and Page.
with Alexander the                                                                        This was the Fifties, the Rock and Roll Age.
Great’s father, King                                                                      Elvis Presley’s “Hound Dog” caused hearts to swoon.
Philip; his tragic loss of                                                                Couples danced closely to “Silvery Moon”.
his parents to the plague;
and his contemporary                                                                      Pink poodle skirts and laced saddle shoes
relationship with his                                                                     Accented cute pony tails and ornate up-do’s
wife and family. Lyon’s                                                                   Elegant gowns, ritzy Van Cleef pearls
great strength is in her                                                                  Were worn to the Prom by well-heeled girls.
portrayal of Aristotle’s
basic humanity.                                                                           Duck tails looked slick with a dab of Brylcreem.
    We learn of Aristotle’s                                                               Radiant smiles after brushing with Gleem
tutelage under his physi-                                                                 Billboards were plastered with cigarette ads.
cian/father, then under                                                                   Sweet Caporal and Phillip Morris the fads.
his tutor Illaeus, who
opens to Aristotle the                                                                    Black and white TVs sporting rabbit ears
larger world of the intel-              what opaque, and lacking in the                   Brought “I Love Lucy” with laughter and tears.
lect.     Throughout the novel,         visceral quality with which                       Drive-Ins were featuring great double bills
Aristotle refers repeatedly to the      Aristotle’s character is drawn.                   From Gene Autry westerns to horrors with chills.
chronic depression that haunts him         While Aristotle’s story and back
and affects the quality of his per-     story fascinate – Aristotle’s child-              Hula hoods, hopscotch and Monopoly were “ins”.
sonal life, and his scholarly work.     hood history remains as com-                      So were the automobile’s signature fins.
    The novel opens with Aristotle      pelling as his more current one –                 Twinkies and cupcakes were kids favorite snacks
describing, in the most visceral        Alexander’s character, in compari-                Served with cold milk and in lunch packs.
manner, his wife’s genitalia.           son, lacks some of the same inter-
Always the observer. Soon we            esting qualities. This is under-                  Diners served cheeseburgers and cherry cokes,
learn also of the physical hardship     standable. Aristotle’s life’s focus is            Pork chops ‘n peaches and strawberry floats.
his entourage encounters as it trav-    on the intellect. His role is mature              Red hot ‘n tater and malted milk shakes,
els to Pella, the capital of Macedon,   teacher to Alexander’s more youth-                Spicy meat loaves and Sock-It-To-Me cakes.
where Aristotle is to meet              ful exuberance.. Alexander’s obses-
Alexander the Great as a boy. This      sion is with physical combat and                  Wringer washers and clotheslines strung outside.
is     where       Aristotle’s   and    conquest. From a fictional stand-                 And Cracker Jack popcorn with prizes inside.
Alexander’s relationship develops.      point however, in terms of the                    “American Bandstand” and “Leave It To Beaver”
    “We must observe the world          “story”, this reader found it less                and “Gunsmoke” starring Arness and Weaver.
you see?” Aristotle notes. And so       easy to engage in the character’s
his trip to Macedon, before taking      relationship than it was to embrace               Lemonade stands vending five cent drinks.
on his more scholarly role in           Aristotle’s brilliant character study.            Davy Crockett hats and backyard rinks.
Athens amongst the intellectual            And what of Lyon’s portrayal of                Those were the Fifties, nostalgia and more:
elite, where Plato’s position has       Aristotle’s influence upon the                    The Sock Hops, the diners and all I adore.
been vacated. What Aristotle does       young Alexander? This reader
                                                                                                                                                              surface & symbol, May/June 2010 9

ON NOW                                                                  Quilts & other quilted items, Shadow Box Quilts, Awards for
To May 8: This Is What Happens Next Mon-Sat at 8 p.m.; mati-            Viewers’ Choice & best quilts
nees Wed 1:30 p.m. and Sat 2 p.m. Canadian Stage – Berkeley             May 14-16
Street Theatre Downstairs, 26 Berkeley Street, Toronto.
                                                                        Small Paints for Small Spaces, Beach Guild of Fine Art.
To May 9: The 7th Annual Potluck Festival. fu-GEN Asian-

                                                                        May 14, 1 p.m. to 9 p.m., May 15, 16 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the
Canadian Theatre Company, In association with Factory Theatre,
                                                                        Gardener's Cottage, east side Kew Gardens on Lee Ave.
presents Toronto, Canada's largest and most comprehensive new
                                                                        South of Queen St.
play development festival dedicated to showcasing the vibrant
works of Asian-Canadian playwrights.                    May 15

To May 25: Katharine Harvey: Above and Below Constructed                The Gryphon Trio & the Scarborough Philharmonic
from recycled plastic objects, a portion of which was collected         Orchestra. The 8:00pm concert (preceded by an informative
from mall tenants, Above and Below is suspended in a large sky          lecture at 7:15) will be held at the SPO’s traditional home of
lit atrium above an existing water fountain.. Fairview Mall Lower       Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute (3663 Danforth
Level Court near The Bay.                                               Avenue). Tickets: $30 regular / $25 seniors / $10 youth. At
To May 30: Auguststrasse 25 by E.C. Woodley A multimedia                the Door, (416) 429-0007, or
installation by E.C. Woodley. Recreating a living-room typical of a     Rhythms of Latin America: The grand finale to the 35th
Jewish home from 1920's Germany, the project initiates a con-           Anniversary season of the acclaimed Amadeus Choir con-
vergence of past and presen. Exhibition Location: The Kiever            ducted by Artistic Director Lydia Adams takes place Saturday
Synagogue, 25 Bellevue Avenue (Kensington Market). Hours &
Admission: Sun to Thurs, 12 – 3 PM, 4 – 7 PM. Closed Fri, Sat
statutory and Jewish holidays. FREE.
                                                                        at 7:30 p.m. in the glorious acoustic of the George Weston
                                                                        Recital Hall, Toronto Centre for the Arts, 5040 Yonge Street,
                                                                        Toronto. The Amadeus Choir has had the honour of being
                                                                        Choir-in-Residence at the George Weston Recital Hall since
May 1 – 31
                                                                        it opened in 1993.
Pervasive Influence: CONTACT 2010 looks at the impact of
photography’s ubiquity and the ways in which the medium informs
                                                               Tickets: A seating: $40. B seating: $35.       June 11 – 12
                                                                        Ticketmaster 416-872-1111                       Dark Star Requiem. A World Premiere production from Tapestry
and          transforms            human            behaviour..
                                                                        The Northdale Concert Band with conductor Stephen Chenette,         new opera works and Luminato at 8 PM At Koerner Hall in the
                                                                        pays tribute to legendary Canadian composer and trumpet play-       Royal Conservatory of Music, 273 Bloor Street West $30 – 50.
Deep Wireless Festival of Radio & Transmission Art
                                                                        er Johnny Cowell. The concert will feature some of Cowell's most    For more information, visit Call 416-872-1111 or
A celebration of radio and transmission art including perfor-
                                                                        famous solos as performed by well-known trumpet player John         visit
mances, installations, broadcasts and workshops. Check
                                                                        Edward Liddle plus a special guest appearance by Johnny Cowell for updates, or call 416 652 5115.                                                                                             June 12 -13
                                                                        himself. The show starts Saturday at 2:00 p.m., Scarborough
May 1 - June 27                                                         Civic Centre, 150 Borough Drive, Scarborough (Brimley and           Art and More @ Momiji Centre, 3555 Kingston Rd. Scarborough
George F. Walker’s “Featuring Loretta” A frank, hysterically            Ellesmere Rd.) FREE. 416-486-3011.                                  Tel. 416-261-6683 June 12 - 10 to 4 p.m. June 13 12 to 4 p.m.
funny play about adult relationships in a world of desperate off-kil-   May 25 & 26                                                         June 13
ter characters., call (416) 504-9971, or                                                                               Celebration of the Arts Cedar Ridge Creative Centre. 12 noon
                                                                        The Songbook 4 featuring Gregory Hoskins An eclectic set of
visit the box office in person at 125 Bathurst Street (at Adelaide)                                                                         - 5 p.m. 225 Confederation Drive Scarborough tel. 416-396-
                                                                        twelve of his favourite songs. Individual Tickets $19 - $49,
Tuesday – Saturday, 1 – 7p.m., and Sunday, 1 – 2 p.m.                                                                                       4026
                                                                        Enwave Theatre at Harbourfront Centre, 231 Queens Quay W,
May 6 -30                                                               Toronto, 8 pm. Purchase tickets at or call
                                                                        the Box Office at (416)973-4000 (Open Tue - Sat 1-6pm).
                                                                                                                                            June 19-July 24
Paper Pleasures: new collages by Marjorie Moeser Meet the                                                                                   Doris McCarthy: Roughing It in the Bush. Curated by Nancy
Artist Saturday May 8, 2-5 pm at Gallery M, T by appointment.           May 26 - June 12                                                    Campbell. Co-presented by the Doris McCarthy Gallery,
Wed, Thurs ,Fri from 11am-6pm. Sat, Sun 11am-5pm David Kaye                                                                                 University of Toronto Scarborough and the University of Toronto
                                                                        Funny Girl: The Civic Light Opera Company. The funny and
Gallery, 1092 Queen Street West, M6J 1H9. Telephone: 416-532-                                                                               Art Centre Opening Reception Saturday, June 19, 12 – 4 pm
                                                                        touching backstage life story of legendary singer and comedi-
9075 Saturday, May 8,2010, 2 - 5 p.m.                                                                                Remarks at 2 pm. Free shuttle bus will run between the DMG
                                                                        enne Fanny Brice 35 Fairview Mall Dr., Toronto. For more infor-
May 6-15                                                                mation call (416) 755-1717.                                         and UTAC throughout the afternoon. Doris McCarthy Gallery,
k'Now Theatre Presents the World Premiere of Pu-Erh A por-                                                                                  University of Toronto, 265 Military Trail, Toronto. 416-287-7007
                                                                        May 31                                                    
trait of a Chinese-Canadian family who have endured the often
                                                                        new Works by Richard Saucedo. Musicians from Dr. Norman
destructive effects of moving away from their homeland. Theatre
                                                                        Bethune C.I. invite you to celebrate spring with their musicians
Passe Muraille 16 Ryerson Avenue Tuesday-Saturday @ 7:30,                                                                                   June 24
                                                                        and vocalists at Markham Theatre. Tickets $15. For further infor-
Saturday @ 2:30pm Tickets $25 , Previews $15 Box Office:
                                                                        mation or tickets, please call 416-396-8200 ext. 20137.
416.504.7529 Also showing May 21, 22 & 23 at the Richmond
Hill Centre for the Performing Arts.                                    May 26 – 30
                                                                        STITCH. Hemmed in by the language of sewing & the inexorable
May 8
                                                                        rhythm of the machine, three women fight to find space for imag-
Wood Fish Art Demonstration by Charles Weiss at
                                                                        ination & individuality. Wed-Fri 8pm, Sat & Sun mat 2:30pm $20.     Scarborough Arts Council Fundraising event, 7-9 pm.
Stevenson Art Supply Sat. MAY 8th Located at
                                                                        Gala: Saturday May 29 7pm $100 (featuring artist talk) The          Featuring:A.N.A.S.A. Collective - fashion show , Elevated
Warden and Ellesmere 10 am to 2 pm. Larger than
                                                                        Theatre Centre 1087 Queen St. W (S.E corner of Queen &              Grounds, Dancer Kevin Ormsby, silent auction and more. 416-
life wood carvings of pike and Muskie will be painted!
                                                                        Dovercourt)           BOX          OFFICE:        416-538-0988.     698-7322 Centennial Science and Call 416-752-4363
                                                               /                         Technology Centre, Centennial College
May 10 – 22                                                             Thursday May 27 – 29
2010 Festival of Ideas & Creation. A celebration of the perform-
                                                                                                                                            June 25
                                                                        Fleck Dance Theatre - dance Immersion. 8:00PM at 207                Art Show at Pine Tree Seniors Recreation Centre. 12 noon to
ing arts and a behind-the-scenes look at live theatre. Over 300
                                                                        Queens Quay West, 3rd Floor, Toronto, Ontario. Tickets; $25-        3.30 pm. Seniors Month of June with an Art Show at Pine Tree
theatre artists in 60 mainly FREE public events Berkeley Street
                                                                        $30 (Student/Seniors $20-25) For tickets and information, call      Seniors Recreation Centre, 4130 Lawrence Avenue East.
Theatre. Schedule at Berkeley
                                                                        Harbourfront Centre Box Office at 416-973-4000..                    Everyone welcome. We will sell a light lunch for those wanting to
Street Theatre, 26 Berkeley St., Toronto unless otherwise noted.
                                                                                                             stay a while, and there will be some entertainment. Pine Tree
Online, by email festi- or the Festival Hotline 416.860.4685.             June 2 -12                                                          Seniors Centre has been in operation for almost 30 years, help-
                                                                                                                                            ing East Scarborough seniors find creative and recreational pro-
                                                                        30 Dates. FenStar Productions announces the return of the hilar-
May 11& 12                                                                                                                                  grams to alleviate social isolation.
                                                                        ious romantic comedy in celebration of the second anniversary of
Light up the World with a Song presented by The Serenata
Singers. TuesMay 11 Matinee at 1:30 p.m. Wed May 12 at 7:30
                                                                        its debut. Canadian Stage Theatre's Berkeley Street Theatre         June 26
                                                                        Upstairs, 26 Berkeley Street at 8PM with a Saturday matinee at      The Scarborough Bluffs Heritage Mural Tour presented by:
p.m. at the P.C.HO Theatre, Toronto Chinese Cultural Centre,
                                                                        2PM Box Office: 416-367-8243                                        Mural Routes 1:30 - 3:30 PM. Free. Mural Routes presents a
5183 Sheppard East. Tickets are $15.00, available at 416-497-
5952 or at the door.                                                    June 3 - 17                                                         tour of the Heritage Trail murals on Kingston Rd, including water-
                                                                                                                                            front views from atop the Scarborough Bluffs. Tour is about 11.5
                                                                        Amadeus. It is thirty years after Mozart's death and a rumour is
May 12                                                                                                                                      km in length, which we plan to ride in about an hour and a
                                                                        spread throughout the whole of Vienna - Salieri poisoned Mozart.
Yorkshire Rose Quilter’s Guild Mini Quilt Auction will be held                                                                              half.Start point 395 Danforth Rd. at Birchmount. Meet at the
                                                                        8:00pm. Matinees: June 13 and 19 at 2:00pm. Box Office: 416-
at Danforth Mennonite Church, 2174 Danforth Avenue, Toronto                                                                                 Butterfly Mural next to Tim Hortons.For more information contact:
                                                                        267-9292, Scarborough Village
(east of Woodbine)7:00 pm – 9:00 pm. Silent Auction of Mini                                                                                 Phone: 416-698-7995.
                                                                        Theatre 3600 Kingston Road Scarborough M1M 1R9
10 surface & symbol, May/June 2010

arteryt i n
                                                                            Artery is a bulletin board that includes calls for entry, auditions, workshops, classes, call for manuscripts and any other
                                                                            opportunities that allow artists to learn, perform and create. If you have an opportunity you would like to post in Artery,
                                                                            call Scarborough Arts Council at 416-698-7322, mail to 1859 Kingston Road.,Scarborough, ON, M1N 1T3, fax it to
                                                                            416-698-7972, or e-mail to

a bulle                                                 board of arts opportunities
                                            (FREE Refreshments!) RSVP your             Theme, Budget showing critical costs        bition fees apply. To download an             tion on the fellowship program,
CLASSES                                     attendance at these workshops to           including       materials,      installa-   application           form,           visit   please contact Cole Swanson,
                                            Karen @ (416) 904-6467 or                  tion/removal and transportation,                         Exhibitions and Residency Program
National Mural Symposium - Mural
                                             Annotated images sent as jpegs or           12th Annual Parkdale Film + Video             Coordinator       by       phone     at
Routes presents If Walls Could
                                                                                       pdfs (on a CD) or DVD, photographs          Showcase, June 25-27, 2010 Call               905.306.6161            or        email
Speak:       13th Annual
Symposium at the Cranberry Resort
                                             ARTIST CALLS                              or colour copies, C.V. For complete         for submissions Deadline: May 21,   
                                                                                       information, including fee structure        2010 The Parkdale Beauty Pageant              COME UP TO MY ROOM 2011.Call
in Collingwood ON from November 5
                                            CAFKA.11: Sept 16 - Oct 2, 2011            and site map, review: Proposals /           Society seeks new, vintage or under-          for Submissions: Deadline: Monday,
- 7, 2010. A great learning and net-
                                            Call for Proposals Deadline: 5pm           Submission Requirements at:                 appreciated short films, videos and           May 31st, 2010. The Gladstone
working opportunity for all artists, arts
                                            on Friday, May 7, 2010. The                    media installations made by artists           Hotel's 8th Annual Alternative Design
educators and administrators of pub-
                                            Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener           Within This Body Call for submis-           living and/or working in Parkdale for         Event January 27 to 30, 2011. Ideal
lic wall art projects, in a beautiful
                                            and Area is inviting proposals for new     sion for an exhibition of Performance       the 12th Annual Parkdale Film +               candidates for juried consideration
meeting space on Georgian Bay.
                                            or existing works that engage the          Art at the Propeller Centre for the         Video Showcase. Artist fees paid,             are practitioners in all media who
Keynote addess by Jon Pounds,
                                            public spaces in the Region of             Visual Arts. Deadline: May 15, 2010.        short works preferred. Work can be            approach their discipline with a radi-
Executive Director of Chicago Public
                                            Waterloo. Works in all media will be       PCVA is an artists' cooperative             submitted to the drop-off box at              cal personal vision, and who use
Art Group, creators of collaborative
                                            considered including sculpture, per-       Gallery in existence since 1996,            Gallery 1313 or mailed to Parkdale            design to converse, connect, collabo-
public art projects in Chicago for over
                                            formance, video, audio, installation,      showcasing the work of senior and           Showcase c/o Gallery 1313, 1313a              rate and construct delight in the unex-
30 years. Session topics to include
                                            photography, painting, drawing and         emerging artists featuring a wide           Queen Street West, Toronto, ON                pected. Submit sketches and/or a
materials, cultural tourism, mural con-
                                            digital media. Artist Fees paid for        range of traditional and contempo-          M6K 1L8          Submissions should           written paragraph on your proposed
servation and more. Keep watching
                                            Visual and Media Art Projects: CAD         rary art. In accordance with the theme      include a VHS preview tape or DVD             installation. For more information: for details as
                                            $2,000, which is intended to cover all     of recycled pain, The Propeller             and a completed submission form.     For
they are announced, or call Mural
                                            aspects of production & installation       Centre For The Visual Arts invites          Submit your Submission Form online!           more information regarding pricing,
Routes at 416-698-7995.
                                            including materials and transporta-        submissions and proposals from local               Any     exhibition details and contracts con-
Doris        McCarthy         Painting
                                            tion.       Video     and     one-time     & international artists for an exhibition   questions? Please contact us at               tact: Director of Exhibitions exhibi-
Workshop , June 21 - 25, 10 am – 3
                                            Performance fees paid in accordance        of Performance Art to be held on               or 416
pm daily. Presented in partnership
                                            with CARFAC. We encourage artists          July.18.2010. For details call (416)        The White Water Gallery Call for              531 4635 ex. 7501
with the Scarborough Arts Council.
                                            to use the online application at           504-7142.                                   Submissions 2010 Deadline: May                Solstice: SAC Members’ Show
Artist Barbara Sutherland will guide
                                   A printable ver-    subTerrain Magazine, Annual Lush            30th The White Water Gallery is cur-          Call for submissions. Work in all
students through the principles of
                                            sion of this form is available at:         Triumphant Literary Awards                  rently accepting submissions for the          media is welcome. For more infor-
painting explicit in Doris McCarthy’s
                                                                Competition Deadline: May 15. 3             2011 & 2012 programming seasons.              mation, or to reserve your spot in the
artworks, with a focus on the hard-
                                            Cadillac Fairview and Fairview Mall        categories: Fiction, Creative Non-          This call is open to artists, collectives,    exhibition contact Benedict Lopes at
edged pieces in the exhibition.
                                            are inviting proposals for new or          Fiction and Poetry, $3,000 in cash          performers, curators and critics work- or
Students will then depart for locations
                                            existing works that engage the public      prizes. All entries MUST be previous-       ing in any/all media. Exhibitions run         call 416-698-7322.The exhibition
on campus, in the Highland Creek, to
                                            spaces at Fairview Mall. Works in all      ly unpublished material and not cur-        for approximately four weeks. The             works will be selected on a first-
practice the art of plein-air painting,
                                            media will be considered including         rently under consideration in any           White Water Gallery pays exhibition           come-first-served basis. Artists
learning about colour, composition,
                                            sculpture, performance, video, audio,      other contest or competition. Entries       fees to participating artists in accor-       should drop off their work between
texture, perspective and scale.
                                            installation, photography, painting,       will not be returned. Maximum word          dance with CARFAC. Submissions                9am and 5pm, from Tuesday, June 1
Please see the DMG website or call
                                            drawing and digital media. Proposals       counts are: 3,000 for fiction, 4,000 for    must include: Artist’s CV, One page           – Friday, June 4. Upon completion of
416.287.7007 for registration infor-
                                            by individual artists, groups and cura-    creative non-fiction and 15 pages (a        Artist or Curatorial Statement, One           the exhibition, work is to be picked up
                                            tors will be considered. Call for          suite of 5 related poems) for poetry.       page project description, outlining the       during office hours. There is no fee to
Escape with Gary to Paint in
                                            Proposals Deadline: May 14. For            The $25 entry fee (Canadian or US           scope of the project and any specific         exhibit. A 20% commission will be
Brittany I take artists to different
                                            more            information        visit   funds) includes a complimentary             requirements, Descriptive list for visu-      applied to work sold during the exhi-
places to relax, enjoy good company
                                                    /submis-    one-year subscription to subTerrain         al material (title, date, dimensions,         bition.
and good food and we all escape into
                                            sions/?id=18150.                           Magazine. Send entries to: Lush             medium), SASE (self addressed                 The ARTS CENTRE. Collingwood,
our art. This August we are off to
                                            Toronto Animated Image Society,            Triumphant c/o subTerrain Magazine,         stamped envelope) Do not send orig-           Ontario Deadline May 31, 2010,
France, to that north eastern Celtic
                                            TAIS Animation Showcase Call for           P.O. Box 3008, MPO, Vancouver, BC,          inal slides, artwork or master tapes.         5pm. We are now accepting applica-
part called Brittany in English and
                                            submissions Deadline: Friday May           Canada V6B 3X5. For complete con-           E-mailed submissions will not be              tions from Ontario-based artists, art
Bretagne in French. Why there? First
                                            14, 5:00 pm Animated short films: all      test       details,     please      visit   accepted.For more information con-            groups and independent curators for
because it is magical. Secondly
                                            Genres, mediums, themes! Under 15 or email us at sub-       tact:Phone: (705) 476-2444 E-mail:            month-long exhibitions in 2011. The
because Luc Bihan will be coach
                                            minutes in length Screeners should                     Please             ARTS CENTRE consists of a main
sculpting in clay and he is from there.
                                            be submitted as either MiniDV or           Art in the Park 2010 - Annual               send your submission/proposal                 gallery featuring 70 running feet of
Come to Brittany with us and be
                                            Quick Time Movie files on DVD/CD.          Outdoor Art Show & Sale, Call for           to:White Water Gallery, Attn:                 wall space on the main wall and
inspired. Your hosts will be Gary
                                            Send your submission to the TAIS           Entry Deadline: Friday, May 21 - an         Programming Committee, P.O. Box               approximately 20 running feet on the
Smith, artist and Vice Chairman of
                                            Office: TAIS Showcase 2010, 60             annual juried one-day outdoor com-          1491, North Bay, ON, P1B 4K8                  opposite wall. There is also a large,
the      Artists'    Network,       Irina
                                            Atlantic Avenue, Suite 102, Toronto,       munity arts festival that is held in the    Living Arts Centre, Resident Artist           side by side set of floor-to-ceiling
Schestakowich, Open Studio print
                                            ON M6K 1X9 . Please include sub-           parkland          surrounding         the   Program, Arts Fellowship, 2010 –              book cases, suitable for displaying
maker specializing in intaglio, Luc
                                            mission form, brief description of the     Scarborough Arts Council. Open to all       2011         Call for Submissions.            smaller items. A second gallery, adja-
Bihan, founder of LucSculpture
                                            film, artist bio and contact informa-      artists working in fine art and craft:      Deadline: May 31, 2010 The Living             cent and open to the main gallery,
School & Studios & Yuri Murakami-
                                            tion, as well as two film stills.          drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed         Arts Centre invites new graduates of          measures 25 x 25 x 15 feet. Blue
Bihan, Doctor of Naturopathy. For
                                            Description, bio, contact info and film    media, printmaking, pottery, jewelry,       arts institutions to submit applications      Mountain Foundation for the Arts, PO
info or
                                            stills may be emailed to                   photography, glass, original textiles,      for the 2010 – 2011 Arts Fellowship in        Box 581, 163 Hurontario Street
email or
                                   or included in sub-        fibre arts and other media. Show            the Wood Studio.              The Arts        Collingwood, ON L9Y 4E8,
just call me at (416) 910-5535.CCAA
                                            mission package. Submission form           Date: Saturday, July 17, 2010, 10:00        Fellowship program offer graduates            705.445.3430, ,
Strokes of Rhythm Workshop
                                            can be found at                a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (rain or shine)            an opportunity to work within a pro-
Sunday, May 16, 10am - 4pm @
                                            Call for Proposals Toronto                 Location: Harrison Estate Grounds,          fessional studio environment for up to        Guild Alive with Culture Arts
Scarborough Town YMCA (230 Town
                                            Sculpture Garden, 115 King Street          1859 Kingston Road, Scarborough,            a two-year term. The successful               Festival / "Taste of the Guild"
Centre Court, Meeting Room #3)
                                            East, Toronto Next Deadline: May           ON, M1N 1T3 For more information            applicant will be awarded up to a two-        (August 7 & 8) Call for Artists.
Price: FREE to everyone of all ages!!
                                            15, 2010 Proposals require:                or a submission form, contact               year residency for up to 25 hours of          Deadline: June 4, 2010 Mail applica-
10am - 12pm: Chinese Painting
                                            Drawing(s) showing dimensions and          Benedict         Lopes       at     pro-    working time per week in the Wood             tions to Cedar Ridge Gallery, 225
Workshop. 1pm - 2:30pm: Chinese
                                            materials and the location of the work              or   Studio at a highly subsidized rate of         Confederation Dr. Scarborough, M1G
Dance Workshop. 3pm - 4pm:
                                            on the site, Brief statement of            416-698-7322. Application and exhi-         $100 per month. For more informa-             1B2.
Reception / Members' Gathering
                                                                                                                                                                       surface & symbol, May/June 2010 11

                  a bulletin board of arts opportunities

8th Annual Queen West Art Crawl                            competition is open to any resident of      show scenes from your favorite
                                                                                                                                                                              Prepare festival submissions, includ-
Call For Submissions. Deadline:            The Planet in Focus International          Ontario. Submissions must be 10             movies. You can teach me how to             ing documents and related support
June 4. Queen West Art Crawl is cur-       Environmental Film & Video                 minutes maximum runtime including           make pie. You can interview your best       materials, such as preview
rently accepting submissions from          Festival 2010 Call for Submissions is      credits, shot in color or black and         friend or your worst enemy or get           media/DVD’s General ongoing
artists, artisans and craftspeople who     now open! Deadline: June 15 Planet         white, in English or with English sub-      them to interview each other. Please        research related, but not limited to
wish to participate in the Trinity         in Focus looks for work that pushes        titles. To download a submission form       email your submissions to theother-         film/video and art ABILITIES: Able to
Bellwoods Outdoor Art Show & Sale          the boundaries of the accepted             and for further criteria information, - the com-             work independently, be well orga-
as part of the eighth annual Queen         notions of ‘environment,’ presenting       please visit:                   mon theme emerging in submissions           nized, and detail-oriented. Possess
West Art Crawl. WHEN - Saturday,           cultural perspectives that are under-      Grangestock Art & Music Festival            will determine the direction of the         strong verbal, written and interper-
September 18th and Sunday,                 represented in Canada and across           Deadline: July 15, 2010 The                 series. We will have a projector, a full    sonal communication skills. Excellent
September 19th, 2010, 11:00am to           the globe. Planet in Focus accepts         Robinson-Adamson House "The                 program brochure, beer for sale, and        time-management skills. Have a
6:00pm @ Trinity Bellwoods Park,           submissions produced as of Jan 1,          Grange" is home to the annual               the door money (pwyc) is yours.             working knowledge of the Toronto art
790 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON         2008. The 2010 spotlight is                Grangestock Art and Music Festival.                   and film communities. Computer
Apply              Online             at   Biodiversity. Films may be submitted       This non-profit event was created to        Out in the Sticks Cultural Centre in        skills: Familiarity with Mac (Apple)                  directly to Planet in Focus or through     bring music and art to everyday peo-        Yarker, Ontario. Call for submissions       computers, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop
The Marianne van Silfhout Gallery Visit www. planet-        ple in an informal and fun atmos-           Deadline:ongoing. We are running a          and other video/media software, as
3rd Annual Juried Art Show, July 5           phere. The Exhibitor space is 10'x10'       cultural centre in a tiny hamlet of         well as Word and Excel. Have a valid
to August 9th. St. Lawrence College        Flip-City Call for Proposals from          and is restricted to one artist per         Yarker, ON. We have art gallery, film       driver’s license. In your application
in Brockville. Theme: Sparkling            Toronto-Based           Artists     and    space. The display fee for this event       discussion club, concerts, lecture and      please include: cover letter outlining
Flashes. Call for Submission               Photographers Deadline: July 2, 2010       is $50.00. For more information visit       workshops. We welcome submis-               your experience and interest in the
Deadline Friday, June 4th. Work            Circuit Gallery, in collaboration with or call         sions from artists at every stage of        position. A current CV. Two letters of
must be produced entirely during the       Art for Commuters (Toronto) and Dar        (905) 828-8411, ext. 0.                     their career, of every background and       recommendation. This is a part-time
24 months proceeding July 5th, 2010        Onboz (Beirut, Lebanon), is initiating     Bank on Art - Call for Submissions          every medium. Submission materials          position with a flexible work schedule.
and not exhibited previously at the        Flip-City, a new project that combines     Ongoing deadline. Bank on Art fea-          should be sent by e-mail to submis-         Candidate must be able to work from
Gallery. Submissions may include           flip-books, media screens, and story-      tures artworks produced by contem- or by mail to:      home on their own Mac computer
works executed in two or three             telling to bring to life the urban         porary artists on the display screens       “Submissions” P.O. Box 174, Yarker,         and come into the office at least one
dimensional form. Entry Fee : $20          secrets, hidden histories, and present     of functional ATM bank machines.            ON, K0K 3N0. Please find detailed           day a week. Hours are approximately
for one entry, $5 for each additional      preoccupations of the cities we inhab-     Visit to submit           guidelines at www. outinthe-                20-28 per week at a starting wage of
entry with a maximum of 4 entries.         it. We are seeking proposals from          Bank on Art ATM locations in Toronto:                 $15./hr with room to negotiate. For
Submission requirements: Please            artists to create flip books about spe-    Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, 12            Project 165 is seeking rental pro-          more information on the artist:
provide digital and print copies of:       cific Toronto neighbourhoods.              Alexander Street (New Location) &           posals for exhibitions and events in Email applica-
Artist biography, 100 – 200 word max,      Projects can be created in any medi-       952 Queen St. West (the Art and             its storefront exhibition site in           tions        or      questions         to:
CV, 1- 2 pages maximum, Inventory          um so long as the final product can be     Design District)                            Kensington Market, for the Spring,                 (no
information, Slide or CD of images,        reproduced to meet the specifications      The Doris McCarthy Gallery,                 Summer and Fall programming peri-           inquiries by phone please). Job
image files must be 300 dpi in jpeg        of the flip-book. The books are tenta-     University of Toronto Scarborough           ods. Exhibitions are scheduled for          starts at the end of May.
format; 1200 pixels in the largest         tively envisioned to consist of 60         Permanent Public Art Work. Call to          one- or two-week periods. Work may          Job       Opportunity         Curatorial
dimension. For each two-dimensional        pages, with each page measuring            Artists Expression of Interest, An          be in any media, including painting,        Projects Manager Deadline: May
work please include one image and          10.5 cm x 7.5 cm (4¼" x 3"). Your          Instructional Centre is being built at      drawing, photography, sculpture,            30, 2010 The Art Gallery of Alberta is
for each three dimensional work            proposal should include the following:     the       University      of     Toronto    installation, performance and new           the oldest cultural institution in Alberta
please include three images taken          a one-page project proposal explain-       Scarborough (UTSC). With an                 media. Please include in your pro-          and the province's only solely dedi-
from different aspects. Submissions        ing your choice of neighbourhood or        expected completion date of March           posal: Name & contact info, Desired         cated art museum. Reporting to the
may be hand delivered, or mailed to:       location in Toronto. In addition to your   2011, the new facility will support the     Date(s) & Alternate Date(s), Project        Deputy Director / Chief Curator, the
Marianne van Silfhout Gallery              chosen location or subject, please         emergence of UTSC as a vital hub for        Synopsis (500 words max), Bio(s) &          Curatorial Projects Manager will pro-
Gallery, , St. Lawrence College,           describe the final project, 3-5 visuals    cultural and intellectual activity in the   CV(s) of Participating Artist(s) &          vide administrative assistance for the
Brockville Campus, 2288 Parkedale          - please submit digital images that        eastern region of the Greater Toronto       Curator (if applicable), Logistical &       production and presentation of AGA
Avenue , Brockville , ON, K6V 5X3          convey what your flip-book pages will      Area. The Doris McCarthy Gallery,           Technical Requirements, Support             exhibitions and special curatorial pro-
Gallery TPW welcomes presenta-             look like. Visuals must be submitted       University of Toronto Scarborough is        Material: 5 – 10 digital images (max.       jects. This responsibility includes:
tion proposals from local, national        as JPEG files and must not exceed          inviting local, national and internation-   72dpi) of proposed work or work sim-        developing and administering exhibi-
and international artists and curators     1200px x 1200px, an image list with        al Artists or Artist Teams to submit.       ilar to that which you propose. If          tion production schedules and files;
in all stages of their careers. Call for   any relevant information., a bio or CV     Include: resume(s),6-8 visuals of           emailing images, please entitle each        liaising and coordinating with visiting
Proposals Deadline: June 15 To             including contact information., a link     recent, relevant work; and Artist’s         JPEG with # and title of work               artists, guest curators and lending
apply,          please          submit:    to your website OR 5-10 images of          statement outlining interest in the pro-    (title#.jpg). If you are proposing video-   institutions; administering and coordi-
  Artist or curatorial statement with      previous work. Email your proposal         ject and experience. The Selection          or time-based work, send us a link to       nating: art work loan requests, loan
exhibition, screening or event propos-     to:           Committee will finalize its decision in     video of your work. Note: The Title of      forms, contracts and list of works.
al, 15 to 20 images - digital format on    BMO SHORT Shorts: A Short Film             November 2010. Please direct any            your email submission should read           The successful candidate will pos-
Mac accessible CD / DVD, (images           Competition Deadline: July 5, 2010,        questions to the Doris McCarthy             “Project 165 Rental Proposal” Email         sess a university degree in art history
must be labeled with dimensions of         5 pm. The 4TH annual Grand River           Gallery at 416.287.7007 or                  your proposal to: methinkspre-              or a related subject; a minimum of
work, media, title and year of produc-     Film Festival is pleased to offer .             For more info on            five years working experience in an
tion), C.V. with full contact informa-     Ontario filmmakers the opportunity to      Call for lectures, workshops and            Project 165’s exhibition site, rental       art or related cultural museum; a
tion, Copies of press reviews and          submit a short film for a chance to win    artist talks This summer, the               rates and availability: Ryan Ringer ,       proven ability to communicate effec-
other support material, if relevant, If    cash prizes, courtesy of Christie          Whitehouse (in Kensington Market,           Director, Project 165 + Methinks            tively, both orally and in writing;
you want your submission returned          Digital Inc., film stock courtesy of       Toronto) would like to hold work-                   strong organizational and administra-
you must include a self-addressed          Kodak Canada Inc., and equipment           shops, lectures, and artists talks by             tive skills; project management expe-
stamped envelope. DO NOT submit            packages courtesy of William F.            you dear fellow artists and hardwork-                                                   rience; a knowledge of exhibition
original artwork or slide format sub-      White International Inc., and the          ing individuals, for a series of Monday      EMPLOYMENT                                 installation and art work handling pro-
missions.       For further questions      Multicultural Cinema Club, Kitchener.      night talks starting in June 2010 -                                                     cedures; and the ability to work under
please contact Kim Simon, Curator:         The SHORT Shorts competition has           Sept                               2010.    PT Film/Video Artist Assistant              general direction and in a team envi-         and     visit   two categories: an Open category             You can give a presentation about         DEADLINE: Friday May 14. DUTIES:            ronment. Submit resumes to Gallery TPW 56           and, an 18 and Under category (18          your cat or about your art or about         Assist with various film/video pro- Art Gallery of
Ossington Ave.Toronto, ON M6J              and under by July 5, 2010 proof of         outer space if you like. You can tell a     jects. General administrative and           Alberta, 2 Sir Winston Churchill
2Y7,                     416.645.1066      age required with submission). The         manifesto or read from your blog or         clerical tasks. Website updating.           Square, Edmonton, Alberta, T5J 2C1
the classifieds                                                      arts services directory
                                            ON EXHIBITION                                                                         CALLS TO ARTISTS
                                                                                                                                                Original oversized
                                                         Bluffs Galler y
                                                         1859 Kingston Road, Scarborough
                                                                                                                                               Acrylic - Oil - Canvas
                                                         CONTACT Toronto Photography Festival:                                                 For corporate, upscale
                                                         I am Bendale                                                                                 interiors
                                                         May 6 – June 1, 2010
                                                                                                                                                       Studio at
                                                         BeyonD BounD by Uda Serasinghe                                                       2 Chatfield Drive, Don Mills
                                                         June 3 - June 8                                                                        East of Leslie, South of
                                                                                                                                                  York Mills, North of
                                                         Solstice: SAC Members Show                                                                    Lawrence
                                                         June 10 - July 13                                                                           10:00 - 17:00
                                                                                                                                                  Tues, Wed, Thurs

                                                                      CALLS TO ARTISTS                                                             For appointment
                                                                                                                                                      Please call
                                                         Art in the Park: Outdoor Art Show & Sale                                               Istvan Lendvay, Artist
                                                         Art in the Park is an annual juried one-day outdoor
                                                         community arts festival that is held in the parkland
                                                         surrounding the Scarborough Arts Council.
                                                         Entry Deadline: Friday, May 21, 2010 at 5:00 p.m
                                                         For more information, contact Programming
                                                         Coordinator Ben Lopes at pro-
                                                / 416-698-7322.
Agincour t Librar y Galler y
155 Bonis Avenue, Scarborough                            Solstice: Call for Submissions
                                                         SAC summer Members’ Show at The Bluffs
ZOE KNIGHT: Child’s Play – Artwork creat-
                                                         Gallery, June 10-July 13. For more info or to
ed by children at Maple Cottage (Acrylic)
                                                         reserve your spot in the exhibtion contact Ben at
March 29 – May 24, 2010
                                                / 416-698-7322.
Shabana Bashir
May 24 - July 26                                         Call for Art Donations for Starborough
                                                         Silent Auction We are currently seeking
Cliffcrest Public Gallery                                donations of artwork from SAC members and
3017 Kingston Road, Scarborough                          local artists, for inclusion in a silent auction at
                                                         our upcoming fundraiser. A tax receipt will be
Uda Serasinghe: Miming (Acrylic)                         issued for each piece of artwork sold. For
March 30 - May 25                                        more information and to donate, please con-
                                                         tact Susan at or
Seasons in Colour by Todd Germain
May 25 - July 27

                                                                                                                  Caricatures by CHUCK is available for your next Party (hourly
               Join the Scarborough Arts Council!                                                                 rate). Personal Gift FUN Portrait, single person or more.
I wish to become a member of the SAC, which includes 6 bi-monthly issues (one
year subscription) of Surface & Symbol! Enclosed is my annual membership fee of:                                  Concert and Rehearsal Space Available. Newly renovated
     $35 Individuals          $30 Seniors, students                                                               church sanctuary; Flexible seating; New Yamaha grand piano;
     $45 Family (2 or more residing at same address)
                                                                                   Benefits include:              Reasonable rates. Meeting Space also available. Birchcliff
                                                                                                                  Bluffs United Church office - 416 694-4081.
     $45 Groups (10 or less) or $60 Groups (over 10)                               • One year subscription to
      I would like to subscribe to Surface & Symbol only.                            surface & symbol             Scarborough Art School (formerly Barishev Art School) is look-
      Please send me 6 issues (one year) for $25.                                                                 ing for new owner and teacher. Location: Kingston Ave &
      I want to ensure the arts have a bright future in Scarborough.               • Discounts on SAC entry       McCowan. 416-471-4731
       I enclose a donation of $_________                                            fees & services
I wish to pay by:       cheque                  Visa            Mastercard         • Free promotion and clas-
Card # _______________________________________________Exp.__________                 sified advertising in sur-
                                                                                                                                Sheri Hirschberg
                                                                                     face & symbol
Signature ___________________________________________________________
                                                                                                                                 Hirschberg, Seidel
Name ______________________________________________________________ • Artist’s directory listing                               Barristers and Solicitors
                                                                                    and web site link on
Address ____________________________________________________________
                                                                                              The Madison Centre
City _____________________________________ Postal Code_______________                                                  4950 Yonge Street, Suite 1202, Box 159
                                                                             • Exhibition space in
Phone 1 _________________________ Phone 2 __________________________                                                          Toronto ON M2N 6K1
                                                                               The Bluffs Gallery, in
                                                                                                                     Telephone: 416-733-9770 Fax: 416-222-0021
Email _______________________________________________________________ free group shows or
I got this copy of Surface and Symbol at ___________________________________ reasonable rental costs               Specializing in all aspects of Family Law
Mail to: Scarborough Arts Council, 1859 Kingston Rd, Scarborough, ON M1N 1T3       • Referrals, assistance,
or fax to: (416) 698-7972               For more info:       advocacy, information                 Over 15 years experience
                                                                                                                     Free consultations to SAC members

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