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					                                       Routine MERLIN Maintenance Activities
* Includes regularly run review files and other activities done to maintain MERLIN
* Does not include authority work
Please note: some tasks involve running multiple lists (bib & item or item & check-in, etc.)
                 Task                                        Purpose                         Who

Check for and add 229s                 Index serial titles in journal index         MU (DCR/KG)
Add 007s for online materials          Enable limiting to online material           MU (DCR)
Add 007 for audiovisual materials      Enable limiting to specific A/V material
Add 007 for microforms -- ????         Enable limiting to microforms
Marcive: Gov Docs (online) no longer   Correct links when possible; withdrawn       MU (DCR)
available                              items when not.
Marcive: zzzzm w/856 (also look for    Identify MARCIVE records with links to full- MU (DCR/FD)
non-zzzzm)                             text documents and no item records
Add 655 to online freely available     Add 655 to resources that are freely         MU (CMU/SB)
material                               available to allow limiting in WebPac
Add 229s to MARCIVE records            Add serial titles in journal index           UMKC

"Typo of the day" corrections          Fix spelling errors                         UMKC
Field Group Tags                       Correct field group tags to ensure access

    How Often


as lists are rec'd

when records
Routine MERLIN Maintenance Activities                                      Last Updated 4/29/2009
* Includes regularly run review files and other activities done to maintain MERLIN
* Does not include authority work
Please note: many tasks involve running multiple lists (bib & item or item & check-in, etc.)
Task                             Purpose                             Who           How Often
"A-U" List                         Correct/count Annex items               DD/CS            Monthly
Barcode List - Bad Format          processed at access to records
                                   Ensure staff UMLD                       JB/SB            Monthly
BCODE3=n List                      Check/Correct Bibs that should not      JB/SB            Quarterly
                                   be suppressed
Bib CATDATE                        Add CAT DATE so that records will       SB/RM            Per Request
Bibs-No Items/Orders/Check-Ins     be send for authority processing
                                   Cleanup database - Bibs with no         TBD              Yearly
Call # List                        attachedcall #'s with incorrect tags
                                   Correct records: To find bibs that      JB/SB            Monthly
FILM BOOK 0002-Theses &            Change call # from "FILM" to            RM/SB            Yearly
Dissertations                      "FILM Book 0002"
Fly Record List                    Correct catalog or catalog title        JB/SB            Monthly
Freely Avail. Online Res. Update   Capture freely res.just    SB/RM - MU       Quarterly
                                   added (Add 655 to resources that are
In-Process Lists                   freely available to allow limiting in
                                   Find items needing status change        RM/SB            Monthly
ITYPE 161 List                     Correct Itypes coded "1" to "161" for   CS/DD            Weekly
ITYPE List                         items transferred to UMLD.
                                   Correct Itypes coded incorrectly        SB               Yearly
Last and first records created -   One list of each of the five record     RM/SB            Yearly
Web page update                    types run in order to update the
Lost Lists                         Record Creation TableList from Circ.
                                   Withdraw lost items -                   DD/RM             On Receipt (John Meyer)
M2-M3 Call # - Non-Circ.            w/o check-ins and OCLC holdings
                                    - FixStatus "o" or lacking Message     SB                Yearly
Non-Circ. Mat. In Stacks            field status "o" but lacking message
                                    With                                   SB                Quarterly
Remote Storage "U" List - Item      Change
                                    field ICODE2 “u” back to               CS/DD             Weekly
Remote Storage "U" List - Check-    ICODE2 “-”
                                    Correct check-ins (mono/ser.)-         CS/DD             Weekly
SPEC List – Call # & In Proc.
In                                  UMLD trans. # but still in process
                                    Correct - Call                         SB/RM             Semiannual
SPEC List - Status Codes            Make status code “o“                   SB/RM             Quarterly
TECHSER Status List                 Correct cequi status ”-“ to "o"        SB/RM             Yearly
UMLD transfers for past FY -        To update progress on webpage          RM/DD             Yearly
Web 007 for online resources
Add page update                     Need for icons. One-time catch up      SB                SEARCH: BIBLIOGRAPHIC
                                    project done 5/4/09.                                     MARC Tag 007 All Fields don't
New Itypes For Docs (non-ced**) Make all Govt. Docs in Ellis and           Suzy: do all of One-time: all "ced's" have been        3
DOCS ITYPES                         branches old itypes and correct to
                                    To catch requestable.                                    Monthly already; Goal to finish:
                                                                           Ellis by July 31, corrected(timely correction and
                                                                           Suzy: check
Unsuppressed Withdraws              new itypes
                                    MERLIN Search & Correction                               Note: We effort) - Will be able to
                                                                           Ellis as part of minimum have done this several
                                                                           Suzy: OK per
GOBI records - Check for errant Search for checkin and items with
                                    Wayne gave me some examples            column d as one-times before. Lists are run
                                                                           Suzy: OK          One-time - 590 clean-up (590
590s 7 Electronic journals.|2lcsh - which show that the records
j 655                               Change to 655 _0                       Suzy: OK time One-time - CMU - Suzy
                                                                           time when as one-without MU, UMK, etc.)
MQCCfor item locs starting with Ex.: Journal of religion. We have
Search                                                                     Suzy: OK time
                                                                           time when as one-Journal of religion record fixed. -
f where there is no bib 590's
500's which should be loc           some volumes atUMC - which item
                                    Search 500s for UMLD, with             time when as one-Do one-timefix any there now and
                                                                           Suzy: OK time One-time to project to fix any that
                                    What are 590s.
Review 590s that don't start with should bethey? AND: Felicity             time when as one-then routine (infrequent) - [500 note
                                                                           Suzy: OK time One-time
In 590 fields check for UMC         See following sample DLC …" -
                                    1/5/09: Look for "590 with UMC         time when as one-One-time - Fix the text - no "UMC";
                                                                           Suzy: OK time
j 655 7 Electronic books.|2local following MU.
                                    Need to be updated to LCSH.            time when as one-instead, put "Copy includes …"
                                                                           Suzy: OK time One-time
Field group tags                    Make sure they match MARC tag          time when time Note: We have run such lists before 4
                                                                           Suzy: Tier 2
III fixed filed MAT TYPE's          Change per new Icon Guidelines         (high) May or
                                                                           Suzy:             (246's for and then routine are
                                                                                             One-time example) and they           2
Billed items                        Withdraw billed items after one year   June maybe
                                                                           Suzy: tier 2       Do yearly - - Spring make sure
                                                                                             maintenancefirst time Break?
                                                                                             June knows in case of unexpected
                                                         Routine Reports & Activities
* Includes all reports generated through Innovative or Authority Control vendor and forwarded from MCO or LSO
* Composed mostly of authority control reports
             Task                                         Purpose                                Who

Blinds                       Review blind auth recs to code or edit bibs                  Auth
Deletes                      Delete the superseded auth rec                               Auth
Dup auth recs                Review dup auth recs for possible deletion                   Auth
Duplicate barcodes           Determine if barcode erroneously assigned                    CMU
EBS Errors from MCO          Correct item records with incorrect ICODE1.                  CMU/SB/F
EDX batch input              Informational: how many files were uploaded                  No action
First-time use               Quick browse to detect problematic headings                  Auth
Invalids                     Invalid bib hdgs as reported by 4xx in auth recs             Auth
LHR updates
MERLIN system file                                                                        ???
messages                     Scan to find bib recs with more than one oclc #
MeSH headings                Review of MeSH (occasionally appears in reports)             HSL
Near matches                 Cursory scanning of hdgs that nearly match auth recs         Auth
Non-unique 4xx               Cursory scanning of dup 4xx from auth recs                   Auth
OCLC duplicate resolution    Remove duplicates or report problems                         Auth/GC
Partial match                Only main part of heading matches                            Auth
Split headings               LC split headings that appear on bib recs                    Auth
Unmatched                    Headings that don't match an auth rec                        Auth
Updated bib hdgs             Review whether AACP updated correctly                        Auth
Xenu link report (broken     Correct links when possible; withdrawn items when not        DCR/MA
Holds on in process items                                                                    Mono/HAJ
                             Expedite cataloging of materials w/ bib/item hold & in process status
ies                                                       11/30/2007
d from MCO or LSO

           How Often (Not every report appears every
                               time)                      Source
           Rotated report (~weekly)                       Innovative
           Quarterly                                      Backstage
           Rotated report (~weekly)                       Innovative
           Daily                                          Innovative
           On Receipt                                     Innovative

           Periodic                                       Innovative
           Currently only with rotated report (~weekly)   Innovative
           Daily                                          Innovative
           No longer done by MCO                          Innovative

           Daily                                          Innovative
           Daily                                          Innovative
           Currently only with rotated report (~weekly)   Innovative
           Daily                                          Innovative
           Quarterly                                      Backstage
           Quarterly                                      Backstage
           Quarterly                                      Backstage
           Daily                                          Innovative
           No longer done by MCO                          Undetermined

           Weekly                                         MERLIN create list
PROPOSED MERLIN LISTS                                                        Last Updated 7/16/2009
                           Suggested Lists From Catalog Dept. Members
                                                                   Will This Need                     Propo
        List                         Purpose                      Repeating? (How                      sed
                                                                 Often? - Daily, Weekly,              By/On
Add 007 for online    Search:                                  Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-
                                                              One-time catch-up and then Suzy: By May FD :
resources             • (BIBLIOGRAPHIC Mat Catg not           routine - Who?                  15. Need for   6/10/0
                      equal to "c" AND ITEM LOC equal to                                      icons          8
                      • OR
                      • (BIBLIOGRAPHIC Mat Catg not
                      equal to "c" AND ITEM LOC equal to
                                                               Monthly (timely correction                    FD
                                                               and minimum effort) - Will     Suzy: check 4/08
                      To catch old itypes and correct to
DOCS ITYPES                                                    be able to phase this out      Ellis as part
                      new itypes                               after we are used to the new   of #6
                                                               ITYPES - CMU?
                                                                Do yearly - first time make
                                                               sure June knows in case of
                      Withdraw billed items after one year
                                                               unexpected results - see FD
Billed items                                                   for info                       Suzy: tier 2
                                                               One-time: all "ced's" have                    SB
New Itypes For                                                                                Suzy: do all
                      Make all Govt. Docs in Ellis and         been corrected already;                     4/8/08
Docs (non-ced**)                                                                              of Ellis by
                      branches requestable.                    Goal to finish: June 30th -
Material                                                       CMU?                           July 31
III fixed filed MAT   Change per new Icon Guidelines           One-time and then routine      Suzy: May or FD
TYPE's                                                         maintenance - Spring           June maybe   2/17/2
                                                               Break?                                      009
GOBI records -        Wayne gave me some examples which One-time - 590 clean-up               Suzy: OK as FD
Check for errant      show that the records imported from      (590 without MU, UMK,          one-time     6/20/0
590s                  GOBI have 590s. The problem for us is etc.)                             when time    8
                      that 590s are protected from overlay,                                   allows
                      so are full records include
                      inappropriate 590s. Karen will check
                      into this. We might need to wait to mid-
                      July for the next load, so we can see if
                      it continues to happen.

j 655 7 Electronic    Change to 655 _0                        One-time - CMU - Suzy           Suzy: OK as    WS
journals.|2lcsh -                                                                             one-time       7/17/0
MQCC                                                                                          when time      8
Search for item locs    Ex.: Journal of religion. We have           Journal of religion record         Suzy: OK as    FD
starting with f where   some volumes at UMLD, with item             fixed. - Do one-time project       one-time       7/23/0
there is no bib loc     location = fce2i. There isn’t a             to fix any that need it, then      when time      8
starting with f         matching bib location of fciib.             run routine list as part of the    allows
                                                                    UMLD processing - Note:
                                                                    there are more than 60,000
                                                                    (I ran a list just to see and it
                                                                    filled up) of these. Could
                                                                    this problem be attributed to
                                                                    MCO personnel changes? A
                                                                    random check of the items
                                                                    shows that they went to
                                                                    UMLD in 2007 or 2008. -

500's which should      Search 500s for UMC - which should          One-time to fix any there          Suzy: OK as    FD
be 590's                be 590s.                                    now and then routine               one-time       8/5/08
                                                                    (infrequent) - [500 note           when time
                                                                    starts with "UMC"]                 allows
Review 590s that     What are they? AND: Felicity 1/5/09:           One-time                           Suzy: OK as    FD
don't start with MU, Look for "590 DLC …" - Peggy has                                                  one-time       8/19/0
UMKC, UMSL,          changed some 500s to 590s.                                                        when time      8&
MS&T, SHS                                                                                              allows         FD
In 590 fields - check See following sample with UMC                 One-time - Fix the text - no       Suzy: OK as    FD
for UMC               following MU.                                 "UMC"; instead, put "Copy          one-time       10/6/0
                      n 590 MU: UMC copy includes many              includes …"                        when time      8
                      marginal notes and inserted leaf of                                              allows
                      manuscript notes.
j 655 7 Electronic    Need to be updated to LCSH.                   One-time                           Suzy: OK as    FD
books.|2local                                                                                          one-time       12/17/
                                                                                                       when time      08
Unsuppressed            MERLIN Search & Correction                  Note: We have done this            Suzy: OK per   FD
Withdraws               Search for checkin and items with           several times before. Lists        column c       6/12/0
                        withdrawn locations that aren't             are run infrequently. Last                        8&
                        suppressed. One such case was               run 2/11/09.                                      FD
                        reported today by PS; Felicity 6/18/08:     Recommendation: Run this                          6/18/0
                        Suppress all checkin records with           quarterly to (a) have a                           8
                        withdrawn location.                         shorter list to work with and
                                                                    (b) keep PS happy - Suzy -
Field group tags        Make sure they match MARC tag               Note: We have run such lists Suzy: Tier 2         FD
                                                                    before (246's for example)    (high)              2/17/2
                                                                    and they are quite important                      009
                                                                    - Suzy
Marc Tag “041 1 ” w/o A MERLIN search on 7/9/09 yielded 8,055                                                         FD 7/09
subfield “h”          records tagged "041 1" but lacking subfield
                      "h". Search Used: BIBLIOGRAPHIC
                      MARC Tag 0411 between "A"and "Z" AND
                      BIBLIOGRAPHIC MARC Tag 0411 All
                      Fields don't have "|h"
                                                                 Weekly or Quarterly?             SB
                       To make sure all check-ins per bib
LHR updates                                                      Check on LHR upload              5/2/08
                       are "UPDATE"                              shedule. CMU?
                                                                 Semiannual to Yearly - Very      SB
                 To find call numbers that were                  Low Priority - CMU               4/18/08
Call numbers w/o
                 formatted incorrectly and identify
delimiter b
                 items that may need remarking.
                                                                 Semiannual to Yearly - Very      SB
Call numbers       To correct the call number format             Low Priority - CMU               4/18/08
starting w/ spaces and remove extra spaces
                                                                 Upon Request - Done once         SB
                                                                 before for Geoff - Would be      5/23/08
                                                                 good to give to Ann & etc .
                       To provide a graphical update for         (This was originally done &
SuDoc Progress         Docs. Retrospective Conversion            exported to an excel file so a
                       Project Progress                          web page could be created -
                                                                 Chart template already made)

Checkin record         Establish names for lib/branches to be    One-time - Search:               FD
notes                  used in checkin records - Change          CHECKIN IDENTITY has             6/12/08
                       abbreviations in checkin records - Suzy   "CPRR" OR CHECKIN                & SB
                       6/23/08: Check-In's With                  NOTE has "CPRR" OR               6/23/08
                       Abbreviations: To correct public notes    CHECKIN IDENTITY has
                       for clarity (spell out "REF" as           "ILL" OR CHECKIN
                       "REFERENCE" for example)                  NOTE has "ILL" [Note:
                                                                 Partial list of abbreviated
                                                                 terms - would need to run
                                                                 more lists] - Suzy - Need to
                                                                 get list of text to use

Underground            Add checkins to serial microfilm          One-time - Karla?                KG
Newspaper              titles in Underground Newspaper                                            5/16/08
Collection             Collection
Serial records still   Project was suspended. Once finished,     Do routine lists to catch any    KG
needing 229s           it could be added to regular maint.       that do not have 229's -         5/21/08
                                                                 Karla or CMU?                    & FD

Freely available       Run a list to gather these and add ceeii One-time - CMG Discussion         KG
HSL titles             items to them, upload to WorldCat?                                         5/29/08

Lists to run after     Lists to run after ejounral project:    One-time - Who?                    KG
ejounral project       1. non-online bibs with e-resource 655s                                    6/9/08
                       2. non-online bibs with:
                       • JSTOR (etc.) 710s
                       • Project Muse in 710
                       • OCLC FirstSearch in 730
                       • electronic resource 655s
                       • electronic resource 690s           •
                       AND: 066's and 007's
Track down 229s                                               One-time - Status? - Karla      FD
with subfield codes.                                                                          6/10/08

MOML titles            Change text in the 856 |z from MU,     One-time - Check?               KG
                       "MU Law have access:" to "MU, MU                                       6/12/08
                       Law online access:"

MARC cleanup           Ann and I came across several 260        One-time - Clean-up           FD
                       fields with incorrect subfielding. E.g.:                               6/17/08
                       • 260 Columbia,|bMo.
                       • New York :|bTeachers College Press
                       ;|aALA Editions ;|bChicago, IL,|c2007.
                       (real life example - #81943544)

Add 655s for maps  For our Sanborn print and digital map One-time - Jee                       FD7/9/
(entire DB)        records:                                                                   08
                   For print maps, we are putting:
                   • 655 0 Maps.
                   • 655 7 Fire insurance maps. |b aat
                   For digital maps, we are putting:
                   • 655 0 Maps.
                   • 655 7 Fire insurance maps. |b aat
                   • 655 7 Digital maps. |b aat
Genre headings for Current headings:                       One-time - CMU                     WS
government         • 655 _0 Government                                                        7/17/08
publications -     publications|z[place].
MQCC               • 655 _0 Electronic government
                   Some records don't have these
                   Some records still have previous
                   • j 655 _7 National government
                   records|zUnited States.|2aat
                   • j 655 _7 Electronic government
040 $b non-English MU created review file of these records One-time? - Felicity follow        WS
codes --MQCC                                               up - Who? - Anna &                 7/17/08
FF codes not added MU created review file to identify some One-time and then routine          WS
correctly - MQCC of these                                  lists - Who?                       7/17/08

LION load           Add 246's where appropriate. See          One-time - Clean-up project -   MA
                    b54884135, b54916185, b53063429,          Mary A.?                        8/5/08
                    b54997227, b55040639.
Unsuppressed order Find order records for ejournal titles     Acquisitions working on this    KG
records             without cat date and add so they do not   per Felicity                    8/13/08
                    display in public mode.
Incorrect |h in 245 Found in 245 |h "Microfilm" - It should   One-time to fix any there       FD
                    be "Microform". Low priority AND:         now and then routine            9/12/08
                    Felicity 11/10/08: Search MERLIN for      (infrequent) - Wayne            & FD
                    this situation. I came across four like                                   11/10/0
                    this today.                                                               8
Field: d61020|a      Remove periods when incorrect.           One-time? - CMG              FD
Andy Warhol          |d does not end with a period:           Discussion - Authority?      9/23/08
Museum.|vPeriodica   x00 Name,|ddate-
ls. Cleanup          x00 Name,|ddate-|tTitle.
                     600 Name,|ddate-|xSubheading
                     600 Name,|ddate-date|xSubheading |d
                     does end with a period:
                     x00 Name,|ddate-date.
                     x00 Name,|ddate-date.|tTitle
Agency Codes - eciii Update eciii items to Agency code 0    One-time to fix any there      MA
items                (Mary 01/10/08).                       now and then routine           10/10/0
                                                            (infrequent)? - Felicity:      8
                                                            Need to confirm what we
|e relator review    What is in MERLIN? Flip to |4? AND One-time - Clean-up -              FD
                     Felcity 11/13/08: Find 7xx |e and      Felicity: |e means something   10/23/0
                     convert to |4 - AND Felcity 3/2/09:    different in 111 and 711 so    8 & FD
                     Remove or convert |e (relator term) in it should be left alone in     11/13/0
                     100, 600, 700, and 800 fields and 110, those fields.                  8 & FD
                     610, 710, and 810 fields.                                             3/2/09

Not all our comics   Comics need one or both of these 655s: One-time clean-up              FD
have proper 655s     • Comic books, strips, etc.                                           11/19/0
                     • Graphic novels.                                                     8
                     [Wayne's addition: When we get to this,
                     remember some items are actually
                     reference materials and not either of
                     these 2 hdgs.]

Agency Codes - all Check agency codes - and make sure         One-time to fix any there    FD
but eciii          our items are coded correctly (except      now and then routine         12/5/08
                   online resources - eciii )                 (Semiannual) - CMU
MU                 MU Videorecordings prior to                One-time - Jee               WS
Videorecordings    implementation of performance rights                                    12/22/0
performance rights notes need to have 590 MU:                                              8
notes              Performance rights: ____ added.
                   Approximately 1,227 bibs.
Check MERLIN for Title added entries such as:                 One-time - Upon request?     FD
needed title added Queueing vs. queuing                       Clean-upp this particular    1/15/09
entries            A dictionary and the SH have queuing.      problem and then? - CMG
                   Several books have word in title spelled   Discussion
                   the other way. One title was pointed out
                   to me by Journalism.

Bibs: Check for "|5 Check for "|5 DLC" and delete related     One-time - CMG Discussion    FD
DLC" -Delete        7xx's too                                                              2/17/20
related 7xx's                                                                              09
Subject subdivion   Change |x Periodical to |v Periodical     One-time                     FD
correction                                                                                 2/17/20
600's with |b        Should not exist - Search for and fix    One-time                     FD
711's with |q         711 |q (pre-AACR2) - fix               One-time                             FD
Check 856 for |z -    Check to make sure we have removed     A while ago Mary Aycock              FD
Subscriptions we      856 fields from WorldCat for           created a list; we haven’t           2/24/09
don’t have            subscriptions we don’t have, have      done much with it yet. This
                      correctly added |z, etc.               will require CDMG who,
                                                             what, when discussion. -
No 260 field in Bib   Check for records without 260 field:   Might add additional criteria -      FD
                      Example: b66208439                     CDMG Discussion. SEE:                2/27/09
                                                             1) WebPAC search for IEEE
                                                             2) Sort by date
                                                             3) Go to end of list (this is what
                                                             I did, because I was wondering
                                                             how many older ones you’ve
                                                             4) Note a few records without
                                                             dates listed in browse display.
                                                             I looked at a couple. No 260
                                                             fields. One had a 260 as a 300.
                                                             - Felicity

Docs Maps: Latest Check Docs Maps titles that are            One-time (unless we decide           FD
edition only retained superseded to see if older editions    at some future date to run           5/7/09
                      have been withdrawn and check-in       this list periodically (but not
                      information is correct (shows latest
                      COMPLETED LISTS, REPORTS & PROJECTS                             Last Updated 5/4/2009
     Task                      Purpose                      Who

856 |zMU         856s - make sure all |z changed SB
online           from "MU access" to "MU online
Add 007 for       Need for icons - One-time Catch-up   SB
online resources completed 5/4/09.

                                                             LISTS NO LONGER NEEDED
     Task                      Purpose                      Who
SPEC List -
                 Make status code “-“& ITYPE
Weinberg &                                             SB/RM
Weed Subs.     Bibs with 856’s containing              SB/RM
Online Res.    “Ovid”, “FirstSearch”,
From Free      “JSTOR”, and/or “Muse”are
List           not freely available: Remove
No Longer on Correct/delete records that were          JB/SB
Reserve        missed by Circ.
Docs Bibs - No To find Govt. Doc bibs
Items          (MARCIVE) that have no items
REPORTS & PROJECTS                                  Last Updated 5/4/2009
                                               How Often

       One-time - Note: This done March 2008 [Search: BIBLIOGRAPHIC MARC Tag 856|z
       has "MU access" – 1,551 records found] - DONE - CMU

       One-time catch-up and then routine - Who? SEARCH:
       BIBLIOGRAPHIC MARC Tag 007 All Fields don't have " " AND (ITEM LOC equal to "eciii" OR ITEM
       LOC equal to "ceeii" OR ITEM LOC equal to "ucaei" OR ITEM LOC equal to "cneii" OR ITEM LOC
       equal to "cgeii" OR ITEM LOC equal to "cheii" OR ITEM LOC equal to "cjeii" OR ITEM LOC equal
       to "cmeii" OR ITEM LOC equal to "cveii" OR ITEM LOC equal to "echii" OR ITEM LOC equal to
       "cleii" OR ITEM LOC equal to "sjeii" OR ITEM LOC equal to "rweii" OR ITEM LOC equal to
       "rwrim" OR ITEM LOC equal to "kne " OR ITEM LOC equal to "kleii" OR ITEM LOC equal to "khe
       " OR ITEM LOC equal to "ecl " OR ITEM LOC equal to "ek " OR ITEM LOC equal to "eklii" OR
       ITEM LOC equal to "er " OR ITEM LOC equal to "es ")

                                               How Often
       No Longer Need Monthly

       No Longer Need Monthly

       Yearly -- Cannot make this work

       Upon Request - Done several times before - Pending Approval - Still Needed? - MARCIVE
       Project will take care of these

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