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					                    What’s on in Dushanbe

                           Opera and Ballet Theater
                                 27th MARCH – ―RUDAKI‖ – at 18:00

                                28th MARCH – ―Don Kihot‖ – at 14:00

Dear What‟s On In Dushanbe community,

Some of you may have already heard, but I currently have a web comic, ―Night at the Western‖
competing at a DC Comics site, Zuda Comics. The competition ends on March 31st, and we are
currently in second place out of 10 contestants. The first place comic will get a contract to continue on
the site for a year. The comic is written by me and illustrated by a Spanish (Catalan) artist. Come and
take a look at the work of an expat living here in Dushanbe. If you like what you see, please take the
time to log in at the site and vote for us (it takes just a few minutes), so that we can win this
competition and continue to tell our story!
Here‘s the link to our comic:
And here‘s a link to how you can best support us:

Thanks to all of you for supporting the creative arts, and a happy Navruz!
Ray Nayler

                                                La Grande Dame Cafe
                                         Spring is here and our Terrace garden is in full bloom. Come
                                       join us for weekend brunch and enjoy a complimentary glass of
                                                             Champagne Mimosa
                                                       Beer on Tap is also now available
                                                         Cnr Bukhora and Shevchenko St
                                                                Ph 93 501 0089
                               What’s on in Dushanbe

                           Navruz Calendar „Tajikistan 2010-2011‟
As continuation of its long standing tradition the Swiss Cooperation Office in Tajikistan has recently
issued a new calendar ―Tajikistan 2010-2011‖, which has become one of its ‗trade mark‘.
Traditionally each year the calendar presents a different topic through the variety of photographs. For
2010 the focus has been given to gender equality, which in Tajikistan has always been an issue.
The calendars are available at the Swiss Cooperation Office in Tajikistan for free.

             Exhibition „Modalities‟ in TSUM, 30 March 2010, at 15:00 hrs
Through its Art and Culture program Switzerland is supporting an exhibition ‗Modalities‘ where a
number of Tajik artists will demonstrate their perception of gender equality through contemporary art
techniques. The project is expected to enable developing synergies between art and social issues and
promote the newly emerging Tajik contemporary art.
The project exhibition ‗Modalities‘ is joined by UNIFEM in order to highlight importance of
mobilization of all development actors around UNiTE-SAY NO campaigns, which will show case
actions to end violence against women.

The exhibition „Modalities‟ will open in March 30, 2010 at 15:00 hrs on the 2 nd floor of the
Central Department Store (TSUM), and will last for the next two weeks. Admission is free.

For more information please contact:
Mouattarhon Bashirova, National Program Manager Art and Culture, Swiss Cooperation Office in
Tajikistan, Tel: 224 73 16; 224 38 97;

                                                                                           11/2010 - WOID
                               What’s on in Dushanbe
                                 Holy Week and Easter
                        St. Joseph Catholic Church, Dushanbe
Dear friends: it is a pleasure to invite you to the celebrations of Holy Week and Easter Sunday.
Celebrations will be held mainly in Russian with some English introductions (with the exception of
the Mass on Saturday 28th of March at 5 PM, all in English). For the Easter Vigil a booklet of the
entire celebration in English will be provided. Also for the both Passion readings a version in
English will be available.

The schedule is as follows:
  * March 27th: Palm Sunday Eve. Blessing of the palms, procession and Holy Mass in English at
  5 PM.
  * March 28th: Palm Sunday. Blessing of the palms, procession and Holy Mass at 10 AM. The
  Passion is read.
  * March 30th, Tuesday. Confessions, morning from 9 to 12, afternoon from 3 to 8. If this time is
  not convenient for you, please call to arrange for other time.
  * April 01st: Holy Thursday. Mass of the Last Supper (with washing of feet) at 5 PM.
  * April 02nd: Good Friday. Liturgy of the Cross at 5 PM: Reading of the Passion, Adoration of the
  Cross, Universal Prayer, Holy Communion -no Mass.
  * April 03rd: Holy Saturday. Nothing during the day. Easter Vigil at 8 PM. Expect some two
  hours of service. Liturgy of the Fire, seven readings from the Old Testament plus St. Paul and the
  Gospel, Liturgy of the Baptism (Baptism of one adult will take place), Liturgy of the Eucharist.
  This is the most important celebration of the year.
  * April 04th: Easter Sunday. Mass at 10 AM.

Feel free to contact Fr. Juan Carlos for any question you might have: 90 7709320. May you have a
blessed Holy Week!

RCC of St. Joseph

                                    For a Limited Time only....
                                   FRESH HOT CROSS BUNS
 1 dozen for 30 TJS, Made to order and delivered to your door, Call: Sevara 918-23-67-50 (Tajik and

Passover is coming soon and I am looking for people to celebrate this important celebration with.
Please contact me at 935-700-732 or email me at

                                                                                         11/2010 - WOID
                              What’s on in Dushanbe
                                      MEDICAL SERVICES
                               PROSPEKT MEDICAL DUSHANBE
                              Tajikistan's only European Staffed clinic.

Opening Times during:       8.00 - 16.30 Mon-Fri
                            8.00 - 16.00 Sa-Su
                           Please contact reception on + 992 37 7019000
                           E-mail:           Web:
We do:
 Insurance medicals
 Direct billing with insurance - for emergency care only
 All types of visa medicals
 Vaccinations (travel and children)
 According to Law all cooks employed by international agencies, ministries, NGOs etc. require a
  valid, current Sanitary Epidemiology Booklet. Please check if your employed cook(s) have this
  booklet. If not, medical examination will be required.
 Physical medical examinations before joining health or fitness clubs
 Varilrix (Chickenpox) vaccine (this vaccine can be given from 12 months of age onwards).
 Counseling available
 Preschool medical examination

                                                                                      11/2010 - WOID
                                What’s on in Dushanbe
                                      WEEKLY GATHERINGS

  Goulya‟s Outdoor                                             SALSA DANCING
                                                    Salsa Dancing Lessons - One more week only!
Dear hikers,
                                                    Join us Tuesday and Thursday, March 23 and
This Sunday, March 28, we are hoping for            25 for the last two salsa dancing lessons at
sunny weather and happy to invite you to the        Padida Theatre!
Lilia Falls, named last spring after Lilia due to   If you haven't been to any of the classes yet,
her famous fall in the river. It‘s situated in     you are missing out! We start with the basic
East direction from Dushanbe, in one of the         beginner lessons at 7:15 and move into more
nice small valleys in Romit. The way is 60 km       complex combinations at 8:15. You do not
by city car (about1 hour). We leave the cars at     need to bring a partner or have any experience
the village and walk along a small river about      to join us.
5-6 km (1.5 – 2 hours) till the nice place for
lunch with waterfall nearby.                        Padida Theatre is just behind the POXAT
We will stop for rest and lunch and come back       (Rohat) Teahouse near the intersection of
by the same way, so there is also possibility to    Rudaki and Somoni Ave. There is no charge
stop in the middle of the route and to enjoy        for the lessons, but we ask for a donation of
reading, meditating or just relaxing, waiting for   20som per person each night. All donations
the rest of the group to get their portion of       will benefit local charities.
We will leave the city at 10.00 am and return at    If you have any questions, please email us at
about 4.00 pm.                            
You should take some food, water, a cup for
tea or coffee, camera, and etc. We will
provide guiding, coffee, tea, cookies, beautiful
landscapes, wonderful views for taking pictures
and good mood.
We'll meet at 10.00 at the crossroads of Rudaki
and Karamova streets (near the Agriculture
University), in front of billiard "Zvezdnaya
noch". Transportation can be provided but cost
extra. If you are ready to join our group, please
let us know by mobile phone – 93 5050567
(Artyom). See you on Sunday, Goulya.

                                                                                       11/2010 - WOID
                                 What’s on in Dushanbe
                                 Hooray for The Hash House Harriers

                      The Dushanbe Hash House          includes some planned misdirection, takes about an
                      Harriers is a registered         hour to navigate. The run is followed by a Hash
                      chapter of the Hash House        House Harriers' roasting and toasting circle. The
                      Harriers, the world's most       circle is infamous for its outlandish traditions and
                      eccentric running club. There    bawdy songs. So, the Hash Grandmaster advises
are Hash House Harriers' kennels in virtually every    that you bring a sense of humor (and a grain of salt)
major city in the world. What is it? A Hash House      when you come out. The hash is open to all
Harriers' run is a game, a paper chase, created on     comers.
the theme of hare and hounds. The sport of mock        PS -- If you have half a mind to Hash then that's
hunting is no doubt as old as humanity, but the        enough. Well, that and 30 Somoni, which will buy
Hash House version traces it's roots to Kuala          you beer and a light meal -- as well as all the fun
Lumpur, Malaysia in 1938. It was founded by            you can tolerate.
British businessmen. Find a brief history here:        NB: Although billed as a "Drinking Club with a       Running Problem" there is a solid walking
The game is played out like this: The hounds           contingent in the DHHH. So telescope your
(harriers) follow a trail marked clearly on the        walking stick and stagger out here. And...soft
ground by the hares, usually with shredded paper.      drinks are always available for the wimps and
The four or five kilometer pre-set circuit, which      drivers among us.
                            This Week's Hash - Run Number 280 -
                                        Teabag For Two
                               *******ALL CAR CALL******
                         Beer Factory: Fifteen Hundred Hours (3:00 PM)
                                          The Rundown
Meeting Time: 3:00 PM, March 27th, 2010
Meeting Place: Beer Factory

Hares: Teabagger, No-Name Marina, A** Fondler
Host: Teabagger & Family

Directions: The Beer Factory is on the Northeast quadrant of the circle found at the intersection of
Shotimur and Druzhbah Narodiv. Drivers note that Shotimur is impassable due to construction.
Approach the circle from the north via the road that runs north and south east of Turzenzade (past the
brick factory) as a left onto Shotimur from Turzenzade is forbidden. Access from the south is
unimpeded. Confused? Let Fla5her confuse you further: My new cell number: 985808070
The Pitch: <<<ALL CAR CALL>>> Teabagger and Fondler promise a romp in the hills with NN
Marina west of the city. On In at Teabagger's Tapjan.
And.... The DH3 sincerely spanks in advance Baloney, Fondler and the Devil Dogs for snagging the
Pivo and getting it cold.
NB: Check out the newly revamped DH3 website with fresh pix, run write ups and more!

Spanks also to Web Monkey A** Fondler for the Web Work.

On On

The Flasher

                                                                                             11/2010 - WOID
                               What’s on in Dushanbe
                              Enjoy exquisite Food & Beverage offers
                                  from Hyatt Regency Dushanbe

Happy Easter

Join us for Easter Sunday Brunch on April 04, in Focaccia Grill from 12:30 to 16:00
TJS 145* per person
*inclusive of soft drinks, juice, water, coffee and tea
Children under six free of charge / up to twelve 50% discount

Dine at Home with Hyatt

Experience a culinary journey at home and let us do the work.
Indulge yourself with Chef Thomas specially created Easter menu with your family and friends.*
 24 hours prior order and pick up from Focaccia Grill kitchen.
Terms and conditions apply.


Weekend Breakfast at Hyatt

Indulge yourself with family and friends with an American Breakfast buffet every weekend from
06:00 to 10:00 in Focaccia Grill.
TJS 75 per person
Children up to 6 years old – free
From six to twelve years old – 50% discount

Buy One get One Free

Treat yourself in The Bar and The Lounge every day from 18:00 to 21:00 with a wide selection* of
signature cocktails, spirits, wines, beers and soft drinks.
*promotion is applicable only as ―buy one get one free‖ inclusive of cocktails, standard spirits,
sparkling wine, wines, beers, soft drinks, coffee and tea

Please call us at +992 43 377 1234 for further information or reservation.


                                                                                        11/2010 - WOID
                              What’s on in Dushanbe

                             To2        Dushanbe, Tajikistan         224-4908, 904000617
                                        3 Loik Sherali St. 

Learn from the comfort of your home or office 24 hours a day/7 days a week
General English, 6 levels, low beginner to high advanced
Special English: Business English, IT English, Hospitality English, Medical/Health English
TOEFL Prep: $150
GMAT Prep: 320 Great Britain pounds, GMAT Crash Course: 75 pounds, GMAT Quiz Bank: 120
GRE Prep: 295 pounds, GRE Crash Course: 60 pounds, GRE Quiz Bank: 95 pounds
LSAT Prep: 295 pounds, LSAT Crash Course: 75 pounds
Additional Online Test Prep Courses: MCAT, SAT, UKCAT, BMAT, USMLE, Nursing, PCAT,
Microsoft Office Training
Coming soon: Bachelor‘s and Master‘s from western universities online, including UK MBA in
Russian, hundreds of short courses in English and Russian from 20 minutes to 5 hours covering many
subject areas, including business and management, soft skills, engineering, IT and so on.
European University campus in Kazakhstan. Earn a western Bachelor‘s degree from a western
university, but at lower prices. European University Kazakhstan 3-year Bachelor‘s degrees, tuition
$3,000/year, course in Russian.
English in US, UK, Canada
Chinese in China

                                   TEST SESSION IN DUSHANBE
We are pleased to announce that those who wish to take the IELTS test will have the opportunity to do
it in Dushanbe. For more information please visit to find out more about IELTS, to find
your nearest test centre and to find out which organizations recognize IELTS score. IELTS is jointly
owned by The British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and University of Cambridge ESOL
For further information about the test session in Dushanbe please contact:
Address: #22-a Vtoroy Proezd Azizbekova street,vtoroy proyezd
Tel: 2270213,2210302

                                                                                           11/2010 - WOID
                                 What’s on in Dushanbe

   Marydean Purves is trying to locate her        Used Bicycles
    copy of the book Muslim Youth in                «Little Earth» - Used Bicycles. The local
    Tajikistan: Tensions and Transitions by           youth environmental organization is
    Colette Harris. If you are the reader, could      looking for your contribution! Today
    you please call to return it?                     organization implemented a number of
                                                      small scale projects devoted to energy
 House                                                saving and promotion of renewable energy
 Expat couple is searching small renovated           sources in few remote communities. Many
   house with nice garden in Dushanbe for rent        of      which         don‘t    have      phone
   for one to two years starting from 1. April        communication, access to electricity and
   2010. We would also consider to share              other common services. Our NGO is
   housing in a larger place with other expats.       closely cooperating with local initiative
   Please contact Beate at           groups or NGO and trying to help to
   or by mobile at 92 770 73 54.                      improve        their    capacity.     Due    to
                                                      geographical         location     and    living
 Baby Items                                           conditions, means of transportation
 Baby items wanted for purchase: baby crib           became a crucial issue for further
   with adjustable mattress height (drop side         development of activities of our local
   preferred) and stationary                          partner. But bicycles can change the
   entertainer/exersaucer. Also interested in         situation! Activists of local groups can do
   outdoor play equipment or patio furniture          much more in terms of mobilizing and
   for small children. Please contact Jennifer        encouraging communities by visiting
   at                          people more often and frequently. We are
                                                      looking for your gratuitous contribution! If
Nanny                                                 you have a bicycle and leave Tajikistan -
 We are looking for two Russian Speaking             now you can donate your bicycle to ―Little
   nannies: One for two girls of 6 years old          Earth‖ and we will provide it to the
   and 4 years old. and other one for two boys        ―agents of changes‖ on the local level!
   of 12 y.o. and 10 y.o. Mo-Fri – from 14.00         This environmentally-friendly transport
   to 18.00. Contact: 918 178 762 (Nigina)            can make a difference!
                                                      Please contact us: ―Little Earth‖ - Timur
Apartment                                             Idrisov, executive director
 Expat family of 2 will rent a nice         or
  renovated apartment in the center city for
  long term. Please send you offers                   * ―Little Earth‖ was formed in 1997 by a                               group of young activists.
                                                      This is a voluntary, self-steered, non-
Language Partners                                     commercial, ―green‖
 I am looking for German, Swiss or                   organization. In December 2007
   Austrian friends for practising my                 organization reformed, got the new
   German. It can also be a tandem Russian-           registration and name - ―Little Earth‖
   German for those who want to improve               (Previous name – ―For the Earth‖).
   their Russian. My native tongue is Russian.
   Phone:. 918 699770. E-mail:

                                                                                 11/2010 - WOID
                               What’s on in Dushanbe


 DARI/ FARSI TEACHER AVAILABLE                     Teaching Russian in English Students will
  I am a native Dari speaker, with good              be approached individually, the teaching
  experience teaching both oral and written          may include basic conversational language
  language; individual or group lessons;             or if the students desire they would be given
  reasonable rates negotiable; Contact me            an opportunity to master their Russian by
  (Basir) at 919 668316.                             scrutinizing Russian classic literature.
 Russian Language Course
  I am a professional linguist/translator,          Russian for everybody. Practical Russian
  experienced in teaching of foreigners              for beginners. The purpose of the course is
  (Codest International S.r.l., Chemonics            to teach the student to speak on everyday
  International Inc., Busi Impianti Spa,             and cultural subjects, to read intermediate-
  Embassy of Turkey etc). I provide private          level Russian texts with a dictionary and to
  lessons of Russian. Recommendations are            continue studying Russian independently
  available upon request.                            afterwards.
  The course is designed for intermediate
  learners. The aim of the course is to help the    Teacher of Persian language and art
  students to grasp one of the most important        (drawing painting , design ). I'm an Iranian
  points of Russian grammar – the so-called          woman in Dushanbe. I am able to teach
  ―verbs of motion‖ and to illustrate they way       Persian language and my specialty is that I
  the function in modern Russian.                    write short story in Persian and I have some
  Should you be interested, please, mailto:          good knowledge in old Persian literature . I,                               used to work in Khalil Allah Khalili library                              in Dushanbe to help to publish old Persian
                                                     books. I have given private Persian lessons
 Teacher of Russian, Tajik, Uzbek                   for foreigner in Dushanbe, from France or
  available. 15 years experience teaching            US. I am also an Industrial designer and I'm
  foreigners in Dushanbe, clients included           able to teach drawing, painting lessen and I
  UNDP, embassies and many INGO‘s.                   have given art lessen in International school
  Lessons can include conversational                 (QSI ) In Dushanbe and in the Bactria
  practice, reading, grammar and exercises.          Center .I love to teach art and also its my
  Able to travel to offices and to houses for        pleasure to teach Persian to the people who
  lessons – as wished. Why not arrange an            are interested in this language. Able to
  informal meeting to discuss possible               travel to houses for lessons. 919681530.
  arrangements?      Telephone       Resolat,        email: 
  Mobile : 918 62 70 16. House :2-24 66 93
  (Speaks some English to talk on the               Russian/English Language Instructor The
  telephone.)                                        qualified, experienced, professional and
                                                     flexible Instructor of English and Russian
 Learn to PLAY PIANO easy and fun with              Languages. I have a MA in Linguistics and
  an experienced (teacher of music and               International Cultural Relations and I am
  singing with teacher education) female             working for International Language School
  tutor. Russian/Tajik speaking tel 2365956.         as the English/Russian Languages Instructor.
  Mobile phone 919649484.                            I would like to offer private classes of
                                                     English/Russian languages for elementary
                                                     and intermediate level students to
                                                                               11/2010 - WOID
                               What’s on in Dushanbe
   communicate foreign language in real life               Russian/English literature, history or art I
   situations successfully. I apply effective and          would like to offer reading and discussion
   modern methods of teaching to develop                   classes on miscellaneous cultural subjects to
   speaking skills and to help students to take            make the language process more varied and
   an active approach to learning.             In          exciting. English classes for specific
   accordance with your aims or needs, I can               purposes (business, medical, technical etc.)
   make an individual syllabus (course                     are available, too. Flexible schedule of
   program) to teach basic grammar, enlarge                classes at your office or house. Please feel
   your vocabulary or to improve reading and               free to contact Regina at 907 800 688 or
   pronunciation skills. If you are interested in          mailto:


 Freelance translation                              Qualified       interpreter/translator    with
  (Russian/Tajik/English/Persian).                    substantial work experience in international
  Mobile No: 918501550 Ali, email:                    organizations and embassies provides the,                               following      services:      Translation   of                       documents from Russian to English and vice
                                                      versa, synchronized and consecutive
 Translator/interpreter available, French-           interpretation both from Russian and
  Russian-English,             English. Area of services includes but is not
  Traductions écrites, consécutives et                limited to: conferences, roundtables, high-
  simultanées entre langues suivantes :               profile meetings, technical, strategic and
  Français, Russe et Anglais, écrire à                conceptual papers and personal visits. The                              Interpreter possesses solid level of Tajik and
  Cell phone +992.91.9697513                          may supply Tajik-English and vice versa
                                                      translation and interpretation services as
 Professional translation, interpretation skills     well in less official/formal environment. For
  from English to Tajik and Russian and vice          further information please call: (+992)
  versa. Ability to professionally translate          918648472 or email at:
  financial and accountancy documents Above           Notice: The announcement above is the
  15 years working experience with                    subject for any further circulation within
  international organizations contact email:          NGOs and Embassies phone - 918-729055 (m)
  after 17:00.                                       A qualified and experienced translator
                                                      makes oral and written translations from
 I am an interpreter with six years of               three languages English, Russian, Tajik. 9
  professional experience in a US Government          years of experience from UK and holder of
  organization. I provide interpreting and a          MA‘s from Sussex University and SOAS,
  full range of written translation services in       London, UK. Tell: 93 561 1040
  Russian and English.          I have done
  simultaneous translation for ambassadors,          Professional translation (from/to English-
  ministers, press-conferences and multi-             Russian-Tajik). All types of documents.
  national trainings. Should you be interested,       Translation services for seminars, meetings
  call 917 11 5543            and all types of events.            e-mail:
                                             mob.: 91-905-31-

                                                                                     11/2010 - WOID
                              What’s on in Dushanbe
                                    Babysitting Housekeeper

 An experienced 'nanny' and 'house cleaner'          she's great with kids and works with kids
  Zulya is looking for a job in foreign families      program at her church. She is a Christian
  in Dushanbe. If interested please phone at:         and her preference is to work with Christian
  93 502-32-02 (cell).                                families, though is willing to work with
                                                      others. I'll miss her friendship and hard work
 If you need a good baby sitter, you can             when we move! Speaks Russian, Tajik,
  contact Zebo who has worked as a babysitter         Uzbek and understands some English. Call
  for a period of nine months. She is a very          Guljahon at: 935294009. For a reference you
  good, sweet and attentive baby sitter and a         can      email
  trustworthy person.       Zebo can also             (English only).
  do housekeeping work very well and
  quickly. We moved now to France and I             Help needed with Housework? Gulnora
  would highly recommend Zebo for                    offers services for cooking (European and
  babysitting and housework. Zebo can be             Tajik cuisine), washing and house cleaning.
  reached at 2246863 or 917 013720. Please           Experienced with expatriate staff (Save the
  feel free to contact me at the following e-        Children etc.). Please contact Gulnora.
  mail address shall you have any questions at       Home: 2-24-45-13 Mobile: 917-25-22-30
                                                    Young and energetic lady is looking for job
 Part time Housekeeper/babysitter: Guljahon         as a housekeeper /cleaning lady/ cook. Just
  is super friendly and very self sufficient at      returned from Prague where worked in
  housework including food prep, full service        families. Speaks Russian/Czek/ Tajik (some
  house cleaning, laundry (even cloth                English).     Polite, accurate, fast and
  diapers!), etc. Follows instructions very          experienced. Contact tel. 907 53 72 24
  well. Also willing to help with childcare,

 Driver     TAXI Toyota 24-hour available            programming in MSSQL; hands-on
  in Weekend in other days after 7 P.M.+              knowledge and experience in network and
  Guide, Guard, Translator Tel: 98 109 02             MS server management; outstanding
  47 E-mail:                       understanding of a scope of works of an IT
                                                      system. Contact Alexey Rajabov at:
 Guard      Rasul Kurbonnazarov looking for          935066837 or
  work as security guard, gardener, driver,
  language instructor, telephone 224-16-05          Engineer Experienced engineer, after
  cell phone 918-84-68-58, graduate of Tajik         studies in Germany will repair your electric
  State Pedagogic University, English                systems or install equipment, can also work
  department, fluent in Uzbek ,Tajik, Russian,       as a plumber. Languages Russian, Tajik,
  and English. 4 years experience as security        German. Quality guaranteed.
  guard/gardener for CENTCOM Planning                Call 93 5150100 Jamshed.
  team. Proficient in Judo and Boxing.

 IT Expert Highly talented and hard
  working Tajik IT expert is looking for a job
  in an international organization/project. He
  possesses strong experience in Tax
  Committee IT system; practical experience
  in web-design and programming; excellent
  understanding of database design and
                                                                                11/2010 - WOID
                               What’s on in Dushanbe
  Please note that “What‟s on” team can change style of your text and remove big pictures if it
                                       will be necessary
       Do not forget to ask us to remove your advertisement if succeed in selling the item

Neopren soft bag for Notebook, 18", for sale. Brand new, still in original package. Call Friedhelm
Fischer, German Embassy, 907771061.

New laptop, Lenova. Recently brought from abroad
. Contact :


Land cruiser -100, 2007 year, Black color, Fuel, Automatic transmission, European manufacture,
40.000km, 8 cylinders, 4,7 engine, driven only in town in perfect condition.
Please call 93 5050089 (eng); 93 5055569 (Russian, Tajik)

TEL : 918 58 00 48

CONTACT 935058792

                           Niva Vaz 21213, LOT Number 04
Vehicle model            VAZ 21213
Vehicle type             4WD, Petrol Engine
Engine capacity          1.7l
Engine number            8408040
Chassis number           1802099
Year of production       2006
Mileage (in Kms)         103348
Colour                   White
Accessories package      Jack, spare wheel, spare key, basic repair tools
(included in sale)
Starting price      4200, 00 US Dollars
Deposit amount      100, 00 US Dollars
                                                                                    11/2010 - WOID
                               What’s on in Dushanbe
The vehicle had recently a repair of front and rear axles, renewed chassis parts and engine
maintained, for detailed information please contact Sr. Driver (Belozerov Yuriy at 93 572
Presently this vehicle has a temporary customs clearance. Upon registering off the
Diplomatic Services of the MFA which will be carried out by IOM, the Buyer should
provide the customs clearance independently. Hence, it is the responsibility of the Buyer
to perform official customs formalities of the vehicle. IOM will not be held responsible
towards any claims and liability of any nature or kind relating to and arising from,
directly or indirectly, this sale.

The vehicle will be sold on the best price manner. The bids must be offered in a sealed envelop which
should contain applicant‘s name, LOT number, deposit and the quoting price. Matching bids shall be a
subject of further auction.
Physical checks of the vehicle are possible in the office anytime during working hours/days with the
assistance of the Sr. Driver.
Please forward your offers to the IOM Office at 22a Azizbekov Street, Vtoroy Proezd, Dushanbe
before March 30, 2010 (17.00 local time), offers provided after the fixed deadline is not applicable.

                                        Fitness Club Olympic
We kindly offer you and your colleagues to purchase membership cards of Fitness Club Olympic, which is
situated on the first floor of the Business center ‗Sozidanie‘, 48 Aini str.
                                                                                          11/2010 - WOID
                                    What’s on in Dushanbe
   Fitness club Olympic is a center provide whole range of fitness services on high level. These services include
   training gym with modern equipment, group lessons in a fitness hall, swimming pool and Jacuzzi, massage
   therapy, comfortable checkrooms with saunas. Besides, club provides a set of additional services – fitness bar,
   individual trainings, design of individual training program, etc.
   Olympic is an ideal place for those who value their time – we did not commit a mistake of most of the clubs
   observed today. A handy system of membership cards will allow you to care for your health, relieve from stress
   and remain fit without causing inconveniences to your everyday business. You can visit the club any day of a
   week (except Sunday) and any convenient for you time.
   Attached you will find detailed information on membership types and prices. We offer you special prices which
   are in effect only until opening. The number of club cards is limited.
   Address: Business center ‗Sozidnie‘, 1st floor
   Phone#: 600 86 00, 600 87 00 Email:

   Fitness, Taekwondo, Taibo, Kickboxing!
   If you want to be on shape or start new sport you can choose among Fitness, Taibo, Taekwondo,
   Kickboxing. The classes are a fun way to exercise, lose weight and get out the frustrations of the
   day, while learning basic of techniques! Beginners are welcome. Your coach will be World
   Champion, Champion of Asia, and Champion of World on Kickboxing. Sessions can be scheduled
   upon your request at the Tae Kwondo Centre, Bohtar 25, behind the Pizza Shop and Eric Krause.
   English speaking coach. For information, call Tyuryaev Daler (coach) - 918 61 93 11

   Relaxing, Therapeutic, and Anti-cellulite Massage Certified masseur (about 10 years of practice)
   offers Therapeutic, Relaxing, and Anti-cellulite Massage: whole body, back (osteochondrosis), neck-
   shoulder zone, etc. She works at client's home at a convenient time.
   Please call 919-35-78-14 and ask Dasha (speaks Russian and little English).

Hatha Yoga in Dushanbe!                 Yoga classes at the Indian         Pranam Yoga Studio is now
Hatha Yoga in Dushanbe! Private            Cultural     Centre       every  open!
and semi-private (2 people) lessons        Wednesday and Saturday. For      I am excited to be offering yoga
available Fridays, Saturdays, and          timing     and     registration  courses in Dushanbe for anyone
Sundays at a time of your                  contact embassy of India         interested in more than just a physical
convenience. Also, there is still          Embassy of India: 2213988 or     exercise. I am a certified Yoga
space in the multi-level group class,      2217172                  email:  Instructor offering Traditional Hatha,
                                                                            Vinyasa, Core and power yoga classes.
held every Sunday                
                                                                            Pass the word to the yoga enthusiast
afternoon from 3:00 to 4:30 pm. I          and                              you love. To receive a class schedule
will be able to offer various options          and to be included in our class roster,
for your practice based on your            Please note that all classes at  please contact me at
experience with yoga, so everyone          the Cultural Centre are free of Classes are
from the absolute beginner to the          charge.                          scheduled early morning, mid-day, and
experiened yogi should feel                                                 evening to suit any schedule. Private
welcome to join. Please contact me,                                         and group lessons may be arranged.
Emilia, for more details at                                                 Look forward to hearing from you! I look                                           Tolkyn Martin
forward to hearing from you!
                                        Pranam Yoga.
   For RENT
   Dear Subscribers WOID team kindly is asking you in case you have bad experience with any of the
    services offered below to send us a note. We would like to have your feedback as we do not check
                                                                                                   11/2010 - WOID
                               What’s on in Dushanbe
 those services ourselves and only are following recommendations and requests to put the advert.

                           contact us by email!


4 rooms apartment is available for immediate rent. Based on 3rd floor of newly build compound of
buildings behind teahouse Rohat and President palace. Compound always supplied with water,
electricity, gas, heartening. Security 24 hours, car park. Apartment is fully renovated and very nicely
refurbished with nice leather furniture, Persian carpets, LCD Tvs. Two phone lines available, internet
connected, wi-fi installed. Please call 93 5050089 (eng), 93 5003393 (Russian, Tajik).

2 - room apartment located in the centre of Dushanbe on the 2nd floor (next to Orima supermarket
located near the Opera House). Fully furnished with stable electricity and water, for long term.
If you are interested, please call (95) 1663474.

1 B/R apartment for immediate rental
 - 2nd floor, fully furnished and equipped,
  recently refurbished in eurostandards,
- near Paikar-supermarket
- rent $ 600/month for a long term
- please contact for further details and view: Saodat 918 614 167

Flat : Started from 10-th March, 2010, for long period of time ,total square 90 m2 , after major
repairs , in 4-th flour brick House : 3 living room , kitchen , restroom ( toilet) and bathroom
separately , 2 - balcony Location - district Ismail Somoni , 4-th bas- stop started from bas-
stop " Restaurant (choihona) Rohat " sideways to Medical University , the house is on Ismail
Somoni Avenue. There are 3 living rooms: 1-st room - slipping furniture , bed for 2 person 2-nd
room -sofa, 2 armchair , tv- flat screen - diagonal - 100 sm , receiver , plate - Europe, conditioner -
winter-summer 3-rd room - big table , 6 chair , conditioner Bathroom - water heater , laundry
washer- automat Kitchen - kitchen furniture, electro oven, gas oven , Electricity full time , water
full time plus personal water pump , city telephone
Price 500 usd/ monthly In case of your interest , please write e -mail to address or by mob + 992 93 5051419 Best Regards , Rostam Rakhmatov

                                                                                           11/2010 - WOID
                               What’s on in Dushanbe

     Please note that What‟s On reserves the right to refuse any job vacancy announcement
                          the publishers feel is age/sex discriminatory

                              JOB VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT

                                       U.S. Embassy in Dushanbe
                             JOB VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT – 10/03
The U.S. Embassy in Dushanbe is hiring a Security Investigator. Security Investigator assists the
Regional Security Office in performance of all security-related functions. As a Security Investigator
assists Regional Security Officer (RSO) in conducting background investigations of the prospective
local employees, other security investigations as necessary, and maintains liaison with the local law
enforcement and security authorities pertaining to US Government Mission‘s security. Assist with the
liaison in criminal investigations involving American citizens.

NOTE: All applicants MUST complete NARRATIVE SUPPLEMENTAL FORM in order to
provide detailed supporting evidence that he/she meets all of the following qualification
requirements. Applicants who do not submit a completed supplemental narrative form will not
be considered for this position. To view the complete job vacancy announcement and download
the Narrative Supplemental form, please visit U.S. Embassy internet site at:

   1.     College-level degree is required.
   2.     Minimum of two years experience in investigative work with military, police, or private
          security organizations.
    3.    Level III (good working knowledge) in written and spoken English and Level IV (fluency)
          in written and spoken Tajik and/or Russian is required.
    4.    Must have a good working knowledge of local civil, administrative and criminal legislation.
          Knowledge of Tajik law enforcement and security structure and hierarchy is essential.
    5.    Ability to report facts accurately. Ability to distinguish between conclusions and facts.
          Ability to work independently with minimal or no supervision while interacting with Tajik
          and US Government officials. Must possess official driver's license with at least two years of
          driving experience (driving test will be provided).
Interested applicants should submit a current resume (curriculum vitae) plus any other
documentation (e.g., essays, certificates, awards, copies of degrees earned) along with the completed
Narrative Supplemental form that addresses the qualification requirements listed above at:
                                         U.S. Embassy Dushanbe
                                     Attn: Human Resources Office
                                            109A Somoni Ave.

The deadline for application is March 28, 2010.
 Applications and documents presented become the property of the Embassy and will not be returned.
Successful candidates, who meet the criteria for this position, will be called and invited for an

                                                                                          11/2010 - WOID
                               What’s on in Dushanbe
                              JOB VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT

                            JOB VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT – 10/08(B)
The U.S. Embassy in Dushanbe is hiring a Police Advisor, FSN-11. The Senior Police Advisor (the
Advisor) will serve as a senior police expert on the full range of law enforcement issues including
trafficking in persons, anti-money laundering, community policing, emergency response, civil
disorder, counternarcotics, and stabilization and reconstruction activities in Tajikistan. The Advisor
would provide the technical law enforcement expertise to the International Narcotics and Law
Enforcement Officer and other members of the Country Team for activities aimed at improving
Tajikistan‘s capacities to provide law enforcement services to its population. The incumbent will play
a key role in program development and would play a critical role in in-house program implementation
and oversight of implementing contractors. The Advisor will report to the International Narcotics and
Law Enforcement Officer.

NOTE: All applicants MUST complete NARRATIVE SUPPLEMENTAL FORM in order to
provide detailed supporting evidence that he/she meets all of the following qualification
requirements. Applicants who do not submit a completed supplemental narrative form will not
be considered for this position. To view the complete job vacancy announcement and download
the Narrative Supplemental form, please visit U.S. Embassy internet site at:
   1.    University degree in law enforcement, justice, law, foreign languages, or the humanities.
   2.    At least 10 years experience in law enforcement operations, management, organizational
         development, planning and/or training.
         Experience working with the UN or other international organizations overseas in a police
         advisor or related position.
         Minimum of one year of prior supervisory experience in law enforcement is required.
   3.    Fluency (Level IV) in written and spoken English is required.
   4.    Knowledge of police development in an international environment. MS Office package

Additional Selection Criteria:
    - Must be a U.S. citizen to be eligible for Top Secret clearance.
Interested applicants should submit a current resume (curriculum vitae) plus any other
documentation (e.g., essays, certificates, awards, copies of degrees earned) along with the completed

Narrative Supplemental form that addresses the qualification requirements listed above at:
                                   U.S. Embassy Dushanbe
                               Attn: Human Resources Office
                                     109A Somoni Ave.


The deadline for application is March 29, 2010.
Applications and documents presented become the property of the Embassy and will not be returned.
Successful candidates, who meet the criteria for this position, will be called and invited for an

                                                                                         11/2010 - WOID
                               What’s on in Dushanbe
                              JOB VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT

Oxfam Great Britain is an International Humanitarian agency working in Tajikistan since 2001
addressing the Poverty issues in the region through an integrated intervention on livelihood security,
public health, and disaster risk reduction by tackling problems associated with food security, water,
sanitation, disaster preparedness, health and hygiene for poor people in Khatlon region. Oxfam GB is
looking to recruit a Project Administration Assistant for its Water Supply and Sanitation project in
Tajikistan funded by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation:

Project Administration Assistant based in Dushanbe

Key Responsibilities

      Prepare all documentation associated with the appointment of consultants (Terms of
       Reference, Consultancy Agreements etc)
      Preparing contracts, memorandum‘s of understanding and agreements with partners
      Meetings and event coordination including booking of venues/meeting rooms, distributing
       agendas, taking and distribution of minutes.
      Supervise all travel arrangements for staff and visitors associated with the project, including
       visas arrangements, accommodation, transportation and dissemination of appropriate
       information, i.e. security guidelines and contact numbers.
      Oversee the maintenance and data inputting of relevant information into the project database,
       Oxfam‘s Programme Management Information system (OPAL) and paper management
      Oversee information storage and paper management systems for the TajWSS project ensuring
       accurate record keeping and archiving.

Skills and Competencies

      Fluency in English, Tajik and Russian (written & verbal) is essential
      Excellent written and verbal communication skills
      Working knowledge of MS Office applications (Word, Excel and Power Point)
      Good organisational and administrative skills and the ability to prioritise competing priorities,
       meeting deadlines and dealing with multi-tasking
      Attention to detail, order, method, and completion are important as is the willingness to take
       responsibility for seeing things through to the end, and anticipating what will need to be done.
      Experience in staff management
      Commitment to Oxfam GB‘s values and aims

 CV and cover letter with detailed explanation of the reasons to apply for this job and how applicants
    meet each of the essential requirements must be submitted to Oxfam‘s Dushanbe Office at 53
                  Buzurgzoda Street, or by e-mail to:
                  Only short-listed applicants will be contacted for an interview!
  Oxfam is striving to be an equal opportunity employer and therefore encourages applications from
                                      women and the disabled.
                                 Duration: until December 31, 2012
                           Closing date for applications March 26th, 2010

                                                                                            11/2010 - WOID
                                What’s on in Dushanbe
                               JOB VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT

Job Title:                      IT System Administrator/Web Designer
Type of Contract:               Service Contract
Duration:                       Initial contract of 3 months (probationary), extendable
Duty Station:                   Dushanbe
Deadline for applications: 26th March 2010 – 17:00
Under the overall supervision of the FAO Coordinator for Tajikistan and close consultation with the
National Project Officer and Admin Officer at the Coordination Unit and Project Managers, the IT
System Administrator/Web Designer will assist the Coordination and Project Offices to maintain the
efficient operation of the IT equipment and visibility of FAO projects in Tajikistan through the web
page. In performing the above tasks, the incumbent will use his/her own initiative and judgment,
observe confidentiality at all times and travel as required under the prevailing conditions. Tasks
required will include but not limited to:
IT system
-   Bare the responsibility for maintenance of IT equipment, hardware and software systems in FAO
-   Provide consultations to FAO staff on proper use of the IT equipment;
-   Routine audit, timely upgrade and technical maintenance of the FAO email server;
-   Control over the internet connection and troubleshooting of the shortcomings occurred;
-   Applying operating system updates and configuration changes;
-   Installing and configuring new hardware and software on the office PCs;
-   Adding, removing, or updating user account information, resetting passwords, etc;
-   Troubleshooting any reported problems;
-   System performance tuning and keeping the network up and running;
-   Arrange for repair of all IT equipment;
Web page
-   Maintaining and regularly updating the FAO web page;
-   Liaising closely with FAO Management and projects at the design stage and reflecting the
    recommendations provided in the web page structure and content;
-   Producing a design that will be attractive to the target user, has a logical navigation system and has
    all the features required;
-   Writing web pages in a combination of codes, such as HTML and XHTML, CSS, Java Script,
    Action Script, Cold Fusion, .Net, Flash, or using code-generating programs, such as Dream
    Weaver and Visual Studio;
-   Deciding on how images and other material will be digitally optimized and presented for the web;
-   Ensuring that material on the web site is accessible and functional for use by all levels of external
    clients on all types of systems;
-   Testing the site for functionality in different browsers and at different resolutions;
-   Fixing errors;
-   Perform other related duties as required.
Recruitment Qualifications
Education and work experience: Bachelor‘s degree in IT, Graphic Design, or similar discipline is
required. Equivalent skill gained through experience coupled with 3+ years of experience in IT
systems support and web design across multiple browsers or an equivalent combination of education
(supported by relevant certifications) and experience sufficient to successfully perform the essential
duties of the job as listed above may be considered in lieu of education; A minimum of three years
extensive working experience;

                                                                                            11/2010 - WOID
                              What’s on in Dushanbe
Other qualifications: Demonstrated knowledge of LINEX is required; Demonstrated knowledge of
web design applications is required; The candidate should be experienced in support Microsoft
products; Must have a strong familiarity with PC hardware, software and peripherals in a Windows
NT environment; Ability to work as a member of a team with a customer-oriented mindset.
Language Requirements: Candidate must be fluent in English, Russian and Tajik;
CV and concise letter of interest should be addressed to Mr. Nassim Jawad, FAO Coordinator, and
sent to with copy to with the subject line IT System
Administrator/Web Designer. Application may also be deposited in the designated locked box at
37/1 Bokhtar Str., to be addressed to FAO Coordinator in a sealed envelope clearly indicating the job
FAO is an equal opportunity organization and therefore, female professionals are encouraged to
apply for this position.

                              JOB VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT

QSI International School of Dushanbe is looking for a substitute teacher. The opening is for this
month, March, beginning March 9. Please contact Lois Bridenback at 224 5955 or 935 005 491 or by
e-mail at

                              JOB VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT

GREETINGS DEAR LANGUAGE MASTERS!!! The following full/part-time vacancies are available
in our Language Center "POLYGLOT":
We need qualified, enthusiastic and experienced teachers of English, French, German, Spanish, Italian,
Chinese, Turkish, Japanese and other languages.
Few reasons for you to get on board with us:
- Your work will be WELL PAID(per hour rates)!
- Your schedule will be FLEXIBLE!
- You CHOOSE to work part-time or full-time!
- GREAT TEAM to become part of!
- Practice and improve your Tajik or Russian FOR FREE!
Contact us: tel. 919-005313; email:

                                                                                         11/2010 - WOID
       What’s on in Dushanbe

                                  Interpretation and Translation

 Interpretation and Translation Specialized Co. (ITS Co.) provides professional translation and
  interpretation services from Tajik and Russian into English and vice-versa. Our qualified staff has
  more than 14 years of experiences in translation and interpretation field. We are able to provide
  interpreter-driver with own car for the field trips. Foreign and domestic companies are welcome to
  use our good offices for arranging their meetings and other logistics. Please contact us by e-mail:
  or telephone: (+992) 93 555 55 85

 TPI The Team of Professional Interpreters and Editors (TPI) with over 10 years experience in
  translating and interpretation from English into Russian/Tajik/Persian/Dari or vice versa. The TPI
  is available for interpreting and translation services in seminars/workshops, conferences, meetings,
  field travels, TV and radio reportages, private needs. We serve simultaneous and consecutive
  interpretation, as well as translations. For more detail information, please contact: 93 500-98-42;

 Translation Group (from Russian, Tajik into English and vice versa) - Accurate, Efficient,
  Speedy, Sensitive to the particular needs of the client(s) and at very competitive cost. You can
  contact us by following e-mail: and mob: +992 93 526 39 58. +992 91 913 19 03

Molding Workshop «VISION»

Address: 25, F. Niyozee str., Dushanbe, Republic of Tajikistan (at the building of ―ISTIKBAL‖
Furniture Salon, next to ―TSUM‖), Tel: 992 37 2231827; 992 37 2275473
-High performance of plastic and wooden molding;
-Reproductions of pictures of famous European producers;
-Framings for photos, mirrors, placards, papyrus, etc.

Instalation Satellite dishes/box the best European and Azian channels, ESPN America, HBO,
NationalGeo, Cinemax, and other

           International Newspapers Available at Hyatt Regency Dushanbe
We are proud to announce that we now offer our guests and organizations resident in Dushanbe,
Tajikistan, a range of international newspapers from various countries and in various languages. We
have attached the list of the international leading newspapers from your countries that are available
with us. The price of the above service is TJS35 per copy. Please contact us on the following numbers
to place orders for a regular pick-up or for further information:
Reception Desk Hyatt Regency Dushanbe Tel: +992 43 377 1234 Fax: +992 43 377 1235

                                                                                        11/2010 - WOID
         What’s on in Dushanbe
Our specialty:
E-tickets are our specialty. We feature electronic ticketing for the international community in Tajikistan
An e-ticket (electronic ticket) is a paperless electronic document used for ticketing passengers, particularly in
the commercial airline industry. Virtually all major airlines use this method of ticketing.
The principal advantage of e-ticketing is that it reduces booking expense by eliminating the need for printing
and mailing paper documents. Another advantage is that it eliminates the possibility of critical documents
getting lost in the mail or being sent to the wrong address.
A passenger traveling on an electronic ticket is given a copy of the itinerary. This document is not a ticket, but
it indicates that you do have an electronic ticket.
For many people, the fact that you cannot lose the ticket is the saving grace of an electronic ticket. Many people
who have accidentally left their paper ticket at home or the office have been able to retrieve the information at
the airport.
Electronic tickets eliminate this possible stress, particularly for frequent travelers; not having to worry about a
forgotten ticket is a big advantage.
Eurotours GmbH has experience in cooperation with DHL, DHL Express, DHL Global Forwarding, Globus
Education, International Education Center and more then 260 international organizations, ministries, NGOs,
private companies etc.
Our contacts:
Our local office is: ―Euro-tours‖ GmbH                          Our regional office is: ―Euro-tours‖ GmbH,
Represatntation,                                                Timirazev str, 79, Almaty, 050057 Kazakhstan
Drujba Narodov Str. 62, Dushanbe, Tajikistan                    Fax: + 7(327) 275 14 12
Tel: +992 (92) 760 9999                                         Tel:+7 (327) 274 07 24, 274 2259
e-mail:                                       e-mail:
                                Our head office is: ―Euro-tours‖ Gmbh, Feldstr,66,
                                    Wedel, D-22880: Fax:+ 49 (41 03) 701 8651
                                    Tel: + 49 (4103)124879, +49(4103)701 8479
                                             E-mail: eurotours

                                                           «Somon Air»
Air company «Somon Air» has lowered the price of ticket on the rout Dushanbe-Istanbul. Now the
price for one way ticket on this rout is 199 Euro and a round trip price is 349 Euro for economy class.
Before this fare was priced at 219 Euro for a one way trip and 400 Euro for a round trip. Now the table
of fares of Air company «Somon Air» will be as follows:
    Route of the flight                           Tariff                    Days of         Departure      Arrival Time
                                                                           Operation          Time
 Dushanbe – Frankfurt     149-385 euro (economy class - one way)           Saturdays          03-00            05-50
                          299-770 euro (economy class - round trip)
                          441-699 euro (business class - one way)
                          882-1398 euro (business class - round trip)
 Dushanbe – Istanbul      199-339 euro (economy class - one way)            Thursdays         22-40            00-40
                          349-678 euro (economy class - round trip)
                          399-499 euro (business class - one way)
                          798-998 euro (business class - round trip)
 Dushanbe – Dubai         200-240 euro (economy class - one way)             Fridays          20-00            23-45
                          400-480 euro (economy class - round trip)
                          290-400 euro (business class - one way)
                          580-800 euro (business class - round trip)
 Dushanbe – Moscow        240-300 euro (economy class - one way)              Daily           08-10            11-40
                          480-600 euro (economy class - round trip)
                          350-420 euro (business class - one way)
                          700-840 euro (business class - round trip)
All Air company «Somon Air» flights are operated on a comfortable aircraft Boeing 737-800. For more details you may
contact 640-40-52 or visit us at
In addition to airline services, Air company ―Somon Air‖ offers tourism services for both the citizens of Tajikistan who
wish to visit the most extravagant resorts of the world, and also the foreign citizen who desire to learn about the nature and

                                                                                                              11/2010 - WOID
        What’s on in Dushanbe
culture of Tajikistan. We offer guided tours and also provide services to foreign tourists who come to Tajikistan for
sanatorium-resort, hiking, environmental and sightseeing tourisms. The tourism services include visa and medical
insurance registration, air travel and hotel accommodation.
We offer group and individual tourist packages for those who wish to visit the beautiful mountainous country of Tajikistan!
Our tourism package allows you to choose from a variety of guided tours, business tours and resorts for sanatorium therapy
suited to every fancy!
―Somon Air‖ – Discover the World!
Our address: 113 Shevchenko Str. Dushanbe, TajikistanTel: (+992 44) 640-40-50 e-mail:

                                                                                                           11/2010 - WOID
       What’s on in Dushanbe

New and unique. Those of you that saw us at        In ―Tillo Teppe‖ you can buy high quality of
the Bactria exhibition in Hyatt will remember      weaving, embroidery, felt and knitted carpets,
we (Jahonnek LLC) are the only makers in           handbags, wall hangings and publications
Central Asia of ladies handbags from               including: albums of National Museum of
organically produced sheep and goat leather.       Antiquities of Tajikistan, ―The Pamirs‖,
We combine this with rare pieces of traditional    Yagnob, Fan Mountains, Zerafshan valley
suzani embroidery. Every bag is individually       Tourist maps, books ―Legends of Sarykol‖,
assembled and therefore unique. Prices range       Odyssay publication ―Tajikistan and High
from $7 to $25.                                    Pamirs‖, ―Social and Economic Change in the
Visit our workshop at 138 ku.Badakhshon            Pamirs‖ (Frank Bliss), CD‘s with traditional
(third street to the back of the French            music and postcards.
Embassy), or or phone         Open hours: Monday—Friday 9 a.m.—6 p.m.
Johan 918499080                                    Address: Bactria Cultural Centre, E-mail:
Modiliani Art Salon
Opposite of LG shop, behind Opera House. 4         OLIM KAMALOV‟S MINIATURES
A, Chehov Street                                   Kamalov's paintings are original embodiment
(Open 10 to 6 – Monday to Friday; 10 to 5 –        of national tradition and contemporary
Saturday) Phone: (992) 372-270-474                 aesthetic ideals of artist. You can also get
                                                   painted wooden dishes, vases, chess, small
Sales Salon Silk Road                              figures, knitted crafts, embroideries and others.
You will get to see a fantastic world of ancient   Adress: 16 Gani Abdullo 1st street (near
crafts, the national clothing made with special    Pedagogical University). Phone: 2247634 (h),
ornaments, gold embroidered items, items           918662520 (m)
made out of cane, wood; also wood and clay
engravings, embossing, national musical             Zerafshan Handicraft Store ARMUGON
instruments, etc, which are the pride of the           Handicrafts from the Zerafshan Valley!!
Tajik national culture.                                 Knitted crafts;
Our address: 32 Shotemur St. (150 m. up from            Woven carpets;
hotel ―Tajikistan‖) ―Mir samotsvetov‖ Store &           Woven baskets;
―Silk Road‖ Sales Salon. Tel: (372) 27/43/05            Patchwork;
                                                        Embroideries;
                                                        Other hand made and home made
Tillo Teppe art saloon at Bactria Cultural                 items;
Centre                                             We will be happy to welcome you in Penjikent,
Here we present high quality handicrafts           on 47, Hofizi Sherozi Street (opposite to café
produced by members of Yak House                   „Bakht―).
association (East Pamir – Murgab ) and other       Open hours: Monday – Friday (09:00 - 17:00)
artisans of Tajikistan.                            You could request pictures and descriptions of
You will find that each item has its own           the products by calling (+992 3475) 5 63 39
peculiarity and are one–of-the-kind, made of       and
natural materials, such as cotton, and wool.       We could organise delivery of ordered items
                                                   both to Dushanbe and Khujand.

                                                                                       11/2010 - WOID
       What’s on in Dushanbe
                                               What to See

                                                         Tajik State Regional Museum K. Behzod
Gurminj Museum                                           Ph. 2271508 31 Aini Ave
Ph: 2233210                                              Tajik History and Culture
23 Bokhtar Street.                                       No English Guide, Open Tue-Sun, 09-16.00
Tajik Traditional Music Instruments
Open Mon-Sun, 9.00-18.00                                 Tursun Zade Museum
                                                         21 L.Sherali Street
Museum of Musical Culture                                Life of Tajik Poet M. Tursun Zade
Ph: 2242342 108 Loik Sherali Street,                     No English. Open Tue-Sat 10.00-17.00
No English
Open Mon-Fri 9.00-17.00, Sat 9.00-11.00                  Tajik Art Gallery
                                                         84 Rudaki str.
Tajik Museum of National Antiquity                       In ROHAT tea house
5 Rajiabov Street.                                       Open Mon – Sat, 10.00 – 16.00
Features Reclining Budda and items of
antiquity. English inscriptions.                         Virtual Gallery of Tajik Painters
Open Mon-Fri 09.00-1700, Sat 09.00-14.00                 You are also invited to see some of these
                                                         artworks in the Artists colony in Dushanbe,
                                                         located in Umar Khayam # 13.


Spring is back and it is time to travel to different parts of Tajikistan while you are in the country. We
offer you preferable tours. If you are interested in sightseeing, Tajik culture and traditions, history and
beautiful nature, than please visit our website:

Are you interested in sightseeing? We offer unique tours to many parts of Tajikistan. We visit
historical sites, participate in Tajik cultures and traditions (including embroidery), explore the beauty
of nature (lakes and mountains, go hiking, have picnics, make traditional bread, and eat traditional
food. Please feel free to contact us in anytime at or call Umedjon Sharifov at 918
207 880 For more information about our tours and pictures, please visit our website:

You are welcome to discover Khujand with us! We are happy to offer you airport pick up and city tour
in Khujand.
Airport - pick up fee:

 Airport – Khujand OR Khujand –             Fee: 30           Note: up to 3 people at one
 Airport                                    somoni            pick up
City tour fee:

                                                                                              11/2010 - WOID
       What’s on in Dushanbe
 Tour 1: One day tour in Khujand city: visit        Fee: 130 Somoni.      Note: Fees do
 modern & archeological museum, old fortress,       Price includes        not include
 market Panjshanbe & main mosque, momunents         museum other sites‘   meals. We
 of K.Khujandi & Somoni, national tea house,        tickets fee.          can offer you
 souvenir shop.                                                           a wide range
                                                    Fee: 75 Somoni.       of reasonable
 Tour 2: Half a day visit to Arbob palace, 15 km    Price includes        café and
 from Khujand . A historical place where the 16th   entrance fee.         restaurants.
 session of RT took place in 1992.
                                                    Fee: 90 Somoni.
 Tour 2: Half a day visit to Ovchikalacha (40kml) Price includes
 to visit an old mosque.                            entrance fee.
We also provide transportation from Khujand to Istravshan, Panjikent and other cities, to Uzbek
border ―OIBEK‖ with prior agreement, if requested.
Please call Mavluda (Mrs) at (+992) 90 111 80 30, speaks English, Russian, Tajik or send an e-mail

Come tour Tajikistan with those of us at "Nidoi asr". We base our tours in the Pamirs and Dushanbe.
We offer sightseeing, hiking, jeep tours, recreational tours, and opportunities to find rest and
relaxation in the mountains.
Welсome one and all to enjoy Tajikistans rich Culture and lush landscapes with us!
For more information contact us at:
(+992 44) 6013359; (+992 90) 7937920; (+992 37) 2353359

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       What’s on in Dushanbe
WHAT & WHERE to EAT                                          New Added – “KURUTOB”

                                            English Menu And/Or         Opening
NAME                        Cuisine                                                     ADDRESS                      PHONE          Orders/Home
                                            English Speaking Staff      Hours
―AL-SHAM‖                                                                                                            227 12 00;     No
Restaurant                  Arabic                                                      11 Academician Rajabovs
                                            ----------                  1.00 - 23.00                                 227 20 94
―ANAHITA‖                                   English/Tajik Menu                                                                      We take phone orders /
                                                                        11:30 AM –
Restaurant                  Indian, Tajik   English speaking staff                      10 Hofizi Sherozi Street     37 880 2604    delivery within
                                                                        11:00 PM
                                                                                                                                    reasonable distance
―DEHLI DARBAR‖ Restaurant                                                                                            224-66-11      Phone orders/ home
                            Indian          English menu                12.00 – 24.00   88 Rudaki Ave.
                                                                                                                     221-88-63      delivery
                            European        English menu                10.00 – 22.00   81 Rudaki Ave.                              No
                            European        English menu                08.00 – 10.30   1 Ismoili Somoni str.        221-45-61      No
Café / Disco
―Focaccia Grill‖                            English menu/English
                            European                                    8.00 – 23.00    Hyatt Regency Dushanbe       43 377 1234    No
Restaurant                                  speaking staff
                            Georgian        English menu                11.00 – 23.00   35 Rudaki ave.               227-81-02
―ISTANBUL‖                                                                              25 Niyazi str. Opposite of
Café                        Turkish         English menu                08.00 – 23.00                                221-57-80      No
―Irish Pub‖                 Irish           English menu                                Bohtar 21.
―JASUR‖                                                                                                                             Phone orders/ home
                            Irish           English menu                24 hours        17 Telman str.               224-86-15
Restaurant                                                                                                                          delivery
KRISTALL                    European        English menu
                                                                        08.00-24.00     95, Rudaki str.              444 56 60      Yes
Restaurant                                  No English speaking staff
―KELLERS‖                   European /
                                            English menu                11.00 – 23.00   6 Somoni Ave.                224-79-21      No
Restaurant                  Chinese
                            Only Tajik      No English menu             11.00 – 17.00   Bukhoro 23                   227-32-52      No
Tajik style cafe
―LA GRAND DAME‖                             English menu                                Corner Bukhoro and           227-62-74,     Phone orders/ home
                            European                                    10.00 - 24.00
Café/Brasserie                              English speaking staff                      Shevchenko str.              93-501-00-89   delivery
                                                                                                                                          11/2010 - WOID
       What’s on in Dushanbe
                                  Fast food          English menu                   09.00 – 22.00   70 Rudaki str.                         No
                                  Turkish            English menu                   09.00 – 22.00   92 Rudaki str.          221-94-09      No
―MERVE‖ Restaurant
                                  Turkish            English menu                   07.00 - 24.00   47 Drujbi Narodov str   221-80-02      No
MORNING STAR                      American/Europ     English menu                   Tues-Saturday   #47 Nabarezhnaya St.    918-55-38-57   Yes for phone orders
Café                              ean                English speaking staff         8.00 - 17.00                            #224-94-64     No for deliveries
―NIAGARA‖                         European /         English menu
Restaurant                                                                          11.00 – 24.00   14 Somoni Ave.          224-55-00      No
                                  Russian            English speaking staff
                                  European           English menu                   08.00 – 05.00   114 Rudaki Ave.         224-88-02      No
''ROHAT''                                                                                                                   221-76-54,     Yes to order and to
                                  Tajik / European   English menu in Banquet hall   07.00 – 02.00   84 Rudaki Ave.
Tee House                                                                                                                    224-62-54     deliver
                                  Ecuadorian/                                                                                              Yes to order /
―SALSA‖                                              English menu
                                  Mexican/                                          12.00 – 24.00   1 Karamona str.         224-88-57      More than 100
Restaurant                                           English speaking staff
                                  Italian                                                                                                  Somonis – delivery
                                  European           English menu                   11.00 – 24.00   83/1Tursunzade str.     224-92-21      No
Segafredo Zanetti Espresso Cafe   European           English menu                   8.00 – 23.00    70 Rudaki Ave.          701 57 77      ---------
                                                     English speaking staff
―TIFLIS‖                                             No English menu                Mo-Sun                                  998 81 85 79
Restaurant                        Georgian                                                          2, Behzod str.                         No
                                                     English speaking staff         12.oo-23.00                             (918) 811040
―TRAKTIR‖                                            English menu                   Mo-Sun
                                  Ukrainian                                                                                 600-88-88      No
Restaurant                                                                          12.oo-23.00
                                  Chinese            English menu                   10.00 – 22.00   67 Rudaki Ave.          61-12-38       Phone orders
                                  European           English menu                   12.00 – 02.00   88 Rudaki Ave.          221-56-16      No
Restaurant, Disco
―VOLSHEBNI SIR‖                                                                                                                            Order and deliver for
                                  Pizza              English menu                   09.00 – 22.00   96 Rudaki str.          224 43 43
(―Magic Cheese‖)                                                                                                                           permanent clients

                                                                                                                                                  11/2010 - WOID