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					¡¿ ¡¾Computer knowledge to use on the notebook
Notebook maintenance knowledge
1. Basic maintenance notebook
Liquid crystal display screen (LCD Panel)
* A long time do not use the computer, can function keys on the keyboard
for the time being only the LCD screen turned off, in addition to saving
electricity can also be extended outside the screen life.
* Do not force the screen covered with liquid crystal display screen
placed above or any foreign body between the keyboard and display screen,
to avoid the cover glass due to the weight of internal components
resulting damage.
* Do not use fingernails and sharp objects (matter) touch screen so as
not to scratch the surface.
* LCD screen surface of dust because of static electricity, the proposed
purchase of liquid crystal display screen special wipes to clean your
screen, do not shoot except with your fingers to avoid leaving
fingerprints, and gently wipe.
* Do not use chemical cleaning agents wipe the screen.
Batteries (Battery)
* When no external power supply situation, if the working conditions at
the time being less than PCMCIA card slot, it is recommended to remove
the card first to extend battery life.
* Room temperature (20-30 degrees) for the battery the most convenient
working temperature, the temperature is too high or too low, the
operating environment will reduce battery life.
* Can provide a stable power supply in an environment using a laptop
computer, remove the battery to extend battery life by not correct. On
the ASUS laptop, when the full battery charge, the battery charging
circuit will automatically shut down, so the phenomenon of overcharging
does not occur.
* To an average of three months to conduct a battery power correction
* Power Adapter (AC Adapter) to use when making reference to
international voltage that "
Keyboard (Keyboard)
* Accumulation of dust, the available small brush to clean the cracks, or
use the camera lens is usually in the high-pressure jet cleaning tank,
the dust blowing, or use a handheld vacuum cleaner to remove dust and
debris on the keyboard.
* Clean the surface, soft cloth dipped in a little cleaner, in the case
of off gently wipe the keyboard surface.
HDD (Hard Disk)
* Try to smooth the situation, to avoid shaking the location in the
easily operate a computer.
* Off the process is most vulnerable when the hard disk. At this time
bearing the hard disk speed not stable yet, if the shake, then easily
lead to bad track. It is suggested to wait about 10 seconds after
shutdown and then move the laptop around.
* Average monthly restructuring and the implementation of a disk scan in
order to enhance the efficiency of disk access.
CD-ROM drive (CD-ROM)
* Use the CD cleaner tablets, regular cleaning of laser read head.
* Please hands and space films into the CD-ROM drive, boosting the CD
tray with one hand, the other hand CD film really fixed, can avoid the CD
tray deformation.
Touchpad (Touchpad)
* When using the touchpad Always keep your hands clean to avoid running
around cursor phenomenon.
* Accidentally soiled surface, can be dry cloth gently wipe the damp
corner of the touch panel surface can be, do not use rough cloth and
other items clean surface.
* Touch-sensitive panel is precision electronic components, do not use
sharp objects to write on the touch panel, should not stress so as to
avoid damage.
Cooling (Thermal Dissipation)
* In general, notebook manufacturers will be through the fan, heat pipe
(Heat Pipe), large heat sinks, vents, etc. to reduce heat generated in
* To save power and avoid the noise, not a laptop fan has been running,
but when the CPU reaches a certain temperature, the fan will start.
* A laptop placed in the soft goods, such as: bed, sofa may block
ventilation openings affect the cooling effect and thus reduce the
operational efficiency, or even crash.
Other components and maintenance (Others)
Cleaning and maintenance, follow these steps before you must maintain
your notebook computer and related peripheral equipment:
* Step 1: Turn off and remove the external power cord, remove internal
battery and all external device cables.
* Step 2: Use a small vacuum cleaner to connectors, keyboards and other
parts of the dust gap sucked.
* Step 3: slightly damp with a dry cloth and then gently wipe the surface
case, please do not live in Italy instillation of any cleaning agent
inside the machine in order to avoid a short circuit burned.
* Step 4: Wait for the notebook computer power can be opened completely
2. Important information - data backup
The purpose of data backup
Laptop mobility because of its convenience, is the best partner carry the
user, but your laptop due to the following conditions may cause data
loss, result in a standstill, such as: accidental deletion or overwrite,
hard disk damage, computer virus damage, natural disasters (floods,
fires), resulting in loss of data stolen machine ...., etc., may make
your data into the invisible injury.
However, the importance of data is priceless, to remind you: develop good
and regular data backup habits, can reduce losses to a minimum, will let
you use the notebook computer is more free, convenient and safe.
Use of software tools
1. To an appropriate proportion of the hard drive to be cut
Hard disk data problems can mainly be divided into two conditions:
The first one ~ for the hard drive itself fails, a means to prevent such
problems, in addition to switching machines in the process to avoid
shaking the computer, the usual habit of backing up data is the most
The second ~ damaged or poisoning caused by the operating system can not
boot. For this situation, if we install the operating system before the
hard disk had to be cut in an appropriate ratio, and the importance of
Shu Ju Du Bu Tongyu Chucun operating system has been backed up in the
partition, then we will Keyitouguo other methods or tools to try to save
the operating system and even re-install the operating system, but more
difficult to establish without fear of hard disk data damaged.
If the operating system already installed on the hard drive in the whole
teeth, that is, only one hard disk partition, this time again if you want
to add a partition to use, you can cut through the support of hard disk
windows software, such as Partiton Magic to carry out .
2. A system of hard disk storage in the data classification
For efficient backup data, store data in the proposed peacetime, it
should be properly classified. In general, the need to back up the data
can be divided into the following categories:
A. file type data, such as: Office documents, artwork, MP3 ... .. and so
B. Mail class backup data, such as: the Sent folder, address book, etc.
... ... ... ....
C. Browse Used link data, such as Explorer, Favorites, Netscape's
The above three categories of possible data stored in one D-slot data
cartridge, the benefits of this approach is that when it comes to backup
operations, as long as the box fixed the data copied to other storage
media, less prone to omissions, and simplify the complexity of backup
Select the appropriate backup device
1. External hardware backup devices:
2. Data transmission cable
USB data cable with plug and play convenience features, can easily back
up laptop data to your desktop or laptop computer on the second.
3. Other external storage methods
4. External and internal hard drive data transfer speed comparison table
* ASUS one machine and two hard disk data transfer speed between shall be
133MB / s, is the fastest way to facilitate the backup
Important concept of data backup: remote backup
The most secure backup, the data is placed in different storage media,
storage media and will be placed in different buildings. This is the new
buzzword, the concept of remote backup, the same applied to individuals.
Although ASUS thoughtful design of a two-disc machine, a machine plate.
But the habit of regularly backup or the best preservation of data.

3. Other suggestions
Security features
Set by:
1. Hard confidentiality: users can set their own hard disk drive
password, the BIOS setup program's Security menu to set, the
system boot process will check your hard drive password. This way, when
your hard disk drive to be somebody else to use, if he did not provide
the password will not be able to use Fengyun hard drive, can not boot,
but also to ensure that data will not be stolen by others.
2. System confidentiality: In the BIOS setup program's Security
menu can also set a user password, and in each boot or enter BIOS setup
program will ask when the system administrator password. Thus, to avoid
unauthorized users from operating your computer.
If you set the above two kinds of password, the system at boot time, the
first hard disk drive password will be asked, then ask your system
password (the password can be set to two different numbers). Remind you
to set the complete password, you should keep your password information,
contact the factory must be supported if forgotten.
* Must not rashly start, or make more severe damage to the notebook
* Immediately remove the notebook computer's power cord and
battery, if any external or removable module components (such as CD-ROM
drive, floppy disk machine, expanded memory) be removed.
* To the body of water laptop back light as possible, find a soft wet
towel or soft cloth to gently wipe away the sludge, and to avoid the worn
* Then fan will dry the body and parts, and the first time at a service
station by a trained professional engineers to handle, so as to minimize
the damage to a minimum program.
Out using
* Step 1: Identify all the backups have been fully charged battery power,
you can look at the operating system, battery power display.
* Step 2: Turn off the notebook computer power switch.
* Step 3: The LCD screen cover off and determine the orientation above
truly stuck.
* Step 4: Unplug the AC power cord.
* Step 5: Unplug all cables.
* Step 6: Add special backpack laptop inside to prevent dust pollution
and impact in practice, and care not a laptop-specific backpack placed
too many items to avoid crushing liquid crystal display glass.
Maintain a good energy saving habits
Electric power through the battery in task performance, if able to
maintain a good energy saving habits, one can not only reduce energy
consumption, on the other hand can extend battery life. Therefore, even
if you have the laptop features built-in power switch to the open state,
however, the following energy-saving cultivation management practices is
very important, be sure to keep in mind.
* Possible to use the power adapter
Save battery power the most obvious way is: whenever there is the
availability of AC power, to avoid the use of rechargeable batteries. As
the transformer small and light weight, very easy to carry, it is often
possible to use the power adapter when you really need to use the
battery, on hand at any time there will be a fully charged battery.
* Use hot keys to suspend
Laptop suspend hot key is most useful, For the time being to leave, just
press this button, you can enter the computer system the most power
saving mode. When you return, press any button (standby mode), or power
switches (sleep mode), you can make the system back to the original
location of ongoing operations.
* Screen brightness
The more bright LCD screen, the more power consumed. Therefore, in order
to have longer battery life, avoid setting the screen brightness even
higher than necessary. Also, when you temporarily do not use the laptop
but do not want to shut down, you can turn off the LCD display screen
light, will save the most power.
* Floppy and CD-ROM
Machine with two floppy disk drive peripheral devices will consume
considerable battery power. Therefore, when your computer is battery-
powered task performance using the floppy drive and optical drive as
little as possible.

4. Trouble Shooting
Q: Will the machine when the machine can not warm boot after forced
shutdown, how?
1: please Press and hold the power switch 4 to 6 seconds can be forced to
shut down
2: free clip Fengsheng sharp objects from the machine's reset
(Reset) can pierce holes.
Q: Will not boot when the machine what to do basic testing steps?
1. If you can boot after connecting transformer, said low battery.
2. Check whether the LCD liquid crystal screen display according to the
switch or LCD liquid crystal screen display toggle button.
3. Check whether caused by external memory
4. Remove the battery is only through the external power supply your
computer and try to press the Reset button to restart
Q: Will enter the standby (or sleep) mode, you can not restore the system
and test the possible reasons for the steps?
Standby (or sleep) mode definition:
Standby (Stand By): When the system enters this mode, allowing the system
and application execution state stored in the memory (RAM) which, this
time using only a small amount of computer power to maintain the system
data memory state; may be a key that is reversible execution state.
Sleep (Hibernate): When the system enters this mode, allowing the system
and application execution state stored in the hard disk storage area,
then the computer has the power to cut off; To restore the implementation
of the state need to press the power switch back.
Can not recover the system may cause:
1. External memory failure: if the wrong data into the memory address
will not be back right after the result into the implementation of the
2. External peripheral device is not compatible: for example part of the
external USB storage devices, memory cards (Compact Flash MMC Smart
Media) and other disk structure is particularly easy to create into
standby (or sleep) mode is not cut off the power or recovery.
3. Inappropriate driver or application: the driver can cause
inappropriate. All,. Sys and. Exe file refuses to enter standby or
hibernation mode, also, for example, applies to Win 98 application Win XP
installed on them, because application and operating system can not meet
the power management features, are likely to cause the failure of the
phenomenon of return.
4. OS management failure: current Microsoft operating system power
management mode for the ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power
Interface), the power allocation by the operating system to manage, if
there are problems then the operating system will naturally affect the
operation of the power configuration way.
The detection system can not restore these steps:
1. Remove the external memory.
2. Remove external peripheral devices and their drivers.
3. Update BIOS.
4. Update the appropriate driver.
5. Remove the inappropriate application.
6. Reinstall your operating system.
7. Machine sent to the original test.
Q: how is battery life?
1. LCD LCD screen brightness to adjust to an appropriate brightness.
2. Adjust the volume to an appropriate size.
3. Removed without the use of the PC Card device.
4. Set the power management configuration.
Computer radiation ---- 4-6 hours a day who use computers must-see
* Noon to remember off the computer to sleep
Do you often feel heavy or memory recession?
Tummy sleeping time to remember the computer off, not just the screen off
it, because only the screen can not be turned off to prevent radiation,
and we are tummy sleeping, head directly into the computer, which day got
Alzheimer's disease or brain tumors too late! Radiation really
terrible! ! Ah ~ health care more important than everything!
* Computer family of killer --- thoracic outlet syndrome
Often sat on the computer desk you, whether it is a sit for hours and
incorrect posture, always feel inexplicable neck and shoulder pain, and
even the motivation to work? You may now make a small test, you will be
your first looked to the left direction, then your head 45 degrees down
slowly bend down, move to do here, feel your neck is not a normal neck
and shoulder pain? On if you have these symptoms, you have to be careful,
because you are very likely to be the modern computer diseases of
civilization "thoracic outlet syndrome" victims.
* Killer had a "computer"
1, computer owners often wonder why, you may often feel back pain, body
immunity gradually become weaker, the spirit often unable to concentrate,
you absolutely can not imagine the reason for the
"computer", computer emit radiation waves are often the
people neglected by the international MPR ¢ò radiation safety
requirements, the 50cm distance necessary? 25V / m amount of radiation
exposure, but the amount of radiation you know the computer is?
Tell you -
¢ñ, keyboard 1000V / m,
¢ò, the mouse 450V / m,
¢ó, screen 218V / m,
¢ô, host 170V / m,
¢õ, Notebook2500V / m,
Tips and effective anti-radiation computer:
The first one: put Jipen cactus beside the computer, it can effectively
absorb radiation;

The second measure: also for life is stressful and busy people who,
against the computer radiation is the most simple way to drink every
morning, 2 to 3 cups of green tea, eat an orange. Tea is rich in vitamin
A former, it is absorbed by the body, it can be quickly converted into
vitamin A. Not only synthetic vitamin A rhodopsin, but also light in the
dark under the eyes to see things more clearly, therefore, green tea can
not only eliminate the computer radiation hazards, but also to protect
and enhance vision. If not used to drink green tea, chrysanthemum tea can
also play against the computer radiation and the function of regulating
the body, Spirulina, sea buckthorn oil also has anti-radiation effect;

The third measure: good skin care online prior to isolation, such as the
use of pearl film, the unique "Nanzhu Tsui film" in the
skin to form a layer of 0.001mm pearl film can effectively prevent the
pollution of the environment of abuse and radiation; followed by computer
use, will face a lot of electromagnetic radiation absorption of
particles, to promptly wash with water, so that would reduce the
radiation suffered 70%!

Fourth move: to operate a computer screen when the best computer security
a special color filter panels to reduce the radiation hazards, indoor
metal objects should not be placed outsiders, so as to prevent re-
emission of electromagnetic waves. Use the computer to adjust the
brightness of the screen, in general, the larger the screen brightness,
electromagnetic radiation is stronger, the smaller the contrary. However,
it can not be stressed too dark, too small to avoid effects due to
brightness, and easy to cause eye fatigue.
Fifth move: should be possible to buy new computers, generally do not use
old computers, old computers are generally more powerful radiation, at
the same distance, under conditions of similar models, usually 1-2 times
the new computer.
Sixth move: computer placement is very important. Do not let the screen
as far as possible toward the back of someone's place, because
the back of the computer radiation is strongest, followed by left and
right sides of the front screen instead of the weakest radiation. To be
able to see clearly the word prevail, at least 50 cm to 75 cm distance,
thus reducing the harm of electromagnetic radiation.
Seventh move: Note indoor ventilation: research confirmed that the
computer screen to produce a brominated dibenzofuran called carcinogens.
Therefore, the best place to install the computer room ventilation fans,
if not, with particular attention to ventilation when the Internet.
Eighth trick: eat more attention to appropriate some of carrots, bean
sprouts, tomatoes, lean meat, animal liver and other rich in vitamins A,
C, and protein food, drink green tea more often.
Ninth trick: often people who work at the computer dry eyes often feel
pain, so put a few pieces of the computer table is necessary bananas,
bananas in potassium can help to flush out excess salt, potassium and
sodium in the body to achieve balance relieve eye symptoms. In addition,
the banana contains large amounts of ¦Â-carotene, when the body lacks the
substance, the eye becomes painful, dry, dull eyes, less water loss of
God, and more bananas not only reduce these symptoms, but also to some
extent, alleviate eye fatigue, prevent premature aging eyes.
Super computer skills to use
1. Forget login password how to do?
When we use someone else's computer or use your own computer and
forget the login password, we can follow what method to solve the problem
(1), the computer starts, press F8, select Safe Mode With Command Prompt
¡¾¡¿ mode restart your computer.
(2), select the Administrator¡¿ ¡¾pop up¡¿ ¡¾Command Prompt window.
(3), with a Net¡¿ ¡¾command to add a user, for example, adding a user
called myaccount, the command syntax is as follows:
net usermyaccount / add
  (4), will be upgraded to the new user Administrator rights, the command
syntax is as follows:
  net localgroup administrators myaccount / add
  ?(5), restart the computer, the splash screen on the addition of a user
myaccount, select myaccount to enter.
  (6), log in Control Panel open the ¡¾¡¿ | ¡¾¡¿ user account.
  (7), select the Forgot your password account, and then remove the
password¡¿ ¡¾election.
  (8), click Remove password.
(9), in the login screen, select the original user, no password at this
time can be landed.
(10), just delete the new user, open the Control Panel ¡¾¡¿ | ¡¾user
account, to choose myaccount, and then select the ¡¾¡¿ can delete your
Note: This method does not apply to forget to install the Administrator
when setting the password.
2. In Word, how to quickly enter the ellipsis?
Enter the ellipsis in Word, it is often used¡¿ ¡¾Insert | Symbol¡¿
¡¾'s command method, it is very troublesome. Only need to enter
the ellipsis, press "ctrl + alt +. (Period key)"
combination of keys to enable quick input, and different input methods
can be used under this method.
3. In Word, how to quickly adjust line spacing?
The need to adjust the line spacing in Word documents, simply change the
line spacing, first select the text, while pressing ctrl +1 key
combination can be set line spacing to single spacing. The press ctrl +2
key combination will be double-spaced line spacing is set. Press the key
combination ctrl +5 line spacing can be set to 1.5 times the spacing.
4. In Word, how to quickly save multiple files?
More than one word in the open file, save each file in turn more
complicated. Users can save all the files. Users need to close all files
press the shift key, then click ¡¾File¡¿ menu, so that the drop-down menu
will be more than a¡¿ ¡¾Save All command. Select the command to save the
once all open files.
5. How to quickly set the paragraph indent?
Position the insertion point in the document will be set in the
paragraphs on, repeatedly press the ctrl + M key combination can increase
the passage of the "left paragraph indent"; the other
hand, by ctrl + shift + M assembly can be reduced. Similarly, the press
ctrl + T to increase the section of "hanging indent",
press ctrl + shift + T to reduce the.
6. In the Internet how to lift the ban on the right?
Some HTML is set to not copy, that is right in the page can not be used.
Lifting methods are:
Right-click the page, the message that window, do not release the right
(that is, continue to press the state), then move the mouse pointer to
the message prompt window on OK button, while pressing the left button,
then Song Open Right, right-click menu pops up, so you can view the page
source, copy documents and pictures.
7. From the address bar auto-complete list of deleted items.
"AutoComplete" function to save the previously
established for Web addresses, forms and passwords projects. Remove items
from the address bar, you must empty the "history"
folder. Save a list of items can not be removed from a separate project.
Empty the "history" folder as follows:
(1), in Internet Explorer,¡¿ ¡¾Tools menu, click Internet Options¡¿ ¡¾
(2), click¡¿ ¡¾General tab.
(3)¡¿ in ¡¾history, click Clear History¡¿ ¡¾.
8. Often remove the website (URL).
Click on the address bar drop-down menu, and has visited the site without
a miss. To protect privacy, and the need to delete visited web pages.
Delete as follows:
Right-click the IE icon on the desktop, open the Tools ¡¾¡¿ | ¡¾Internet
Properties¡¿¡¿ in ¡¾General tab, click the Regional History Clear History
under the ¡¾¡¿ button.
If just part of the Clear History, click on the browser toolbar¡¿
¡¾history button in the right-hand column of the address history, right
to select the address or a wish to clear the next page, select ¡¾Delete
Remove with a way to edit the registry, in Windows Start menu, select
Run¡¿ ¡¾command, type regedit to open registry. Expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER
\ Software \ Microsft \ Internet Explore \ Typedurls branch. In the
right-hand column, by deleting do not want to let it appear in the
primary key. Remember to let urlx (x behalf serial number) to the natural
9. How to save a pop-up ads?
In general, pop-up ads is very annoying, but seeing some of the
beautifully produced ad, may want it preserved. But the pop-up ads that
only a title bar, how to save?
(1), so pop-up ad is active, then press ctrl + N key, then on the pop-up
windows with ads exactly the same window, the only difference is that the
window with a menu bar, toolbar and address bar .
(2), click ¡¾File¡¿ menu¡¿ ¡¾Save As command, you can save the contents
of the window down.
10. Quickly enter the URL
Type a word in the address bar, then press Ctrl + Enter, which can
automatically add the two ends of words http://www. And. Com.
11. How do I change the font and page background color?
To modify the color of the link page, click ¡¾Tools¡¿ ->
¡¾Internet Options¡¿ -> ¡¾Color¡¿ button.
Can also modify the web page font and display language. Need¡¿ ¡¾General
tab, click ¡¾auxiliary functions, to choose custom settings. Then click
¡¾Font¡¿ or ¡¾Language¡¿ button, pop-up dialog box choose according to
their needs or can be added.
12. Skillfully kept the background music.
Browse web pages often will be some of the background music is a
beautiful, moved, if they want to preserve it, in accordance with the
following method:
(1), in the IE browser opens the page that contains the background music
and select ¡¾Show¡¿ menu¡¿ ¡¾Source command.
(2), in the open Notepad, click ¡¾search¡¿ ¡¾search¡¿ menu command.
(3), and then look at the content¡¿ ¡¾type. Mid or bgsound, click Find
Next¡¿ ¡¾button, if the page contains background music, then, generally
contain background music files can be found in the name of the statement,
such as <bgsoundsrc = "back.mid">, which
bgsoundsrc = referring to the background music behind the name, then go
to Temporary Internet Files folder, music files located on C: Document
and Setting user name Local Settings folder.
13. To speed up IE's search speed.
Many people use search engines, are used to access the website and then
enter the keyword search, which has greatly reduced the efficiency of
In fact directly from the address bar of IE to support fast and efficient
search, also supported by ¡¾Go / Search¡¿ or ¡¾Edit / Find¡¿ menu to
search. You just type in some simple text or in front with go, find, or
"?", IE can be set directly from the default search
engine to find 9 keywords, and automatically find the content you want to
search for the most matching results, while also listing other similar
sites to choose from.
14. How to stop other people to see address history?
Surfing the web, enter the URL in the address bar, the system will
record, though sometimes convenient to use, but when used on public
machines, online record will be left behind.
Typically, the can in the IE Properties dialog box, select clear history,
but this method does not apply to Internet cafes machines, because
Moyougenggai Xitong set of Quanxian. Then use Ctrl + O command (letter O)
in the pop-up "Open" dialog box, enter the URL, do not
have to worry about a Web site are recorded.
15. To help you fill in a form site registrar.
Web site offers free service is countless, but before you use these
services must first register their personal information to provide to the
site, this is the free service "costs." To live in
these free services, we have to keep the registration between the various
sites, but the content is similar fill, and generally user name,
password, e-mail address, name, gender, date of birth and so on. If each
site to be re-filled, very troublesome. Now, with the registrar web site
personal information on these can be saved in advance, if the
registration, transfer them directly to the program to Tianxie can
greatly reduce the workload repeatedly enter information to improve the
registration efficiency.
16. Will be added to the collection of web pages list.
Web page will be added to the list of methods of collection are:
(1), to be added to the list ¡¾Favorites¡¿ page.
(2), in ¡¾Favorites¡¿ menu, click ¡¾Add to Favorites¡¿.
(3), if necessary, type the new name of the page.
17. The page to the Links bar.
Links bar in Internet Explorer address bar, next to add frequently
accessed web pages for links, very easy, just click the link to display
the site.
Web page to the Links bar many ways:
(1), the Web page's icon from the address bar onto the Links bar.
(2), drag the link from the page link bar.
(3), in the Favorites list will link onto the Links folder.
18. Blacklist using IE.
You open a web site, usually a number of advertising pop-up screen. Page
displays more, the computer speed will greatly slow down. In fact,
Windows XP comes with IE 6.0 also has disable the blacklist feature, if
you run the set, after the pop-up ads while surfing the web pages are
Set as follows:
Right-click the IE browser and choose from the menu ¡¾Properties¡¿, find
the page¡¿ ¡¾security, the security settings in the ¡¾¡¿ to select the
site¡¿ ¡¾restricted, and click ¡¾site¡¿ button to enter the pop-up window
ban pop-up ad page address, then click the ¡¾Add¡¿ / ¡¾¡¿ can be
19. Breaking text on the page can not be copied.
In some pages, for permission reasons, can not select the required text.
This case, the methods used are:
(1), press Ctrl + A key to all the selected pages, copy, and then select
the required language from which you can.
(2), click the ¡¾IE Tools / Internet Options¡¿ menu, enter¡¿ ¡¾Security
tab page, select Custom Level¡¿ ¡¾, all the scripts all the disabled, and
then press the F5 key to refresh the page, then you will find those who
can not be selected for the selected text. (Note that in the collection
to the contents of their needs, remember to lift the ban script,
otherwise it will affect the future website.)
20. How to make Word seal?
Users are very familiar with the seal, usually in the plane software
(such as Photoshop) make it, Here's how to create it in Word,. In
fact, many ways to make the following call to one of the most convenient
method - field code, to make a call, "Zhang printed 34"
seal bar. To do the following:
(1), click ¡¾Format¡¿ / ¡¾Chinese layout¡¿ / ¡¾¡¿ command with a ring
character, in the open dialog box¡¿ ¡¾text text box, enter the first seal
characters "4" box in the right circle No. ¡õ¡¿
¡¾select options to complete the circle around the character input.
(2), select the character with a ring, just hit Alt + F9 key combination,
to achieve field code¡¿ ¡¾switch function.
(3), the ¡¾¡¿ in the field code, select ¡¾¡õ¡¿ character, it's
format is set to "72 words", "red."
(4), the field code¡¿ ¡¾select the "four" words, and
then enter "plates three." Selected these four words,
do ¡¾Format¡¿ / ¡¾¡¿ Chinese layout / character¡¿ ¡¾merge command in the
Open dialog box, the font is set to "official script"
font size is set to "22", click OK button, press Alt +
F9 key combination preview.
(5), the ¡¾¡¿ in the field code, you can back up and do modify the value
accordingly to adjust the distance between them, and select ¡¾¡õ¡¿
characters, in the Font dialog box¡¿ ¡¾Character Spacing Options card,
will reduce its position set to ¡¾¡¿ options, and then back¡¿ ¡¾pound
value text box, enter the appropriate value of the seal can achieve the
desired effect. Making other similar types of seals.
Students to buy laptops attention - and business experience of fear, you
know 10
First: The most important point: Do not change their laptop had been
optimistic about the model and configuration! The reason is and read this
paragraph if you fancy, and you before this configuration and price are
asked a lot of dealers up. Because the notebook market, intense
competition, basically you ask the dealer for the price, no profit. Then
how should we do? Very simple for you to change models, Imagine you run a
day, and also asked about the model, while the dealers through a variety
of techniques allow you to buy another machine to see if the weather is
also late, and he is running tired, do not want to run out and watch
salesman "good" look, think about this paragraph is
almost, well, not ask, and then buy it, huh, huh, then you have got a.
Because you do not understand this price, you can imagine, after the
profits generated from this transformation is absolutely violence, and to
use our jargon, at least 1000. If you really liked the salesman
recommended the new, it is also very simple to deal with this move, no
matter how sales staff to assure you the lowest price was. Must be pulled
out and then ask the price of face, asking you know, you do absolutely
valuable. Ha ha. Ate a lot of powerful Seller embarrassed psychological
prospective customers, make you embarrassed out of his shop, then you
become one piece of the object. If you are asked to go out and found that
to you before the salesman to change models more reasonable prices, then
congratulate you, you encounter a very rare honest sales staff, also
waiting for? Buy it in this.
Second: Ask prices also stress that if you start asking about a machine
model, for example, ASUS A8, A8 word you just said, then the price you
asked, most are very high . Because this case Seller bound to report
higher prices, if you say the price is too high, they will say there are
many models of it, configure it more, I reported that the XX
configuration, you will impress the. The asking price is the correct way:
quote accurate models, such as: A8H73SC-SL this way when you ask, as a
salesperson, you know you are very clear about, or do not report the
exact model so, then they dare not offer a. So the price you ask is very
real. There is no sense of chaos rather than the prices quoted.
Third: Do not suddenly asked a very low heat makes your face feel super
cheap and heart wildly excited, huh, huh, in fact, many sales staff is so
dry, you buy this machine, right? Look at the price, oh, I be profitable,
how should we do? Transition, ah, how to switch it? The first step is to
let you report a ultra low price, you one, happy ah, excited ah, such a
low price, can not help a good impression on the sales staff has doubled.
So, you optimistic, he second step, would certainly say that you saw in
the previous machine is not for you how how, how I am right now how you
this. Oh, remember Oh, really fancy if he recommended that a new, must go
out to ask a few, if you do not change your mind, do not waste your time,
let him getting goods with it, mostly to take not come out, because he
quoted the price is lower than the costs reported, never even intended to
sell it to you, and waste your valuable time, so my advice is: Do not buy
one company offering the lowest price. You will gain most disappointing.
Fourth: the configuration of their bullish must understand clearly. If
you do not, then find understand the (fear afraid to do staff who pretend
to understand, so that the people most vulnerable to Seller
Sanxialiangxia to settle, and must find really know very much about the
stay by you) because it will make use of your sales staff do not
understand configuration ºöÓÆ you, obviously that is the same machine,
asserted that what more discrete graphics, ah, ah, or what the fancy
screen like, let you add money to buy. This client is very sad my eyes. I
have personally seen the laptop battery actually was brought alone to
increase 2000 sales to sell, and do not understand more than PC users,
after all, ah. If you are well configured, the salesman this trick
naturally useless.
Fifth: of course, to understand the machine you want to buy gifts, such
as Asus some time, S5 is the notebook version of the high distribution
free of charge the second battery, of course, if you do not know this
information, the salesman will certainly allows you to add a third 500
buying a second battery, did not say the. In fact, promotions like this,
the simplest thing, when manufacturers do this type of promotion, will
certainly be related to the color page out to do Xuan Chuan, you know the
stage of the computer as long as the record of the sales staff obtain a
color page, the basic will not be in this trick on a. Of course, some
very large home site to find out, the better.
Sixth: a lot of scouring friends when buying notebook computers, very
much like some gifts, I tell you, sales staff to send gifts in time, only
one principle: the cheapest. So basically all rubbish sent. Therefore,
the most intelligent seller will first thing, then talk to sales staff, I
do not want these things, you give me less money, huh, huh, do not expect
to lose sales staff to tell you the worth, the value the extent of how
much money, basically, he said what the value of 100 yuan, the cost of 30
yuan on the good. Can reduce the number, to see how you talk with the
salesman Rights.
Seventh: Unfortunately, manufacturers do not send prototypes to the
dealer to the sample, so you can see the city in the computer prototype,
all sold to the new machine. Of course, the prototype will not like most
people imagine, very bad machine, in fact, for the protection of our
prototype, but very much with the heart. Ugly is a point that gently, as
if because you create prototype scratch, you are sacrificing the 200 yuan
to paint. If you really do not want to prototype, do not look at
packaging, useless, and some big businesses is that the seals were
themselves printed. What does it look? Two points: First: look at
interfaces such as network card section, there is no dust into the new
machine is not gray. Second, a close look at whether the keyboard in the
dust, scratch the surface of whether, in particular, kinston keyhole,
basically because taking into account the security, there must be locked,
inevitably a little scratch. If there are scratches, you can determine is
the prototype of the.
Eighth: Many sales staff that would add money to invoice, add a few
points of several taxes, which is purely cheating, because the notebook
computer purchase, it is the taxes, and can not be additional money. In
addition, many sales staff would say without warranty invoice, as long as
the receipt on it. As an excuse not to give you a receipt invoice only.
Indeed, the warranty, then the invoice can not guarantee. Note, however,
is different. If there is no invoice, the date of warranty date is
calculated by the factory, there is an invoice, the invoice date is
calculated by the warranty date. The notebook computer inventory is
normally two months, so imagine, if you are unfortunate in that two
months, the machine is broken. . . Another point; countries have a legal
name <Computer Warranty Policy> Which three bags of it?
Quality problems, seven days a refunding, 15 days replacement within a
year, after two service still is not working, and shifting. The so-called
three bags. And if you want to enjoy the three bags, that premise is, you
have to invoice. Why not give your sales staff development vote? Are
pamphlets, no profit can not afford early, he can sell the invoice for
you to benefit other people. Therefore, the purchase of machine, be sure
to remember the request invoice!
Ninth: It may say it so many people feel very difficult to believe, and
Oh, but I tell you, we used the store, 15% of the profits, are people who
get kickbacks to help us create. So, if you ask an acquaintance to help
you guard your computer, you can remember the principle: pull down the
face, they have to go ask the price of independence. In this way, you
will not be ºöÓÆ the. So I do not quite willing to help an acquaintance
to buy computers, because I know this, I do not want to bear this infamy
ah, my approach is: you start out on my own ask price, then I will help
you ask, so the price you have in mind the end, I would not be afraid to
take kickbacks friends, huh, huh. Oh, I hope always to help a friend
installed bear Friends of the table hit me Oh. After all enthusiastic
friends or the majority.
10th: who is qualified, in the purchase of a computer, preferably to the
major e-commerce website for the prices, the most convenient is the price
to Taobao under investigation, may be the price of Taobao in physical
stores can not buy, and if so at ease you can buy online, it does not
work, then go to stores to buy, at least the end of heart there will not
be making too much, we all know that low prices Taobao Well.

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