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Matthew Bunker Ridgway (Matthew Bunker Ridgway, 1895 Äê 3 ÔÂ 3 ÈÕ -1,993
on July 26), U.S. Army General, because in the Korean War saved the
United Nations forces known.
Ridgway was born in Fort Monroe, Virginia. He graduated from West Point
in 1917, was awarded the rank of army lieutenant. Two years after
graduation, he returned to West Point, served as Spanish teacher. Fort
Benning in Georgia (Fort Benning) infantry officer school completion
courses, Ridgway Kiwi in China in the 15th Infantry Regiment served.
After he was sent to Nicaragua to oversee the holding of free elections
in 1927.
In 1930, Ridgway served as advisers to the Governor the Philippines. A
few years later, he entered the Kansas Leavenworth (Fort Leavenworth)
command and staff school, at the same time (mid 30s), he also served as
Assistant Chief of Staff 6th Army. Since then, he served as deputy chief
of staff of 2 and 4 Army Army Assistant Chief of Staff. George Marshall
on the Ridgway appreciate, shortly after the outbreak of World War II, he
put it Ridgway transferred to the War Planning Department (War Plans
August 1942, Ridgway was promoted to Brigadier, and N ¡¤ Omar Bradley was
transferred to the 28th Infantry Division, the 82nd Airborne Division was
ordered to command. 82 army divisions was selected as one of the first
two airborne divisions, largely due to Ridgway as an instructor possess
skills, and his colleagues are more flexible than thought. - Airborne
Division in the Army was just an experiment.
Ridgway helped plan the 1943 airborne operations in Sicily. A year later,
he helped pioneer the "Operation Overlord" in airborne
operations. Normandy landing, he, together with the parachuting troops in
France, in the St-Sauveur-le-VIcomte line advance during the 33 days
continuous fighting. September 1944, Ridgway was appointed the 18th
Airborne Corps, led the troops to enter Germany. A year later, he was
promoted to lieutenant general. End of the war, he was flying went to
accept the new mission, and his new superior - the five-star Army General
Douglas MacArthur, in the United States Military Academy at West Point he
was a captain, he had already his leadership.
In 1945, Ridgway spent some time in Luzon, was ordered to command the
Mediterranean theater after the U.S. forces, and also acquired a new
title: "Deputy Supreme Allied Commander of the
Mediterranean." The late 40s, he served as commander of U.S.
forces in the Caribbean, and later served as Deputy Chief of Staff, the
Chief of Staff, Army General Joe L ¡¤ work under Collins.
Ridgway military career, one of the most important appointment in 1950:
Lieutenant General Walton Walker was killed after a car accident, Ridgway
took over in June 1950 from the outbreak of war in the Korean war the 8th
Army's command and In 1951, his troops repelled the attack.
President Truman after the lifting of MacArthur's military power,
Ridgway has become the "United Nations forces,"
Commander in Chief.
Most military historians believe that is the Ridgway to the 8th Army from
the failure of the plight of the verge of collapse rescue, and ultimately
prevent the Chinese People's Volunteers offensive. During this
period he personally demonstrated the leadership, and the basic
principles of military operations deep understanding, in the U.S. Army
set to make history, and others could rival the leading example. Ridgway
did not do so by the MacArthur that his unruly influence of the School,
MacArthur gave Ridgway predecessor unprecedented freedom of movement.
May 1952, Ridgway succeeded Eisenhower as Supreme Allied Commander
Europe. Since around him to make arrangements for staff officers in the
United States, Europe, the military leaders of his veiled. Since then,
Ridgway replaced Collins, as U.S. Army chief of staff. Many historians
believe that his army chief of staff in the office, so that the time of
U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War pushed back about ten years: it was
President Eisenhower to his assessment of the United States and France
jointly the feasibility of military intervention, the results show
Ridgway a detailed plan, that the U.S. needs to pay a huge investment, so
Eisenhower sent troops to intervene to dispel the idea. But the incident
also made both of them to establish good relations during World War II,
stood the severe test. In 1955, Ridgway planned ahead of time than he
retired from the Army, his successor is Maxwell D ¡¤ Taylor - his 82nd
Airborne Division at the time chief of staff.
Two years after retirement, Ridgway published his autobiography:
"Matthew B ¡¤ Ridgway memoirs."
Ridgway's personal life is far more than the success of his
military career. He was married three times; According to his friends and
colleagues say, a car accident in 1971 killed his son after the great
changes Ridgway temperament, has become increasingly unhappy. July 1993,
Ridgway in the Pittsburgh suburb of Fox Chapel home, died aged 98.

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