Document Management: A classic case for sustainable business practices by ProQuest


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									                                                             Sustainable procurement

    Management                                             Larry Berglund, C.P.P., MBA draws
                                                           experience from four decades of
                                                           buying in the forest industry, public
                                                           health care, municipal government,
  A classic case for                                       university operations, and consulting
                                                           services. Larry teaches supply chain
sustainable business                                       management and corporate social
                                                           responsibility courses, seminars and
      practices                                            workshops. He is the author of Food,
                                                           Finance, and Philosophy: A Role for
                                                           Supply Management in Corporate
                                                           Social Responsibility. For more
                                                           information contact Larry at

The convergence of print and digital             An emerging practice reduces the number of
technology has created a new way for             devices and the use of paper concurrently.
organizations to think about their document      There is now the possibility to have all print
management requirements. Instead of              related devices, regardless of brand, manag-
getting the best price on networked multi-       ed by a single-service provider, often
functional devices – consider how to reduce      referred to as managed print services. The
the number of devices dramatically and           capability of systems to manage agnostic
reduce the use of paper overall to obtain the    brands is one of the keys. Savings of 15-20
best value. Most organizations struggle with     percent per year are being realized!
the need to manage massive amounts of data       Organizations can leverage this market
and print is still one of the most common        opportunity by issuing requests for pro-
formats – in spite of digital options. Enter     posals and analyzing these for business
managed print services.                          solutions which address communications,
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