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									Zong: China last drink Gangster
?Zong: China last drink Gangster
When the "Cola" was introduced in 1998, people thought it could not
hold it long, but over the past few years, Zong reverse the people's views.
"If China's 1.3 billion people, each of the products I buy
one ... ...", this easily ridiculed the fudge, Zong did. In China, Wahaha
products has reached the national per capita consumption of 10 bottles or more of the
figures. In 2003, the company's revenue topped 10 billion yuan mark, as the
world's fifth-largest beverage company, second only to Coca-Cola, Pepsi,
Cadbury, Curt the four multinational companies.
While no formal higher education, Zong is not short-sighted bidding. He saw the trend
early on: engage in international, multinational study, the most thorough way is the
internationalization of capital. 1996, Zong out the best five factories profit to 45
million U.S. dollars in price, sold to Danone, 51% of shares of Peregrine.
When foreign investment, Zong strong adherence to the initiative. Requirements in the
foreign holding, the Zong adhere to the "four cardinal principles":
the same brand, chairman of the board seats remains unchanged, the same treatment of
retired workers, workers over the age of 45 positions remain unchanged.
In the management of transnational corporations, the marketing practices of learning
problems, the Zong is pay attention to their own advantages combined with the use of
the Wahaha. Wahaha senior team is extremely stable and very open, more than a decade of
change the reduction with environmental learning, to enrich fresh blood, 但 few
returnees airborne or suddenly 改革 arm, 没有 to implement a Bushao Chinese Qi Ye
regarded as a classic of fashion The brand manager system.
In short, the process of learning to multinational corporations, the Zong is a typical
"used those."
Chinese entrepreneurs in the crowd called, Zong is probably the most hardworking one.
365 days a year, he went to the market 200 days to first-line investigation. August
2002, for the new factory site inspection, Zong set for 12 days running all over half
of China's record.
This hard-working spirit from the past, hard ordeal. Chang Tso-lin men as my
grandfather was a minister of finance, the father also worked as staff Kuomintang
government after liberation Zong family is very poor, 5 siblings, father unemployed,
mother of primary school teachers alone to do for a very low degree of wage day. After
graduating from junior high school, Zong to Zhoushan Mame farms, digging in the endless
beach of salt, salt, salt challenge.
In 1978, the 33-year-old Zong before returning to Hangzhou, into the school-run factory
as a salesman. After nearly 10 years, he found several run enterprises, depressed
1987, Zong contract when the sales department run enterprises, has 42 years of age.
Were like a workaholic, wind rain riding tricycles to deliver a minimum of a business,
earning only a dollar.
With the pupils when a small business, Zong found that children ate more snacks after a
significant decline in appetite, headache is the parents. Cases had an idea come up
with a "nutrition children" idea. In 1988, the
"Wahaha" Child nutrition launched, quickly became popular in the
country. A few years later, Zong Sharu pure water markets, the greater victory.
"Transnational Corporations are paper tigers," Zong occasionally made
to enlarge. Danone with multinational counterparts 8 years, Zong Why not kill, but the
status of the more stable? Cases the answer is: "The key is you can not make
money. Investment returns should say, you do earn more than he did, he certainly
willing to let you dry."
Wahaha is a model of business success in China, Wahaha's success is the local
culture and the successful combination of market economy, lay it is difficult to
understand, its success is no accident. Based on the Wahaha sales model, product and
brand decision-making and implementation, organization and management, and other
aspects of the system described to illustrate the success of Wahaha is China's
local culture and the successful combination of market economy, its success is no
accident .
Analysis of China's beverage industry, different marketing styles, one with the
sun rose, the farmer, represented "Ad Group"; 2 is represented by a
number of local-name "utilitarian school, the guerrilla group"; Third,
Robust, uniform, etc. enterprises on behalf of the "skills group"; 4
is represented by the Wahaha and other "moderates"; Fifth, Coca-Cola
as the representative of the "standard school." These five schools,
only a different style, good or bad, the market-oriented competition is to
"winner for the king, manifested in" as the standard, the key is to
see how companies Advantage suppressing short, to adapt to national conditions, public
sentiment and market demand change. Wahaha's success is the local Chinese
culture and successful combination of a market economy.
Sales model
Wahaha has a sales network, is adapted to the situation of China's most
scientific and most successful sales model.
If now, you also send someone to the northeast Tianchi, Northwest Altai foothills,
southeast of Hainan Island jungle, southwest of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, you casually
walked into a small sundry shop chicken feathers, then all down the catalog are copied ,
you will find repeated the line will more than three, and happens to be is the Qi Zhong
Jiu Wahaha's a; in the past 15 years, Du Rang Mei Ge Chinese people bought the
brand is not money or more than three and Wahaha may be one of them. This
"happens" is no coincidence, coincidence. Wahaha products covering
almost every town in China.
In the fierce market competition, and played against Wahaha brand has numerous, the 11
reasons not because of Wahaha defeat more powerful, but precisely because of Wahaha
that urban and rural areas across the country, no match for a strong sales network . It
can be said to facilitate consumers Wahaha brand competition is the key to winning.
Brands and distributor to form strong point of interest community that? How to complete
the "last mile" of the sales? Wahaha experience is: the orderly
distribution of benefits, so that dealers make a profit, only a win-win, he will yell
for you hard, you must first solve the problem who sold, who bought the issue can be
resolved. Wahaha sales network success is:
1 vendors to implement a win-win system to jointly sell the body. Wahaha in 31
provinces and cities have chosen more than 1,000 with advanced concepts, strong
economic strength, have a higher loyalty, to control one of the dealers formed to cover
almost every town in China's manufacturers to sell systems to form a powerful
distribution network. Joint system and deposit system not only effectively prevent the
bad debt, bad debt, so that Wahaha's assets, more structured, more mobility,
but also greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of dealers, change a business go it alone in
the market for the 1000 companies together to compete with rivals, Wahaha products
greatly improved market competitiveness.
2 to construct a stable and orderly sharing network. Wahaha jointly sell the body on
the basis of special batches through the establishment of commercial marketing network,
gradually weaving a spider web to a closed state of the marketing system, not only
enhanced the rapid penetration of Wahaha products, but also improve the dealers on the
market of control, so as to achieve a reasonable distribution, depth distribution,
strengthen delivery capacity, enhance service awareness, Selling at Proper Price,
control FALSIFYING. Wahaha sales and marketing network now can ensure that the new
products in the factory within one week after the shop quickly into retail stores
across the country 600,000, while north and south with the river, coastal inland to
meet the consumers.
3, and distributors to create a brand. Wahaha sales target this year is 80 billion,
while sales of Wahaha staff throughout the country is only 1,000 people, many people
are unimaginable. Coca-Cola, unity, Master Kong, the main town in the country also and
set up of business, marketing, personnel no less than 50,000, while the Wahaha joint
sales by the policy body, is thousands of small dealers and Wahaha to create brand
commitment and action. Wahaha body in joint sales and special secondary network on the
basis of the sales area responsibility. Defined the rights and obligations of
distributors. Distributor change from passive to active, active with the
brand's long-term business together to do strategic planning, greatly enhanced
the company's loyalty and identification with the product, but also consciously
strengthen the sense of responsibility, improve management capacity and market
development capacity. Wahaha's policy because they realize that: the market is
our brand is vendor shared interests in common.
Today's Wahaha, network construction and rural markets in the victory, along
with the beverage market, the city battle intensifies, the market center of gravity
forward, end in an increasingly competitive time earlier this year to strengthen the
terminal building to take effective measures to dealer sales rebate part of the
recruitment of the month to run a single member of the sales by the Wahaha unified
management director, to strengthen the terminal control. Less than six months, in
cities across the country end Mong point, you can not help but will Wahaha purified
water, tea drinks, juice drinks and other products, see delivery rate, display surface,
terminal sales enthusiasm wow!
Sales force of more than 1,000 to complete sales of 8.0 billion, which is Chinese
people's war, not the western style of the human wave tactics. Some have called
Wahaha is China's path to successful business. Wahaha's channel
strategy is: always insist on engaging in agent system, built from the network to
jointly sell the body to the regional accountability, special batches network
construction, closed sales, the second installment and retail development body for the
Wahaha joint sales network members . This is the situation in China is under the most
successful sales model.
Product and brand
Wahaha people for the products and brand building ideas and methods have their own
Brand is based on sales, marketing is driven by: Channel access the thrust and pulling
force on the advertising communication.
Wahaha has always put emphasis on advertising, adhere to cost-effective advertising
strategy, loved, brand personality. "Like not selling," slick
advertising Wahaha determined not to use; Wahaha purified water is recognized as the
first national brand sales account for 47% of bottled drinking water, pure water from
the city of Wahaha in 1996 when King Kong popular singer Hill, "my eyes only
you", to 1998, Mao Ning's "heart is only you," Lee
Hom's 1999 "Love you mean love your" Wahaha loved by Chinese
people uphold the use of a star song advertising strategy, "health, youth,
energy, pure "core content of the brand more prominent in the minds of
consumers is different from many other brands. Bright clear Wahaha brand concept is
undoubtedly a valuable brand asset.
"Healthy and happy" is the Wahaha were assiduous, hard plastic of the
brand personality. Wahaha has been working to strengthen the emotional communication
with consumers, Wahaha products, brand strategy with Chinese characteristics, the
successful plastic of the "Wahaha" brand "of China, friendly,
healthy" symbol, "very" brand "healthy, happy,
stylish" symbolic, because it appropriately reflects "Chinese
people" consumer demand, it is very close to the consumer paste. This is the
Wahaha products, brand vitality of the fundamental, which is Wahaha have been able to
be well received by the consumer favorite brand of critical mass, which is the core of
the success of Wahaha!
Decision-making and implementation
Chinese philosophy emphasizes "Doing Nothing", the so-called
"big enough without sound," "big sound thin voice,"
the real master is often "no trick wins a trick."
Wahaha is not a unique decision-making with personal wisdom, Mr. Zong's
arbitrary. All for the markets, all the information from the market, only to grasp the
market first-hand information in order to reflect the market to make accurate decisions.
Mr. Zong has insisted to spend 1 / 3 of the time line to run the market, with sharp
market sense to grasp the changing market dynamics. Is not only CEOs, senior management
is also often insist on selling in the market line, agents, distributors to the company
at least once a month feedback market information. Although all the Wahaha business
decision is made by the seat of your pants, Mr. cases, but this feeling is based on
extensive scientific, based on accurate information, but this unique decision-making
the simplest, most effective and fastest.
"The real valuable factor is intuition." After all that, to seize the
real needs of the market, so that products sold well, selling fire this is the key! And
Wahaha's simple, effective decision-making is key to seize this.
Organization and Management
Wahaha staff training in the enterprise not as foreign as standard, but not without
importance, but the use of a unique way Wahaha staff training, and works pretty well.
Sales and management theory is the key to when, where, and how the problem.
Wahaha's sales staff may be better in theory, although other large companies,
but their professionalism and combat ability is unmatched. Wahaha's training
system is proceeding from reality, do not speak form. In the corporate culture and
entrepreneurial spirit, the main leaders at all levels lead by example through the
"mentoring" so that all staff developed a pragmatic, professional,
unity in a good atmosphere; ideas and methods in marketing, primarily through the sale
of informed by Mr. Zong personally inform the drafting of sales, an average of 23 days,
from the sale of policies to marketing theory; from criticism, praise to the method of
teaching, the content of a comprehensive, practical methods, to facilitate learning,
saving the cost of all classroom training by the organization can not do. "For
any great ideas, we must need to keep the instructions and supervision, until the whole
company every nerve is mobilized." This is America, General Electric CEO Jack
- Welch, the "no boundaries" of the core management one of the
elements. Wahaha is using their own unique way with this effective training course.
Similarly, Wahaha no basis in conventional modern management concepts to the creation
of "market Bu" or "marketing strategy Zhong Xin",
而是 upon a simple market steer, to Tidai the processes are complex and Jigou large
organization Gongneng.
"The world moving things stand, servers, and sometimes fat, but not everything
is accomplished." Market development, competition is intensifying, even if the
reason for today's successful companies rest on its laurels, and other Chinese
beverage company Wahaha development does need to continue to improve and change,
Wahaha's strategy is also timely adjustments in the center of the
city's competitiveness is being continuously strengthened. Written by the
author hopes this article is the analysis of the Wahaha, for the foreign-funded
enterprises and some by conventional theories of international marketing issues to
provide a little perspective new perspective and methods. I believe in the birth of
China's territory can be a great Chinese enterprises.
?Zong business ideas
 ?Zong only 10 years time, put a business by borrowing more than 10 million adults in
the school-run factory sales training nearly 10 billion business, and create a modern
miracle in the history of Chinese enterprises. Wahaha growth not only during the right
decisions, but also to explore in practice Zong business methods and management
thinking about.
Generally speaking, the Zong's most prominent business style is pragmatic, he
is a down to earth entrepreneurs. Wahaha growth in history, almost every major
decision-making are accurate, Wahaha launched in 1988 children from the nutrient
solution, was introduced to the Wahaha fruit milk, eight-treasure porridge, clean water,
and the 1996 and the Danone Group joint venture, also decided to be launched in 1998
the most competitive carbonated beverage "Cola." The right decision
every time he's not the only use of modern means of market research, but with
his "entrepreneurial intuition", which in practice, intuitive long-
term accumulated gradually in the market he is often become a "mine detector
"Few have failed all the time.
Zong is characterized by a second operator to look for differences in innovation. He
has a strong market position sensibility that includes four state orientation: product
differentiation, positioning, technology advanced positioning, brand positioning of
priority, a common growth orientation. And he understands the position and general
advertising are often referred to a different position, in his view, location is not in
the product development phase can be completed, the positioning will run through the
whole process of marketing. He launched nutrition of children in the project, many
people do not understand; Why stood one billion population market do not do, just only
do a children's market? Zong is the thorough understanding of urban living
conditions in the children's appetite, but the worse the better, the selling
point of the child nutrition accurately positioned in the "fully promote
children's appetite," and the use of "evidence
advertisement" and "Nursery Rhymes ad "The result in one
shot, Laode pot of gold.
Zong is characterized by the third business "brand of pragmatism."
After 20 years of Chinese enterprises market Uplifting, finally realized that the brand
is the lifeblood of a business survival. However Zong brand concept and the sun god,
giant, dragon, 3, Qin pool, love and more attention to brands such as philosophy is
different. In Zong view, "there is no effective brand will have no
value." Profit is the entrepreneur's duty, all branding and marketing
design are based on "profit is visible" under the premise. He who
"came first after the effective brand" strategy quite agree.
"China is a mature market show that consumers lack of patience and loyalty to
the brand, brand is not reliable. He had to make a corporate brand than a rubber band
can stretch, can also be shortened, but can not exceed the limit . If you put the
longer the brand extension, it becomes more vulnerable, but that often and you think to
the contrary. precisely because Zong has a "pragmatic view of the
brand," he put more emphasis on brand advertising sales a good bad, rather
than advertising art in question, he first used the "positive ads",
is because consumers are more receptive to this kind of advertising, after acceptance
and desire to buy more prone to purchase action. "Wahaha drink, eat that
Hong" "Mom, I drink Wahaha fruit milk," a happy event, of
course Cola "and other. Advertisements Although no cultural taste and artistic,
but the audience is very inflammatory, directly pulled up sales.
Zong's fourth feature is the marketing network business success. Wahaha sales
and marketing network with other business networks differ Zong first built to develop
national marketing network is the "Spider Battle" program, followed
by a "strong product, transparent policy, closed network" principle ,
the process is "casting a net - the net - repair network - fixed."
closing in with a repair, repair of larger, big and solid support. In marketing the
network to adopt a "penetrated to do through" tactics, Zong often to
"market to be penetrated, marketing done through" as a mantra to
stress. The network through integrated marketing have long-term "blowout
effect." Let Marketing Links make money each person has, but it is best to
concentrate only do Wahaha on the most profit.
Zong's fifth feature is the same familiar management industry. In every
economic boom in China, there are many companies blindly pursue diversification or the
mountain that looks high, cross-industry business, but rarely successful, but many
losers. In the consumer area, if you do not break into the top three industries, the
brand long-term survival is difficult. This brutal reality of competition into the
entrepreneur must make strategic choices to keep a cool head, or become dizzy and have
to go astray. Zong has said: "I put the eggs on their most familiar
basket." This "Do not put all their eggs in one basket,"
saying the economy is different. In addition to the decision-making involved in liquor
he had decision-making mistakes, the soon out of this seemingly huge profits of the
industry. Has been around a familiar drinks as the leading industry, from the Wahaha
nutritional liquid to the fruit milk, one eight-treasure porridge, clean water, Cola,
in addition to nectar, almost all have market share is or has been the first national
market 1, only familiar with the industry to focus on doing bigger and stronger.
Zong's sixth defense of brand management features. 1996, Danone Group and
Wahaha Wahaha joint venture is the history of major policy decisions. At that time many
Chinese enterprises and foreign joint-venture to create the brand was shelved for many
years, such as MAXAM toothpaste, peacock TV and Tiger beer. Wahaha joint ventures in
the negotiations, the stick, "four cardinal principles", the first
principle is the joint-venture enterprises are still all use the
"Wahaha" brand, Zong that "capital without Borders, products,
technologies, no national boundaries, but the brand is have national boundaries.
"" brand is the soul, the banner is down, people will be scattered.
" Zong's decision proved to be wise, if not support to keep
"Wahaha" this brand is hard to imagine a joint venture seven years
later, what would be the fate of Wahaha.
Zong operating characteristics of the seventh is "centralized"
management model. Reflected in marketing themselves and their staff, rigorous
performance assessment. Zong annual two-thirds of the time line in the market run, no
matter what level managers like playing tricks, he would not polite reprimand, issued
in one year notification letter about 200 times. Each year billions of dollars in
drinks promotion and distribution center to be completed by a market, it is also a high
concentration of market management action mode. If part of decoupling is likely to lead
to collapse. Treatment of dealer management is more stringent, one always taken deposit
system, Jian Chi Hou Xian cargo section of the principle; 2 yes Yao Qiu Jing Xiaoshang
specifically focused exclusively Zuo Wahaha, Bude make other similar brands; 3 is
changing commodity prices drop, etc. offenders punished without mercy. It argues with
his management style, "pick She only picked after the first meat"
market strategy, Wahaha is to eat small city markets, "meat", and
finally bite the big cities that a few million people "bones," the
market is large and scattered, not engage in centralized management will increase
marketing costs, there will be "paratroopers swim" situation, the
lack of combat effectiveness is difficult to quickly capture the market, hit a few
 Poor economic environment is a good opportunity to rob rival sites
  Poor economic environment, but rather is the opportunity for us. First, changes in
the economic situation of fast moving consumer goods companies are relatively small. In
addition, the economic environment changes, some businesses may experience cash flow
problems, we not only failed to financial pressure, but also savings, they worry, we
can wait. Some companies are in a difficult, objectively, could set the market for them.
We expect that in 2009 the total income of the beverage industry will not have large-
scale growth, our operating income increased primarily grab market share from
competitors. However, the current domestic beverage industry do not have good
acquisition targets, production equipment and backward technology keep up with market
demand, such firms are not high quality acquisition targets.
 ?Our investment in 2009, the market distribution has been completed this year. 60
million voted in this year around the country to increase plant production capacity.
According to the plan in 2009, our revenues will be more than 50 billion yuan, compared
with the same period in 2008, up more than 100 billion, growing faster than in previous
years, two years before our revenue grew about 70 billion yuan.
Our sales network in the original basis, the sales channels even further downward.
Channel management previously focused on distributors, now have to strengthen the
management of secondary wholesalers. To the end of 2008, we added more than 1,000
dealers, the number of secondary wholesalers doubled to more than 40,000. Previous
sales we have a very wide distribution, but the amount is not enough, now we hope to
further increase (sales distribution point) amount to occupy a market share of
Another new product will increase in 2009. In recent years, our R & D center to
develop new products year round. The end of 2008, we have listed the three new products
next year will launch as planned. (The number of new plans to launch?) Every year to
maintain 30% -40% rate of increase of new products next year, to reach such a speed. In
addition, our old products out rate is relatively low, the old products to maintain
sales, new products to expand sales, so as to ensure that the total plate Wahaha been
Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Master Kong, unification and other beverages business investment
growing, we will not have any impact on affected businesses large, small and medium
drink. Moreover, we later step than peers, they are now or "plans to
invest", we have first to increase productivity, make the channel layout. Can
be the first to step in, or based on our market forecasts, after all, we are born and
raised, and we always run the market, the market prospects of a full estimate.
China's beverage industry will ultimately be a few big companies to dominate,
in which retaining its position as the leading Wahaha boss position. (Now the domestic
soft drinks, tea drinks, fruit juice drinks market, Wahaha is not a market first.)
Product category, our advantage is rich, but in all beverage categories, we are the top
three markets. We used to because of insufficient capacity, the first half of 2008, our
sales companies are in such factory supplier.
Now our development thinking is: when the market supply capacity expansion, capacity
expansion to further increase market share grasp.
?The legendary life of 10 years fighting
 ?In today's globalization, Chinese enterprises and entrepreneurs to do
business has not sit idly by, and even entrepreneurs who want to
"safe", it is wishful thinking. China's traditional way,
Chinese people never liked to stir up trouble, but to the thing, not afraid of thing.
There is a saying: to be retaining soldiers to land cover. However, the more intense
international competition, Chinese enterprises and entrepreneurs would have more to do:
"a red heart, hands ready." This sentence should be how to understand
it? "Alternative arrangements" has clearly not narrow the concept of
failure and success. Now advocate the times, "both hands ready to"
natural reading of the times also have. I am Chinese entrepreneurs "hands
ready" is so understandable. First of all, you have to make up their own
businesses, but to do strong, big, small and medium enterprises if a nameless, first-
hand to prepare enough; Second, once the stronger, bigger, easier to tree attracts the
wind, of course, had a saying: With a good shade tree. In international competition, it
was to you under a shade tree, but someone has to take action in the trees on your feet,
or even want to be uprooted. This requires that Chinese entrepreneurs in the face of
powerful, with Cuikulaxiu momentum as the "foreign invaders" do
battle "both hands ready." In context, China's leading
entrepreneurs Zong and Wahaha set an example. While the typical case is still ongoing
in the famous "Dawa dispute."
 ?Wahaha 20 years: the legend of Zong
If there is no Zong, Wahaha is hard to imagine 20 years, precisely because such a
business genius with Zong, had just started making loans from the 140,000 yuan of
Wahaha, now has more than 150 billion in assets. In this sense, is the achievement of
Wahaha, Zong great, and also created the Zong's Wahaha legend.
Hangzhou Wahaha set up since 1987, currently sit tight in the past ten years the seat
of China's beverage industry leaders. Particularly since 1991, started the
business at age 42, led Zong small factories who paid a hundred years of merger losses,
liabilities, more than 4,000 million, state-run old factory - canned food factory in
Hangzhou, turn around 3 months, one year After the sales, profits and taxes will
increase by 1 times the profits of industrial enterprises in the country in one fell
swoop among the top 500. This success of the wonderful life after Zong. Of course, the
Zong's wonderful life is not only a "small swallow big," the
success stories. The year 2003 was an extraordinary year, the year China experienced an
unprecedented "SARS" epidemic, the epidemic ended, Zong ahead of
competitors will be sent to a large number of beverage retail terminal, so that 16% of
sales achieved annual growth, Wahaha revenue topped 10 billion yuan mark, as the
world's fifth-largest beverage company. And this performance quickly be broken
in 2007, under the leadership of the Zong, Wahaha in 2007 the turnover of more than 25
billion yuan; in 2008, "Dawa struggle" to Wahaha deeply troubled, but
also makes Zongqing After the deep one, however, even the popular Wahaha Danone buy
cheap strong disturbance events, but under the leadership Zong, Wahaha sales in the
first half of 2008 still increased by 40% of all sales To breaking 30 billion yuan mark.
As Mr Zong said: "Doing good deeds is the bounden duty enterprise because
enterprises live in society should pay back the community." Then, twice
elected to the NPC not only in economic terms Zong back to society, but also to submit
national economic development, rural issues, etc. related to the national economy and
various proposals and recommendations 38. Behind every successful business has a flag
of the People, Zong is no doubt that Wahaha's flagship characters. According to
the statistics show: Wahaha 20 years of cumulative support of education and public
welfare up to 204 million.
In Zong view, meaningful thing the public good. Zong said the wealth of society itself,
only the accumulation of wealth into the social re-creation, will create more wealth,
but this time the meaning of wealth is not the same as the former, charity is such a
different significance of the wealth. For enterprises, they are going to win the new
development space, businesses will be evergreen.
It is from this, the leadership of Wahaha in Zong 20 years, since 1998, Wahaha Chinese
drinks consecutive years in the first place, which also makes soft drinks, Wahaha
current output ranked the world's fifth. It is precisely such a splendid figure
and impressive performance, making Zong been too many malicious attacks.
Facing malicious attacks: Zong fighting for 10 years
To the outsider, Zong is a strong well-known entrepreneurs fear, in fact, after and up
to ten years between the "battle", he has put himself into steely
temper soldiers. Defeated soldiers never easy, especially when he faced was a just war
We know that in international competition, such as Danone will use the international
business is international practice, for which few Chinese companies did not eat Yaba
Kui in this regard. For low-cost acquisition Danone Wahaha, Danone if Wahaha fall into
the hands of the consequences. Up to attempt to control the entire beverage industry in
China, unfortunately, their wishful thinking wrong. They had not expected such a tough
Zong. "Dawa dispute" is over to go against the root causes of
business integrity, but they all put all the blame Zong root of the problem, and even
the business through public relations firm public relations, financial media in the
country on some of Zong malicious attacks, has create a "door tax
evasion" and "green card door", and Zong Jin Xing pursue a
fierce attack have left some know the truth as true, 而 all these reporting all of
these media sources of information are from Da Neng public relations firms, these media,
word elite together with their pens as the vanguard of the attack Zong. The Zong in
such circumstances, the attitude remains strong, making up to public opinion attacks
just like bubbles, worthless.
And repeatedly in up to the time when malicious attacks Zong, Danone both in the
international lawsuit or lawsuits in China are all failed. Danone losing ground to show?
At least show up to the Zong is not only unpopular malicious attacks, but also not
support any laws and regulations. This means that Danone is a rogue, or international
rogue. To his own interests, even at the cost to move out when French President
lobbyists, a shield is simply downright shameless.
Face up to, fortunately, Zong is a strong hand entrepreneurs, otherwise the fate of
Wahaha unthinkable. China's national brands such as Robust never did give up
easily been ruined. With a Robust enough, but only one Zong is not enough. Again appeal:
China's national brands need more Zong.
?Wahaha is 20 years: 4 Q Zong
His face may have less than 20 years ago, the young, speech was revealed between the
"old steed, high aspirations," the heroic.
20 years ago, also in Hangzhou City Qingtai Street, No. 160, only three of the small
building, has reached middle age, Zong, with two retired teachers, borrow 140,000 yuan
founder of the "run on the city corporate sales department, "step by
step opened the" Wahaha "dream.
Today, the same street at No. 160 Qingtai, has been renovated in the 6th floor office,
Zong sitting on hundreds of branches nationwide, more than 100 kinds of products, and
20,000 employees and annual sales of more than 200 billion, and to keep the two median
growth rate of Wahaha empire.
Why start a business?
42 years old and this year, 63-year-old Zong nominal age has been rather busy for the
Lord Chancellor did not stop, the little hardships to others to have been.
Start from the beginning to today, Zong's hard, is a micromanager hands-on,
which start from 20 years ago, he has remained until now.
Once, Zong's throat in need of surgery by doctors in the hospital no way
related work. Day after the surgery, he turned and come down to earth, ran out of the
Can not address how to do? He thought of an idea, called the Secretary for carrying
things, carrying a piece of his own small blackboard, took the chalk to the shop to
inspect the work. Go to a place closer look at that I have doubts, he stopped to write
problems on the blackboard. Be explained is not clear, he erase, write a new problem.
Speaking of 20 years of hard work day, the largest one is the right Zong, used to
suffering. Do not know because of Zong's "Bitter" origin and
years of hard work, he put the feelings of the children who are entrusted.
After graduating from junior high school, 16-year-old Zong is still a very young boy
头、干农活,一呆就是 15 年。
当时在绍兴农场,宗庆后也是天天加班,晚上吃完了饭,走 5 里路推着钢丝车去拉砖头,爬上坡路,
拉 100 块是最起码的,一个晚上一共要拉 3 次。15 年拿了将近 5000 块钱工资。
直到 1978 年,33 岁的宗庆后才回到杭州。在此后的将近 10 年里,他辗转于几家校办企业,靠做推
1987 年宗庆后被任命为“上城区校办企业经销部”经理,由此开始创业历程。开始的业务就是代销
课本和冷饮。从最开始的 3 个人,到后来 10 多个员工,他有空的时候就一直坚持骑着三轮车,挨门
一根冰棍四分钱,只能赚上几厘钱。一个 42 岁的中年人,尽管职务很小但毕竟是个经理,他骑着三
做起来之后,看到世界 500 强的大企业,宗庆后又想办一个像模像样的规模大厂。这一办就是 20 年。
在娃哈哈的 20 年里,宗庆后从来没有离开过一线市场。他每年有一半的时间在全国各地和飞机上,
曾经有人算过,宗庆后一年曾经 200 多天都在各地跑,有的时候甚至一个月要跑上十多个地方。
2002 年 8 月,为新建分厂考察选址,宗庆后创下了 12 天跑遍大半个中国的纪录。据说宗庆后的很多
20 年来,宗庆后从来没有离开过一线市场。即使到现在,宗庆后每天仍然有十几个小时在工作。也
娃哈哈杭州清泰街本部距离西湖只有几公里,打车 10 块钱的距离。即便是这样近,宗庆后也已经一
2006 年 6 月,浙商大会暨首届浙商投资博览会在浙江杭州举行,在谈到所谓的“蓝海”时,宗庆后
10 箱、20 箱各种饮料。请公司里搞研发和生产的负责人和员工一起品尝。底下的员工说,一喝喝一
时候了。因为在 1998 年开发“非常可乐”之前,娃哈哈当时的重磅产品是 1991 年推出的“娃哈哈
当初,在绍兴下乡劳作的 15 年,宗庆后惟一的读物就是《毛泽东选集》,现在累了的时候,他也是
宗庆后在商界打拼 20 年,给中国饮料界留下的印象大多是坚定、主见,甚至是强硬。
1991 年,热销的“娃哈哈”营养液出现供不应求的场面,仅仅靠清泰街的工厂已经完全不能满足需
求。在市政府相关部门提议下,“小”娃哈哈兼并了当地国营“大”罐头厂。当时娃哈哈仅有 180
余人,但年亏损 4000 万元的罐头厂有 2000 多名职工。
罐头老厂扭亏为盈。兼并之后的 1991 年,娃哈哈产值首次突破了亿元大关,达到了 2.17 亿元。
住压力创建营销“联销体”,毅然在 1996 年投资 4000 万元,兼并了涪陵三家特困国有企业,由此
个领域的管理则是通过各个部长担任。尽管被外界说成是“独裁”,但是 20 年来,宗庆后这种“强

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