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Instructor Introduction:
Zhu Qiang new teachers
Senior Lecturer, online teacher training group
China's actual competitive marketing strategy expert
  Zhejiang 2-generation teacher,
"China's Ten Outstanding Marketing" and
"China Top Ten Sales Management Expert"
Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, visiting professor at Shanghai
Jiao Tong University
Distinguished record in the marketing expert to speak
  The first sales of Coca-Cola Classic in China
Former Assistant to the President Nongfushangquan and national marketing
general manager, will be "Nongfushangquan" successful
drinking water to fight the leading cause of Chinese famous brand
Combat low-cost marketing innovation in China the first person; Haier
Business School, U.S. business schools, business schools and other famous
enterprises Yangshengtang Business School Professor.
From the first-line general manager of career services to make all the
old become a rare offer from the marketing strategic planning to sales
force management and sales skills training, systematic and comprehensive
solution of the actual marketing experts!
Personal experience of the fresh cases, the spark of wisdom, passion for
language and simplify complex issues, in-depth nature of the problem not
talk about representation, is it moving, feeling and shock! With over 20
years all the teachers a good grounding in actual combat, often let the
company benefit greatly from the 12 words to address the student years of
Zhu Qiang new teachers in the 20-year marketing career, the use of actual
achievements of innovative marketing thinking: 15 days to build,
"Coca Cola" marketing network in Shandong Province;
four months of growth 50%, and not a penny of death account records.
Entry is only 700,000 yuan invested enterprises U.S. dollars kindness
more success in the industry's fastest growing, highest return on
investment, the market put in the minimum, account for at least the
Superman death results, so that kindness company sales exceeded 100
million yuan in the year, over 15 million profit, a manufacturer of
similar products the country's second strong, been dubbed the
"kindness phenomenon." Nongfushangquan wrote in the
capture of China's most difficult months into a new chapter in
the Shanghai market, so that "the farmer Spring" became
the only outside water brand based in Shanghai. The only new entry is
even more striking results: one year turnaround, the company did not die
off, 99 years into the national top 15 in the same industry, the profit
growth of more than 100% per year, and successfully engineered the
capital city of the country's first "brand intangible
collateral loan "case, nationwide media coverage of their
dozens, including" Zhejiang Economic News, ""
Evening ", etc would influence him a full-page coverage of.
Various classes of students listening to teachers generally reflect
"is still heard one of the best training." 20 years of
extensive practical management experience, strong theoretical foundation,
sharp, innovative, pragmatic and efficient accompanied by a colorful
presentation skills, formed a most important feature of the new
curriculum Zhu Qiang. In various teacher training, you can really
experience the local Chinese companies marketing most fiery battlefield
Zhu Qiang outstanding service record breaking new teachers to the reason
for this is not rigidly adhere to conventional marketing ideas, good at
the company's system of international marketing concepts and
characteristics of the organic integration of Chinese domestic
enterprises, as companies from different backgrounds, although many cases
of international companies well , but not necessarily suitable for
Chinese enterprises. Zhu Qiang new teachers in more than 100 national
media published on the actual impact of marketing, management article, of
which, such as: "how the product itself is not enough to do a
selling point," "Wahaha milk: how to rebuild the
brand," "When the business Li Yunlong encountered type
manager "and other articles are included:" Sina
"," NetEase "," Sohu "and
other famous sites, including hundreds of media widely reproduced. All
the teachers are the following: "How to develop marketing
plans," "How low-cost marketing innovation"
has aroused strong repercussions in the industry such as monographs.
Speaker Courses:
Type the name of the standard curriculum hours (days) taught
Instructor Course Orientation
Gold Code Marketing
Courses in "low cost marketing strategy - clear and bright
marketing innovation" 1-2 Zhu Qiang new middle and upper
President of class, open class
"The new grand strategy consumer marketing era of"
high-level 1-4
President of class, open class
"Win in the strategy - the development and management of
marketing programs," 1-2, the high-level
Public Training
"Efficient management and incentive sales team," 1-2,
the high-level
Open class, house training
"Strategic transformation and management of private enterprises
to upgrade," 1-2 senior
President of class, open class
Management of personnel problems solution ---- make subordinates
convinced (excellent middle management skills in actual combat) 1-2,
Open class, house training
"Professional Sales combat skills," 1-2, the primary
Open class, house training
"Stores (Shopping guide) Sales combat skills," 1-2, the
Open class, house training
"The depth of the regional market marketing" 1-2, the
Open class, house training
"Gold dealers to success - specifically designed for the factory
will open dealer" dealer of the General Assembly, 1-2 to open
"Excellence from the" Heart "--- status
determine success or failure," 1-2, the primary
Open class, house training

¡ô "manager", "China Business MVP
Award," the judges, representatives of the new Shi Zhanpai
¡ô Human Capital Forum, worry-free future speakers
¡ô sugar alcohol weekly forum for speakers of Chinese Marketing Experts
sugar, wine
¡ô "manager", "sales and marketing"
and other well-known management, financial magazine contributing writer
¡ô University of Hong Kong Master of Integrated Marketing Communications
Zhu Qiang new teacher had given the international and domestic famous
enterprises hundreds of professional training or counseling as a
consultant, such as: General Electric China Limited, China Petroleum,
China Life, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Netcom, Haier Group, the
United States electrical, Gree Electric Appliances, Samsung Electronics,
Wuyang Honda, Suning, the United States and the United States department
store, Shaanxi Broadcasting Group, Fujian Southeast TV, Zhejiang
Women's International Travel, Sichuan Airlines, Good Friend
Precision Machinery (Taiwan's largest machine tool manufacturer),
LEE, Byford , ASPRIT, cK, MARLBORO, Qipai clothing, socks sand waves
group in China, Fang too kitchenware, Shuaikang appliances, furniture
empire in Hong Kong, China Putian Communications Group, Op lighting, hot
tips jewelry, jewelry Bandung, Yangshengtang , Wahaha, Sweden Tetra Pak
Group, Hainan coconut Group, Wandashan Dairy, Tsingtao Brewery, China
Resources Breweries, Chongqing Beer, Maitai Group, Jiangsu Yurun Group,
Tong Wei shares, Power Dekor flooring, paint three trees , Faenza
bathroom, Eagle bathroom, Jiangsu Electric Power, Geely, Golden Dragon
Bus, China Merchants Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank
of China, Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank, CITIC Bank, Shenzhen
Development Bank, Shanghai Sinopharm, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
International Corporate Training Centre, etc., are alike.
Student comments:
All teachers: your amazing foresight, your teaching style to teach people
Also want your students! ---- Harbin Tsinghua students
All teachers: the teacher is now a lot of wisdom and love like you do not
many teachers!
------ EMBA Students Union Network Beijing spectacular
All teachers: the value of your program can not be measured in monetary
----- Zhejiang University Zhejiang president trainees times
China Life to do the training for teachers is a great challenge, because
the insurance training too much. All teachers in his rich life
experiences and deep thinking of things, original sentiment deeply
shocked the students, various teachers that are the essence of almost
every word!
----- China Life Nanjing, Yangzhou, Changzhou, general manager of the
company a risk reflections
All teachers of courses is not simply to impart knowledge or skills, and
more to help students Wutou the essence of things, even a temporary cure!
----- Human Resources Branch of Agricultural Bank of China Xuzhou
  20-year career achievements of marketing practice:
¡ó Corporate Training Service Performance
Various teacher training courses, whether public or house training often
100% satisfaction with the training, which training areas are extremely
rare! Jiangsu Electric Power 37 consecutive requests of various teacher
training, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China Construction Bank on the training of
all teachers within the Satisfaction Survey Satisfaction 98.5%, the
highest recorded since the CCB training training satisfaction! Students
reflect the most heard is by far the best combat training! The training,
the "theory worthless, the specific method valuable; purposes
worthless, the specific means of worthless; knowledge is not valuable,
specific cases worth - because it is actionable." So good
trainer who is not on the theory, but in the training process can provide
specific operational practices strong solution - after listening to the
teacher's lesson you will all find this feeling!
Refused to empty theoretical interpretation of merchandising immediately
apply what they learn, the more students trained teachers on curriculum
evaluation of various higher! ! !
! ! !