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Zhou Qi Ren Zhang Wuchang Book News: China on what to do


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									Zhou Qi Ren / Zhang Wuchang Book News: China on what to do
 ?"What China has done right: Looking back on reform, to face
the future"
Zhou Qi Ren a
Peking University Press in January 2010 edition
The summer of 2008, Zhou Qi Ren Nobel laureate in economics, Coase should
be invited, went to attend the University of Chicago,
"China's reform and 30 years of discussion."
Kos conference papers assigned to him, "What do the
Chinese," to sum up 30 years of successful reform and the most
important experience. Title is from this paper, the book includes five
parts: first, reviewed 30 years of the reform process; 2, for the current
financial hot issues; 3, analysis of the challenges faced by economies in
transition; four, looked to the future development trends and prospects;
five urban and rural land reform for the new issues discussed. Zhou Qi
Ren, "China continue reform and opening up has been proved to do
right things, continue to push unfinished reforms, the future history
will have the opportunity once again to prove that people's
optimism about China's assertion."

Commemorating 30 years of reform
The Road to redefine property rights
What the Chinese do the right thing? - The University of Chicago,
"China's reform and 30 years of discussion,"
the statement
30 years of reform and reflections
Company Theory and China's reform
An unfinished history of property rights reform
Currency and inflation
Unequivocally against inflation
Inflation and price control: Beware same mistake again
Currency, system cost and economic growth in China
Stability of the currency is the first people's livelihoo d
Money lesson - the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis, the ideological
Money can not loose
Fairly "moderately easy monetary policy," it?
Money like honey, the last or the difficulties of transition of water
To play a greater role in the relative price of
The difficulties of transition to domestic demand
Institutional policy to rely on pre-
The bottleneck of the future
The new situation and new challenges
Challenges and future trends of China's economy
Economic situation of the new starting point
To determine the rules should result in uncertainty
Why is the "National Development Research Institute of Peking
Open up the urban and rural land market
Both urban and rural areas is a great article
Pilot "land exchange" concept - urban and rural areas
of Chengdu Chongqing comprehensive reform pilot area of a proposed
Reform the land system, and promoting coordinated urban and rural
Lessons in Chengdu - Chengdu urban and rural land management system
reform in a speech on

 ?"New Words of selling orange"
Zhang Wuchang with
CITIC Publishing House in February 2010 edition
As economist Zhang Wuchang, the first for the public awar eness is through
his Sichuan People's Publishing House in 1988 by
"selling the orange, Words." The book provoked strong
repercussions, a generation, became his best-selling book. Now that the
"new sales were made of orange," a collection of
"selling orange, Words," part of the article, while the
new addition of some articles he wrote later. Zhang Wuchang a consistent
style is to observe the phenomenon from the beginning, then the
introduction of theory or hypothesis to explain, in simple economic
theory and concepts to explain the extremely complex world of the
surface. Today, the economics primer varied, everything, look at the
article by Zhang Wuchang, the year has not like so excited. Zhang Wuchang
meaning may not seem so important before, but the ordinary reader of
economics still be useful.

2010, two of the country a leader, his punch line:
  We must pay close attention to the trend of the economic situation at
home and abroad this year, due to the occasion and, when that is
advancing, when the backward, movement without losing the time. This
requires very careful and flexible. I believe that next year's
press conference, I was smiling to treat you.
The United States as the main issuers of international currencies,
currency instability caused us great concern. Last year I said I was
worried that this year I have to say that I am worried.
Country's financial assets can not be a bit of slip. Here, I
would like to stress the other side, the U.S. national debt is guaranteed
by the U.S. National reputation to do, and I hope that the U.S. take
concrete action to reassure investors.
Cloud cover eyes look afraid, because living in the highest level. We
should grasp from this level to bilateral relations.
 "China's economic system (an updated version of the
Divine Land)"
 ?Zhang Wuchang with
 ?Publisher: CITIC Publishing House
 ?"China's economic system is a miracle, both
fascinating and important. One foot in the subject no one -million chance,
but I just learned all of his life to spend. God helps me too!"
- Zhang Wuchang
  Well-known economist Zhang Wuchang, published in 1967 following the
hit, influential "Theory of Share Tenancy", the 2008
essay "China's economic system" (English
version), originally for their good friends at Ronald Coase ? University
of Chicago conference focus on writing the opening speech. Contrary to
his own surprise, the book as his "most important of his life
work," one has become his regular academic work in the
"closed knife works." The academic value of the tenant
no less than 40 years ago theory.
  The publication of "China's economic system"
also contains the contents of English and Simplified Chinese, Traditional
Chinese, compared with that in the text before the increase of two
articles, describes the importance of the body. In addition, Zhang
Wuchang also added after the text section VIII introduces four important
  Reading this book in layman's language on China's
economic reform and opening up 30 years achieved amazing miracles and
impressive results, a complete explanation of the nineties of last
century for the Chinese rapid economic development of the root causes.
  As Zhang Wuchang of Western economics and concentrated study of
China's economic system, the essence of post-harvest for the book
embodies the past several decades, his long in-depth investigation and
reflection results. Zhang Wuchang sustained attention to China's
economic reform, committed to the tenants into the company the nature of
contract theory. Competition from the contract binding him the
perspective of China's economic system as a large an
organization, made in China is characterized by competitive inter -county
competition, and county-level administrative divisions made a reasonable
cause of economic phenomena and discussed in detail. This analysis of
institutional economics, a touch that no one went to the peak.

Updated version of Divine Order
The end of the academic career
Times article
I. The 'China Question'
II. The Impact of Ideas
III. A General Concept of Contracts
IV. Evolution of the Responsibility Contract
V. The Manifestation of the Responsibility Contracts and the Rise of the
Competing Xians
VI. The Sharecropping Nature of the Xian System
VII. The Sharing Formula and Its Effects
VIII. Economic Interpretation of the Xian Phenomenon
IX. Side Effects of Xian Competition
X. The Monetary System of China and the Rise of the RMB
XI. Concluding Remarks
An Unhappy Epilogue

Section I China's problem

Section II of the impact of ideas

Section III the general concept of contract

IV The Evolution of contracting responsibility contract

Section V Contract, expansion and the rise of inter-county competition

Section VI of the tenant into the county system
Formula VII into effect

VIII County Economic Interpretation of the phenomenon

IX Inter-County competition, other effects

Section X of the Chinese currency system and the rise of the yuan

Unhappy postscript
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao: two special government work report
"Let people live a happier and more dignity" -
"Government Work Report" Birth of the
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