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Zhejiang University School of Continuing Education About Enterprise Management Training Center by fdjerue7eeu


									Zhejiang University School of Continuing Education About Enterprise
Management Training Center

?Continuing Education Management Training Introduction

  Zhejiang University School of Continuing Education training center
start-up business management in 2001 as president of Zhejiang Province,
the first to introduce vocational, professional manager, the sponsoring
unit of actual classes, leading the development of the training market in
Zhejiang. Centre for several years running consistently pragmatic and
innovative ideas, focus on forward-looking and practical courses, not
only in Zhejiang won a good reputation, to become the benchmark of
Zhejiang corporate training, and corporate training market in the country
form the north Zhejiang University Tsinghua University's School
south pattern.
  Enterprise Management Training Center is backed by a century elite rich
cultural heritage and effectively integrate high-end business resources,
Zhejiang sum experience, combined with the core EMBA curriculum and
teaching methods, integration of advanced management theories of Western
and Eastern traditional cultural ethics, to cultivate "an
international, forward-looking, innovative" enterprise
management as the goal, president of classes offered throughout the year
(EMP), professional manager class (EMT), president of real estate
classes, business groups within the Institute of Professional Managers,
Marketing Director class, business teachers, prison management, the
classic series of projects, internal training programs to assist the
operation of enterprises, combined with business practices so that
students will learn the system through the management of knowledge,
broaden horizons, re-combing work ideas, stimulate innovation and self-
Zhejiang University is a century-old famous university, has a long
history in academia and the business community, alumni are widespread,
and corporate management training to the Centre through the years of
operation, the participants set up a high-end human resources, exchange
of ideas and the best platform for business cooperation, through open
forums and discussions, team development training and demonstration of
large brand-name enterprises inspection and other activities, so that
senior professors, experts and students a full range of depth between the
exchanges, with students sharing a network of social resources Quanta.
  Welcome to Wikipedia, wooden show Yu Lin, Zhejiang University Business
Management Training Centre, together with you to erect a bridge of
cooperation and communication efforts to build modern training base for
business people and entrepreneurs in the cradle, in Zhejiang Naizhi
nation-tide, and work together and achieve a win-win!
                            Zhejiang University School of Continuing
                          Business Management Training Centre

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