Zhejiang transition to innovation-driven

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					Zhejiang transition to innovation-driven
Zhejiang transition to innovation-driven
¡ö White Fu
Zhejiang's economic growth
Into the innovation-driven stage
Recently, former vice chairman of CPPCC National Committee, Chinese
Academy of Engineering Xu Zhejiang forum for reports that can be divided
into factors driving economic growth, driven, investment-led, innovative
four-stage pull and pull of wealth, he considered that Zhejiang is the
stimulation of investment from the elements and innovat ion driven to
change this view has won wide recognition. Why Zhejiang's
economic growth is being driven into the innovation process? This is the
factors and conditions for the development of Zhejiang's own
First of all, Zhejiang lead into a moderately developed country, the
foundation has driven innovation and advantages.
In 2009, Zhejiang's per capita GDP more than 6400 U.S. dollars,
the highest in the country's provinces, is the level of
moderately developed countries, according to international experience, at
this stage may start a new round of rapid economic development.
Breakthrough 5000 U.S. dollars per capita GDP, which is a post -industrial
economic structure, accelerate the development stage, a breakthrough in
the western developed countries per capita GDP of 5,000 U.S. dollars, the
United States, sociologist Daniel Bell ? 1973 book "the coming
of post-industrial society - Social Prediction try "as the logo,
some theorists keenly felt: the coming of a new stage of development,
human society has started to enter the information, knowledge (ie
innovation) as the main feature of the post-industrial society, the
economic structure from a manufacturing shift to service-based economic
development at a high level.
Meanwhile, in 2009, Zhejiang's per capita income of urban
residents more than 24,000 yuan, rural per capita net income for the
first time break million mark, becoming China's first rural per
capita income over 10,000 yuan of provinces. Industrial and service
"double drive" a new trend to service -oriented
enterprise development has provided a new impetus. Zhejiang consumption
structure upgrading and urbanization accelerate positive changes to the
industrial structure. These are innovation driven phase of Zhejiang into
the foundation, provided the conditions.
Secondly, from the perspective of economic development in recent years,
Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang's economic growth of the pulling
power and pulling power is gradually reduced investment, innovation and
pulling power gradually.
In Zhejiang, the troika pulling the economy, from 2007, Zhejiang
investment growth has been maintained at over 10%, indicating that
elements of Zhejiang's economic growth and investment drive in
case of resource and environmental constraints, and gradually weakened.
In turn, this shows that Zhejiang's economic growth to gradually
increase the endogenous, GDP increasing gold content, which reflects one
aspect of Zhejiang's economic growth is gradually pulled into the
innovation stage.
And from recent years of economic development of Zhejiang and Jiangsu,
performance, Zhejiang elements and investment drive is much less than in
Jiangsu. Financial crisis, Zhejiang and Jiangsu, the gap of economic
output, the most critical factor is the factor of Zhejiang and Jiangsu
Investment pulling power is well below. Zhejiang, Jiangsu, far more than
available resources, resulting in elements of driving force is greater
than in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Zhejiang as considerable land area, but the
available land resources is of Jiangsu, Zhejiang quarter, in the
international financial crisis, the Southern part of the enterprise
development difficulties, but there is money to be tapped Northern,
Southern, many enterprises, have to complete transportation
infrastructure, the development of more space, resources and more
Northern transfer and industry shift effects are continuously being
expanded to become one of Jiangsu than in Zhejiang major factor.
From the tax point of view, Zhejiang and Jiangsu tax gap, mainly from
real estate, 2009, Zhejiang and Jiangsu, a difference of 33.1 billion
land tax revenue, of which 28.1 billion came from real estate and
construction, which is basically the two industries reliance on
investment-driven. In 2009 in Jiangsu completed 333.85 billion yuan
investment in real estate development, real estate investment volumes,
sales of dual-rank first.
Third, the resources of small province and the economy continued to
deepen the contradictions province, Zhejiang Forced into innovation
driven phase transition.
30 years of reform and opening up, Zhejiang's per capita GDP is
entering from the 6000 U.S. dollars to 10,000 U.S. dollars a cross the
important period, the main characteristics of this period, access to
stable and rapid economic growth, the role of investment-driven into the
stable, industrial restructuring into the accelerated phase resource
constraints into the bottleneck factor of social development into the
transition. Factors of production costs, energy, resources and
environment pressures. Zhejiang enterprises have with low cost factors of
production, achieved rapid development, but with the prices of all
factors of production, and even a shortage, so this growth mode has been
greatly restricted.
In particular the financial crisis erupted in 2008 completely broken
before the economic development of Zhejiang to maintain balance as the
Forced Zhejiang transformation fuse. Zhejiang, which before the
development of high growth path and the engine of new changes in the
financial crisis hit, makes the development path blocked.
In recent years, mainly due to rapid economic development of Zhejiang two
paths, one of China's accession to the WTO and Zhejiang to seize
the government encourages enterprises export favorable opportunity, take
the export-oriented strategy to expand with a large number of export
business, with expansion of external demand to drive regional economic
development. The implementation of this strategy, on the one hand,
Zhejiang's economy has maintained rapid growth for nearly a
decade, on the other hand the corresponding delay of the Zhejiang
industrial restructuring and economic restructuring, leading to
Zhejiang's economy emerged in the last decade " total
per capita leader, structural adjustment and upgrading lag
However, the financial crisis hit, the Zhejiang high-growth economy which
suffered a huge blow export-oriented path. Zhejiang's economic
development needs of the international market, domestic market demand to
drive alternative to regional economic development and to the heavy
losses in the financial crisis has come to an end.
Second, through the golden years of the property market in China,
Zhejiang nearly 10 years of rapid development path and the second engine,
that is, as the promoter of private finance, real estate development,
investment as a platform to stimulate the development of rapid economic
growth path, will the property market turning point as come and gone.
Local economy in Zhejiang is the rapid rise of real estate has become a
driving rapid economic development in Zhejiang, one of the major engines.
Because the real estate boom, Zhejiang, greatly promoted the economic
development of Zhejiang Province, statistics show that Zhejiang's
about 40% of tax revenue from real estate, not including the hundreds of
billions each year on the land transfer revenue . Moreover, the general
began in the 90's, Zhejiang's private capital began to
reach out to all walks of life, investment real estate, coal, cotton ...
... Take Zhejiang private capital investment and speculative property
market, capital is the pursuit of profit performance of the best out of .
Currently in the country, 50% of the private capital of Zhejiang engaged
in production and investment real estate.
But the financial crisis interrupted the second path, Zhejiang, Zhejiang,
experienced the property market in China, especially the golden years,
from December 2009, the Zhejiang Province has experienced unprecedented
property market downturn, a substantial decline in trading volume, as
well as the national property market benchmark Zhejiang Hangzhou the most
number of transactions per day low single digits, in February 2010 the
average daily trading volume in Hangzhou, only 10 sets, the property
market downturn will lead directly to rapid economic weakness. The rapid
rise in housing prices to high prices and makes it difficult after the
country a wave of regret and suppressed, then the property market will
sudden emergence as an economic engine and rescue role has gone. With the
golden years can be said that the passing away of the property market,
hoping to boost property market in the path of rapid economic development
will gradually disappear. No doubt, Zhejiang much-needed new growth,
innovation driven into an inevitable choice.
Zhejiang how to promote innovation-driven
First, focus on industrial clustering, promoting high-tech, strategic
development of new industries, and take the road of innovation.
As Wu Jinglian proposed "focus on the development of high-tech
industries." First, the rapid advance of high technology
companies and emerging industries, focusing on the development of new
energy, new materials, new technology and emerging industries, as well as
cultural and creative industries of Zhejiang characteristics. Industry to
seize the high ground at both ends of the smile curve. Now, Zhejiang is
also a good development momentum of high-tech industries, through
financial subsidies, tax breaks to promote high-tech companies really
great development, according to statistics the number of high-tech
enterprise of Zhejiang among the best in the country, and also produced
such as Alibaba and so a large enterprises granted more influential.
In today's world industrial chain, R & D, production,
distribution curves of various aspects of value-added and low ends of the
high and intermediate form, that is, high value-added research and
development and circulation, low value added manufacturing and processing
sectors. In the global industrial chain, high-end part of the profits
accounted for 90% of the entire product profit -95%, while the low-end
part of 5% -10% only. At present, the number of processing trade
enterprises profits or even only 1% -2%, exactly like the income of
migrant workers in China, the world's enterprises,
"migrant workers." To get rid of the global industrial
chain, "migrant workers" status, Zhejiang should effort
to smile, curve 2 to promote and create high-tech companies such as
Huawei class, create a network of companies such as Alibaba and other
class R & D section of the enterprise; this, Zhejiang be built
Large enterprises must grasp both ends of the smile curve. In a
breakthrough for some products or industry, courage investment, bold
´´ÐÂ, through the core technology, create their own brand Yijizhengqu
international circulation Qudao initiative, end-market ¿ØÖÆ power of the
industrial chain Gaoduan extension Sheng Ji, and through the innovative
nature of Zheng He, Zuizhong the establishment of large companies at the
core of the new industrial chain, living in both ends of the smile curve.
Meanwhile, the positive development of advanced manufacturing,
construction, industrial chain, a number of long, strong drive and
advanced equipment manufacturing and port large industrial projects and
enterprises, improve the national manufacturing industry in Zhejiang,
technical content and industry standards.
Second, to vigorously develop modern services sector to build the
logistics industry, the exhibition industry, commerce, finance, and other
new service-based Smile terminal enterprises and promote the industrial
structure by the second, third, has three, two, one change .
Zhejiang's per capita GDP has more than 6000 U.S. dollars,
according to international experience, at this stage may start a new
round of rapid economic development. Develop the service industry can be
said is the right time. Industrial and service "double
drive" a new trend to service-oriented enterprise development
has provided a new impetus. Zhejiang consumption structure upgrading and
urbanization accelerate positive changes to the industrial structure,
development of services is the direction of industrial restructuring, the
service industry as a key driver of economic growth one.
To this end, relax market access, adherence to the "unlimited
entry" to strengthen the fiscal support, focused on the
development of trade logistics, finance and insurance, tourism, cultural
industries and real estate has a base of Zhejiang and scale
"Five "advantage service industries, accelerating the
development of information services, science, education services,
intermediary services, community services, public services such as
development potential, consistent with trends in&qu ot; five
"emerging service industries. Such as the establishment of
capital and financial services industries in the service industry giants.
Third, actively strengthening the technology and personnel training and
the introduction of work for innovation driven phase of personnel,
intelligence support and protection.
The use of fiscal, tax and housing incentives, initiatives, attract and
outside of science, technology and human resources, and actively
cultivate new industries for industrial restructuring and human
resources, construction, business-oriented, market-oriented innovation
system Combination. Such as increasing the financial subsidies for high
technology research and development efforts in emerging industries to
reduce taxes and so on.
In short, Zhejiang should actively promote modern service industry and
advanced manufacturing-oriented modern industrial system. Implementation
of the two simultaneously, the development of producer services and the
lives of service simultaneously, the strategic transformation of
traditional industries and nurturing new industries simultaneously. On
the one hand support the development of leading enterprises, on the other
hand support the massive economic changes in the concentration area,
through both big and strong and to upgrade and extend the industrial
chain, led many enterprises to enhance the value chain, enhance
creativity, promote economic growth to innovation driven type. ¡ö

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