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Figurative Language Comics _Comic


                             Figurative Language Comics
Figurative language (metaphors, similes, personification, onomatopoeia, alliteration,
hyperbole) can be used to make writing more vivid and in some cases humorous.
Just like the examples from the funny pages of Blondie, Garfield and Pearls Before
Swine, you will be creating a comic, which uses figurative language to enhance the
Your comic will:
   1. contain at least two different figures of speech.
   2. be four to six panels long.
   3. be neat, colorful, and funny.

                       30-28                27-25                  24-22              Self-
                         A                    B                      C              Evaluation
    Ideas        Your comic            Your comic            Your comic contains
                 contains a t lea st   contains a t lea st   at least two figures
                 two figures of        two figures of        of speec h, but they
                 speech tha t          speec h tha t make    might not enhance
                 enhance your          sense with your       the story.
                 story line.           story line.
 Presentation    Your comic is         Your comic is         Your comic is
                 neatly drawn and      neatly drawn and      complete and color
                 the lettering is      the lettering is      has been used.
                 done with care.       easy to read. The     Lettering is
                 The comic is          comic is colorful,    difficult to read.
                 crea tive and         but not very
                 colorful.             crea tive.
 Conventions     There are no          There are one to      There are three to
                 spelling or           two spelling or       four spelling or
                 gra mmar              gra mmar              gra mmar mi stakes.
                 mi stakes.            mi stakes.

   Personification and
   Onomatopoeia make
   this comic humorous.
                                                                    The Far Side;
                                                                    Gary Larson

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