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Zhejiang Science and Technology Zikao 2006 Undergraduate Student Admissions Guide


									Zhejiang Science and Technology Zikao 2006 Undergraduate Student
Admissions Guide
Zhejiang Science and Technology Zikao 2006 Undergraduate Student
Admissions Guide
Zhejiang Science and Technology is a set of management, engineering,
literature, economics, management, education, art, foreign languages,
vocational teachers as one of the multi-disciplinary full-time
undergraduate institutions. Our school three existing campuses, a total
area of 2600 mu. College Road campus and the campus is located in
Hangzhou West Lake Xiangfu high-tech development zone with convenient
traffic and beautiful environment. Little and Hill campus is located in
beautiful, clean air tourist area west of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province,
within the small and Higher Education Area. Of the Current Mechanical and
Automotive Engineering, Automation and Electrical Engineering,
Information and Electronic Engineering, Architecture and Engineering,
Biological and Chemical Engineering, Institute of Light Industry,
Institute of Clothing Technology, Art and Design, Economics and
Management, Foreign Languages, Faculty of Science, German University in
12 secondary schools, and adult education, Faculty of Social Sciences,
Sports Department and other military training.
Full-time students in school this year, more than 13,500 people. Our
school of "practical, innovation" as the motto for
thick foundation, high-quality, high capacity of teaching objectives,
advocates of "the student, teacher-led, focusing on
applications, innovation, internationalization" of education in
philosophy, modern society needs to train the technological innovation.
In order to open up multi-level, multi-channel form of personnel
training, while meeting the majority of candidates apply for the needs of
Taking Part in our hospital, our hospital set up special campus in
Xiangfu Part in campus, set up specifically for the Department of
Education in Self teaching full- System Financial Aid classes.
- Self school characteristics:
1, the teaching environment
Campus to be at the hospital Zikao Naozhongqujing of Xiangfu Bridge
Campus (Sandun Road 70), surrounded campus of Zhejiang University,
Zhejiang College of Finance and Business University, Zhejiang, Hangzhou
University of Electronic Science and Technology and other colleges and
universities, campus integrity, facilities, excellent teaching
environment, a strong learning atmosphere.
2, teaching quality and management
I Department of Zhejiang Education in Self Examiner institutions, with
more than 270 teachers, associate professors with a doctorate degree and
more than 340 teachers, teacher force. Assigned years of education in
Zikao has extensive management experience in teaching management
personnel responsible for the overall management of each Banpei full-time
class teacher, responsible for the daily student learning, school life,
guidance and help.
3, graduated treatment
Plan to obtain a full course of professional performance for students
eligible to be collected by a single "The People's
Republic of China Certificate of Higher Education Self" graduate
degree granting institutions meet the conditions of the examiners by the
examiners receive degree certificates issued by institutions Chung.
Taking Part in our hospital over two academic years of study above, the
school curriculum test results passing (or make-up pass) are given a
certificate issued by the Court. Professional adult education institute
and hospital counterparts, through the college entrance examination in
the on-line adult, professional school candidates who pass the course can
be presented in our hospital into a teaching diploma.
4, the quality of education and vocational guidance
All from the hospital building and the party candidates were included in
the campus culture, general hospital management system in the students
and ordinary school pupils enjoy the same treatment, may participate in
school athletic meets, amateur Party School, the studen ts participate in
various social activities, seminars and various skills training,
internships, each piece of self-absorption of the best students, to join
the party.
My home will provide professional career guidance department, hospital
job fairs are organized every year on the campus since the candidates
have in our hospital Zikao professionals, from a professional guide since
school, students focus on the professional level of knowledge to guide
students trainees, interns and professional skills to learn. Ability is
also applied training to graduate from the hospital so I can become
popular candidates knowledge and skills Shuangyou of high -quality
5, enrollment targets and entry requirements
College, undergraduate recruit fresh, previous high school, secondary
school, vocational school graduates. Common entrance examination to
participate in the last three years, adult or vocational college entrance
examinations, college entrance scores in the same year under the minimum
entry score of 50 points or less are preferred; vocational high school,
technical secondary school graduates, professional or similar
professional counterparts.
6 Registration
Now on, candidates may apply directly to the hospital, the time of
registration required to submit copy of ID card, college entrance
examination score (without the need for entrance examination results show
transcripts), diploma copy, 5 inch photo. The above information can also
be sent copies of my hospital Han Bao.
7, application site
85 College Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Science and Technology
8, Contributions by:
Preliminary examination candidates meet the admission application
requirements, registration fee 50 yuan, while prepaid tuition 500.
Local candidates to the registration office on-site registration.
Candidates may also apply outside the required information will be mailed
in our hospital registration, registration by mail Address: No. 85
College Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Science and Technology Institute Z ikao
Admissions Adult Education (310012), marked "Zikao
application", application fee and the prepaid tuition fees
through Mail remittance, remittance address: No. 85 College Road,
Hangzhou, Zhejiang Science and Technology (310012), the r ecipient: Adult
Education College. Candidates by post remittance Keep remittance orders,
as proof of enrollment when tuition deduction.
Refund Note: online registration, the enrollment ago for various reasons
in the report to give up entry requirements, refundable application fee,
prepaid tuition posts. School drop-out occurred after the refund report,
and by Zhejiang Institute of Adult Education Student Management Measures
requirements and tuition refund.

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