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									Zhangjiakou Cosway Cosway joined to introduce you to the product good or
bad e
e Cosway products good or bad? Cosway is not a pyramid scheme? e Cosway
products good or bad? Cosway is not a pyramid scheme? e Cosway products
good or bad? Cosway is not a pyramid scheme? Zhangjiakou Cosway like to
join how?
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Cosway has provided on-line shopping mall, take the reciprocal marketing
business model combines the world's leading companies more than
4000 kinds of brand-name products, including: beverage and food products,
household cleaning, personal care, nutrition and health, beauty make-up,
the kitchen equipment, water machine, bags shoes, bedding, fuel enhancer,
etc., to meet the daily needs of multi-real to the wide variety of
reasonable price. The same quality products cheaper than the market 30% -
50%. Free delivery to the government company, product service and other
aspects of all do bits, while the company to all who want to venture to
provide a business platform. Companies do not invest huge amounts in
advertising, but through word of mouth to open up the market effect.
Friends only need to start with companies to help promote shopping
channels, to create their own market, you can win a substantial income.
All: sourcing, logistics, Shop Design, Shop new products to increase, and
so on to headquarters to complete! Orders for the company that you will
see, flew home delivery, not Tunhuo, no risk. Spare time 8 months, will
reach 7,000 yuan monthly income, income is not capped. Of course, if your
capacity, leisure time and more, your monthly income is above 10,000 will
be faster. Even want a monthly income of 100,000 million? Try to
understand this chance. The company will open up shops throughout the
country, we only need to tell more people to have such a good shop, with
people shopping in stores, can be considered to performance. Do business,
as do the financial settlement institution business. What to sell than to
sell bank consumer credit card payment. The company also introduced with
the banks Platinum MasterCard credit card, where the global consumer card
can earn performance

1.e Cosway What is this?
e Cosway is a global e-commerce company, is a nearly 30-year BTOC online
shopping platform. Analogy, is like air, Wal-Mart supermarket, where you
can not entirely discount shopping can be the most important thing is to
make money to achieve financial freedom.

2.e Cosway how to make their money?
e Cosway 4 million owners worldwide, nearly 300 physical stores in
Taiwan, in September 2006 has access to Hong Kong and Macau, but Cosway
is still not officially entered the mainland, so the owners of the
current income Cosway there are two main part of, first, we can sell
products make the difference, in this respect are good. Secondly, through
you, who joined Cosway, you will enjoy their performance royalty, whether
the other party is in the shopping site or shopping the store shopping in
the future you will enjoy each other's performance of the
permanent commission of. The Cosway products are very good, most of them
are daily living supplies are used in our daily life needs, we can repeat
consumption. And Cosway in the mainland's development is a double
period, just starting out, the development of space too. They gradually
enter the entity store and associated companies are platinum credit card
providers that have developed very large.

3.eCosway is not a pyramid scheme?
When I start thinking is the same with you, I is the most disgusting
pyramid schemes, and we need to distinguish right from wrong, the average
MLM organizations are terribly expensive to use several products to
develop off the assembly line to the last person to buy a few thousand
million in products ranging from, nor what customers are willing to take
the initiative to buy their products, and we Cosway company on thousands
of products, the price is definitely cheap, Cosway's parent
company has many successful investments in the PRC, and the relationship
with the Chinese government and good, if his strength is not strong, if
he is a direct-marketing company, the Chinese government will cooperate
with him it?

4. Cosway has not entered China, legal?
1. We are not responsible for the company's operations and
logistics, we are only in their personal capacity as a purchase in the
company, according to WTO regulations, no State may interfere with its
citizens in the country to buy goods online.
2. The company is a listed company in Malaysia, ranked the top five
strengths., The legitimacy of our company is absolutely reliable. In an
international reputation, was named the top ten famous enterprises
overseas direct marketing.
3. At present, China has not issued direct method, since can not follow,
then there is no legal and illegal.
4. Multi-level direct selling is the essence of direct marketing
5.ecosway products are openly immigration through legal channels, not
coming in through illegal channels. If the offense is not passing through
customs, where the. So here in China, ecosway is shipped do not have to
According to the Customs laws and regulations: parcels less than 1,000
yuan, without payment of customs duties.
We entered the bottom in the statutory tax-free goods within the scope.
Not required by law to pay taxes. Perfectly legal.

5. Cosway will not lie, right?
Cheat? Oh, Cosway lie to you what ah? 450 initial fee? Cosway spent
nearly 30 years to create a piece of signs that point is trying to cheat
our initial fee? You think it says pass it? His reputation is important
to hundreds of dollars that important I do not need you this very clear:)
In addition, if the Cosway is really deceptive, long has been condemning
one of:)
We all know that the speed of information transmission faster than the
multi-virus, if it is a lie, no company overnight, but the fact is that
now the company for nearly 30 years, and continue to grow significantly.
6.e Cosway company reliable?
We are not no good opportunities, we are not a good idea! ! ! The early
eighties, put a stall will be able to make money, many people can not.
The early nineties, can earn money to buy stocks can be a lot of people
do not believe. The twenty-first century, to open a web site can make
money, can be a lot of people do not try. 2006 - 08 years is the direct
marketing industry to re-shuffle of the time, this critical moment in the
integration of all personnel. To be successful, cooperation must, and
talent! Now is the warlord era, the industry especially confusion,
however, ÂÒÊÀ³öÓ¢ÐÛ. Cosway, with its strong tradition of direct
advantages of subversion, you can attack all of the direct selling
company. What pair of new, ah, ah win-win situation, in Cosway have
eclipsed before. If nothing else, spell products of light, there is no
any direct marketing companies to compete and Cosway. In fact, the
traditional direct selling company is not as direct as the intention of
reducing circulation to reduce costs after the price cheap, but with
ordinary people often difficult to accept the price. The Cosway truly
reflect the direct return of the true nature of the kind of direct
marketing. Most direct sales companies and distributors only care about
the company itself, while ignoring the ultimate source of profits - the
consumer. The Cosway truly to benefit consumers, the traditional direct
sales companies do not do - the customer first. Fry another direct
selling company which powerful, can those companies got a pen? A tie?
Have coffee? Optical products can fight for another direct selling
company speechless.

7.eCosway selling cheap, cheap not good stock?
1. Cheap no good shipment? This is the stereotype many people, there are
also many things that is true, because they are not as prestigious
eCosway is big business, not eCosway suppliers are well-known big brands
from around the world. You think about it: a history of nearly three
decades a large group will easily find poor supplier sign contract Laiza
own it?
2.eCosway in capital up to USD 40 million (about 312 million yuan), now
has more than one million members worldwide conditions, each time someone
orders several times may be even hundreds of times, it does not need to
find small supplier or inferior goods, eCosway conditions are perfectly
fine to find manufacturers and products, let alone such a large company
will care about their own reputations. eCosway can sell good quality and
inexpensive goods, simply because the company's system of price
and volume of small profits to the policy
e Cosway products good or bad? Cosway is not a pyramid scheme?

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