Zhang Wu this: 13 years of torment into a miracle-working doctor _prequel_

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					Zhang Wu this: 13 years of torment as "doctor"
Laid-off workers from a textile mill, to the ubiquitous Chinese
"masters", Zhang Wu of the experience of 13 years.
Zhang Tao This is how a "doctor" of? "Honored
person" why "help" him?

Two days ago, Zhang Tao and where the company will be held in the media.
Diet CD playing field.

Two days ago, Zhang Wu of the Zuozhen of "in house research and
health", a staff member at the door.
A reporter Ning Huang Yuhao
Laid-off workers from a textile mill, to the ubiquitous Chinese
"masters", Zhang Wu of the experience of 13 years.
13 years, Zhang Tao this did not stop "frustrating," he
eloquent and sell goods, health products, the correspondence courses.
Most importantly, he met several "honored person."
In 2007 he met a health product to do, well-known market
"honored person", his fate changed.
He later became a "miracle-working doctor."
Zhang Tao This is how a "doctor" of? "Honored
person" why "help" him?

Zhang Wu of the laid-off 13 years ago.
Not admitted to university after graduating from high school in 1981,
Gordon Chang made this into the textile mill workers. This life continued
for more than a decade, until 1997, laid off.
After being laid off, Zhang Tao had a lot of things in this torment.
Sold commodity, sold Amway products, calcium and later sold.
Few years later, in 2010, Zhang Wu of the sudden fire, and become a
"miracle-working doctor."
He could "rule" A lot of disease. As he said to
himself, can cure hundred kinds of diseases. Diabetes, cardiovascular and
cerebrovascular disease did not say, but also
"treatment" of cancer, liver cancer, kidney cancer ...
... He said there was nothing terrible, that was marvelous publicity for
a doctor.
In short, the world medical problem, Zhang Tao this resolved.
Method? Eat green beans, eggplant, and white radish.
Zhang Wu of the fire was, that he is Chinese family.
Fourth generation Chinese family, 6-year-old medical student from the
Father, the day before yesterday, he said.
However, on May 24, his father said his son whom he did not know the
medical school. He told his son, were all textile workers. Currently, he
led from the original in the pension.
Zhang Wu of the how the medical school, how suddenly fire up?
Community after the case of lectures, "and elegant"
Said to understand the health market prospects, make health products in
Tangyan Fei, Zhang Tao from the experience of this moment, we want to
package his
Zhang Wu of the learned "doctors."
Survey shows that he was laid off, assisted selling health products
business in 2000, Zhang Wu of the Institute of Continuing Education to
the Beijing Normal University, a self-study correspondence courses,
professional called "Traditional Chinese Medicine."
This is a self-study classes, open-book examination.
Another well documented, he also studied palm readers treatment.
Zhang Tao, a touch of the insiders say sales calcium, Zhang Wu is already
a "Chinese health experts" and "senior
nutritionist" itself.
And Zhang Wu of the truly "experts" to appear in three
years ago. June 2007, China Chinese Academy of Sciences following a
public institution --- Medical Science and Technology Cooperation Center
(hereinafter referred to as Collaborating Centre), organized an event.
It is this event, opened the Chang Wu's "Diet first
person to" road.
Chinese Academy of Sciences, according to a person in charge of
Cooperation Centre is an independent legal entity, own revenue and
expenditure, in addition to Yan Liang, general manager for the Chinese
Academy of Sciences in preparing the staff, the rest are external staff.
Chinese Academy of Sciences, one insider claimed, Cooperation Centre is
part of a production technology to sell health care products companies.
June 2007, the center should be organized to "universal
knowledge of Chinese medicine, treating disease," a community
lecture. The staff of the king of rain is the friend of Wu Zhang, Wang
drizzle recommended to employ Zhang Yan Liang Tao of the speaker.
May 25, Yan Liang said in an interview, was unrealistic to employ Chinese
people, reward is also high, while Chang Wu ability of this expression
can be "easy to understand."
Yan Liang said that the talks launched nearly two years, is free, and
attracted media coverage, Lin Zhang Wu is concerned about this.
The talks led to the "repeat", Cooperation Center was
set up fee "of family research and health", by Zhang Wu
of the Zuozhen.
According to Chinese Academy of Sciences, insiders say, into the
community talks is a series of commercial promotion activities of the
center one, the purpose is to promote their products and experts, and
propaganda through the media to expand.
Into the community to open talks at this stage, Chang Wu-Tang Yanfei the
understanding of a named person.
"Tangyan Fei said he met Chang Wu, 2007, the future, they tried
to promote Zhang Wu of the packaging." Participation in a
subsequent packaging operation Zhang Tao said this person.
Tang Yanfei who are the people? Business registration information, he
established in 2000, "Beijing Institute of Traditional Chinese
Medicine Co., Ltd. Awakening Heart Church," the first operator
of Beijing TCM products company.
Later, Zhang Wu of the packaging of the Austrian Review (Beijing) Culture
Communication Corporation (Sino-Austrian company), Tang Yanfei served as
vice president.
Involved in packaging Chang Wu-informed people of this description,
opening lecture at Gordon Chang media attention this has been to make
people understand the health market demand, Zhang Wu of the packaging
market prospects, full of expectations.
Planning "Remarkable," adding packaging team
He Xiongfei said a universal health era, Chang Wu's point of view
this is so different. Must be able to fire up after packaging, the book
certainly popular.
Austrian company began in 2007 Zhang Wu of the packaging, but has not
quite paid off.
Until two years later, a person to join, publisher He Xiongfei.
He Xiongfei they who are the people? Nineties of last century, he was
known as the first person of Chinese folk publication. He specializes in
planning publication of "academic" books, claimed to be
the most influential private publisher. He allegedly introduced Wang
Guozhen, Yu Jie, Kong Qingdong and the Moro and other cultural figures.
He Xiongfei planned publication of the "prairie tribes"
and "dark horse Wencong" series of books are most
concerned about the nineties of last century the culture of best-sellers.
Due to some personal reasons, he was phased out in the early 20th
century, published in line.
Zhang Wu of the spurt of red, the media survey found that the underlying
He Xiongfei. Zhang Tao is considered the principal architect famous in
one night.
May 25 this year, He Xiongfei said, in August 2009, a film investment
community friends to find him, recommended to him by a Chinese medicine
called Zhang Wu of the master plan for him to see whether a book. Friends
said the company has been in the packaging that name Master, but had no
success. He Xiongfei a friend gave a lecture CD.
This lecture master name is Zhang Tao this.
"That was my first contact with Zhang Tao this point, I was
attracted at once. I think this person's point of view is very
new, and we have approached all the authority of the views of medical
experts and scholars, are not the same, good humor and words expression.
"He Xiongfei said.
Through a friend referral, met in the middle of this packaging Zhang Tao
Jiang Yong Austrian company CEOs, vice Tangyan Fei and Wu Wei.
He Xiongfei said Otis told him they holding Chang Wu of the years, and
produced by his speeches personalized medicine point of view of
television disc, the local television station wanted to sell, but do not
buy said TV broadcast needs to be some dramatic "Chang Wu was
known in this small, no one concern."
The Austrian company wants to build in the Wu Zhang, "most
urgent task is to make it famous." So in the Austrian company
has thought of a book. He Xiongfei said the Austrian company has been
approached before with him many publishers, the other is rejected.
He Xiongfei said in the Austrian team had approached Zhang Xiaobo and
other publishers publishing, was rejected.
May 26, Zhang Xiaobo told reporters that a number of similar health books
of the manuscript to find him, to publish, but "but our
principle is that contrary to common sense or be spread superstition do
not touch."
Zhang Xiaobo said the health aspects of the book, some books do not
startle the language, causing confusion. It was also in the book as a
cover to build a reputation, or trafficking of illegal practice of some
home-made products, "such a person we normally do not touch, or
contact will be immediately cut off relations."
While claiming to be a long-term hypertension, hyperlipidemia and
diabetes He Xiongfei said Zhang Tao himself in this deeply attracted.
"In an era of universal health preservation, his view is so
different. I think that Zhang Tao surely the fire through the packed up
and certainly best-selling books." He Xiongfei said.
Best-seller turned out to
Resounding title, the authority of the Press, planners realized the
concept of 11. Coupled with vigorous promotion of the issuing company,
which this diet books, 10 million goal
"It was felt that this book certainly do sell out, do not do
necessarily regret for life," He Xiongfei said.
He explained that the text books, all from the Austrian company produced
entitled "Medical Road big country," Gordon Chang, CD-
ROM of the lecture, "Grilled down directly from the CD, and all
his words."
According to one involved in "packaging" Chang Wu who
introduced the house, had to make this CD Wu Chang, China and Austria had
recruited a group of Chinese medicine and health to understand and can
write copy plotting who do Zhang Wu of the assistant.
As a planner, He Xiongfei said he gave the book took the name of a
slogan: "to go back to eating out eating disease." He
Xiongfei believe that this slogan and help to establish a
"revolutionary concept."
The second step, He Xiongfei made to find authoritative Press.
He explained that the company was prepared to Austria to find the other
publishers, but He made sure to mainstream enough enough by the
government and its authority to the publishers.
Thus, through personal relationships, He Xiongfei found the Daily Press.
May 26, Daily Press reporter called "the disease to eat food out
back," the Zebian, published the book when the author and
whether the contents of rigorous review, the book editor, said,
"We are only responsible for textbooks, other for we can not say
anything we can find in the Austrian aspect of Wu Wei. "
"Press ISBN are selling, if you publish this book is not
reactionary illegal content, the content authenticity no one to careful
review." Publisher He Xiongfei said.
November 2009, "to go back to eating out eating
disease" was published. Allegedly publishing information on the
investment to increase more than 100 million.
The book by He Xiongfei brother Pengfei Pengfei's full operating
company responsible for issuing, "I said to my brother, this
book you must do its utmost to promote, this is a lifetime
He Xiongfei said Pengfei's full high ad spending, the two Books
website Dangdang and Joyo have recommended this book in the Home key, and
step up publicity, "a daily online sales reached more than 8,000
books, all bookstores are sales accounted for the first name. "
"Health books now is a hot spot, who do who are basically fire,
a large market space." He Xiongfei said Zhang Tao of the book
publishing career, his "business efficiency best" book.
"You look at the size of Beijing bookstore list, the book sales
have been ranked in the top, there are half a year." He Xiongfei
said the book sold more than half a year out of 3 million is expected to
reach 5 million by the end of June, end of year target is 10 million.

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