Zaikuzailei have to learn to laugh by fdjerue7eeu


									Zaikuzailei have to learn to laugh
  Happiness to the mind in health! Happiness to the to satisfying the
requirements. Fan Jian to the owner in excess. Regret returning to the
unprepared. Every day we feel unhappy. Himself tired. In fact, many of
the worries and pain are easily solved. There are some things as long as
you are willing to change a point of view, another attitude. You will
also look quite so. When we encounter suffering setbacks. May wish to
temporary difficulties as a pre-dawn darkness! As long as the positive
frame of mind to observe, to think. Will find the truth is far from as
bad as imagined! Another angle to observe the world more beautiful!
Now. Many people never get out alive. Flies are not happy. In fact. Who
live in this world, there are a lot of trouble, pain or pleasure. Depends
on your heart. Were not overcome the pain of the strong! Is the weak
yield to the pain! The heaviest burden, with a smile is also a challenge!
Crying is also a challenge, and then not ring true to life, smiled
support passed. Is victory.
The joy of life or not, entirely depends on individual people. Things.
View of how the material. Your attitude determines the height of your
life; you think you poor, and hopeless, then your life will be spent in
the impoverished, do you think poverty can be changed, you will be
positive. Take the initiative to face poverty, attitude determines our
lives, what kind of mentality, what kind of life there. Face of
life's troubles with the setbacks, the most important thing is
get their own state of mind. To face all. Zaikuzailei. Have to smile.
Laugh; your life even better.
Without suffering, we will be proud; no setbacks, success is not a joy;
no vicissitudes, we will not sympathetic, so do not imagine life always
so successful, not only the spring season of life, each person's
life are consistent light room to go through Gully sill, taste Kuse and
helplessness, frustration and frustration experienced.
Therefore, in the journey through life, the suffering is not terrible, by
the setbacks need not sorrow. As long as the belief in mind did not
shrink. Your life journey will not be interrupted, the difficult life of
your evil is another form of gifts. Potholes is also the will hone your
test ----- sea with huge waves of the raging, if missing, will lose its
forceful, the absence of a sandstorm in the desert, dancing wildly. Will
lose its spectacular. If Venus does not arm, then the U.S. will not be
known for the world incomplete. If life is like two smooth line. Will be
as bland as boiled water. Only bittersweet salty flavors together is full
of life all, only joy and sorrow grief emotions experienced all be
considered as a complete life. . . . . .
A person, whether he she] now how old he was [her] real life journey is
to set goals from the day began. Only set a goal, only the true meaning
of life. Decide the fate mentality. At worst things a person will always
be missed and good. No matter what you do, or dream you do, do it
immediately. Comfortable environment is the most dangerous moment.
Accustomed to the lifestyle. Perhaps the most dangerous is your way of
life, fate needs direction, the soul can not be blind-line. Mind pruning
desire to simplify life,
Life like a curve. Start and end can not be selected. Between the start
and finish is filled with countless opportunities to choose from.
Manufactured by the fate of our choice. Who has mastered the art of
choice, grasps life hands you hold the seeds of failure. Also has the
potential to succeed. You have the right to choose success, but also the
right to choose mediocrity. No one forcing you or anything, depends on
how you choose. Different options. Of course lead to different results.
The first choice is right or not. Often the difference between success
and failure.
Working life. We often encounter a number of bundled and tied, not
knowing. We are not imprisoned others, but ourselves. Is an unhealthy
attitude and extreme attitude. In fact. Each of us will no doubt have
their own problems or deficiencies. A clear understanding of their own,
continue to improve themselves, the success of this undertaking will
surely help a lot. We should plan on this, the action on the present.
Solid do everything. When you face setbacks, choose a good mood. The
right frame of mind. The right choice. Will make you succeed.
Journey in life, you will certainly encounter many dilemmas, choices
means you need to give them as often. You make the choice not to be lost
or discarded watermelon sesame simple things. It may be two beautiful
flowers, two stones of equal value. 2 Similarly, the person you admire.
Threw you different is immune. Time. What should you do? Then where the
problem lies. We want to see the forward direction.
Have the time, does not mean wishful; lost later, does not mean the end.
Gains and is fair, any errors there must be. Life is a process of gain
and loss. Between the gain and loss. We do not keep the wandering, not to
struggle hard. Should be viewed with a sense of balance gain and loss of
life. Let us be clear. What is their most important. Then take the
initiative to give up an option, does not touch the meaning of life
stuff, and get the most valuable in life. The most pure thing. Fine to
coarse deposit waiver. In order to more easily, and happy life into the
glorious peak.
With today's vision and standards to judge things yesterday. Will
find that many of them have never regretted the opportunity to make up.
But regret the past, can only lose now; lost now, how can the future? To
be a happy successful person. The most important thing is to learn the
past mistakes, failures forget them altogether, has to look forward.
Whether at any time. You have to believe others can do. You can do, or
even go better than others, as long as you feel hope. Confidence. The sun
is new every day. Life is to be lit one by one bright spot. But to create
new glories. You may need to always remember that you are have or once
had glory. One-third rely on the strength of life. Seven by choice;
To live in happiness. You have to learn; give and take 'art,
because this is necessary for the maintenance of civilized life blood. A
good heart. A kind of nature lover. Can be said that our greatest wealth.
From the process to others. What you get will pay something more than the
original. In addition to more material than return. There are many
intangible things, other people's good opinion. Trust and
cooperation. These are will help you get more wealth. More successful, as
a man willing to sacrifice themselves for others. He [she] will live in
happiness being. Will have the satisfaction of mind and wealth!
On a correct understanding of their own, is one of the most basic
requirements in life. Many times. People often ignore their own
happiness, and feel the happiness of others is very bright. In fact;
everyone has their own position. Better their lives through peace of
mind. Enjoy their happiness. Is happiness. The world leaves no two
identical people is the same. Everyone is God's favorite. Correct
understanding of their own. Not only see their own strengths. Also
recognize their shortcomings. For their correct positioning. In order to
meet the opportunity or confidence to challenge. For their own success
and create more joy.
So you want now. Smiling face life. Do not complain that life gives you
too much suffering. Do not complain there are too many twists and turns
in life. Not to complain about the unfairness of life there. When you
walk through the busy and noisy world device. Reading to do things. You
will have quickly understood. Life will not be too successful. Have to
laugh in pain.
This is my perception of life, happier really good. Because we can not
live long lives. But at least we know how to love their families.
Treasure now has something, even if not at all happy, but also learn to
laugh. To believe that tomorrow will be better. Lived up to the
wonderful. Out of their dance. Do what you want to do, sell their reports
to the selling! No one will look down on you. However, we must first
learn to love myself. Do not be complaining. Troubles were self-
inflicted. Happiness is a need to field their own. Okay. Am pleased to
share with you an article out of the sensible, I hope you come with me up
the same happy, I can feel happy; believe you can; on it! Let us years to
erase the vicissitudes of tears it!

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