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                                       The Launch of London SEO Consultants

       By Paul iddon
       Dated: Jan 20, 2009

       London SEO Consultants is a new SEO (Search Engine Optimization) consultancy based in Wimbledon
       London SW19.

       Our dynamic and new approach to SEO came about through years of experience promoting dozens of
       websites on the internet.

        Due to the current credit crunch we have found more and more clients in need of SEO to bring in valuable
       trade leads and sales, however we have also noticed that in the current financial climate, clients are less
       willing to commit to long term contracts and monthly fees.

        Therefore we have put together a variety of SEO packages to suit our clients needs. All of our SEO
       packages come with no monthly fees and no contract and we only use ethical SEO practises that adhere to
       search engine guidelines.

        Apart from on-site SEO or website optimization, the main tasks involved in SEO are obtaining incoming
       links to a clients website to give the website popularity in search engine results pages. The majority of SEO
       companies do this by owning or being involved in networks of other websites and instantly posting links to
       clients websites, however once the clients contract has expired the SEO company then removes those links,
       in effect putting the clients website back to square one, and this leaves the client stuck into a monthly

       Here at London SEO Consultants we only obtain genuine links to a clients website from third party
       websites such as internet directories and the majority of the links we place are permanent links.

        When posting a clients links we also use a completely different description each time, this shows to search
       engines that the link was done by hand and has some human input and search engines consider these links
       as a genuine vote for a website. Almost every other SEO company submit links using the same description
       each time, search engines see the as promotion spam and do not consider these kind of links as a genuine

        Clients can rest assured that all of the links we place to their websites are one way links, with unique
       descriptions and on websites that we do not control.

        We currently have great deals on SEO packages which can submit clients links to thousands of internet
       directories using a unique description each time. Many clients have experienced amazing results from this
       service and in many cases clients websites have appeared high in search engine results for their main

        We also have SEO packages for press release writing and a press release submission service. We submit
       our clients press release to every available press release website on the internet and so far this has resulted
       in our clients press release being listed on more than 2000 pages on the internet, which not only bring in
       traffic to the clients websites but also give incoming links.

        Website Content

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PRLog.Org - Global Press Release Distribution

 In the world of the internet content is king. We always advise clients to use only unique content on their
website, (content not found elsewhere on the internet).
 If a clients website contains content that is not unique then search engines will see their website as having
little importance, this depends on the amount of non unique content.

 If clients require content for their website then we also have a professional article writing service, with low
prices on articles up to as little as £7.50 per article.

On Site SEO

 For on-site SEO or website optimization, we use a hands off approach. We will analyse a clients website
and find any potential issues or problems. We can advice on meta tags, image tags, keywords and
descriptions as well as GEO location and content and internal and external linking practices. We will make
a full report on a clients website, from this report clients will be able to optimize their website for
themselves, saving them thousands of pounds in normal SEO fees.


Company Bio

 London SEO Consultants was started by Paul Iddon, a professional SEO expert with over 10 years
experience in SEO.

London SEO Consultants
1 Kings Road
SW19 8PL

Tel : 0208 544 0836
Mobile : 07547 817 549
Website :

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