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CCTV.com 2008 Äê 06 ÔÂ 25 ÈÕ 16:53 Forum to enter rehabilitation Source:
University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Doctor of Business
Administration. 2007 Asia-Pacific Most Creative Chinese Business Award.
Asia's famous "marketing production and
consumption" (Prosumer Maiketing) experts, best-selling book
"to make money eating pizza side" of.
Hong Kong experienced social worker, 23-year-old name of constituency
members elected to Hong Kong, up for re-election three years, the Office
of the number of public offices. The early nineties of the 20th century,
decided to venture in the country, access to consumer circulation, and
lead a team to create annual sales of more than 1 billion yuan of market
performance. Actively promote the 21st Century "Marketing
production and consumption", the new concept of consumption, and
is committed to advocacy, "Perfect Life" values. The
current increase in women entrepreneurs associat ions (CCWEA) president,
Fei Fan International (Asia Pacific) Limited, President, International E -
Commerce Holdings Feibei Chairman of the Board.
A glass of water is half full or half empty depends on your outlook on
life. Yu-Hua has been paralyzed in bed due to illness, that Xia Banshi
company of this and the bed, he was not blaming Heaven complain to, but
actively take heart, lucky enough to learn to adapt to people with
disabilities, the occasion of a miracle recovery, so later in life he
also never waste a cent on the second. Yu-Hua year round business in
China, Cantonese, Mandarin among the inclusions, in fact he is a native
of Hong Kong people, the grassroots was born in 1981 to join the society,
at the Hong Kong Christian Social Service Centre, Diamo nd Hill, a social
worker, as provided for newly arrived immigrants service.
Yu-Hua, but early twenties at that time, With a hot blood auxiliary
squatter residents, were busy bee, but a sudden reversal of life, the
advent of a disaster, nothing has been healthy, he suddenly could not
move one day by a medical diagnosis, confirmed his waist disc compression
nerve disease of unknown cause. A spirited young man, suddenly forced to
accept the reality of life-long paralysis.
Reporter in front of Yu-Hua, flexible limbs, but his moment in the
illness, but is unable to move, or even to accept the pains of neuralgia,
"I live in Kowloon Hospital ward, all patients have all the room
injured his spine, need an injection pain, But the adaptation efficacy,
it has to morphine. "Even if the medicinal properties of
morphine have also adapted to the patient quietly with white powder on
the pain, so often to see the cleaning woman Yu-Hua pillow found in the
patient a packet of white powder," worker s will pour white
powder into the toilet, the patient can open wide and can not stop seeing
her. women will not alarm, because we all know this kind of last resort.
"Yu-Hua die character, initially not even injections, fear of
one day to descend to the white powder by pain.
Very lucky, in 1983, a shipment of equipment from the UK to find the
roots of Yu-Hua, who experienced eight months of paralysis in life,
finally regained health, miracle recovery. However, until cured, Yu -Hua
accepted early life of paralysis, learning to write in bed, efforts to
promote their own cheer as soon as possible, "I did not feel the
lower body, to use urine bags, on a young boy who really lose all their
dignity, they must be Come see open, as soon as possible Cut loss, for
their good showing. "Yu-Hua recalled that the situation was
taking a bath in the ward, patients were stripped of a wheelchair, tap on
the body spray, seems clean goods generally" can not say
inhuman, but not to, so many patients. "
This is eight months after the inhuman living Yu -Hua did not become
sluggish, but he was regarded as Blessing, led to his transformation,
"before more than¡º ¡»to¡º ¡»to do, now we cherish every
opportunity; do not do a great thinkers, and to practical action. The
rationale is that since childhood, but I have experienced (paralysis
eight months), the experience was deeper, without having to wait five or
six years old before they become clear. "
After discharge, Yu-Hua return to social work and continue to serve the
public, but dramatically in 24 years when the Wong Tai Sin District
Council members, "Wong Tai Sin, many new immigrants, must be
someone to fight for their rights. I want to do more after discharge
significance of things. "'s mind" live in the
moment "is while they Yu-Hua experience over the fragility of
life, a deeper view of" I don't know about tomorrow,
because life is limited, so to cherish To live out the value. "
Political decade, Yu-Hua resolutely in 95 years to give up his re -
election effort into the business, affairs and business communities in
order to avoid the dilemma both "know what he wants, the next
decision is also not difficult." As a social worker, district
board members is to help people whether in business has always been
against the Yu-Hua aspirations? "China is an inevitable trend in
the world, to integration with the world, there will be endless need, I
hope to provide a platform for Mainland Talents and Professionals, for
they can play."
Initially, Yu-Hua in health care products and skin care products
business, and gradually clients are mostly women, in his corporate
website can be found in skin care, cosmetics, maternal and child
products, fashion accessories and other services and, in recent years, he
launched the second generation of online shop concept "I shop
online sellers to provide goods, online sales platform and delivery
services, eliminating agency fees and shelves and other miscellaneous
fees, the seller is free to picking, there are first-line brands such as
BMW, Cartier and so on, by the Seller designed online store page. seller
does not cost anything to try the boss, I dare say this is the
world's first. "Feibei of¡º ¡»my shop online store has
been for one year, last year turnover has billions of dollars, Yu -Hua
goal is to overthrow another online store site Taobao, very ambitious.
Yu-Hua that consumption and production has arrived, he wrote books that
end, promote the concept of "consumer spending does not equal
money, but investment, consumers should have access to the distribution
of profits. Store replacement products offer stora ge points, is the
consumer a kind of feedback, only consumers become shareholders, only
stable source. "So," my shop "online store is
also this principle. Yu-Hua that the British have an online store My-
FaveShop used similar concepts, specifically transfer of e-mails in the
past, "I told them, they think of this idea is indeed
innovative, but our business concept contains the consumption and
production doctrine, not merely the form of on innovation. "
Members from the social workers to the area, then business, Yu -Hua never
a waste of time, so schedule is always busy outside of work, Yu-Hua read
six newspapers a day, home satellite television, to fully grasp the
global trends, both for business and for the sake satisfy curiosity.
Among the busy work, Yu-Hua try to find one day a year for their exports,
"On my birthday, I will go to the airport before deciding on the
destination, then buy air tickets departing Masquerade. My goal-oriented,
must keep a clear head, so must let the body and mind completely silent,
the retreats reflection. "

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