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anime coloring pages

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									Is Anime Okay for Children?
Anime has become extremely popular with young people in the last few years. Major television producers have picked up on the fascination with the
Japanese art and cartoons, and are answering the call for more. Publishers have also heard the cries of the young fans and are producing many more
of the original stories, or manga, which spawned the anime shows.

Many parents find themselves at odds over the anime they see their children watching. The style of artwork is different and the cartoons are simply not
what they may be used to from their own childhood. Parents want their children to be happy, but they simply wonder – is anime okay for their children?

Anime on Television
Yes, anime is perfectly acceptable for children. In Japan, where the artwork and cartoons originated, the style is popular with young children though
adults and those who create the series provide episodes for all the target audiences. This means that there are terrific shows for young people, but
there are also some that are adult only.

Most of the anime shows that come on television in the United States and other Western countries are simply adaptations of the traditional Japanese
versions. The original might be dubbed in English, or a western version of a Japanese favorite is created from scratch. Very little of what comes on
television, at least the channels geared toward children, would have questionable content.

Anime on the Internet
The same cannot be said for all anime on the internet. Some anime aspects, such as the anime dolls produced by TheDollPalace.com are perfect for
young audiences, but other shows and dolls are only suitable for adults.

That is not to say that all anime on the internet is too grown-up for children, but parents should monitor what shows their children are watching online
to be sure it is appropriate. This is not any different, of course, than anything else on the internet.

Anime as Art
Anime is quickly becoming a major art form in Japan and the style is catching on around the world. The manga, or Japanese comic books, that inspire
the animated series have as much plot and story as traditional novels in many cases. In fact, most manga books actually are more challenging to read
than traditional novels. In manga, much of the story is told through the art and expressions of the characters.

The anime series children watch have the same overtones. The story lines can be complex and even educational with the mythology and history they
entail. The characters expressions and complex phrasing require more of a knowledge base than parents might expect. Anime is more than a simple
cartoon – it is truly an art.

About the Author
This article was provided by The Doll Palace - creator of anime coloring pages, anime dolls, and anime dress up games for girls. For more information
about cartoon dolls, anime and The Doll Palace, visit http://www.thedollpalace.com

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