christmas love messages by thebodyguard


									                    Merry Messages
To: Tasha Beyer                      To: Ashton Troxel
From: HayLee Aldridge                From: Kaitlyn Keefe
Merrry Christmas Tasha I love you so I love you so much! Have a pink
much forever!                        Christmas babe!

To: All my guy friends               To: Macie
From: Latosha Beyer                  From: Jaide
I LOVE YOU! Merry Christmas!         Srry you have to go through this! I’m
                                     always here!
To: HayLee Aldridge
From:Sarah Miller                      To: Claire
Happy Christmas! Love yah bunches! From: Mackenzie
                                       Merry Christmas! I heart you! You
To: Britt!                             make me smile! :)
From: Sarah
I’ll see ya next year! Literally! Love To: Ashton Troxel
yah! Merry Christmas!                  From: Lindsay Murray
                                       I love you! Merry Christmas!!
To: Kenzie
From: Claire                           To: Samantha Lansaw
Do your dance at the space jam!        From: Megan Murray
Haha, love you!                        You are my home girl! I love you!

To:Sarah Miller                      To: Olivia Kerr
From: HayLee Aldridge                From: Lydia Kyser
Sara I love you so much! Merry       Merry Christmas, you owe me $.25!
Christmas Sara!
                                     To: All my peeps
To: My Teachers                      From: Taylor Burks
From: HayLee Aldridge                I love Shayla, Emily, Liegha, Camille,
Merry Christmas to all of you        Aly, Cassie & Morgan.
especially Mrs. Sheffield!
                                     To: Trent
To: Brit & Cassie & Sam              From: Gabby
From: HayLee Aldridge                I love you, I love you! Merry Christ-
Merry Christmas you guys are so      mas!
great! Love yah!
                                     To: Megan Murray
To: Britt, Sam, Brittany, HayLee,    From: Miranda Sampson
Cassie, & Sarah                      I love you my dearest auntie! I luv my
From: Latosha Beyer                  mommy!
Merry Christmas! I love you guys!
                                     To: My wonderful lunch table (Jessica,
To: All Friends                      Claire, Leanne, Katelyn, Bri, & Caitlyn)
From: Latosha Beyer                  From: Brittnie Harter
Merry Christmas! I love you!         Have a Merry Christmas I’ll miss you!
To: Macie                             To: Lincoln
From: Lincoln                         From: Claire
Merry Christmas! I heart you!         Merry Christmas Lynxford!

To: Rien W.                           To: Brittnie
From: Kaitlyn & Gabby                 From: Claire
We love you lots. We’ll miss you      Brittnie! You were the best water
over break.                           buddy ever in basketball!

To: Kenzie                            To: Claire-Bear
From: Claire                          From: Brittnie
You are weird but I love you anyway! It was an honor being your water
                                      buddy this year!
To: Josh H.
From: Ashton T.                       To: Grant
Josh you’re the best guy ever! Have From: Claire
a Merry Christmas!                    Grantie! I love you Merry Christ-
To: Camille W., Cassi, Kati, & Nicole
From: Allie                           To: Monia, Alysia, Sydney, Sarah,
Have a Merry Christmas!               Montreale, Destiny, Shelbi & Taylor
To: Lady Basketball Players           From: Brooke, Allie, Camille,
From: Krystal                         Cassidy, & Katie
This seasons been fun! Merry          I love you guys your the best!
Christmas & Happy New Year!
                                      To: Mrs. Giles
To: Rien W.                           From: Megan Neely
From: Ashton T.                       My favorite teacher ever! Merry
You’re an awesome guy! I love you Christmas!
lots! Merry Christmas!
                                      To: Bri & Lincoln
To: McCarthy                          From: Brittnie Harter
From: Lincoln                         You guys are the best managers
I told you I would send you one!      ever!
Merry Christmas!
                                      To: Myles Grissom
To: Monica D.                         From: Megan Murray
From: Shelbi D.                       You are so funny and always make
Hello Monica, Hello! Oh...hi Taylor! me smile!
                                      To: Shelby D.
To: Claire                            From: Monica D.
From: Lincoln                         Hi Shelby, hi!
Merry Christmas Clairey! I heart
you!                                  To: The Lunch Table
                                      From: Kylie
To: Dylan Kirkpatrick                 I love you guys. Merry Christmas.
From: Cody M.                         xoxoxo Bunches.
Happy late B-Day!
To: Kayub (Kaleb)                      To: Ashton T.
From: Kaitlyn                          From: Stephanie S.
I’m sorry 4 everything. I love you     I LOVE YOU ASHTON (whitie!)
                                       To: Macie
To: Bri D.                             From: Claire
From: Lincoln F.                       Love you Macie-Mace!
I heart you! You’ve become a great
friend this year!                      To: Spig.
                                       From: Kaitlyn
To: Jessica Sullivan                   Thanks for being there for me Spig.
From: Brittnie Harter                  Love Kaitlyn!
Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy
New Year!                              To: Kaitlyn K.
                                       From: Ashton T.
To: My favorite sevies (Sammy, Bri, & KK you’re the greatest BFF. Have a
Tori)                                  Pink Christmas!
From: Gabby
I love ya girls lots. You’re the best. To: Jr. High Cheerleaders & Baird
Merry Christmas.                       From: Gabby M.
                                       I love you all lots. You’re the best.
To: Macie                              Merry Christmas!
From: Kaitlyn
You’re such a good friend! I love      To: Macie S.
you! Love me!                          From: Ashton T.
                                       Macie you ROCK!! I LOVE YOU!
To: Rien W.                            Love me!!
From: Lincoln F.
You’re such a great guy Rien! I love To: Matt Philips
you!                                   From: HayLee Aldridge
                                       Merry Christmas Matt, I love you!
To: Dekota M.                          Tell your sister hi!
From: Gabby M.
Thanks for always bn there for me.     To: Grant S.
Merry Christmas.                       From: Gabby M.
                                       I miss sitting by you in English.
To: Leanne                             Haha. Merry Christmas.
From: Claire
I love you random buddy!!!             To: Alysia, Emily S., Emily C.,
                                       Camille, & Tosha!
To: Lincoln                            From: Sarah Miller
From: Ashton T.                        Hey! Have a great break! I love you
Hey babe you’re awesome! Merry         guys bunches!
Christmas girl! Love-Ash
                                       To: Trent Landes
To: Josh Cook                          From: Kaitlyn Keefe
From: Brittnie H. & Jessica S.         I love you bunches. Sorry 4 every-
Hope you have a good Christmas         thing xoxoxo love me!
To: Christian Hoffman                 To: All the girls that have helped me
From: Bri Davidson                    From: Macie S.
Hunny-I’ll miss you over the break.   Thank you guys so much you really
I LOVE YOU!                           have helped me.

To: Kortni, Mary, Kayla, Jacob,      To: CJJH Staff
Brooke, & all my other friends       From: Ms. Spigarelli
From: Krystal                        Enjoy your break!
Have a Merry Christmas! I love you
guys!                                To: Sailor
                                     From: Kaitlyn
To: everyone                         Your such a cutie! Merry Christmas!
From: Jessie                         I love you!
To my friend I love you love Jessie.
                                     To: my bestest friends
To: Joshy H.                         From: Macie S.
From: Gabby M.                       Thank you for all your help with this
You’re the best! I love ya lots!     drama!
Xoxo Merry Christmas!
                                     To: Jake G.
To: Nathan Skaggs                    From: Gabby M.
From: Stephanie Stone & Ashton       I will miss you bunches. You’re still
Troxel                               my favorite. Xoxo
Hope all your Christmas wishes
come true! Love, us!                 To: Coach Rhodes
                                     From: Lincoln (sis)
To: Ashton Holland                   Thanks for all your help! Merry
From: Jason Bruey                    Christmas!
I love you baby!
                                     To: Joshy
To: Peer Mediators                   From: Kaitlyn
From: Ms. Spigarelli                 Thanks 4 always bring there for me!
Thanks for all your hard work.       I love you!
Have a wonderful Christmas!
                                     To: Jack L.
To: Yearbook Staff                   From: Gabby M.
From: Ms. Spigarelli                 Thanks for everything in history.
You guys are awesome! Have a         Haha. Love ya. Merry Christmas!
wonderful holiday!
                                     To: Drew & Kenna
To: CJJH Students                    From: Gabby M.
From: Ms. Spigarelli                 You two are the cutest! Merry Christ-
Have a wonderful Christmas break. mas! Lots of love!
You are special to me.
                                     To: Dakota S.
To: Macie Shryock                    From: Gabby M.
From: Gabby M.                       I luv ya lots I win for today. Happy
I’m sorry for everything! I miss     holidays!
you lots. Merry Christmas!
To: Claire                      To: Krystal, Brittany Lietz, & Mary
From: Leanne                    From: Kortni Christianson
I LOVE YOU RANDOM BUDDY! Eating I love you guys! Have a Merry Christ-
cheesecake & cookie dough!      mas & a Happy New Year!

To: Ashlee W.                          To: Ashton Troxel
From: Mackenzie V.                     From: Lucas Degraff & Zac Buchta
Merry Christmas! You are my one        Have a good Christmas and you are a
& only Bazooka friend!                 very great message seller!

To: Spig.                              To: Newspaper Staff
From: Gabby M.                         From: Mrs. Crain
You’re the best! Thanks for always     Merry Christmas! Enjoy your break!
being there for me!                    You’re a great staff!

To: Kaitlyn Keefe                      To: All
From: Gabby M.                         Merry Christmas!!
Thank you for everything I love ya
lots. Happy holidays!

To: My lunch table                         Teachers Favorite Christmas Gifts:
From: Shelby Blankenship
                                     Mr. Campbell (shop)- Red Ryder BB Gun
You guys are the best! Love ya all!
                                     Mr. Baker– German made Knights & Vi-
                                                   kings Play Set
To: Gabbs                                    Ms. McCarthy– Big Wheel
From: Kaits                                      Mrs. Denton– Bike
I love you hunny! Thanks for every-    Mrs. Rowland– a doll, she still has it
thing. Love Kaits.                              Mrs. Hogard– and I
                                             Odyssey– a “better” Atari
To: Dallas P.                               Mrs. Wilson– Poodle Puppy
From: Gabby M.                            Mrs. Beck– Cabbage Patch Doll
Hey I never see you. Miss ya lots.   Mrs. Durham– books from her grandma
Merry Chrismas.                                  Mr. Sawyer– Atari
                                       Mrs. Elbrader– Choo Choo Box Purse
                                      Mrs. Miller– seeing Santa on her porch
To: All my cool friends!                       looking in the window
From: Shelbi D.                       Ms. Browning– red sled and chemistry
I love you! You’re cool! Merry                           set
Christmas! Ily, again!                Mrs. Good- “Mr. Posh” a Basset Hound
                                           Mr. Campbell (choir)- puppy
To: Katelyn Alderman                       Ms. Spigarelli– Chatty Cathy
From: Sara Leggett                        Mrs. Morton– aquarium & fish
Merry Christmas! Say this to         Ms. Hinds– a little chair that just fit her
Mckenzie Burrnett & Samantha                    Mrs. McCorkle– bike
Keeling.                               Mrs. Bowman– yellow bean bag chair
                                         Mrs. Ellison– Cabbage Patch Kid
                                                 Mr. Rhodes– bike
To: Kayla, Callie, Brooke & Nii Addo          Ms. Baird- Chatty Cathy
too!                                           Ms. Weston– diskman
From: Kortni Christianson                     Mrs. Divine– B & W T.V.
I love you! Have a Merry Christmas    Ms. Trosper– fake patent leather coat
& a Happy New Year!                  Mrs. Sheffield– double heart Sara Coven-
                                           try garnet ring from her dad
                                            Ms. Randall– record player
                                              Ms. Cosby– Doll House

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