Yantai economic breakthrough in large projects

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					Yantai economic breakthrough in large projects

"Final exam" of the year, destined to key projects in
Yantai event in the history of a.
The more concentrated heavy cream color. Municipal government see things
early, judging criteria, to promote the "project to promote the
year" in order to project the total handle, leading the
city's cadres and masses of homeopathic and seek, contrarian
forward. Year, the city identified more than 30 million yuan investment
project 993, a total investment of 519.1 billion yuan, of which 148 city-
level key projects, total investment of 346.7 billion, a group of up and
down the city have been looking forward to speed up construction of large
projects, a number of years to dry but not dry as quickly start a big
Big projects, big investment, new hope. Project flood, Yantai potentially
very strong.
¡ö Field
?--- Hot wind and waves are then behind the scenes "Yantai
¡¾A¡¿ Lens
Glimpse from the giant building.
December 17, "Shimao Gulf One," the site. Stands in the
flying snow, more than 190 m in height of 2, 3, even more handsome
building spectacular two Donglou achieved last month cap, the other
buildings 323 meters of Shandong "tallest building",
has been built to the ground.
Yantai Shimao Properties Limited Planning Manager beam of a deep feeling:
"Under the impact of financial crisis, but progress has
accelerated, thanks to the municipal government on the key projects of
scheduling, she embodies the courage to challenge the crisis'
Yantai force '. "
Shimao Gulf One, brought not only the physical properties of Yantai, the
"tallest building", more importantly, improve the city
image. "Vertical city" concept, the office, hotel,
shopping, housing and other urban functions are concentrated into this
building. "The near future, a central business district will be
appear in Yantai of the CBD. People here 'list of world
wide'." Liang said one.
¡¾2¡¿ Lens
"Yantai power", on board the first high-rise for a
commanding visual enjoyment, on the West Port building is concerned, is
loud and powerful all-round forward.
The northwest corner of West Port, the main body of liquid chemical wharf
completion, accompanied by pipeline stretching tens of meters toward the
sea. 10, West Port Development Co., Ltd. Chen lofty standing deputy chief
engineer of the Central Terminal excited to tell reporters:
"liquid chemical terminal in West Port completed the first
terminal is expected to put into production next year, in one fell swoop
changed the Yantai no large-scale, professional liquid chemicals terminal
of history. "
Behind this node is the core competitiveness of the new port built: 20
ton Channel, Breakwater basically completed the first phase, cis shore
oil terminal common terminal be completed next year ... ... "By
then, container, minerals, oil, coal and other four goods categories will
achieve 'great quantities', Yantai Port will build a
major transit hub in Asia. "deputy general manager of Sun
Zhijiang said.
¡¾3¡¿ Lens
Intel Avenue, Fushan District No. 22, here is the common photovoltaic
energy (Yantai) Co., Ltd. located, has recently become very concerned
about the power of a local business.
December 14, visit the channel in the photovoltaic energy, the reporter
saw technicians are clean workshop for the final commissioning of
equipment. "As the first solar manufacturer in the province, a
project can be put into production before the end, up to 25 MW of
amorphous silicon solar panel production capacity." Director of
Administration and Human Resources company, but who wish to introduce, on
1 MW battery plates generating capacity of 120 million kWh of
electricity, 25 megawatts will power 30 million a year degrees, and is a
true green energy.
Soon, a new solar energy industry will rise in Yantai. "Yantai
power" here is to reflect the green, high-tech transformation of
¡ö depth
Riot of color is the spring ---
Intensive bloom behind the "Yantai speed"
Financial crisis, Yantai experiencing a severe test, the development of
difficulty is the largest since the new century. The first quarter of
this year, the city's GDP grew 8.7%, an increase of significant
Chunchao ice from warming. The face of difficulties, the most important
is the attitude of decision-making and action. February 20, the municipal
government held key project in the West Port, "focused on
start" in the snow, urban counties also were launched,
"focused on start Month" activities as a prelude to
pull the city's key projects. 993 investment projects over 30
million yuan, the east Yangma Island, west to the Bay, flowers as
intensive "bloom."
Key project of "intensive bloom", from the municipal
government vision of "Yantai speed." As early as the
beginning of the Municipal Standing Committee of the enlarged meeting,
the party secretary Yong-Chun Sun clearly pointed out: "To
increase the big projects, big industry, big cluster development efforts,
the city's attempt to start another big investment, big
investment, big upsurge in building, strengthening the core of Yantai
competitiveness and overall competitive advantage. "long after,
Yong-Chun Sun scientific development in the city to observe the meeting,
once again stressed that" efforts can only strengthen the
current project to promote can not be weakened. " The paper has
revealed the urgency of crisis Yantai, Yantai also highlights the courage
rose to the challenge of pride.
To ensure sound and fast hard-won implement large projects, to bear
fruit, the departments responsible for municipal focus on their own to
undertake a comprehensive investigation, the list set out difficult
problems, solve them one by one; counties and urban areas quickly into
the "state of war", grasping the project floor,
grasping availability of funds, focus on building starts, focus on final
acceptance, Zhifu into the municipal key projects in 15 of 11 starts, the
operating rate was 84.6%, 12 Laishan City level key projects have been
started or start preparatory work ... ...
A big project, like a branch out of the whistling arrow Po Kong, Yantai,
upgrade the industrial structure to make a "bow."
Today, we have a deeper appreciation for this "bow" to
the great tension in Yantai economic growth.
This year, the "Yantai speed" contrarian force, and
accelerate the breakthrough of major infrastructure projects, hold up
future development of space:
Tide Airport, on March 27 approved by the State Civil Aviation Authority,
on October 23 won the State Development and Reform Commission approval,
the official start construction this month, this large and complex, the
airport project, a few months of intense preparations for an orderly
completion of the pre- ;
Bonded area, the province's second bonded port area, on September
7 by the State Council officially approved, closed the operation to
achieve the shortest possible time;
Haiyang nuclear power, the province's first nuclear power
project, in March began to civil nuclear island, in September CA20 smooth
flip module on the 2nd sub-components, officially started construction
this month on the 28th, Yantai, and once they were 20 years of dreams
come true.
But also demonstrates great concern is the long-term restriction of
railway traffic Yantai short board, this year in one fell swoop
"extend": smoke Wei Rongcheng International Railway
after approval by the State Development and Reform Commission, on
November 6 the successful completion of environmental impact assessment,
the was started at the end of the peninsula, "an hour commuting
circle" just around the corner; Lanyan railway electrification
reform, linked to the successful completion of 145 km grid, is expected
to be operational early next year; De Long tobacco program in October to
finalize the railway line, started in full swing in November ... ...
This year, the "Yantai speed" clever Seizing an
opportunity to increase investment priority areas and weak links, speed
up the development of short padded boards.
Central "4 trillion investment" As soon as the New
Deal, the city's non-stop, winning in 342 projects, new
investment 540 million yuan for the central, driving local matching and
social investment 2.54 billion yuan. Funds mainly for rural and social
sectors, as well as services, high technology and energy savings and
other key areas and weak links. Gold data, water resource Wanhua,
spandex, and an annual output of 2,500 tons of electrical insulation
between the aramid honeycomb paper with a number of projects with higher
technological content, better eco-efficiency projects, with the central
investment to support accelerating, greatly improve the quality of
driving the industry.
This year, the "Yantai speed" long-term perspective, to
promote strategic projects in emerging industries, cultivate new economic
growth point.
Total investment of 13.2 billion yuan of Yantai Wanhua Polyurethane Co.,
Ltd. MDI integration of the old plant relocation project by the National
Development and Reform Commission recently discussed by the
director's office. Yantai Wanhua MDI will move as the basis, the
final completion of petrochemicals - phosgene Chemical - Chlor-Alkali
Chemical - Fine Chemical "four modernizations" organic
integration of the chemical industrial park. Estimated annual output
reached 100 billion yuan by 2020, not only to become the new pillar
industries in Yantai, China's oil processing will also increase,
isocyanate industry to make a positive contribution to international
Not only Wanhua, a group of high technology, industrial chain length of
the speedy formation of industrial clusters together. Baosteel precision
steel tubes, new alloy project Longkou, Oriental stainless steel project,
will jointly build a new special steel industry; Penglai Development
Zone, the two shipbuilding industry gathering area, boosting the
city's largest shipbuilding industry development; recombinant
human endostatin injection projects, long chain fatty acid and
communications projects and Lung biotechnology, bio-industry chain will
Yantai uplift ... ... Right now, the city is accelerating to the modern
chemical industry, new energy, bio-medicine, represented by high-tech
special steel industrial transformation.
"'Yantai speed', embodied in large projects for
the quasi-grasp, push fast, doing stable." City Development and
Reform Commission, said the person responsible. "Yantai
speed" showing a clear behind the "smile
curve" --- out of a quarter of the city's GDP grew 8.7%
in the bottom, in the first half GDP growth of 11.8% in the first three
quarters rose 12.3% increase, this figure is expected to further.
¡ö Comments
Do not believe in spring Blowing ---
One behind the large investment, "Yantai wisdom"
"Investment should be where to invest, how to vote --- this is
great wisdom."
Large projects affect the overall situation and long term, the city
"capital growth, expand domestic demand structure" to
form an effective support and strong pull. Yantai University, Associate
Professor of Economics and Business Administration Finland extension of
that song, from the city's key projects to promote the
circumstances, Yantai, a beautiful surrender the respondents. The reason
why the outstanding performance as the financial crisis, investment in
Yantai has played a positive effect of the two --- the government
investment boost private investment, "Kap Shui effect",
the government investment promotion spending doubled the
"multiplier effect." Investment to the strong
correlation of industrial projects, and serve economic development,
infrastructure projects, tilt, and continuously enhance the
competitiveness of industries and urban capacity, so that the financial
crisis in Yantai have stable and rapid economic growth.
993 large projects go hand in hand, from industry, the Jiji extend the
industrial short board, to promote economic structural transformation
Sheng Ji, Jia Kuai open "Hou crisis" times new round of
development; from the people's livelihood protection offered to
the people through projects bring real Jianshe Ji Shi Zai in benefits.
August 16, the new train station --- "City Gate"
Kaimennake. Yantai Bearing Instrument Financial Officer Zhang Jintao
specially with 80-year-old father on the ground feel about that.
"People say Yantai bigger, become America, and I would like to
become more and spirit of Yantai." Zhang Jintao told reporters,
"the station has not changed for 50 years, tremendous changes
have taken place today, while, Yantai has also been Cultural Center, This
great city and culture to match. The new station, as well as cultural
centers, are the pride of Yantai. "
Development of "papers" will never last a subject, but
is the construction of major projects, is the source of the item today is
tomorrow's strength. 148 municipal smooth progress of key
projects, will release a huge capacity to form a new group of economic
support and the growth and potential points for promoting stable and
rapid economic growth of our city an important carrier.
Yantai, one that allows you to enjoy the world's best wines, the
best golf course in golf, the best hot springs bubble in Asia, full make
gold, so you do god's wonderful city!
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