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 Wolf Gang Action: Hell tutorial

- Make up a class but only on so terrible?

Early the next morning went to school, was surprised to find office bulletin board full
of people around. Listened to the screams and arguments, however the U.S. a while

Behind the shabu to a blast, she turned round, and red is cool to stop the locomotive
at the door, sparking a burst smoke. Hunting tear down motorcycle helmet in the rear
view mirror button, cross over, readily evoke black backpack, "good time
yesterday, what happened?" He raised his chin, less satisfaction eyed Daizheng

"... ... You sleep well at night with it?"

"Huh?!" Is such a natural U.S. abruptly asked, frowning impatiently
hunting, "Are you stupid? Is I'm asking you!" This girl has
Zhenshi Ben was not saved!

"Ah, you have asked me what?" However, U.S. stunned, probably just a
bit to go see him when God, no hear what he said what.

Hunt annoying to stare her half a day to say a word.

Chiang Tai furiously squeezed out from the Rendui, abruptly saw hunting, excitedly
shouted, "Little fluttering ah!! Big bad!!" He runs out of breath.

Hunting backhand Gouzhao backpack, turned a deaf ear to go to the classroom building.

"Hunting!" Minna is holding a scissors-lunge over hunting arm,
"It's nothing to do with you life and death, but ah!"

"Pain!" Hunting was suddenly dragged wounds, pain to bend down to eat,
"let go ah! Woman! Painful!!"

Minna Zhangerheshang looked at his thin boneless hand: "Pain? How could it
hurt? My strength so big?"

However, the United States flustered look to hunting. Hunting frown stood upright,
impatient hum of the sentence, "in the end what happened?"

Chiang Tai look of surprise agitated, "incredible, the school introduced new
rules this month, monthly exam If there is one subject failing students can not
participate in next month's city basketball!"
Hunting Somewhat taken aback. However, the U.S. has eaten no small surprise.

Department of Public bulletin boards are all students voice laments Alas, "it
is really finished!"

"Is ah! In addition to seniors, president and Mr Lam, the results others not
No way!"

"The progressive and if the struggle to think of it barely got grid, as Lotus
and hunting well ... ..."

Said, a group of people standing grief to look to the hunting position, stretched
sounds hung his head, "hey ... ..."

Everyone a hunting want this agreement, indifferent shrug, "Do not participate
even if I had! Who cares that game breaking?!" Said, to uphold the open step.

"Finished!" Chiang Tai wringing in his back shouts and "day
to die I Donglin also -"

"Wow! Not! How can you be so do not make progress?!" Minna also

Drift of the attitude of the hunt so the U.S. is also very silent course,
"hunting, if Knut force will be able to pass it!"

"Ha ha!!" The progressive chips in standing behind the waist,
laughing that "learning to persuade him not Miss! To his qualifications, how
to find ways to have and can not format!"

Snapped! Black bag thrown to the ground, hunting ground fire turned.

"Did not I say the truth?" The progressive challenge to see him.

Split-two people have picked up a fist, Minna began to scream routine, Chiang Tai
bitter with a face in the past Quan Jia, around the male students rushed over grab both,
scenes of instant chaos.

However, outside the United States unprepared, looking at the encirclement roaring away
at a gang of boys, they looked as if the person also excited than fight, did not play a
little Quanjia role. However, the United States could not see the hunting of the figure
can only stand outside the anxious, my God! Hunting how he was so impulsive ah, forget
What hands are injured?

"Ouch!" Chiang Tai screams a bang kicked out of encirclement, a gang
of two boys continued to stir around.
Director, kicked   out of the Mediterranean heard this was in front of startled confusion,
"how is   it?!" He stretch on tiptoe but still can not see,
"who is   in a fight?!" Pull a guy came up to ask and the answer is gas
Sharen's   a "director, I do not know."

Mediterranean gas halo to be simply "lotus! Land natural hunting! Necessarily
bar you two days!!" Duo told him shouting, but could do nothing gas soaring

Is morning run of the Di Ren seeing this, quickly ran with him, "gave me to
stop -" sound and courageous lion roars, the chaotic scene immediately fixed
grid. "Quan Jia" The boys all stared sleeves rolled up to the Di Ren.
Di Ren menacing great teacher walked past, her hair a mess of boys clothes one by one
pulled out, "I'd like to see early in the morning who is making
trouble in my eyes!"

Finally the space remaining, is still hunting Tempers rose, and not to be outdone in
the GU Kai.

East Forestry University Student Union office.

Disheveled hunting and Gu Kai came in, the presence of an all simmering smile.

Rui Hui shabu Japanese sword to point two, "Look at what you are
like?" Tip gestures from scratch with interest to the feet. The progressive
blushing sneak seats, hunting also Yang Yang to sit down, impatiently leaned body.

Rui Hui went to his own position, passing the time sleeping with a knife, knocked on
his Lotus desktop.

"Well, this time for you to do is to basketball. As you know, under the
provisions of the new school. In short, Dong Lin can not not win, so a man among you
can not miss this of the game. "

She is talking, the door was pushed open, natural beauty and a short man with glasses,
vice president of boys were students Yan Wei with them.

Lotus ripped off MP3, and hunting with the natural eye somehow the United States,
however the United States itself is at a loss.

"You easily find a place to sit it." Yan Wei towards the two nodded
and sat down beside forest mirror.

Boys with glasses Daoshi found a place for a casually sat down ass up, but now only two
vacancies, one in the hunting side, a Lotus next to the course the United States find
themselves actually do not know where the good ride.
Lotus finally sat down beside him, however the United States naturally consoled himself
because he was closer to the reason from her.

Hunting blame in a very strange look to her eyes, although only a short moment.

Just a sit down and send a punitive expedition Lotus took a closer: "Hey,
yesterday afternoon stood me Why? Know I do not know how long you wait in the

However, not enough time to answer the United States, Rui Hui has been cold voice
reminded: "When I speak not allowed in the following a small case!"

Lotus like have not heard that like, in the way the speaker, vice president of
continuing to "harass" side of the natural beauty all cackle every
word the basic egg:

"How do you always wear school uniforms? Not a little bit cute
clothes?" He bent over the desk bored playing with her sleeve.

"However, the United States, I talk to you when you can not look at

"Hey, look what you hear so seriously, tell me this break will in the end say
what up to?"

... ...

However, the United States come to regret their sat beside him, and finally could not
resist, reluctantly turned to him, "Lotus."

Lotus is uninteresting to chin, and heard him however the United States, put on his
awesomeness or to attractiveness of the smile, "What?"

"You do not have to speak to me, and if the storm would then sleep!"
Just coming in, had he not slept peacefully it?

Lotus be dangerous and a bit depressed, extremely silent stare natural beauty do not

Rui Hui talking, Du Qian Yong came in, waved her to continue, and then walked straight
up to their seats, still a handsome Lengran looks like, looking down without saying
anything to look up information.

Rui Hui Chuan under the pile of things to the hands of each person: "look at
The progressive hands get a look, his face suddenly sauce: Rui Hui hair down turned out
to be members of the basketball team report card! The thought of their dog feces
results in everyone, especially Rui Hui sister school in front of the exposure, he
longed to hide away immediately. But later, when he saw the hunting and Lotus results,
look it up easily, not help feeling: really Mountains Beyond Mountains, were the next
people ah!

Hunting and Lotus is also a look of dishes. Do not sleep now, Lotus has also been
completely quiet, as hunters, it is looking down the student with the eruption of
public cadres.

However, the U.S. holding a report card, lost his face black line: her brother, the
darlings of the stadium on a cool road, So far this semester, all the test subjects,
only two results are not red (one of the door for sports), sitting beside her on campus
the number one juvenile delinquent, almost as good as, and hunting collusion, but also
had to pass that two of homework, but more spectacular is that he actually had two
exams because of lack of test without results!

However, the U.S. side of the Lotus carefully Miaole Yan. It seems he is just fine face,
which are completely out of domineering under the momentum of the.

"Your performance really is ... ..." Rui Hui reluctantly shook his
head, "especially the Lotus and hunting. Even mentally, I am afraid that such
a result is difficult to test it."

Rui Hui Ran the United States considered poisonous tongue to experience the first time.
If she was such a change that was so humiliated to a certain killed.

The progressive not help laughing: "You have heard so much about the two very
strong, stronger than I did not expect to be so!" His look of "high!
Really high" and admire like.

The progressive scanned Hui Rui 1, "The progressive students, usually in terms
of Kaohsiung, difficult course than the high one."

The progressive is no longer silent.

"In this performance go bad, your monthly exam certainly could not
pass." Rui Hui continued, "actually, your score does not matter how
Daoshi point, but this basketball game should win the East Forest. So ... ...
"She looked around the crowd, smiling," After a president, I and Yan
Wei deliberations unanimously decided to give you a monthly tests to force extra
lessons. "

"What?" A pedestrian headache immediately cried.
Rui Hui issued a decree to calmly: "Now there are 12 days from the end of
exams, due to a very short time together with you a few talented dull, so Gu Kai,
hunting, as well as Lotus -" Japanese sword menacing to point to three people,
Rui Hui Road, eyes cohesion that dark eyes see strange and shouted three not help bad,
"From this afternoon, you will enjoy the world's most effective
remedial courses."

Hunting ooh slamming stand up: "I am out of the race."

"I quit." Lotus also lazily up.

Du Qian Yong looked up, like all early in the expected: "I do not compel them.
So to you two options, one is to participate in tutorial, and the other is to go out
from this building, teaching building."

There are scattered outside the imposing footsteps, surprised the aisle stood a row of
cold homogeneous shabu, boys, it can play one by one seem to look like, they wear the
school uniform Donglin, but not as Donglin The students, most of which appear to have
twenty or so young people.

Du Qian Yong stand up and point you to the outside of the head, then turned to Lotus
and hunting, "If you can beat the previous Donglin Wolf Gang Members, from the
house go out, I will allow you to abstain."

Outside, orange hair, wearing a handsome boy with sexual approached step towards the
crowd behind the speaker that "we listen well, this is our previous generation
and this generation of wolves to help the unprecedented contest to help the
wolf!" He picked eyebrow smile, "to both the kid a lesson
Tempers were hunting easily picked up and began eagerly: "Well! I was going to
enlighten me on the previous generation to help the powerful wolf!"

"Oh, as long as he wanted to see one." Lotus play gooseberry to
surrender his hands like to do, a look of "Please Do not hurt innocent
people" look.

Hunting disdain, not looked at a lotus: "I am a person does not matter, afraid
of the flash to one side."

Du Qian Yong-long isolation from the outside Lotus and hunting, but the sudden sound of
fierce fighting, or to the people inside not help gasped.
Played rough. Know the inside story of the people know, to adjust these two days to
teach a good stick, do not first give them some color to see is not enough. So, out of
not killing off their feet either, conference room we still calmly drinking tea.
However, the U.S. could not resist: "President, Can you tell them to stop
hunting the hands of the injured ah!"

Du Qian Yong-wrinkled brow, under "Do not worry, predecessors, quickly, will
not let him have the opportunity to struggle to wound breakdown."

President of the face of such ease, however, only the United States to hunt in the
heart of the pinched cold sweat.

Du Qian Yong looked at the table, waiting Good news came out, they heard a sudden crash,
"Hey! That when the boy slipped in!!" Then downtown into a ball.

"You idiot! He is deceiving us start!"

"Fast recovery!"

Then the sound of busy divvying up the running in one direction towards the aisle.
Suddenly emerge curse:

"Damn! Side have slipped!"

"Damn, these two guys pretty understanding of it!"

Soon, another part of the troops to pursue another direction towards the aisle.

Teng down the stairs with the steaming sound, the passage is very funny to calm down.
However, the United States temporarily slow the breath. Du Qian Yong's eyes a
little bit strange: seems to underestimate the two people. Such a thought, and dials
the phone:

"A water? There appears to need your help, and all are ready now? ... ... Ah,
I wait for you good news."

Du Qian Yong hung up the phone, however the U.S. president stare advanced quite a while
back, but God.

Rui Hui played down in the chair yawn, "hey, that two is the point? Up a class
but it's that terrible?"

The progressive not help shuddered.
Lotus and hunting two-pronged rushing down the stairs, all the men in the back of the
wolf help pursued! Spectacle, intense, opposite the laboratory building have put down
the students have physical and chemical experiments, rushed to the window witnessed
this rare chase!
To idle along the banks of desks and chairs over the heap in the center, Lotus quickly
into the side of the classroom.

Chung troops chase down upstairs, saw tables and chairs blocking the channel, really

"He ran to the other side!"

"Damn! Hands really fast!"

Lotus back close to the door, heard the gang are busy divvying up the outside to move
away the desks, dengkou dengkou dengkou to Paoyuan sound.

Open the door, the aisles have been magnificent to empty.

While a cover is also effective, he fled down the stairs all the way under.
Hunting ways to get rid of one side of the pursuers behind, side to find the time to
escape. Du Qian Yong's statement in accordance with, as long as they leave this
building, teaching building smooth, you can remove Rui Hui suffered metamorphosis
tutorial. In other words, if you are out, whether or not to go out from the main
entrance of all ... ...
"However, hunting land! You shall not go out from this building to on

Sick of it! Hunting frowning in disgust.

Several iron fist oncoming flash, then turn right to the attackers Yi Jiaochuai, the
second floor balcony in sight!

Du Qian Yong guy must put his door to shut! And certainly all of the first floor of his
ambush, so the only way is from the second floor ... ...

Hunting flew to the balcony, about to get up, but suddenly heard a number of female
students exclaimed:

"Hunting!! Careful!!"

"Can not jump to ah, hunting!!"

Hunting suddenly paused, a closer look and landscape under the balcony, his expression
suddenly angry not brief -

Everywhere, even on flat ground covered with stones! If it is so rash to jump off the
best situation is the fracture! Even more angry is that group of boys who are now
moving stones to actually hold the arm, one by one keen on pleasing an appearance on
the balcony gazing at.

The second floor hallway of the two, hunting and Lotus looked at each other.

Behind them, a strong corps has been doing the wolf to help seal the road.

"Idol, small banners! I see you still come on!" Chiang Tai look of
compassion towards them cried, "You are not won, president of adults!"

Thus, for the three, the most miserable start this tutorial career.

However, never imagined the United States and English language tuition glorious
surprise, the task fell to her head, looked across the table two listless, she is
embarrassed cleared his throat, "uh, we started it."

Hunting is very annoying to spread out books a snap.

"Hunting is not mathematics, I give you tuition is English." However,
looking at the U.S. Open hunt mathematics textbooks, dumbfounding.

"Whispering sound, anyway, do not understand, which tutorial What is the
difference?" Hunting is not a face to say so.

Rui Hui knife Hen Henqiao down neatly fall hunting and Lotus head, by the way has
knocked another table The progressive tutorial about mathematics. Gu Kai rubbed his
head, his face looked innocent Rui Hui, Lotus will fire the earth stand up:
"Hey! Rui Hui! You find out, I did not say anything but!"

"I know, our beloved Gu Kai classmates did not say anything ah!" Rui
Hui easily Fun with knives, half leaning against the table and looked up and Lotus on
the TV, "I just want you to know that you are now in the same boat people, in
order to train your team spirit, from now on, one mistake, the whole clan! understand?

Rui Hui's dictatorship in the next, another large protest is casting haze of

However, the United States carefully to them with half an hour the morning assessment
test cannelloni finished, the result was the same two blank expression.

"You just do some of this exercise it." She chose the most simple
exercises were handed two, "If you do not come to ask me."

Lotus casually glanced at the title, he fell back on the Xie Qi went to: "Give
me a break."
However, U.S. silent, feeling Zhengou failure: "A closer look at you, ah,
these I have just spoken to!"

He glanced lazily climbed up on the test, despair and said: "Well, no need to
torture me, give me repeat once again that it directly."

Snapped the knock sound book, immediately sounded hunting yell annoyance:
"What rotten title! Point logic are not!"

"How the? Which Road logical question ... ... did not it?" And before
the U.S. However, over their own consciousness, she is automatically biased hunting

"This." Buckle of the buckle a casual hunting topics.

"Hey Hey! I think we should talk about first come first
served ... ..." Lotus in the side of the frown protest.

"Huh?" However, a closer look and the United States, "is the
same as the subject and the Lotus ah! Tell me that you listen carefully."
Smile to her thoughtfulness.

Separated by thin, is to explain the natural enthusiasm of the United States, hunting
and Lotus hostile to the visually look.

The progressive side of the pass, came over the fun of showing exaggerated facial
expressions, "hey? This will not do? That simple! Select C it!"

Shabu! 2 impatient die off.
Fatigue first day of war for about nine at night, from the afternoon now, miserable
Lotus, The progressive is still a hunting and food does not stick.

"Buzz!" Outside the ring of a passionate cries, "You set the

Immediate relief to the three bad star collapsed down.

Delicious bowl of hot noodles sent a few in. The progressive almost threw himself on
the table, "ah ha ha! Good! The young master had been so hungry to

Hunter said nothing, of course, out of chopsticks.

Lotus puzzled glance at the table of ramen, "how not?"
That is to say, hunting and Gu Kai only wonder to stop. Three of them, there Mrs Yong
Qian, Rui Hui, Lin, coupled with natural beauty Di Ren glasses men, the number of total
of nine, but only seven could be on the table bowls of ramen.

Is strange that a, Rui Hui, Du Qian Yong, Lin has one side over a bowl of ramen.

Lotus picked Tiaomei, end over a bowl of beef noodles, a statement earlier, "a
word I do not eat it as a."

Rui Hui's Bokken shabu to fall on his head!

"Put down. I have not announced the rules of eating it."

Dining rules?

A bad premonition in my mind three.

Sure enough. After listening to Rui Hui dining rules, three of expression suddenly
became dark reddish brown.

Rule is the so-called meal: three in the meal before doing a test question, the first
complete and correct answer to qualify meal. In other words, only one in three people
can eat.

"Rui Hui! You wish to die?!" Hunting stormed and protested! Such a
provision simply put up and let him starve to death tomorrow!

"Neural rules! Who cares for you?" Lotus has also returned to their
evil nature, eyes dark, holding a bowl ready to fall on the start of the glasses male
body, "Do not eat my bowl."

Men are scared quickly Fangxiawankuai glasses, a move not moving.

Di Ren think it is also the time of his debut, got up solemnly, "You two want
to rebel?!"

A pair of two. Confrontation between the two with his kid obviously is not looked down
on him. Three facial features, the wolf in sheep electro-optical radiance.

"Come on, listen to The progressive," this time, Rui Hui sweet voice
suddenly broke into too weird, "as they expressed reluctance to participate in
the two tests, Sam Sun ramen bowl belongs to you!"

"THANK YOU ~~~!" Gu Kai looked at his smiling Rui Hui, also Pengdao
bowl of delicious noodles in his hand, a look of happiness to meet.
"Damn!" The progressive hunting sputtered a mention clothes,
"you still be considered a man?!"

"Do not be mad Well," The progressive intoxicated and smelled of
flour distribution of fragrance, "Anyway, compared with the two of you, this
is my bowl bound."


Are the two at loggerheads, when a mass of white stuff to fall into the GU Kai Teng

Gu Kai stared stunned slowly dissolved in the fragrant soup of that group to open

"I thought, we do not eat do not like it," Lotus calmly leaning on
the sofa, "'through thick and thin' citizenship."

"Lotus -" Soon after the Kingdom by the Sea, Gu Kai sprang toward the
chief culprit across the schadenfreude!

Evening, Rui Hui leaning lobby watching DVDs, the way some good taste of the dynamic
Yoshio map window. The three small basketball court, Di Ren's murder by
torture-style training very tough battle, but looking at the three boy Rui Hui, look
praise worthy of the title really energetic large animals, so have the gall to drive.
Lighting because of sweat glistening body is a nourishing read really ah ~ ~ ~

Basketball had finished already 0:00, after another night, the result of consuming too
much strength is to make three more intolerable feeling hungry belly, had to rely on
sleep to hypnosis empty stomach. Rui Hui Fu Shang only two double rooms, Jen finally
decided Di The progressive house, but hunting and Lotus will be to bed.

Glance at the upstairs bath hunting, tilted his legs on the sofa's Rui Hui
ridicule a cry, "You two nights do not play in my home covered with
'bed movement' ah."

Hunting stunned seconds, furious to roar, "Rui Hui!!"

"Ah, I'm tired, first up was." Rui Hui yawned beside directly
from hunting around on the stairs continued to entertainment Road, "two were
young men, but also with passion, not afraid of 10000 , I'm afraid if ... ...

"Rui Hui -" Hunting the roar could be heard several miles radius.
However, the U.S. has been in the kitchen baking a sweet snack. I never thought, Rui
Hui anything ranging family kitchen, she did not offer to cook for a long time, too
busy at the moment is humming a song, press the oven when the timer is also said to
himself, "Actually, academic sister is pretty nice. "otherwise they
would not please her to prepare a midnight snack.

"Ah, learn how a sister her?" The progressive voice behind him.

"Oh," However, the U.S. turned around, smiled and said, "Let
me give you a sister school to do supper!"

"Really?!" The progressive incredibly excited, automatic imagined up,
that resembled a man for his supper is prepared.

"Ah a moment like!"

"Shall I help? School sister?" Gu Kai came over and asked

That voice, "Sister Study" to the U.S. However, deeply moved, nodded,
"Well, do you wash dishes to help it."

Busily in the kitchen when two men, Gu Kai suddenly asked, "Sister Study, you
really like the Lotus it?"

However, U.S. stunned, expression of embarrassment.

The progressive has proceeded as open, "is that guy and his threat to your
contacts, right? I really sympathize with you, but I hate most of that guy!"

"What he did was too much to do for you?" However, careful asked the
United States.

"More go!!" The progressive teeth, a piece reprove them,
"You do not imagine that has caused me miserable bastard!"
"Really?" The progressive course, looking at the hands of the United
States nervous about being Ph 2 plates.

"Last time I went to the base and saw what he put in there videos, I see him
smile like Intuit brilliant, thought it was comedy, went in to see that damn guy said
that he had read, and also impressive to say What really good laugh, and then shot
twice and left me, so I replay the film, it actually is! "The progressive
greatly breath, turn on the course horrified the United States said," is A
film! A film is Jesus! "
However, U.S. stunned.
The progressive looks depressed, "bad luck is actually learning happens Rui
Hui sister came over ... ..."

Just then the door burst Rui Hui tired voice, "The progressive, then you are
talking about dirty words?!" Also "A film A film Jesus" yell
so loud, one fear was that she discovered Zeimeishuyan of look.

"Ah ... ..." The progressive poor mechanically turned, and saw a look
of contempt outside the kitchen's Rui Hui, sorrow, jaws drop.

NB The progressive school brother can only sympathize. However, the entire liberal and
not long eye-of Lotus, is a bit too much.

The progressive tip to a good dessert and Di Ren teacher, walked the aisle at the end,
found that lotus and game room door is unlatched, she knocked on the door, which did
not respond, then knocked, "Lotus, are you there? "

Opened the door bang to look at, hunting arrogantly leaning on door frame, with a cold
face look askance with natural beauty, "he is not."

"Oh, I give you ... ..."

Bow hand she signaled supper, did not think to look on the door-pound shut.

However, Stewards stiff staring at the door of the United States, somehow winked his
eye, she has done anything wrong it?

"Hunting, I'm   sorry, you open the door please?" No matter how
the first apologized then. She   gently buckle the door, earnestly, "you have
not eaten dinner at night, and   anyhow a few things to eat!" To hunt and
physical terms, consumption of   calories a day it must be taken lightly. His mouth does
not say, must have the stomach   must be no longer. Ah, you may be hungry can be so bad

The door is not static, however the United States with a sigh, "that I snack
on the door." She squatted down plate, and turned to leave, may be still a
little worried, but also close to the door quietly told, "that, with care Do
not step on ... ... "

Fusion in the Northern door has opened, a hand grabbed her go.

However, shaking the U.S. firm, hunting will end plates come in, shut the door. He set
a piece large T-shirt, loosely tied around her arms and shoulders, some bandages, it
seems is to dress their wounds before, but It looks went to great lengths only to such
a degree.
However, not without fear, looking at the U.S. hunting injuries, although the recovery
has been faster, but it was too sloppy handling of it. Hunting at the moment like to
see in her eyes, was rather a tendency to self-abuse.

"I'm a man No, you help me on drugs." Hunting will throw
medicine Natural Beauty, while frowning, "so looking at me? I can not allow
that guy to me on Lotus medicine, right?"

She almost Puchi laugh.

Is not the first to Orally taken terbinafine combined hunting, and naturally the United
States is still very stiff. Turned our backs to the hunting will be very quiet. The
first time in close contact with his bare back, her face could not help fever, is now
still embarrassed, but she is very fond of at the moment so quiet like him.

Hunting skinny another solid body bathed in soft light, ignorant rebellious 17-year-old
has been distributed unknowingly sell a girls heart charm. However, the U.S. lost in
thought, the original is true, crossed teenage Hom, boys and girls on the difference in
the appearance of the more clear when.

"Okay." Good bandage wrapped around her, "do you think? Will
not be too tight?"

Hunting is not warm not cool to be a cry, quietly put on T shirt. However, the U.S.
packed up medicines and bandages.

"You do?" Hunting took inventory of bed that heart, glanced at her.
Tall handsome boys stood knee looks like a small dim sum, it seems strange cute

"Ah, look like maybe not very good, but I guarantee good taste!"

"Do to me?" He strangely asked the one.

"To the ... ... you two."

Hunting will be put to one side dish, from the bedside stand up tall body will
naturally cast a shadow shrouded from head to toe the U.S. to live. "Can not
you see we are both meter eighty it? Is even ate a plate I have not enough, you expect
us to two points with eating?"

"When I do not think," Of course the U.S. sorry to say, "But,
eat some good food is better than nothing. You're so hungry, I go to the
following to Hello!"

"I do not you think so hungry! I mean something to you that even my usual one-
tenth of meal components are not!"
However, the U.S. looked at the dessert plate, imagine the weight comparable to the
times, a bit surprised: "You eat so much ah!" She could not help
looking at him tall and handsome brother, hunting lean body symmetry, can not think of
eating is so out, however, Actually, I'm usually see what he ate at home.
"... ..." Hunting stubbornly stared at her, a little blood hearts and

However, the United States sensible to retreat: "Then, I go on cooking up. To
this, the times, right?"

"I go with you." Hunting very hard to say.


"Supervise you!" He handed her to one way or another, the door to go

Outside the kitchen is more than hot, however the United States burned water. Feel a
bit strange at the moment, hunting on the pestle in the back so peacefully, and no
means to be to help the entire vase with a handsome male Quewu. However, the U.S. felt
his sharp eyes ramming her back, her little uncomfortable.

She grabbed a handful of noodles, turn around asking: "enough?"

Hunting with folded arms, lightly Enliaoyisheng.

However, the United States understand the place of a nod to the hands of the plane into
the pot, then take another plane to the same component.

Hunting Cumei, just about to protest, "You pigs ah! What I eat so
much!", But suddenly remembered that one is prepared for the Lotus.

Looking at the stove before the girls focus on the back, his heart inexplicably
depressed, and have a flash, and look like kids at a loss.

"I do not eat up."

Suddenly heard the voice behind hunting, pick surface is natural to turn the United
States puzzled:

"You said do not eat it? ... ... Why?"

Gao Shuai figure coldly back over listlessly out of the kitchen, "no
"But ... ..."

Her voice was poor and confused. Hunting trouble to screw the eyebrow, refused to go
back to her wounded face at the moment, otherwise, he will head a certain idea filled
with those who do not normal!

He abandoned her and her hard-cooked noodles, as in a secret revenge for something.

However, the U.S. looked at the back of hunting, the people stared, completely not
understand why he's erratic? Just to bully her? She suddenly felt very wronged,
nose flowed Pan acid.

"Pop" the sound slightly, eyes suddenly dark.

A power cut. However, the United States after a long dull realized. Tonight there is no
trace of moonlight, her eyes blunt blunt, did not see anything. How do? Others probably
asleep, she must be so dark housing.

Package was darkness, she temporarily pinned.

"Hey! Natural beauty?!"

Hunting sounds.

He fell back to find her?

"Hunting?" She smell the taste of liquid bath him, close at hand, if
met savior general, have all been unfounded grievances moved to replace,
"... ... Haohei, you see it?"

"Nonsense!" Although the way back down when the rush hit the door,
and good in a while see stars at night after the vision has been restored.

"Really? You can see? I did not see it." Only his voice, let her find
some peace of mind.

"Girls are so squeamish! Not sent you one!" Hunting snappily said,
"Well, you come point, my in front of you."

"Oh." However, the United States nodded, carefully follow the two
steps, abruptly encountered hunting in the chest.

He had left her so close.

Hunting hand holding her arm, although the action stiff stiff, not too soft, but does
not prevent her from access to the kind of chaos get back in the exact coordinates of
"Thank you, I really like the blind as ... ..." She smiled a little
grateful, a little bit embarrassed.

Hunting is not instantaneous moment staring in front of the girl. Although not too sure
that she is able to distinguish the expression of anxiety, the uncertain eyes, she
really is not at all visible.

Girls, really good fragile, is not it precisely because of the existence of such a
fragile petite boys would try so hard to become strong, strong enough to have been
protecting her? Such as house falls down, you can place her arms tightly protected, so
she was not injured.

Really, he does not mind now house collapse.

Had heard her crying, it was not long after she decided to move things, he Biao car
late that night came back, passing the door when she heard glass breaking inside as
intermittent as the weeping.

Just feel good that when bored, bored really good, she eat well and dress well here
Zhude Hao, why cry? He despised glance at the door, and then deliberately thrown
forcefully into the door to his room, hoping that a slug can at least control yourself,
do not disturb his sleep.
She really will be no more crying, at least since he no longer heard.

"Unfortunately, the surface is cold today the ... ..."

Trance, he heard her whisper of regret, such as to break the awkward quiet until
Meihuazhaohua said.

Outside the house was sound, Rui Hui told the people are busy checking circuit.

Before long, eyes flash, electricity came.

"Well!" However, the U.S. breathed a sigh.



















































"... ..."















像被烫到一样,脸颊一阵热辣,闪躲着低下头去。莲华的脖子很漂亮,没有突出的喉结,T 恤的领口






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