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Abstract This paper briefly famous modern poet, translator Xu's
life story.
Xu short life has undergone Reform Movement, Revolution, Monarchy, Zhang
Xun restoration, "54" campaign, warlords, the Northern
Expedition, "412" coup, "September 18
Incident". Turbulence and change in the years to come, he kept
interest rates in the pursuit of ideals and aspirations, hard work
writing, writing quite good, far-reaching, was praised as a
"single-handedly laid the Chinese poetry of the
Keywords Xu Life and Works
Xu (1896-1931), the first name of Sen, spectral chapter name, and renamed
Shima, served Peking University, Guanghua University, Soochow University,
Tai Ha university professors. Former "Morning Journal, Deputy
Juan Literature," "Poetry" supplement,
"New Moon" magazine editor and so on.
  He works quite good, and his writing published works include: Poems 4,
prose 4, set a novel, play one, translated 5, as well as letters and
diaries 4. Express more of their poems in the "Friends of
Sound" (Hangzhou, one magazine), "Weekly
Review", "transformation Monthly",
"Morning Journal, Deputy Juan Literature", "Yu
Si Weekly", "Nankai Monthly", "Novel
months Daily "," current affairs Daily News Science
Light "," Modern Review, "" New Moon
Monthly "," Independent Review ","
The Human World Monthly "and other magazines.
  Hsu was born on December 28 Kip Stone Town, Haining County, a wealthy
merchant family. Kip Stone Town is a Tang Dynasty poet, legend around
this and take names. Beautiful place, cultural prosperity and economic
development. Xu Shen, such as father, is the Chamber of Commerce; mother
  1900, 4 years old. Into the study hall to study. Studied under Sun Yin
Hin. Xu smart super peers since childhood, concluded that great trip.
  1901, 5 years old. Reading of the study hall. Tong Zhen Fu studied
under investigation.
  1907, 11 years old. Kip into Dan Kaizhi School, studied under Zhang
  1909, 13 years old. Winter graduated from Kip Dan Kaizhi School.
Repeatedly studied under, classical cornerstone of the firm a solid
  1910, 14 years old. Spring, into the Hangzhou government secondary
school, achievement to top the list, either for class. Each pixel of a
Teacher, Liu Zigeng, Chen Bo Park, MA Paul, Zhongyu Yun; students have
Dongren Jian, Yu, Jiang Lifu, Zheng Wuchang.
  1912, 16 years old. Autumn, revolutionary things, the Hangzhou
government schools closed, stayed at home, warily to opportunities for
rehabilitation to do.
  1913, 17 years old. July, Hangzhou Government Secondary Schools Office,
renamed the First Middle School in Hangzhou, complex attend school. And
in the magazine, "Friends of the sound," No. 1,
published the first article "On the relationship between fiction
and society."
  1914, 18 years old. May, in the "Friends of Sound"
published the first two "radium and Earth history," a
keen interest in astronomy.
  1915, 19 years old. Summer, graduated from Hangzhou, the first
secondary school; summer after he entered Shanghai University of
Shanghai. October 29, and Zhang Youyi married.
  1916, 20 years old. Spring, Graduated from Shanghai University of
Shanghai. Fall into the Tianjin Northern University Law and preparatory
  1917, 21 years old. Fall into the Northern University School of Law,
Peking University, Peking University Law School he transferred to study.
  1918, 22 years old. In June, teaming Liang; in July, leaving Peking
University; in August, the United States from Shanghai Qi-line study; in
September, into the United States Department of Sociology, Clark
University study.
  1919, 23 years old. In June, graduated from Clark University, was
first-class Award; in September, into the Columbia University Institute
of Political Studies.
  1920, 24 years old. In September, through the paper "On the
status of women in China," the respondent may, after a
master's degree at Columbia University, went to the United
Kingdom, Ru Lundun Cambridge Institute for graduate students, with Raiski
political science professor, Ph.D. to be attacked, and writer Wei Falls
the most secret contacts, start a keen interest in literature. Dong,
Zhang Youyi to London.
  1921, 25 years old. During the year in the United Kingdom recognized
Dickinson, Huiyin. Spring, after Dickinson introduced into the Royal
College of Cambridge University as special students.
  April 15, issued a paper "Einstein's Theory of
Relativity" ("reform" volume 3, 8); June 15,
published papers, "Russell books Russian reporters after the
tour," and "comments Wells Tour Russian
reporters" ("modified" volume 3, 10). Autumn,
sending Zhang Youyi went to Germany to study, the highest in Berlin. Is
back in London.
?1922, 26 years old. January 31, Xu first translated as "Ge
dew." March, in Germany and Zhang Youyi divorce. In July, met
with the British writer in London, Mansfield, and talk to her Soviet
literature and literary movement in China in recent years the trend. Xu
conversation She impressed. October 15, from Britain back to China.
December 17, published poem, "returned to miscellaneous
questions (Marseille)" ("Weekly Review"
section 33); December 24, published poem, "returned to
miscellaneous questions (Mediterranean Sea)" ("Weekly
Review" section 34 ).
  1923, 27 years old. January 9, at the age of 34-year-old British writer
Mansfield's death, Xu poem "The Isles of
Mansfield" ("Weekly Review" section 44);
January 28, issued a paper "to break the head on also have to
keep my soul free "and poem published in" Northern
winter is winter, "and the" hope of burial
"(" Weekly Review "39). February 4, published
poem "Love Death" ("Weekly Review"
section 40). March 10, published poem "listen to music drama
Cassia Court of Ne" ("News Hong Kong Daily News Science
Light" Volume 5, 3, 8); March 12, published poem,
"Cambridge will strike again" ("News Hong Kong
Daily News * Study Light "Volume 5, 3, 11). April 28, issued a
"Taishan sunrise" ("Nankai Monthly"
No. 1). May, translated as "vortex mention children"
(Ghose a), published by the Zhonghua; May 10, issued a "child
Pei Mansfield" and translated as "an ideal
family" ("Short Story Monthly" 14 Volume 5) .
  1924, 28 years old. Is, he was professor at Beijing University.
LiuXiaoMan met in Beijing. Xu Home Songpa Library. (After the death of
books donated Songpa Library). April 12, Indian poet Rabindranath
Tagore's visit to Shanghai, Xu scholars to welcome on behalf of
the North, and as a translation; Tagore speech by the Huiyin ²ó·ö stage.
April 23, Xu arrived in Beijing, accompanied by Tagore, in his way to
Beijing, Nanjing and Jinan in the speech Tagore, translated by Xu
responsible. May 8, 64, to celebrate the birthday of Tagore, Rabindranath
Tagore's drama performance, "Qi te pull",
Huiyin play Princess Lease Intuit pull, Hsu plays Cupid. In June, with
Tagore's visit to Japan. December 1, published by
Baudelaire's Versions of "dead bodies"
("Yu Si" No. 3).
  1925, 29 years old. January 17, published poem,
"Snow's happiness" ("Modern
Review" volume 1 6). March 10, to go abroad, arrived in Germany
by the Soviet Union, and then travel Italy and France, all over the Ye
celebrity graves. In August, to return. In September, the first
collection of poems, "Shima's poem" published
by the Zhonghua (reprinted 1928 book New Moon), this book established a
new poetry in China, Xu's prominent position. Oct. 1, he was
"Morning News" Supplement editor.
  1926, 30 years old. A year, should the University Guanghua hired as a
translator, professor of English novel class affiliation, and English
professor at Soochow University School of Law. April 1,
"Morning" Supplement "Poetry Juan"
started publication, any editor. In June, the first prose collection,
"Leaves" published by the Beixin Shuju. October 3, and
Lu Xiaoman marriage. At the end in Shanghai.
  1927, 31 years old. April, translated set "British Mansfield
short story collection," published by the Beixin Shuju. Spring,
and Hu, Medical Journals, Pan, and Wen, Yu Yuan, etc. on the moon in the
Shanghai organization of bookstores, publishing the works of the members
of Crescent, also published a number of progressive writers. June,
translated as "Candide" ([France] where Fourtet)
published by the Beixin Shuju. August, translated as "Mali and
Mali" ([United Kingdom] Tad James Division Finnish; and sinking
Jen joint translation) and the third collection of essays,
"Paris, Lin Zhao" book published by the moon.
September, second collection of poems, "Florence of the
night" book published by the moon. October 10, issued a
"zero-Fu Chien Huo Chai - to Gorky" ("Short
Story Monthly" 17 10). Winter, organizing the "New
Moon" magazine, aspiring editor.
  1928, 32 years old. A year, still Guanghua University, Soochow
University, the University of big summer school classes. On the 10th, Hsu
and Wen Yiduo, Rao Meng Kan, Yeh ultrasonic founder editor "New
Moon" magazine. In the first issue, the Hsu issued a
"crescent of attitude." Late mainly by Hu Shi, Liang,
Luo Longji, Yeh ultrasonic participate editor. April 10, co-published
with LiuXiaoMan five-act play, "Bian Kun Gang"
("New Moon" magazine Volume 1 2); May 10, issued a
"Bian Kun Gang" (continued) ("New
Moon" magazine Volume 1 3 period). Fall, abroad, through India
to the United Kingdom, by the end of return. Second collection of essays,
"self-profile control," book published by the moon.
  1929, 33 years old.
  In the first half, the Shanghai Guanghua University and Nanjing Central
University Department of English teaching. Resigned from Soochow
University, Great China University Professor level should Zhonghua the
employed, part-time post of Zhonghua editor. January 19, died in Beijing
Liang, Xu Liang actively participate in commemorative activities.
December, Xu editor of the "New Literature Series"
start publishing.
?1930, 34 years old. In the first half, still in Shanghai Guanghua
University and Professor at the Central University of Nanjing, and faith
in Cultural Fund Committee, and Zhonghua, and editor of Big East
bookstore. In April, short stories, "Roulette"
published by the Zhonghua. May, hosted in Shanghai,
"Pen" and "Chinese branch of the"
preparatory meeting, Hu Shih, Cai and other participants. Dong, Guanghua
University of downtown fashion, Xu Guanghua University on the left.
  1931, 35 years old. In January, "Poetry," first
published in any editor. In February, should be invited Hu, resigned from
the post of Central University in Nanjing, a professor at Peking
University Department of English, and part-time professor of Beijing
Women's University. In March, was elected director of the China
Branch of PEN. August, third collection of poems, "Tigers
set" book published by the moon. November 19, from Nanjing to
Beijing by plane, en route encountered fog, near the mountains touch
Jinan, machine fall dead, aged 35 years.
  Hsu's death, November 27, Shanghai Companion Book, published by
Xu left for printing "Autumn" (fourth collection of
essays). The following year in July, left for New Moon book publishing Xu
"Wandering" (fourth collection of poems). Xu, Lu
Xiaoman co "love eyebrow story of a California"
(collects letters and diaries, etc.), in March 1936, printed by Shanghai
Companion book is published. In memory of "single-handedly laid
the Chinese poetry of the poet," "New Moon"
magazine Volume 4, No. 1, No. 5, and "Poetry" Volume 4
a king named "Shima Memorial No." special issue.
Include LiuXiaoMan, Hu, ren, Yu, Liang, Yang, Han Xiangjun, Fang Lingru,
Chu Anping, He Jiahuai, Zhao Jing, Zhang Ruogu, in later texts, Fang
Weide, Liang town, Zhu Xiang, Cheng Dingxin, Yu Xiu-Yun, Lu Fei Kui, Shu
Xincheng other articles published in mourning, lament elegiac couplet,
also published Hsu subsequent anthology, critical biographies and
monographs, to mark in different ways, "New Moon"
character Xu.

Xu introduced
¡¿ ¡¾Inscription "I will look for in a big crowd I am the only
soul mate, find her, I am lucky; not, my life."
- Xu
Hsu is a highly regarded history of modern literature but unusual
characters, in China, there have been a long time, he was denied the
position in literary history, so far, he has the same age than the writer
has more readers and identity; the Taiwan Strait, and his poetry is
required reading in secondary school curricula.
As Xu, Jian Jiao Chinese people know, the United Kingdom and European
literature and culture, and for several decades as the sword Jiao shrine
of modern literature, academic freedom of the Temple, I believe there is
still flow since the nineteenth century, Yang Zhao British academic
freedom of the air, you can wash the net drift of humanity's most
pure spirit, and open the most pure human reason and thought.
However, his influence not just in literature, the Chinese, the political
overthrow of the monarchy just the feudal system, social culture still
rest on its laurels, the young poet, as he Tung Che cognition and extreme
passion Cultural exchanges also played Jiao Liang. In the Royal Academy,
he and Dickinson (Goldworthy Lowes Dikinson), Licha Si (IA Richards)
American English Literature ¡²Foster (EM Forster) fame novelist ¡²jointly
set a formal British clubs ¡º¡» "Anglo- Chinese Society ¡²,
discussed and carried out in the translation of English. and with Russell
(Bertrand Russell), Mansfield (Katherine Mansfield), and others contacts,
Europe and the UK literary works such as Shelley (Percy Bysshe Shelley),
Keats (John Keats), so 11 was introduced back to China, he recommended;
even Rabindranath Tagore (Rabindranath Tagore) are invited to go to
China. He laid a bowl in China Rich fertile seeds, until today still
open, colorful flowers.
The 30-year-old Xu short life, the shock to the Chinese people not only
these, he is a good seeker, more or practitioners; he and Frightening
challenge the old traditional Chinese society, wanton whims The pursuit
of human freedom, and self-ideal practice. And all the Romantic poets,
like the love of his life history is not only dynamic and paradox
ceremony against the vulgar, has still controversial; his words and media
that his wife's divorce became headlines, known as
China's modern history Western ¡»¡º First post divorce; his
divorce declaration, issued into articles, declared the freedom of
Chinese youth to pursue love the new century; his second marriage, to
marry the friend's wife, wedding, witnesses to not message, but a
curse. His life but has always kept in mind is another woman, even as the
collision rushed to the death of her speech and defamatory Triple ,......
half his life, but so far the Chinese people still loved him, not only
because his poetry, his literary contributions on the status and also
because he was in a country where ancient history, shows the persistent
belief in pursuit of true love's young lives.
Xu, as a window to east and west sides of the people a glimpse of each
other priceless art and literature in the field. We are proud to
recommend to the world the story of this poet, not only because of the
stir and influence the Chinese mind since the story originated in the
United Kingdom Jiao Jian, a Western culture in ancient China, light up a
fire; and believe in this story, we can tell you that 80 years ago than
you might think China may have another look, then, the ancient,
mysterious, traditional, closed in China, a new world has already begun,
and already so close to the Western world.

Hsu Biography
   Xu (1897 ~ 1931) the modern poet, essayist. Chapter sequence name,
pseudonym South Lake, Yun Zhonghe so. Haining people. One in 1915,
graduated from Hangzhou, has studied at the Shanghai University of
Shanghai, Tianjin Northern University and Beijing University. 1918 to the
United States to learn banking. 1921 study in the UK, Ru Lundun Cambridge
when special students, study of political economy. Two years at Cambridge
influenced by Western education and European romanticism and aesthetic
impact of poets.
   Began writing poetry in 1921. Upon his return in 1922, published in
the press a lot of poetry. In 1923, the founders of the Crescent Society.
Join the Literary Research. 1924 and Hu Shi, Chen Xi Ying and other
founders of "Modern Review" magazine, he was appointed
professor at Beijing University. When the great Indian poet Rabindranath
Tagore's visit to China of any translation. 1925 went to Europe,
traveled the Soviet Union, Germany, Italy, France and other countries.
Editor in Beijing 1926 "Morning" Supplement
"Poetry Juan", and heard more than one, Zhu Xiang, who
carried New Poetry movement, affects the development of new verses. In
the same year moved to Shanghai, Ren Guanghua University, Nanjing Central
University and the Big Summer University. Crescent was founded in 1927 to
participate in bookstores. The following year, "New
Moon" magazine started publication, he served as editor. And
travel abroad UK, U.S., Japan, India and Asian countries. 1930 Ren
Zhonghua Cultural Fund Committee, was elected member English poet Du. In
the same year the winter to Peking University and Beijing Women's
University to teach. Early in 1931, and later texts, Fang Weide founded
"Poetry," Quarterly, was elected director of the China
Branch of PEN. In the same year on November 19, flew to Beijing from
Nanjing, Jinan, due to the vicinity of contact in case of mountain fog,
machine dead fall. With a collection of poems, "Shima's
poem," "Florence of the night",
"tiger set." "Wandering", essay
collections, "leaves", "Paris, Lin
Zhao," "self-profile control,"
"Autumn", fiction collection of essays,
"Roulette", drama "Bian Kun Gang"
(with Lu Xiaoman to write), journal "Love eyebrow small Sapporo
"," Shima Diary, "translated"
Mansfield short story collection, "and so on. His works have
been classified as "XU Collection" was published. Xu
Shi Ba fresh, harmonic rhythm than Yuxin Qi, imaginative, artistic mood,
Meditation elegant, richly varied, and the pursuit of art forms and
ramparts, China and the United States, has a distinct artistic
personality, for the new moon is representative of the poet. His prose is
also rather different, made no less than the achievement of poetry,
including "self-profile control,"
"Fly," "I know Cambridge."
"Florence, Mountain Chat," are all handed down the
famous article.