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					What To Consider In Getting An Aztec Tattoo
You might have heard of Aztec tattoos from your friends and from online tattoo sites. What exactly is an Aztec tattoo? It is actually one of the most
popular sub categories for tattoo designs. Before you decide to get one though, you should check out some important points about the Aztecs and
their tattoos.

Aztec Tattoo

This kind of tattoo is often known as a sub design category. Most of us know that the Aztecs were once a powerful and culturally well developed
people that flourished in Mexico from the 14th to the 16th centuries. We would normally associate them with their magnificent architectural designs,
complex culture, religiosity and unique artistic style. Their art of tattooing in particular has met with great interest in modern times because of their
intricate and deeply symbolic patterns.

Why You Want One

There are many reasons why someone would choose this design. An Aztec tattoo has a resounding cultural flavor to it. A person may therefore wish
to have a tattoo design that has Aztec origins for racial or cultural reasons. Those who have Aztec blood may want to preserve and retain their sense
of connection to their ancestors. There are also quite a few people who are simply very interested in the Aztec culture. For them having an Aztec tattoo
is a way of paying tribute to the great Aztec culture. There are also some people who appreciate this kind of tattoo for its symbolism. The sun for
example is a recurring symbol in Aztec art. Those who have the Aztec sun on them may wish to send out the message of life and strength.

Design Sources

You should be careful in picking your Aztec tattoo. The tattoo that you get should match your preference and intention exactly. Here are some
possible sources of Aztec tattoo designs:

- If you want an authentic design that was really used by Aztec people, then you might have to consult an expert academician or look through
textbooks. You would need to do this if you want to be sure that your Aztec tattoo design is not a mere imitation or adaptation. The Aztec calendar for
example is a popular design with accurate copies in textbooks and even in online sources.

- Tattoo parlors and artists too may have their own galleries of Aztec designs. You should be prepared though for the possibility that some of the
designs might not be accurate representations. You could ask an artist for the meaning of some of the designs. A reputable artist will tell you honestly
if he has no idea about a particular design.

- You can also get free designs of these kinds in online sites. You could sign up for a good membership site, print some designs and cross check
them with other sources for accuracy.

Choosing an Artist

These designs are usually intricate and complicate. You should therefore be very careful in your choice of artist. An inexperienced one could ruin your
tattoo. It would be better for you if you took the time to look for an artist who has had some experience in handling Aztec designs.

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