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(Left) Artist: Xie Jun (right) laugh Park Star Health Community Tour
Organizing Committee Deputy Secretary-General: Zan Qin
  Ben Wang July 5, 2010 reported: a guest singer Xie Jun laugh Garden
  Public health through laughter Park star tour the invitation of the
Organizing Committee Deputy Secretary-General Zan, agreed to join the
tour laughing Star Park and the public with the pictures taken!
  Then listen to the staff on "healthy living"
manifestations of the importance and basic explanation, and visited the
campus has hosted concerts and public types of the performing arts photos
and Illustrated Pictorial. Xie Jun sure that: use of public performances
in the form of active mobilization of the entertainment and celebrities
to join the community to promote a healthy lifestyle to the ranks;
through performance forms, so up and down the stage, actors and audience
demand for a healthy lifestyle play interaction. Actively promote healthy
lifestyles to improve health awareness among college students; through
specially created to disseminate knowledge-based multiple art forms,
promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle to achieve the increase in
school health qualities.

Singer Profile
Name: Xie Jun
Height: 175 cm
Education: University (Anyang Teachers College)
Specialty: music education
Origin: the Original
Date of Birth: August tenth day [Chinese]
Favorite singer: Cai Qin
Favorite sports: table tennis, volleyball
Favorite things: music mingling
Life principles: Sincerity
Motto: indifferent Mingzhi quiet Zhiyuan
Academy Road
Academy Road
Guangzhou Pacific Media 1995 was published in conjunction with personal
first album, "Foolish brother's song," upon the
introduction of sweeping the country, north and south river known,
nineties songs become one of the highest piracy rates, is still the
classic sung track KTV .
Audiovisual Publishing House in 1996, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, LP
Limited to launch the Lunar New Year album "Boat
Sailing" [lyrics sing: Xie Jun], records caused a sensation
after the listing of the typical south of Yangtze River Ballad, has
become the classic sung.
Boat Sailing "[lyrics sing: Xie Jun], records caused a sensation
after the listing of the typical south of Yangtze River Ballad, has
become the classic sung.
Signed in 1997 in Guangdong Province Records Limited.
Released in 1998 album "You", a record album record
2002 1999 ---- successful transition to all-round musicians, as artists
create, produce and record producer, while planning and successfully held
a variety of large and medium domestic artists concerts throughout parts
of the country.
2003 as the "singing star of Beijing World" music
director, selection, training new music.
Successfully launched in 2004, "the first Chinese singer to
promote new album," China's new history of the record
the first album to promote. Many songs became popular album tracks, such
as "2:00", "First love", "I
do not happy," "love the Mediterranean,"
"Sui Xin Shi", "to rub shoulders the
fate", "love Touch "," nostalgia
"and so the album's songwriting, producer, production,
training, etc., Xie Jun, living, and participate in music and sound
preparation, sound, etc., as gold producers, and become independent
record production throughout the album the first.
Successfully held in Hong Kong and Taiwan artists planning a variety of
large-scale concerts, such as: Jay, Rene Liu, Louis Koo, Fish Leong,
Taizheng Xiao, Zhang Gaozhe so.
Heavy 2005 debut album released back pop music album "That
Night" and, upon introduction of the airport throughout the
country, video stores, supermarkets, shopping malls and other streets,
river widespread north and south, becoming the most record sales for the
year, there is no deliberate information on that album a million copies
to become the most published records of the year. :
Successfully issued in 2007 "after night" album launch
will be popular once sung. Become the reality of today's young
people to express the best of love songs by lead, and Xie Jun, the song
is more a result of continuation of his pop music as the red man.
2008 issue of "girl next door."
October 18, 2009 Anyang Teachers College 60th anniversary as the show
guests, he is 94th Anyang Teachers College (at Anyang Teachers College)
graduate, played that night finale, will be party to a climax. Performed
three songs that night were "Do what you love,"
"The Night" "Love in the burning heart
The evening of 28 April 2010, in their previous place of residence of a
plant to participate in oil field a factory to celebrate its 30th
anniversary party, played the night finale will be party to a climax.
Performed three songs that night were "Do what you
love," "The Night" "Love in the
burning heart jump."
Xie Jun widely sung songs, the melody is simple. Not commercial, true
feeling. Is good. Importantly, Xie Jun is a singer.

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