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									                          2007 Holiday Gift List
                       AT&T Products and Services


Apple iPhone

iPhone introduces an entirely new user interface based on a revolutionary multi-touch
display and pioneering new software that allows users to control iPhone with just a tap,
flick or pinch of their fingers. iPhone combines three products into one small and
lightweight handheld device—a revolutionary mobile phone, a widescreen iPod, and the
Internet in your pocket with best-ever applications on a mobile phone for email, web
browsing and maps. iPhone ushers in an era of software power and sophistication never
before seen in a mobile device, which completely redefines what users can do on their
mobile phones.
As part of this multi-year exclusive partnership, AT&T and Apple will transform the way
people think about wireless communications:
   •   Fully functional touch screen iPod which syncs with iTunes
   •   Wireless service from AT&T and all the benefits of network reliability, Rollover®
       minutes, and more
   •   Visual Voicemail: a first on any mobile phone available in the United States
       2MP camera
   •   Unique Internet browsing capabilities
   •   8GB memory
   •   EDGE, GPRS, GSM Quad-band, and WiFi capable
   • Works with Windows PCs and Macs
iPhone is available in the U.S. in an 8GB model for $399, and works in combination with
Apple's iTunes running on either a PC or Mac. AT&T wireless voice and data plans are
required and range from $59.99 for a single line AT&T Nation plan to up to $299.99 for
an AT&T FamilyTalk plan, which includes two lines. Pricing varies based on number of
minutes selected.
iPhone can be purchased through select AT&T retail stores and Apple. For more
information on iPhone and AT&T rate plans, visit
AT&T Tilt

                              Think technophile, road warrior, business traveler. The
                              wireless user who wants phone, mini PC, a little bit of
                              everything at the fingertips…

                              The AT&T Tilt is the first AT&T-enabled Windows Mobile 6
                              smart device, and features an innovative slide-out
                              QWERTY keypad design, 3-megapixel camera, 3G data
                              speeds from AT&T’s UMTS/HSDPA-based
BroadbandConnect network, and complete global connectivity. It offers a 2.8-inch color
screen that slides back to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard, then tilts up to position the
screen perfectly for reading and creating emails, browsing online, using applications, or
even just playing videos and games.

The Tilt provides the following key features:
   •   Highest resolution camera available on any AT&T mobile phone today, with 3-
       megapixel resolution and auto-focus.
   •   Access to AT&T Mobile Music — an integrated, on-the-go music experience that
       delivers a robust collection of music content available today, including XM Radio
       Mobile, which is available for $8.99 per month.
   •   CV streaming video service, which enables viewing video clips of TV shows,
       sports, news and weather, entertainment and premium content, including hit
       HBO programs and other exclusive mobile content.
   •   Free premium games and applications including Ms. PAC-MAN, Brain
       Challenge, Bubble breaker, Midnight Pool, Solitaire (MS), Tiger Woods PGA
       Tour 07, MobiTV, and MyCast.
   •   Access their personal email through AT&T’s popular Xpress Mail service with
       two-way wireless synchronization of calendars, access contact lists and the
       option to view attachments.
   •   GPS-enabled turn-by-turn voice and on-screen driving or walking directions,
       colorful 3D moving maps and traffic delay alerts with one-click re-routing.
   •   BlackBerry® email service, security and device management for IT
       administrators and wireless synchronization of email, calendar, and more.

The AT&T Tilt is available for as low as $299.99 at AT&T retail stores nationwide, online
at, at select national retailers. Unlimited monthly data plans that
include corporate email are $44.99 with a voice contract. Personal data plans, which
include personal email, begin at $29.99 a month for 20 MB of data. AT&T also offers an
international data plan for the AT&T Tilt – 20 MB in nearly 30 countries – for an
additional $24.99 a month. For the complete array of AT&T offerings, visit
3G Handsets—Fun for Everyone
AT&T’s 3G network for wireless communications enhances the wireless experience
bringing customers access to video, graphics, pictures, downloads, email and more—all
at speeds faster than ever before. The network works with some of the hottest new
handsets on the market today, ranging in price from $49 to $229, and providing a variety
of features that may make the perfect holiday gift for loved ones, whether they’re seven
or 77. Some of the newest and most popular handsets include the following:

BlackBerry Pearl
The sleek and stylish BlackBerry® Pearl includes auto push email,
messaging and multimedia options. Type effortlessly and send
messages with the SureType QWERTY keyboard. View photos and
email attachments on the large brightly lit color screen. The Pearl
has a 1.3 megapixel camera, media player, web browser, Bluetooth®
and more. This smart stylish Blackberry cell phone has everything
users need to stay in touch.

Features Include
• Small, stylish, BlackBerry® with email & multimedia
• 1.3 MP camera with zoom and flash
• Easy to use intuitive trackball navigation
• BlackBerry® auto push email for up to 10 email accounts
• View Microsoft® Word, Excel, PowerPoint®, & more
• PIM organizer integration for contacts, tasks, and calendar
• Media player with expanded memory for MP3 music & videos
• Multimedia messaging - send text and pictures
• Mobile Instant Messaging - Yahoo!® Messenger, AOL® Instant Messenger, &
   Windows Live (TM) Messenger (available via download)
• MEdia(TM) Net browser for ring tones, games, and more
• Hands-free options: Voice dialing, speakerphone and Bluetooth®
• Push to Talk - see who's available and talk instantly
• Global voice and data roaming in over 120 countries
• Quad-band world phone
• Full backlit SureType(TM) QWERTY keyboard
• Large adjustable light sensing screen
• HTML internet browser

The Pearl is available in red and black. Pricing is $149.99 after $50 mail-in rebate, and
2-year contract.
Samsung SLM
                   Samsung’s newest lightweight mobile phone with music and
                   multimedia capabilities is the first of the AT&T’s music phones to
                   feature Napster Mobile, a new service that enables AT&T’s wireless
                   customers to easily search a music catalog of 5 million songs,
                   preview samples of each song, then purchase and download songs
                   to their SLM in less than a minute.

                   Features include:
                      • Napster Mobile
                      • Included MicroSD™ card for expandable memory
                      • 2 MP camera with video record
                      • CV video capabilities
                      • Music player with multiple formats
                      • Next generation Bluetooth® Wireless with A2DP
                      • Download Music Tone ringtones, graphics & games
                      • Multimedia messaging - photos, video, text & sound
                      • Quad-band world phone with dual-band UMTS/HSDPA
                      • Instant Messaging - AOL®, Yahoo!®, & MSN®
                      • Mobile email capabilities
                      • Wireless internet access
                      • Hands-free speakerphone
                      • Preloaded games

The SLM is available for a limited time for $149.99, after $50 mail-in rebate, and a 2-year
LG Shine

As delightful as an ornament on a tree, this elegant slider has a
mirror-LCD screen, silver finish and is loaded with music and
multimedia features like Video Share and Mobile Banking. Listen to
music. Take crisp pictures with the 2MP camera and camcorder with
flash. It features a microSD(TM) expandable memory card slot to
store more of your favorite songs and photos.
Features include:
    • 2-megapixel camera and camcorder
    • Mesmerizing 2.2" Wide Mirror LCD
    • Music player and Video recording
    • Customizable Equalizer and Visualization
    • Bluetooth® stereo headset support for music
    • Mobile email - AOL®, Yahoo!® , AIM®, and Windows Live(TM)
    • CV for fast on demand access to video clips
    • Sync music from PC to phone with Napster and eMusic
    • Music ID, MobiTV and XM Radio capable
    • microSD(TM) memory port with 4 GB support

Samsung a727

                  Check out the latest phone for music and videos! Samsung a727
                  users can: snap and share crisp photos and videos on the 1.3 MP
                  camera; spin their favorite tunes on the integrated music player;
                  listen and play music anywhere you go; and talk hands-free with
                  stereo Bluetooth® capabilities and even use simultaneous voice and
                  data. They can also download their favorite videos or music at ultra-
                  fast 3G speeds for continuous entertainment.

                    Features include:
                       • 1.3 MP camera with video record
                       • Music player with multiple formats
   •   Stereo Bluetooth® connectivity
   •   CV video capable - stream video clips
   •   AT&T Music folder for tunes and more
   •   3G high speed data access via Broadband 3G network
   •   Download Music Tone ringtones, graphics & games
   •   Multitasking use voice and data simultaneously
   •   Quad-band world phone with dual-band UMTS/HSDPA
   •   Instant Messaging - AOL®, Windows Live and Yahoo!® Messenger
   •   microSD(TM) memory slot for Picture, Video, and Music storage
   •   Video Share calling - Available in select markets
   •   Mobile email capabilities and wireless internet access
   •   Speakerphone
Pricing for the a727 is $49.99, after $30 mail-in rebate, $50 online discount, and 2-year
Samsung a717
                        Get music, video and more! The Samsung a717 allows users to
                        create crisp photos and videos on a 2MP camera and with Video
                        Share calling capabilities. It also allows users to play tunes on its
                        music player and talk while listening to music. They can also talk
                        hands-free with stereo Bluetooth® capabilities and download
                        your favorite videos or music at ultra-fast 3G speeds.

                       Features include:
                          • 2 MP camera with video record
                          • Music player with multiple formats
                          • Stereo Bluetooth® connectivity
                          • CV video capable - stream video clips
                          • AT&T Music for music and more
   •   3G high speed data access
   •   Download Music Tone ringtones, graphics & games
   •   Picture and Video messaging—and Video Share calling (available in select
   •   Quad-band world phone with dual-band UMTS/HSDPA
   •   Instant Messaging - AOL®, Windows Live and Yahoo!® Messenger
   •   microSD(TM) memory slot for Picture, Video, and Music storage
   •   FOTA capable - upgrade firmware over the air
   •   Multitasking use voice and data simultaneously
   •   Mobile email capabilities and wireless internet access

Pricing for the a717 is $79.99, after $100 mail-in rebate, with a 2-year contract.
Samsung BlackJack 2
The Samsung BlackJack is a slim, stylish mobile entertainment and organizational
powerhouse. It plays: with CV video and AT&T Mobile Music - exclusive TV content and
digital tunes. And it works: with Microsoft® Windows Mobile 5, Mobile Office TM
applications, personal and corporate email and attachment support. And it does it all at
break-neck 3G speeds.

Features Included:
• Microsoft® Windows Mobile 5.0 Edition(TM)
• AT&T Mobile Music, CV video, and MEdia(TM) Net capable
• Windows Media Player® 10 Mobile
• Bluetooth® 2.0® wireless connectivity
• Simultaneous voice and data capabilities
• Quad-band world phone with dual-band UMTS/HSDPA
• Slim design PDA with full QWERTY keyboard
• 1.3 MP camera with 2x zoom and video
• Microsoft® Direct Push for real-time email delivery
• View mobile versions of Microsoft Word®, Excel® and
• Email - Xpress Mail, Good Mobile Messaging, ActiveSync, and more
• Synchronize your desktop and calendar wirelessly
• Hands-free loudspeaker and microphone
•  Instant messaging capabilities

Available starting in mid-November, pricing for the BlackJack 2 as low as $149.99, after
a $100 mail-in rebate, and 2-year service contract
LG Trax
                     Wireless users will spin for this music and camera phone. The LG
                     Trax allows them to entertain themselves with a 1.3 megapixel
                     camera, high-speed video, streaming TV, and stereo support. They
                     can keep rockin' with an MP3 music player and identify songs with
                     music ID.

                     It's the ultimate multimedia device underneath a sleek ultra thin
                     design. Users get simultaneous multitasking with Bluetooth®
                     wireless accessories and take talk and tunes to go.

                     The LG Trax sends messages using instant messaging, email, or
                     Picture and Video messaging. Users can stay entertained with
                     MobiTV and XM Radio Mobile and take advantage of streaming TV
& digital radio capabilities. The Trax can even sync music including Napster(TM) and
eMusic from your pc to your phone. For music, high-speed video and more, the Trax has
everything customers need to walk to the beat of your own tune.

Features include:
   • 1.3 MP camera with 4x zoom and video
   • Music player with external touch keys
   • Bluetooth® wireless capable for both music and voice
   • CV video capabilities for news, sports, and more!
   • AT&T Music Folder and music ID capabilities
   • Video Share Calling - available in select markets
   • MobiTV and XM Radio Mobile - streaming TV & digital radio
   • Napster(TM) & eMusic - sync music from your pc
   • Instant messaging - AOL®, Yahoo!®, and Windows Media LiveTM
   • Multimedia messaging - Send, photos, text & sounds
   • Download Music Tone ringtones, games & graphics
   • Quad-band world phone capable of ultra fast 3G speeds
   • Simultaneous multitasking - use voice and data simultaneously
   • FOTA Capable - upgrade firmware over the air
   • microSD(TM) memory expandable for extra storage
   • USB mass storage to transfer files from pc to phone
   • MEdia Net - browse the web faster with 3G abilities
   • Customizable equalizer and visualization
   • One-touch speakerphone
   • Voice command
   • Flight Mode

Pricing for the LG Trax is $79.99, after $100 mail-in rebate, with a 2-year contract.
The new BlackBerry Curve 8310 is a powerful phone with
intelligence and beauty. Whether managing business or just a
hectic life, this device is packed with all the features needed to
succeed. It’s email, navigation, music and more. The BlackBerry
Curve 8310 is the smallest, lightest, full QWERTY BlackBerry yet
with a 2.0 megapixel camera, Bluetooth™ stereo headset support,
and TeleNav GPS Navigator™ capability for easy navigation.
Smart and stylish, the BlackBerry Curve 8310 offers the perfect
balance of performance and usability.

Features Included:
• TeleNav GPS Navigator™ — Find your destination with spoken driving directions,
   3D moving maps, and real-time traffic alerts
• Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE — high speed access
• International Roaming - voice roaming in more than 190 countries and data roaming
   in 135+ counties
• 2 megapixel camera — Capture moments with 5x zoom and built-in flash
• Email — Access email (up to 10 accounts) on the go
• Mobile Instant Messaging - Type when you can't talk with Yahoo!®, AOL® and
   Windows Live ™ Messenger
• Push to Talk capability —See who's available to talk with the push of a button
• Media player — Listen to music, watch videos, and look at pictures
• Bluetooth™ 2.0— Go hands-free for better productivity
• Review Documents — View Word, Excel, PDF and JPEG attachments easily
• Long battery life — Stay charged with 4 hours talk time, 17 days standby
• MicroSD memory card slot — Bring your music, photos and videos with you!
• Programmable convenience keys — Get quick access to your most used information

The BlackBerry Curve is available in titanium and red. Pricing is $199.99 with a two-year
contract and mail-in rebate.

BlackBerry Personal, International, or Enterprise plans start as low as $29.99 per month.
Or try the BlackBerry Max plans that offer 1,500 text and picture messages starting at
$39.99 per month

The first smart device from AT&T with 2 sliding keyboards - a 12-key
numeric keypad and a QWERTY Keyboard. The Pantech Duo is a
Windows Mobile® 6 Standard (non touch screen) device which offers
exciting features including access to work and personal email,
camera, media player, and Bluetooth ™, all in a compact and easy to
use design. A wireless phone that will bridge mobile needs for both
personal and professional lifestyles

Features Include:
• Access to email, contacts and calendar pushed to the device
• Ability to edit Microsoft® Word and Excel files and view
   Powerpoint files with Microsoft® Office Mobile
• Service in over 190 countries with global voice and data roaming
• Access to personal email such as Yahoo ™ and Gmail™
• Instant Messaging with Yahoo!® Messenger, AOL® Instant
   Messenger or Windows Live ™ Messenger
• Phone features like ring tones, voice activated dialing, conferencing, speakerphone,
   and Bluetooth™ capability
• Ability to listen to over 4 Million songs from Napster and Yahoo
• Video clips with AT&T Mobile Video (CV) and live TV with MobiTV
• AT&T Mobile Music and CV services allow customers to manage multimedia
   libraries, download and play stereo-quality music, watch TV shows and view
   exclusive content from HBO, MTV, and ESPN.

The Pantech duo is available now for a special introductory price of $199.99 with a 2-
year contract and mail-in rebate at AT&T retail stores nationwide and online at
Motorola MOTORAZR2 V9
             MOTORAZR2 V9 takes the sleek styling of the RAZR and makes it even
                slimmer. It packs powerhouse of features inside a strong stainless steel
                    structure. Users get a 2 MP camera with 8x zoom, video playback
                    and advanced music capabilities. They can listen to their favorite
                    tunes or MP3s or tune into streaming radio for a mobile music
                    experience. The MOTORAZR2 allows users to go around town
                    hands-free with stereo Bluetooth® wireless technology, get high-
                    speed data access via AT&T's ultra-fast 3G broadband network,
                    and watch streaming video with CV capabilities. The MOTORAZR
                    V9 has large dual color screens for easy video viewing. The ultra-
             thin design, music, and multiple messaging options will keep you
             connected in the latest style.

Features include:
   • 2 MP camera with 8x zoom
   • Video capture, playback, and streaming
   • Stereo Bluetooth® wireless capable
   • AT&T Mobile Music with one-touch access
   • Digital audio player - supports MP3, WMA, EAAC+, Real, WAV
   • CV - Get news, sports, video, and more
   • Picture and Video Messaging - Send photos, video and more
   • Instant messaging - AOL®, Yahoo!®, & Windows Live®
   • High-speed data access via broadband 3G network
   • Large 2.2" internal and 2.0"external color displays
   • microSD(TM) removable memory card capacity
   • Download games, videos, music and wallpapers
   • Opera browser for full HTML web surfing
   • Crystal Talk(TM) for improved audio quality
   • Advanced speech recognition
   • 3G high-speed data access
   • Mobile email capabilities
   • Picture Caller ID
   • Airplane mode
   • Speakerphone

Pricing for the RAZR2 is $299.99, with a 2-year contract.

AT&T Video Share

                               AT&T video share is a unique groundbreaking 3G service
                               that enables users to share live video over wireless
                               phones while carrying on a voice call.

                               Users can allow others to “see what I see, when I see it,”
                               and the service provides a dramatic new way to share
                               personal moments and key events beyond the capabilities
                               of voice and text.

Video Share enables one-way, live streaming video feeds that can be seen by both
users during a two-way conversation. Beginning with a normal wireless phone call,
customers can hit one button to add a live video stream. Once a Video Share call has
been initiated, the service allows customers to switch the direction of the video stream
during the same phone call.

AT&T research has shown strong customer interest in Video Share for a range of uses,
including: Sharing moments with family and friends as they happen. Providing a sense
of “being there”— or being in one place and see and hear what is happening in another.
And, getting and giving advice on quick decisions by sharing audio and video of a

To use the service, a Video Share-capable handset is required. Two Video Share
service packages will be available for $4.99 a month for 25 minutes of Video Share
usage or $9.99 a month for 60 minutes of usage. Users also may choose to pay as they
go and pay 35 cents a minute each time they use the service. Video Share minutes are
charged only to the sender. Video Share works exclusively over the AT&T 3G wireless

AT&T Home Monitoring

                               AT&T Home Monitoring service is an innovative, IP=based
                               offering that will help customers stay more connected to
                               their homes and families while they are away.

                               The service enables customers to use personal computers
                               and AT&T wireless devices to access high-quality,
                               streaming digital video and other real-time information
                               from their homes – virtually any time and anywhere.

The AT&T Home Monitoring service combines live and recorded video (non-audio)
capabilities with a range of environmental sensor options to provide a powerful, flexible
toolkit to help customers stay connected to the people and things they value most.
The service allows users to remotely control lighting in their homes, and can provide a
range of alerts and reports on home conditions, such as motion, door and window
activity, water leakage and temperature changes.

AT&T Home Monitoring Users can easily customize alerts and actions based on specific
needs. For example, a user can program the service to send a text message alert to a
call phone when motion is detected in an area of the home, while at the same time
automatically turning on lighting and recording video in the same area.

The service comes with a starter package of equipment for $199, which includes:
   • A pan-and-tilt IP camera
   • Two power modules that enable device connectivity via home power outlets
   • A wireless door/window sensor
   • A wireless gateway for connecting equipment to a home network
   • All needed software and instruction

Thereafter, service is provided for $9.95 per month.

Optional home monitoring sensors and equipment are also available and include:
   • Additional cameras. The monitoring platform will support up to four cameras.
   • Wireless water sensors. These sensors can detect the presence or absence of
       water in an area of the home.
   • Wireless temperature sensors. Alerts users when the temperature goes above
       or below the user-established thresholds.
   • Wireless door and window sensors. Alerts users when a specific window or
       door is opened or closed.
   • Wireless motion detector. Alerts users to activity in a specific room.
   • Wireless power control. Enables users to remotely control lighting and
CV Streaming Video Service

Want video on your cell phone? You've got it. AT&T brings you news, sports, weather,
entertainment and more. With CV wireless users can turn a few spare minutes—from a
lunch break to a doctor's office wait—into a quick escape. It's available with compatible
phones wherever 3G service is accessible. In just three clicks, CV offers quick access
to content, including:

   •   TV to Go
   •   News, including Fox News clips and broadcasts from CNN and NBC
   •   Local weather forecasts in 100 cities
   •   Sports
   •   Entertainment
   •   HBO MobileSM*
   •   HBO Family MobileSM*

* Available for additional monthly fee.
CV Streaming Video Customers can create a personalized home page with up to three
links to your favorite video sites. In addition, the CV service is preset to automatically
stream localized weather information to your personalized "News & Weather" page each
and every day.

In addition to the cost of the 3G phone and calling plan, you will need a MEdia Max
bundle with unlimited CV and Unlimited MEdia Net usage, which not only gives you
unlimited access to CV basic content, but also unlimited mobile web browsing with
MEdia Net. The MEdia Max bundle is $19.99/month and includes 200 messages.

Enjoy the benefits of wireless without the commitment with AT&T’s

Pick Your Plan: There is no annual contract or credit check, uses
automatic monthly payments, and notifies callers when minutes are low.
Plans offer a monthly fee, plus per-minute charges for additional
minutes. Packages begin at $29.99/month for 200 anytime minutes.

Pay As You Go: There is no annual contract or credit check, offers 3 easy ways to refill
accounts, rollover balance, and nationwide long distance.
      • $0.10/minute, with a daily access fee of $1 for days when the phone is used,
           and unlimited mobile to mobile minutes
      • $0.25/minute, with no daily access fee, and $0.25/minute for mobile to

MySpace Mobile

            and AT&T offer enhanced MySpace functionality to
                     all AT&T customers via their mobile phones. This service gives
                     AT&T customers exclusive access to MySpace Mobile’s rich tool
                     set including the ability to edit MySpace profiles, view and add
                     friends, post photos and blogs, send and receive MySpace
                     messages, and much more – all from the mobile phone.

                     Key features of the service include:
                        • Uploading Photos
                        • Responding to Mail
                         • Searching for Friends
                         • Posting Comments or Blog Entries
                         • Viewing Friends and Groups, and more

In addition, users can receive real time MySpace Mobile Alerts on their handsets which
notify them, via a text message, when they receive postings to their MySpace page,
such as updates or comments posted to their blog, friend invites, mail messages,
comments to pictures, new bulletins and/or online status.

To experience MySpace Mobile, AT&T customers can text: MYSPACE to 386 (FUN) to
get the MySpace Mobile application on their wireless phones. The cost is $2.99 per
month plus standard data usage charges.
MEdia Net

AT&T’s MEdia Net gives customers access to all the cool things they can do with their
wireless phone—email, Web sites, games, and more. It is wireless Internet access for
the wireless device, including:
    • Mail & Messaging: Check your Yahoo! Mail, MSN Hotmail and chat with friends
        with Yahoo! Messenger and Upoc.
    • Sports: Get the latest scores from CBS SportsLine and ESPN.
    • Ringtones, Games, and Graphics: Personalize your phone by downloading your
    • News & Finance: Stay informed with round-the-clock headlines from CNN.
    • Entertainment: Get local movie times and reviews, dining recommendations, and
    • Weather & Travel: Check your forecast from The Weather Channel, get flight
        times, and traffic reports.

When using Media Net, customers are not using their calling plan's minutes. MEdia Net
is only billed for kilobyte usage. MEdia Net usage charges will appear on a customer's
bill in the call detail section as "Data Volume" charges with a feature description of
"MEdia Net."

Go to for information on various data
plans and packages are available today. If you have additional questions about adding
MEdia Net to your account, call Customer Care at 1-866-463-6272 or dial 611 from your
wireless phone.

Napster Mobile

                Napster Mobile™ service will enable AT&T wireless customers to easily
                 search a music catalog with more than 5 million songs, preview
                 samples of each song and conveniently purchase and download their
                 favorite music from their wireless handsets in less than a minute.

              Ideal for on-the-go music enthusiasts, Napster Mobile will also feature joint
delivery, sending a track to the user’s wireless handset while making a duplicate copy
available for download to the user’s PC at no additional charge. An e-mail notice will be
sent to the user’s PC and will provide a link to download the new song.

The service offers the ability to:
• Discover Music. Browse from a catalog of more than 5 million songs, including
   content from all major labels, in a few easy steps and preview 30-second samples
   before purchasing.
• Listen to Music. Download full-track songs over the air and listen to the music that
   you want to hear in less than a minute.
• Manage Music. Instantly receive copies of purchased tracks on both your wireless
   phone and your PC. Knowing that the PC is the hub for managing music, AT&T
   makes it as simple and convenient as possible for customers to have the same
   music on their computers as they do on their wireless phones.

Available starting in mid-November, customers will have the ability to download five
tracks a month with the Napster Mobile Five-Track Pack option for a discounted price of
$7.49 or purchase songs a la carte for just $1.99. As a special offer, customers who
select the Napster Mobile Five-Track Pack from their phone will receive the first five
songs free.
eMusic Mobile
AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) offers an over-the-air music download
service with eMusic, the world’s largest retailer of independent
music. The service allows users to preview and purchase
music via their wireless devices from a catalog of 2.7 million
songs, the nation’s largest wireless music catalog.

The service offers the following:

   •   Access to 2.7 million songs over-the-air from
       independent label artists
    • Music store just three clicks away on handsets
    • Option to preview songs for free and purchase
    • Access to genres not found in other carriers’ stores
    • Available on Samsung a717, Samsung a727, Nokia
       N75 and new versions of the Samsung SYNC (a707)
Songs purchased from eMusic Mobile are immediately sent to the user’s wireless
handset, and a duplicate copy is available for download to the user’s PC at no charge.
AT&T customers can subscribe to download five tracks a month for $7.49, and additional
packages of five songs are available for the same price whenever desired. For more
information on the service, go to


This holiday, AT&T customers can get their groove on — for FREE. Download one of
these Free tones.

• Jingle Bells
• The Dreidel Song
• Noche de Paz

Answer Tones™
• Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree by Cyndi Lauper
• Wizards in Winter by Trans-Siberian Orchestra
• Feliz Navidad by Jose Feliciano
(Answer Tones 99¢ subscription still applies.)

To get the free gift, send a text message with the word
GIFT to the number 7230, and receive a text message with
a link to download the free tone.

With AT&T, you can choose from a wide selection of alternative, classic rock, hip-hop, R&B,
pop, Latin, country and holiday tones that download quickly and easily. There are more than
10,000 ringtones to match any style. To see all of the answer Tones™ available, visit
Tone E-Cards

AT&T Tone Cards make a great last-minute gift idea for the music enthusiasts on the
list. The cards are now available online. Anyone with an AT&T wireless phone can use a
Tone E-Card.

Tone E-Cards, valued at $9.99 or $19.99, can be ordered online at The site's step-by-step instructions make it easy to purchase and
use. After the receiver gets an email with their PIN code, they can shop for ringtones or
graphics at MEdia Mall and redeem their gift by entering the eight-digit code in the
"Coupon/Tone Card Code" field on the ringtone or graphics purchase page.

This is a great new way to get the latest ringtones and graphics, quickly and easily. Tone
Cards are also available at AT&T retail store locations.


From phone tattoos, gels to protect your iPhone, phone bling, and a host of accessories
that range from spare batteries, earbuds, chargers—to a selection of Bluetooth®
devices, AT&T offers a number of small-sized, low to mid-priced accessories for any
variety of wireless phones and devices.

For more information, go to
or visit your nearest retail store.

During the holidays, AT&T retail stores will also have gift cards on hand, including those
that provide free ringtones and free downloads from iTunes for iPhone users.
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