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					Victorian Wedding Dresses - Fashion From The Past
The Victorian era was known for it’s drama, romance, and elegant fashions. The look once reserved for royalty was duplicated by the masses,
and to this day we celebrate the history and style of this revolutionary period. Since romance is the key on your wedding day, nothing says it better
than Victorian wedding dresses.

True Victorian wedding dresses feature lace, ruffles, and more lace. Add in a bow or two and you have yourself royal romance for your big day. In an
era where destination and beach weddings are all the rage, choosing a Victorian inspired gown will set you apart and wrap you in the love and beauty
of the day. Layers, usually a sheer layer topped with lace of some type, characterize Victorian gowns. The necklines on these dresses are usually high
and to the neck, and the sleeves are ¾ length all the way down to the wrist. It is not unusual to see a parasol, hat, or silk “dance”
purse as accessories to complete the authentic look of a Victorian style.

Victorian wedding dresses typically are fitted in the bodice, although the waistlines can vary from an empire silhouette that hugs the bust line, to a
drop waist that comes to a point. The skirts are usually full, but more modern trends are toward a sheath style skirt. Beading can be found, usually at
the waist, wrist, or neckline although it is most likely the same color as the gown itself. Off the shoulder dresses are also reminiscent of the Victorian
era, but modest cleavage if any is as daring as it gets!

The common denominator of all Victorian wedding dresses is the lace, which makes them beautiful and elegant, but very difficult to alter, especially if
the hem is lace or a scalloped design. The best way to avoid alteration is to have the dress custom made, but if you must have it altered, the
seamstress will usually cut the excess fabric from a higher part of the dress, and then “paste” the hem back onto the bottom so as not to
disturb the delicate edge. This will not be cheap, but it is critical to get a seamstress that has experience with this type of work since lace is difficult to
work with, especially on a long gown. 

The most elegant and dramatic effect is achieved when the hair is worn up, and high on the back of the head. This looks lovely when your dress has a
high neck, and elongates the neck when your chest is partially exposed. Surprisingly, hats were more traditional than veils, but that is certainly up to
you, and a good simple veil can look great without competing with the lines of the dress. Victorian wedding dresses can be found at most bridal shops
and online stores like and you can also check out vintage clothing stores or consignment shops for some very unique options!

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