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									Advanced Digital Printing System for
Professional Graphic Imaging Industry


           Digital Laser Color Printer         LD-6500
                     Professional RIP          PR-6500
                                Advance Your Digital

Full Color 65ppm output (8.5"x11")
Maximum paper size 13" x 19.2"
Maximum paper weight 300g/m2
Excellent Front to Back and Page to Page registration
ACM (Advanced Color Management) technology
Heavy duty body design for high volume printing
Powerful inline finishers
Business with LD!
 New Digital Printing System for Professional Graphic Imaging Industry
 Graphic Imaging Division of Konica Minolta Medical & Graphic, Inc. and our
 dealers have been supplying high quality consumables, equipments and services
 for worldwide professional printing market and we are the suppliers who know
 all of demands in professional printing industry.
 Now, we introduce new digital printing system LD-6500 with professional RIP
 PR-6500 which is specially designed for professional printing users and we
 promise that the new system and services will support the customers to expand
 new digital printing business.
  High Productivity & Reliability


                                                                                   Professional configuration


                                                                                                          Entry configuration

Introducing a color production printer offering both high performance and outstanding quality that
both meets the stringent quality demand of the printing professional and realizes outstanding
high-dimensional productivity through the high-performance on-line finisher!

                                                High Productivity
                                                Capable of printing speed of 65 ppm (A4) for both color and monochrome.
                                                The peak instant response capability broadens your digital printing
                                                business potential.
                                                Toner and paper can be replenished during printing, reducing downtime
                                                and increasing productivity.
                                                Additionally, the system is capable of a maximum monthly output of
                                                300,000 sheets to give you both speed and durability essential for a
                                                production printer.

  Toner & paper replenishment during printing

High Durability & Reliability
The system features a highly robust frame and a box type two
level structured chassis to prevent warping of the main body.
Enhanced rigidly of each of the components provides the
system with the durability and stability ideal for a production

                                                                               High stiffness double layer frame
Excellent Front to Back, Page to Page Registration
Our newly-developed ADU (Automatic Duplex Unit) equipped with
a wide range of image adjusting functions including paper-edge
detection and slanted fold detection enables realization of
outstanding front/back print position precision. Additionally, the
ADU is furnished with a front/back magnification adjustment
function to compensate for paper expansion and contraction. The
magnification adjustment function uses a high-speed polygon
mirror to enhance 2-side printing productivity.

                                                                                       Newly developed ADU

Automatic Inline Color Adjustment
Our newly-developed stabilized adjustment function controls
color fluctuations occurring during continuous printing or after
re-commencement of printing. The density pattern is created on
the intermediate transfer belt and read by the optical sensor. The
result is fed back to the laser power or dot formation and color
fluctuations adjusted. Additionally, the CYMK print position is also
adjusted on the intermediate transfer belt. Color discrepancies are
instantly adjusted to provide high-precision registration.

                                                                                     Intermediate transfer belt

Paper Handling
Capable of handling paper thicknesses of up to 300g/m2. All
paper trays are capable of handling the maximum paper size (330
X 487mm) and addition of the optional high capacity 2-level paper
supply unit ensures a maximum paper-feed capacity of 7,500
sheets. The system is also furnished with an air-assist mechanism
and a double-paper feed detection sensor to ensure stable paper
feed performance ideal for a production machine.

                                                                                         Air assist function

 On-line Finishing
                                                         Featuring an on-line finisher of outstanding functionality that
                                                         can be selected to match the user's work. Use of the booklet
                                                         finisher SD-501 with a fore-edge trimmer enables simple and
                                                         speedy production of high-quality booklets on-line. The on-line
                                                         finisher is capable of handling a wide range of fold including
                                                         center fold, letter fold and gatefold, providing the user with a
                                                         powerful resource that makes full use of the merits of digital
                                                         printing and meets the demands posed by small lot jobs and
                                                         tight deadlines. The on-line finisher will transform your digital
                                                         printing business.

             High quality booklet (SD-501)
  Powerful Options

On-line finishing (folding, saddle-stitching, staple) provides the perfect solution to handling jobs
with tight deadlines and expands the possibilities of digital printing.

Double Tray High Capacity Sheet Feeder PF-601
(Optional for Professional Configuration)

                                                           Installation of the 2-level paper-supply unit ensures a maximum
                                                           paper supply of 7,500 sheets. Additionally, productivity can be
                                                           enhanced by setting the system to “baton-touch” paper supply
                                                           from another tray in the event of paper shortage. Empty trays can
                                                           be refilled during printing to eliminate downtime, providing the
                                                           user with a powerful tool for high-volume printing.


Saddle Stitch High Quality Booklet Finisher SD-501
(Optional for Professional Configuration)


Capable of producing booklets of up to 200 pages, 50 sheets (80gm/m2). The saddling method enables realization of
high-precision saddle stitching with minimal paper misalignment. The fore-edge trimming function is furnished as
standard, ensuring a beautiful finish with fore-edge alignment even for booklets with high page counts. Additionally, the
system is capable of 5-sheet (80g/m2) stacked parallel fold and tri-fold processing.

Booklet Finisher FS-607
(Optional for Entry Configuration)


Capable of saddle stitching of up to 20 sheets (80g/m2) as well as side stitching of up to 50 sheets (80g/m2), the finisher
features a wide range of functions with the 2-type folding function (parallel fold tri-fold) furnished as standard.
    High Quality

Newly Developed Digital Toner to maximize RIP performance
Wax-incorporated    oil-less   adhesion     gives   a
low-blemish finish. Small particle diameter and
uniform shape ensure rich gradation and real
reproducibility. Our newly-developed digital toner
provides even greater image quality enhancement.
Additionally, toner adhesion at low-melting point
makes the system capable of handling a wide range
of media such as coated paper.                          Left:
                                                        Conventional              Structure of digital toner
                                                        pulverized toner
                                                        New digital toner

High Resolution 1,800 dpi equivalent x 600 dpi
                                                           The dual-beam laser unit allows high-speed writing. Our
                                                           unique smoothing process enables realization of an
                                                           output resolution of 1,800dpi equivalent x 600dpi,
                                                           producing balanced, sharp images.

             Dual-beam laser imaging unit
     Powerful Software for Professional Applications

Professional RIP                PR-6500
ICC Profile Maker                 Colorcontrol-PM Lite
Device Link Profile Maker & Editor                          Colorcontrol-LM Lite2

Advanced Color Management Technology                                     Edge Treatment Technology
Even several types of images like CMYK, RGB, Photo or Text               Professional RIP PR-6500 detects half-tone and solid
images are mixed in one job, PR-6500 can handle each                     image edges and optimum edge treatment may be
profile for the best color matching for each object.                     selected to ensure a clear, sharp finish.
For instance, users can achieve device link profile for RGB              Edge sampling and density control ensure realization of
images to be more vivid and pure color to meet the color                 quality reproduction of both positive and negative
shown on the monitor, graphic images created by                          characters matching offset printing even for small-point
word-processor or spread-sheet software to be vivid color                characters       previously         difficult    to      reproduce        by
without contamination, text images to keep 100% K or pure                electro-photo methods.
color and so on.
Also, embedded profile created by designer can be used.
The ACM (Advanced Color Management) technology
promises you the best output quality possible with simple

                                                                           LD-6500 Small font quality               Normal font quality of
                                                                                  with edge treatment.              Electro-photo printer.

                                                                         Prepress Data Handling
                                                                         Capable of handling all file formats to realize seamless
                                                                         fusion with Workflow systems used in the graphic-arts
                                                                         industry and to ensure smooth changeover from CTP
                                                                         workflow to digital printing.
            Several types of images contained in one job.
                                                                         Compatible file formats
                                                                          File type        File Name           Remarks

Variable Data Handling                                                                     PS, PDF, EPS        MAC (Acrobat, Quark, Illustrator)
                                                                          PostScript       Outline PDF/PS      SCREEN TrueFlow
                                                                          Files            (Ripped PDF/PS)     SCREEN TrueFlow
Capable of handling the latest variable print format
                                                                                           Print ready PDF     CREO Prinergy
PPML/VDX. Use of software such as PrintShop Mail enables                                   Export PDF/PS       CREO Prinergy
speedy handling of jobs combing master and variable data                                   Handshake           CREO Brisque
                                                                          Intermediate     DeltaList           Heidelberg Delta
to expand the range of possibilities of digital printing                  RIPped Files     TIFF/IT-P1          SCREEN TrueFlow, Renatus, others
including direct mail and personal prints.                                                 8bitTIFF            Agfa Apogee Printdrive, others.

                     VDP                 Professional RIP    Output by
                   Software                PR-6500           LD-6500
                                                                         Spot Color Creation
 Database          Mail, etc.                                            Spot color can be easily created and corrected by PR-6500.
                                                                         The created spot color can be registered.
                                Variable Printing
      Advanced Technologies for Color Reproduction

Mixed Media Support                                             Useful Output Options
Paper tray for each paper can be selected. For instance,        To minimize paper loss, PR-6500 has various output
thicker gloss paper from bypass tray for front page, colored    options.

paper from tray-1 for two-page spread and tray-2 for                 Page separation
other pages to support to get better quality booklet with
simple operation.

Automatic Pagination
2-up automatic pagination function minimize operation                Center part output
time for pagination for booklet printing.

                                                                     Automatic size reduction

   Original data        Saddle stitch       Booklet finishing

Scanning Function
Scanned image can be saved as file and that also can be
                                                                     Automatic rotation
sent by e-mail.
The scanning resolution is up to 600dpi and the file
formats are TIFF, PDF or JPEG.

Print Job Control
Allows finisher settings such as print instructions, color
profile settings and folding/binding processing from the
client PC connected to the controller through the network.

      Client Side                       Server Side             CMS Tool
                                                                A color profile maker (software option) and spectro-
                                                                photometer (optional) are provided for the graphic arts
                                                                professionals. These options facilitate creation of color
                                                                profiles under any print conditions and provide support for
                                                                fusion of the user’s existing offset printers with digital

                                  Professional RIP PR-6500

  System Components & Major Specifications

    Digital Color Printer LD-6500 & Professional RIP PR-6500

                           Digital Color Printer LD-6500
                           Output resolution       600 x 600 dpi (16bit)
                           Memory                  256MBx4C(DIMM)+10GBx4C(HDD)
                           Print volume            35,000~75,000 prints/month
                                                   (Max. PV : 200,000 prints/month)
                           Machine life            5M prints or 5 years
                           Media size              140x182 ~ 330x487mm (Main tray)
                                                   100x148 ~ 330x487mm (Manual tray)
                           Margin                  4mm (Front & End), 3mm (Right & Left)
                           Warm-up time            7 minutes or less
                           First copy time         6.5sec. or less
                           Productivity (A4)       65ppm (Color / B&W)
                           Paper tray capacity     500sheets(80g) x3 (Main tray)
                                                   250sheets(80g) (Bypass tray)
                           Paper weight            64~209g/m2 (Main tray)
                                                   64~256g/m2 (Main tray A4/Letter+)
                                                   64~300g/m2 (Manual tray)
                                                   64~256g/m2 (Duplex)
                           Power supply            Europe : 230V/16A/50Hz
                                                   USA: 208~240V/16°/60Hz
                           Dimension               786(W) x 992(D) x 1,056(H) mm
                           Weight                  Approx. 360Kgs
                           Professional RIP PR-6500
                           Data format             PS (Level1,2,3), PDF, EPS, TIFF, TIFF/IT-P1, Scitex CT/LW, Deltalist,
                                                   Rip’ed PS/PDF, PPML/VDX
                           Scan Image              Scan to e-mail, Scan to HDD
                                                   PDF, TIFF, JPEG formats
                           Image process           Magnification, Rotate (90deg.), Mirror, Tilling, Trapping,
                                                   Over print, Paper tint simulation, Spot color creation, etc.
                           Pagination              Booklet layout, Automatic magnification, Centering, etc.
                           Image output            Image partition, Centering, Auto rotation, Fit to page,
                                                   Automatic tray selection, Stapling control, Mixed media support,
                           Standard fonts          Courier, Helvetica, Times, Symbol family, etc. (13fonts)
                           System component        RIP CD-ROM, Interface board, Users manual, etc.
                           Recommended PC          DELL PowerEdge 840

                                                   CPU: Intel Xenon 2.13GHz (Dual core) x 2 CPU

                                                   Memory: 1GB

                                                   HDD: 80GB SATA

                                                   OS: Microsoft Windows2003 Server Standard Edition

    Other Options

OT-503                     Output tray unit for standard configuration without finisher
HD-506                     Expansion hard disk unit
Colorcontrol-PM Lite       ICC profile creation software
Colorcontrol-LM Lite 2     Device link profile creation & editing software
Eye-One                    Spectrometer
Options for Entry Configuration

                       High Capacity Sheet Feeder LU-202
                       Number of tray         1
                       Paper weight           64~300 g/m2
                       Max. paper size        330 x 487 mm
                       Capacity               2,500 sheets (80g/m2)
                       Power consumption      Max. 70W
                       Dimension              710(W) x 693(D) x 417(H) mm
                       Weight                 Approx. 40 Kgs
                       Dehumidifying Unit HT-503
                       Function               Humidity controller for LU-202
                       Dimension              197(W) x 82(D) x 293(H) mm
                       Weight                 Approx. 1.5 Kgs
                       Booklet Finisher FS-607
                       Paper weight           50~300 g/m2 (Sub tray), 60~105 g/m2 (Booklet)
                       Paper size             331 x 488 mm (Max.), 314 x 458 mm (Booklet)
                       Stacker capacity       2,500 sheets (80g/m2)
                       Functions              Sort/Non sort/Group/Sort staple/Booklet staple/
                                              Center fold/Three fold
                       Staple mode            Corner/Centerx2/Booklet
                       Power consumption      Max. 80W
                       Dimension              424(W) x 656(D) x 990(H) mm
                       Weight                 Approx. 65 Kgs

Options for Professional Configuration

                       Double Tray High Capacity Sheet Feeder PF-601
                       Number of tray            2
                       Paper weight              64~256 g/m2 (Upper tray), 64~300 g/m2 (Lower tray)
                       Max. paper size           330 x 487 mm
                       Capacity                  3,000 sheets (80g/m2) x 2 tray
                       Power consumption         Max. 100W
                       Dimension                 947(W) x 750(D) x 1,045(H) mm
                       Weight                    Approx. 170 Kgs
                       Dehumidifying Unit HT-504
                       Function                  Humidity controller for LU-202
                       Dimension                 197(W) x 82(D) x 293(H) mm
                       Weight                    Approx. 1.5 Kgs
                       Saddle Stitch Finisher SD-501
                       Paper weight              50~300 g/m2 (Sub tray), 50~244 g/m2 (Booklet)
                       Paper size                331 x 488 mm (Max.), 324 x 460 mm (Booklet)
                       Functions                 Sort/Non sort/Group/Sort staple/Booklet staple/Multi center
                                                 fold/Multi three fold/Fore-edge trimming
                       Staple mode               Corner/Center x2/Booklet, Flexible staple position
                       Power consumption         Max. 270W
                       Dimension                 1,170(W) x 775(D) x 1,020(H) mm
                       Weight                    Approx. 263 Kgs
                       Buffer Pass for SD501 RU-503
                       Function                  Buffer pass with cooling function
                       Dimension                 175(W) x 723(D) x 1,020(H) mm
                       Weight                    Approx. 33 Kgs
Digital Printing System LD-6500


     Standard Configuration                                       Entry Configuration

                                                              Professional Configuration

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