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					                          "Literacy: Linking Geography Through Children's Trade Books"
                               Bernice Kihara, Solomon Elementary (
                                Connie Mark, Waiau Elementary (
                              Mary Frances Higuchi, Hawaii Geographic Alliance (
                                       Phone: 956-7698 Website:

C0NTENT                    GRADE CLUSTER                PERFORMANCE              BOOK TITLES              LEARNING
STANDARD                   BENCHMARK                    STANDARDS                                         OPPORTUNITIES
WORLD IN SPATIAL           K-3 Grade Cluster            Performance Standards:   Young Geographers,       Learn about maps.
TERMS: GCS1:               Benchmark:                   The student will:        Marcia S. Freeman.
Students use geographic    Read and make                1. Create a map that     Rand McNally.
representations to         geographic                   includes the title,
organize, analyze, and     representations (i.e.,       orientation, date,       Me on the Map, Joan      "Me on the Map" Book
present information on     maps, globes, graphs,        author's name, legend    Sweeney                  Local to global
people, places, and        charts, models) to locate    and scale                                         Tie in with "Fire Safety"
environments.              and describe locations,      2. Show the selected                              book
                           distances, directions, and   features (man made                                Sing the song.
                           scale.                       and/or natural) of the
                                                        environment being        Rosie's Walk, Pat        Reading, sequencing
                                                        studied.                 Hutchins                 Cardinal directions game
                                                        3. Use geographical                               Visual Representation
                                                        terms to describe a                               Position words,
                                                        specific location and                             Vocabulary of places
                                                        human/physical                                    Circle Map
                                                        characteristics of a                              Dramatization
                                                                                 Gifts, JoEllen Bogart    Choral reading
                                                                                 Where Is Papa Now?       Sequencing
                                                                                 Celeste Conway           Passport with scale and
                                                                                                          Location - countries
                                                                                 How to Make an Apple     Using a recipe and book
                                                                                 Pie and See the World,   as a model, create own
                                                                                 Marjorie Priceman        story.

                                                                             Hawaii Geographic Alliance, HSTA Inst. Day, 10/15/01
                                                                                                         Locate countries where
                                                                                                         ingredients came from.

                                                                               Make Way for              Compare with Chibi,
                                                                               Ducklings, Robert         Mapping
                                                                               McCloskey                 Story board - use
                                                                               A Bird's Eye View,        actual photos of places
                                                                               Marcia Freeman. Rand      mentioned in the book.
                                                                               McNally                   Aerial view and cross-
                                                                               The Armadillo from        section pictures,
                                                                               Amarillo, Lynne Cherry    elevation cards, etc.
                                                                               As the Crow Flies,
                                                                               Gail Hartman

C0NTENT                   GRADE CLUSTER            PERFORMANCE                 BOOK TITLES               LEARNING
STANDARD                  BENCHMARK                STANDARDS                                             OPPORTUNITIES
PLACES & REGIONS:         K-3 Grade Cluster        Performance Standards:      This Land is Your Land,   Visual images of
GCS:2                     Benchmark:               The student will:           Woody Guthrie.            physical and human
Students understand how   Use physical and human   1. Describe the             Paintings by Kathy        characteristics. Use with
distinct physical and     characteristics to       similarities and            Jacobsen.                 other pictures. Use with
human characteristics     compare and contrast     differences of the                                    "Ziplocks" to apply
shape places and          places and regions       physical characteristics                              images of a place.
regions.                  locally and globally.    (landforms, climate) of a
                                                   community with              Gifts, JoEllen Bogart     Gifts of different
                                                   another.                    Where Is Papa Now?        countries - Human
                                                   2. Describe the             Celeste Conway            characteristics
                                                   similarities and                                      Uniqueness of place
                                                   differences of the human
                                                   characteristics             Possum Magic, Mem         Use book as a model 2
                                                   (landmarks, population,     Fox                       to show unique physical
                                                   products) of a              Use Gifts and Where Is    and human
                                                   community with              Papa Now? to show         characteristics of a
                                                   another.                    unique items from other   place/region
                                                   3. Show how the             places.                   Apply TODALS
                                                   physical and human

                                                                          Hawaii Geographic Alliance, HSTA Inst. Day, 10/15/01
                                                      characteristics of a        Material World, A         Graphic Organizers
                                                      place/region determine      Global Family Portrait,   Thinking Skills
                                                      the uniqueness of a         Peter Menzel.             Technology
                                                      place/region                Book and posters

                                                                                  "GeoMystery" -            Compare/contrast
                                                                                  Electronic Atlas -        communites
                                                                                  A Trip to Mini Town,
                                                                                  JoAnne Nelson, Young
                                                                                  Explorers, Modern
                                                                                  Curriculum Press.
                                                                                  Where Do You Live?
                                                                                  Marcia S. Freeman.
                                                                                  Rand McNally.
                                                                                  Everybody Cooks Rice,
                                                                                  Norah Dooley.

C0NTENT                    GRADE CLUSTER              PERFORMANCE                 BOOK TITLES               LEARNING
STANDARD                   BENCHMARK                  STANDARDS                                             OPPORTUNITIES
PHYSICAL SYSTEMS:          K-3 Grade Cluster          Performance Standards:      Follow the River, Lydia   "Follow the River" book
GCS:3                      Benchmark:                 The student will:           Dabcovich                 Visual representations
Students understand how    Give simple                1. Describe and show        Check HGA website for     Vocabulary that pertain
physical processes shape   explanations of Earth's    the earth's physical        A bibliography of river   to rivers, i.e., source,
Earth's surface and        physical systems (water,   systems.                    Books that can be used.   mouth, mill, island,
create, sustain, and       air and land) physical     2. Identify and describe     bridge, village, town,
modify the ecosystems.     features, and              landforms and waterway      w01/Literature.html       harbor.
                           ecosystems.                terms e.g., mountains,
                                                      valleys, rivers, streams.   Where the Forest Meets    Circle Book
                                                      Etc.                        the Sea, Jeannie Baker    (Human Systems and
                                                      3. Describe the                                       Environment & Society
                                                      characteristics of an                                 are tied into this book.)
                                                                                  Coast to Coast, Marcia    Landforms, waterways,
                                                                                  S. Freeman, Rand          and a few ecosystems.

                                                                               Hawaii Geographic Alliance, HSTA Inst. Day, 10/15/01
                                                                                    McNally.                    Vocabulary building.
                                                                                    Geography from A to Z,      3-D model of physical
                                                                                    a Picture Glossary, Jack    features

C0NTENT                     GRADE CLUSTER              PERFORMANCE                  BOOK TITLES                 LEARNING
STANDARD                    BENCHMARK                  STANDARDS                                                OPPORTUNITIES
HUMAN SYSTEMS:              K-3 Grade Cluster          Performance Standards:       Coming to America, the      Use night lights map to
GCS:4                       Benchmark:                 The student will:            Story of Immigration,       show where people
Students analyze how        Examine and explain the    1. Identify factors that     Betsy Maestro.              settle.
people organize their       factors that influence     influence where people       Windows, Jeannie Baker
activities on Earth         where people migrate       migrate and settle, e.g.,    Living Near a River,        Discuss reasons why
through their analysis of   and serttle.               natural resources, major     Allan Fowler.               people may move.
human populations,                                     waterways, physical          Why People Move,
cultural mosaics,                                      features, natural hazards,   Margaret McNamara.          Use city maps to locate
economic                                               connections, population,     Rand McNally.               settlements. Look for
interdependence,                                       climate.                                                 patterns.
settlement, and conflict                               2. Determine the
and cooperation                                        reasons why people                                       Study cities and where
                                                       settle in a particular                                   people settle.
                                                       3. Show how the factors
                                                       determine where people
                                                       migrate and settle.

C0NTENT                     GRADE CLUSTER              PERFORMANCE                  BOOK TITLES                 LEARNING
STANDARD                    BENCHMARK                  STANDARDS                                                OPPORTUNITIES
ENVIRONMENT &               K-3 Grade Cluster          Performance Standards:       Where the Forest Meets      Watershed, forests,
SOCIETY:                    Benchmark:                 The student will:            the Sea, Jeannie Baker      water as resources
GCS:5                       Explain how people         1. Identify the earth's
Students demonstrate        depend on, adapt to, and   resources within land,       Peter Panini's Children's   Alien (Introduced)
stewardship of Earth's      modify the physical        air, water.                  Guide, The Living           Species vs. Native
resources through the       environment in their       2. Describe how and          Treasures of the            species -- how
understanding of society    community, and             why people use earth's       Hawaiian Islands, The       introduced species can

                                                                               Hawaii Geographic Alliance, HSTA Inst. Day, 10/15/01
and the physical   demonstrate stewardship   resources to meet their   Story of Hawaii's Native   become invasive.
environment.       of a local environment.   needs.                    Plants and Animals.         Origin, pathways,
                                             3. Describe how people    Stacey Kaopuiki.           established areas,
                                             change the physical       Hawaii's Natural           impact, and solutions.
                                             environment.              Forests, Katherine Orr     Samples, articles
                                             4. Create and             and David Boynton.
                                             implement a plan to
                                             sustain and preserve a
                                             local environment.
                                                                       Native Animals of          How native species
                                                                       Hawaii Coloring Book,      become endangered.
                                                                       Patrick Ching
                                                                       Exotic Animals in
                                                                       Hawaii Coloring Book,
                                                                       Patrick Ching.
                                                                       Endangered Animals of
                                                                       Hawaii Coloring Book.
                                                                       Patrick Ching.
                                                                       Beautiful Birds of
                                                                       Hawaii Coloring Book.
                                                                       Patrick Ching.
                                                                       Rosy Dock, Jeannie

                                                                   Hawaii Geographic Alliance, HSTA Inst. Day, 10/15/01

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