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  The annual college entrance examination as scheduled, a routine exam
training today. During the two schools because the teachers talk to the
participants criticized the leadership. Do not know how these teachers
are thinking, that the examiners may be easier for teachers is the right
thing to do. Therefore I think the Beijing Fourth grade teacher Li Jun,
and said two words, the first sentence is: a simple matter to every good
is not simple. The second sentence is: The only difference between good
and better is a little more effort. Some people say that there are three
kinds of people, a wise man, one who is capable of, a person who is
carefully, the first two few people have a career success. The last
person to do things very carefully, very often the cause of the success
achieved. In fact, every person's life, there will be many times
the opportunity, some people Zhishizhuazhu the Qi Zhong's a two,
Bingju intention to operate the ever achieved the glory of Shi Ye Zi Ji,
a lot of people think it is a simple enough things not worth me so
seriously, so seriously if everything I do, which I still have time to do
events, I should do it big, in fact, the minds of these events, to the
time when he still can not do seriously do, because they have in their
daily lives and acquire the habit is not serious. If a person should not
be ignored in the workplace, the work of the little things, as long as
work-related things will never be small. Everything is no small matter,
simply does not mean easy, just make great efforts to small and
meticulous manner, to make things better. Serious things can only get it
right intentions of doing things to make things better.
 Details of success in this era of increasing competition with, to better
than another, only every spare penny article carefully and consider every
detail carefully, step by step to do in order to gradually and
successfully close. Success is a little bit of accumulation, harvest is a
little bit of pay. U.S. Securities Industry Person of the Year Susan, who
determined a lifetime ride in the world of music, but accidentally
admitted into a university of business administration. Although I do not
like school very seriously but she finally got a doctorate in economic
management. They asked her, you do not like the professional, why did
learn stick? Do not like to work now, why are doing so good? She calmly
replied: "Because I in this position." Because in this
position, we must learn to seriously, doing practical. Do you not know,
"the world must do in the small event," the simple
things were done, is not simple, the ordinary things were done is
extraordinary. Socks, this simple thing could not be more simple, he was
a man named Luo Yongqiang shopping centers in Chongqing salesperson, made
a unique technique: He can use an ordinary color shoelace, through
compilation, around, take, department and other techniques to complete
the various kinds of vivid three-dimensional shape, so as to ordinary
canvas flat shoe gives a unique, stylish atmosphere. It is said that
because of the unique skills to the store to buy something larger number
of people, he has to bring more shopping centers per month for 200,000
yuan in sales. Shows that if we all can do the simple things, our society
will reduce a lot of regret that we will be more successful and gain some

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