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Important information for Applying Visa to Namibia
1. Visa Fees :
Single Entry Visa   : Rs.1200.00
Multiple Entry Visa : Rs.2400.00
Transit Visa        : Rs.1200.00

2. Requirement with Visa Applications :
Form 3-1/003, an application for a visitors visa should be duly filled by the
applicant along with two recent passport-size photographs.

Include a statement/covering letter from the applicant clearly stating the
purpose and duration of visit.

This to be accompanied by a valid passport of every applicant applying for a

Application fee where applicable.

Yellow fever-Inoculation is a requirement only if the journey to the Republic of
Namibia entails passing through the yellow fever area of Africa and/or South
and Central America by any other means that by a scheduled air service. (The
validity of yellow fever certificates begins 10 days after the date of

Business Invitation letters from the Namibian Companies/Institutions/Agencies
required for applicants travelling for business to Namibia along with a letter
from the local company giving details about the applicants position in the
company, purpose of visit, period of stay and undertaking that the company
will borne all expenses pertaining his/her visit.

Invitation letters from relatives/friends in Namibia along with a copy of their
passports/ID clearly showing their valid permits in Namibia.
People going for tourism should provide confirmed hotel bookings for the
period of stay in Namibia.

Day to day travel itinerary, proof of return tickets should be enclosed.

Proof of sufficient funds in the form of copies of international credit cards,
recent bank statements or dollars endorsed on the passports.

Incase of spouses joining family, marriage certificates have to be provided as
proof of relationship.

A photocopy of front and back page of every passport along with copies of any
previous Namibian visa has to be accompanied with every application.

Students travelling must be in possession of the admission letter and necessary

3. Consular Hours
Submission of Applications : 09h00 - 13h00
Collection of Visas          : 14h00 - 15h00, after 3-4 working days

4. Download Visa Form
 Click here to download Visa Form

5. How to obtain a Visa
If the request for a visa is approved, the visa will be stamped in the passport.

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