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					     Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                                            08/27/2010


     Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                                   August 27, 2010
                      Table of Contents
     Presidential Posts ---------------------------------- 1-2
     MSTA Hotel Info ------------------------------------- 1
                                                                          MSTA 2010 Fall Conference
     MSTA Presentation Info ---------------------------- 1                         October 24-26, 2010
     Halloween Costume Parade ------------------------ 2
     President-Elect Notes ----------------------------- 2-3
                                                                                   At Jackson Marroitt
     MSTA Science Education Conference                                   Room rate: $114 Single or Double—
     Registration Open ------------------------------------ 3
     Attend NSTA’s Conference on Science Education                       Please made your reservations by
     in Nashville ----------------------------------------- 3-4          September 24, 2010. For reservations
     Scholarship and Grant Opportunity ---------- 4-5
     Mississippi Science Olympiad ------------------- 5-6                call: 1-601-969-5100 (Be sure to
     Summer Learning to Enhance Student                                  mention MSTA when you make your
     Achievement ---------------------------------------- 6-7            reservations.)
     Computational Science Workshop ---------------- 7
     Rainwater Observatory News ------------------- 7-9                resources, materials and support NSTA provides
     NSTA News ---------------------------------------- 9-10
     Registration Open for NASA Explorer School                        for both members and non-members.
     Project ------------------------------------------------ 10
     Partial MSTA Program ----------------------- 10-13
     MSTA Is Going Green ---------------------------- 13
     MSTA Convention Advance Registration Form14
                                                                          HURRY DEADLINE - SEPTEMBER 20
     MSTA Fall Conference – What a Bragain ---- 15                        SEEKING PRESENTERS FOR THE 2010
     Don’t Forget ----------------------------------------- 15                  MSTA CONFERENCE
     Membership Form --------------------------------- 15
     MSTA 2010-2011 Board of Directors ---------- 16
                                                                          All presenter proposals for the 2010
                                                                          conference will be submitted on line!
Presidential Posts:                                                       The electronic form can be found on the
                                                                          MSTA webpage,
This past July I was once again fortunate to
attend the National Congress on Science
Education as the voting delegate representing                             Help make our conference successful by
science teachers in Mississippi. Even though the                          sharing what works for you and your
meeting took place in Las Vegas we once again                             students with others!
accomplished an amazing amount of work.                                   Questions, contact Ken Wester,
Mississippi does not have a lot of NSTA                          or 662-425-4585.
members, an organization I highly recommend                               Deadline September 20, 2010
joining. Because of this fact, I decided to briefly
introduce you to the vast array of science

Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                               08/27/2010
NSTA strives to be a national voice for science         Center is a cutting edge internet based
education in our country and works with not             professional development tool that is constantly
only science teachers, but also with                    being upgraded and improved. This service
governmental leaders as well as the general             allows the teacher to create personalized
public to provide current up to date information        professional development for the individual
concerning science issues. These goals are              educator with pre- and post-assessment which
accomplished on many levels such as sponsoring          can be quantitatively documented.
National Lab Day utilizing dedicated STEM               Even though NSTA has an incredible amount of
leaders who are paired with educators to provide        resources, science education would not be
discovery hands-on science experiences. Science         complete without our annual conference which
Matters a relative new undertaking for NSTA is          will be held in Jackson, Ms on October 24-26,
primarily a public awareness campaign to                Begin to make your plans now and I hope to see
reignite our country’s need to increase the focus       you there.
on science education as well as science literacy.       John F. Ammons, MSTA President
Outstanding resources and materials are also
provided by NSTA. These are in the form of e-             HALLOWEEN COSTUME PARADE
newsletters, which are especially useful with           MSTA will host a costume parade at the
classroom science educators. SciLinks is another        Monday Night Reception, October 25, 2010.
program which has recently undergone an                 This is not a contest, merely an opportunity
extensive upgrade with a greatly expanded               to win a prize. Each person in costume at the
teacher tool section. Of course NSTA classroom          reception will be entered into a drawing for a
specific journals and NSTA reports have always
                                                        nice prize (yet to be determined, but I
been popular and always provide extensive
information and opportunities for science               promise it will be worthy). You know,
teachers. If you have never been to a regional or       several dress in costume every year, so JOIN
national NSTA conference, then you have                 THE FUN. from Aleta, one of your
missed viewing the NSTA press, which provides           reception hosts
a vast resource on science in the published form.
NSTA has also developed
one of the most extensive and
comprehensive professional
development resources
coupled with opportunities I
have ever seen. Some of
these are the New Science
Teacher Academy a
professional development
program which is attempting to reduce the loss          President-Elect Notes:
of middle and high school science teachers.             Another year has begun. I hope your year has
Another resource is The Urban Science                   started off well. This summer, I had the privilege
Education Leaders Academy first in Florida.             to attend the National Congress on Science
This academy assists school districts in                Education. It was a great experience. This year’s
developing or enhancing their science strategic         theme really hit home. It was Imagine and
plan by emphasizing inquiry along with                  Invent – Create a Great Future! According to
balanced assessment. The NSTA Learning                  Newsweek (2010), American creativity scores
Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                                  08/27/2010
are falling for the first time. Our kids are getting       MSTA Treasurer, 4100 Twisted Run Lane,
smarter but less creative. Think of careers that           Vancleave, MS 39565. All registration forms
demand a person be creative... entrepreneurs,              must include a check or P.O. for payment in
inventors, college presidents, authors, doctors,           order to be processed. You may contact
diplomats, engineers and software developers.              Johnette Bosarge at email address:
There are probably numerous reasons for the      
loss of creativity but with standards and testing,         Please put in the newsletter about the MSTA
the emphasis on allowing students to be creative           conference, Oct. 24-26, 2010 at the Jackson
has declined. In our world of standardized                 Marriott with rooms $114/ night. Make
testing, we must find a way to develop the                 reservation by September 24, 2010.
creativeness in our students while covering the
content that must be covered. The President of
NSTA states ―The argument that we can’t teach                    Attend NSTA’s Conference on
creativity because kids already have too much to
learn is false trade-off. Creativity isn’t about
                                                                 Science Education in Nashville
freedom from concrete facts. Rather, fact-                 For science teachers and administrators who
finding and deep research are vital stages in the          want to build job security and skills, consider
creative process. Scholars argue that current              how professional development helps improve
curriculum standards can still be met, if taught in        techniques and strategies that impact
a different way.‖ Our challenge as science                 performance in the classroom. Science educators
teachers is to promote the creative process but            are invited to meet in Nashville, TN, Dec. 2-4
still teach the facts. We must be ―creative‖ in our        for NSTA’s Conference on Science Education.
teaching methodology. I realize this can be a              Thousands of professionals take workshops,
daunting challenge but it is up to us as educators         seminars, discipline specific full day and half
to find a way to do this. It is important to our           day programs (physics, chemistry, biology), to
students and to their future.                              build content knowledge and tackle issues such
                                                           as inquiry and assessment. Hundred of sessions
The article can be found at
                                                           are available on a wide range of topics. For K-16
                                                           educators, this event can give your career a
                                                           boost. And it’s lots of fun, too.
Beth Dunigan MSTA President Elect
                                                           See some of our scheduled sessions:
        MSTA Science Education
                                                            Featured Speaker: Jeff Lieberman, a
       Conference Registration Now                           musician, roboticist, sculptor, photographer,
                Open…                                        and the host of Discovery Channel’s Time
By Johnette Bosarge                                          Warp will present on ―Cultivating Curiosity.‖
Register now for the MSTA Science Education                 Featured Speaker: Diana Nunnaley,
Conference to be conducted October 24-26,                    Director, Using Data Projects, TERC:
2010 at the Marriott Hotel in Jackson. Early                 Cambridge, Mass will present on
Bird registration deadline is October 6 and                  Responding to Imperatives—Good
includes a free Conference t-shirt. The deadline             Teachers Moving to GREAT!
for advance registration is October 15. For                 Activities Linking Science and Math with
Hotel reservations call: 601-969-5100. The cut-              Art, K-4, and Grades 5-8, Elementary-
off for reservations at the Conference rate is               Middle
September 25, 2010. All conference registration
forms should be mailed to Johnette Bosarge,
Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                                 08/27/2010
 Effective Outdoor Biology Instructional                    monies as partial expense reimbursement after
  Strategies for Your Classroom, Elem-                       submitting a copy of their registration and a
  Middle, Informal                                           letter signed by his/her principal stating that
                                                             the recipient attended the meeting.
 Science on a Shoestring Budget- 25+ hands-
  on activities and handouts. Elem                        To request a scholarship application, contact the
                                                          chairman of the scholarship committee. Send
 Forensics Science in Your Physics                       the request to the following: Minnie C. Parham,
  Classroom, Middle-High                                  Chairman, Otis Allen Scholarship Committee
 Building Understanding and an Atomic                    402 Bell Avenue, Greenwood, MS 38930
  Force Microscope-Learn about
  nanotechnology.Middle-High                              R. C. Roberts Grant Form
 Exciting Engineering Projects- Including                The R. C. Roberts Fund was initiated to honor
  balloon-powered cars, bridges, animal habitats,         Mr. Roberts, a long-time science supervisor in
  and more. Middle                                        the Mississippi Department of Education and
                                                          assist teachers in developing outdoor
 What's My Disorder? An Endocrine Lab                    classrooms, nature centers, or nature trails at
  Activity Using a Case Study Approach,                   their respective schools. Maximum funding that
  High-College                                            can be obtained by one teacher from one school
 The New Biology in a Box Unit—STEM,                     at a particular time is $100. Applications for
  High school                                             funding must show that additional funds from
                                                          sources other than R. C. Roberts have been
 What Holds Molecules Together?, High                    obtained to support the proposed project. This
  school                                                  may be ―in kind‖ support as well as monetary.
There’s also the Exhibit Hall where you will see          Individuals who receive support from the R. C.
and test the most cutting edge products and               Roberts Funds may apply for additional funding
bring home a tote full of giveaways. Field trips          provided a period of three years has elapsed
to surrounding areas such as the Central Basin of         since the original funding was granted.
TN where you’ll encounter a fragile habitat rich          Guidelines for the R. C. Roberts Fund
in marine fossils, social activities for                  Individuals interested in applying for funding
networking, and even earning graduate credit for          should get an application form the Newsletter or
attending 12 hours of programming are all part            request an application form from the Executive
of the event. Visit for more details         Officer or President of the Mississippi Science
and register by 10/22 to save the most.                   Teachers’ Association. The completed
                                                          application must be attached to the proposal and
                                                          returned to the Executive Officer. The
                    Scholarship and Grant                 Executive Officer will assemble a committee of
                                                          at least three individuals involved in science
                    Opportunity                           education who will examine the proposal and
                    Otis Allen Criteria                   recommend funding status. The decision of the
                                                          review committee to fund or reject the proposal
1. Request a scholarship application (national or         is final.
   regional) from the scholarship chairperson).
                                                          R. C. Roberts Grant Form
2. Requests must be received two months prior
   to the national convention or regional meeting         Name: _________________________________
   to be attended.                                        School: ________________________________
3. A person may receive a scholarship once in             School
   three to five years.                                   Address:____________________________
4. Earliest application received will receive first       Phone: ________________________________
5. Each recipient will receive scholarship                _________________________________
Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                                 08/27/2010
1. How long have you been at the school?                  balance between events requiring knowledge of
2. What do you plan to do with the money?                 science facts, concepts, processes, skills and
                                                          science applications.
3. List the materials and cost of supplies for this
4. Where is this project located in relationship to       Registration Open for NASA Explorer School
   the school?                                            Project
5. Do you have the support of the principal?              The NASA Explorer Schools project is NASA's
   _____                                                  classroom-based gateway for middle school
   other teachers? _____ If so, name/s.                   (grades 4-8) and high school (grades 9-12)
   __________                                             classrooms. NES provides free teaching and
   _____________________________________                  learning resources that promote student
   __                                                     engagement in science, technology, engineering
6. What kind of monetary or ―in kind‖ support             and mathematics, or STEM. The project
   do you have? List. If ―in kind‖ support is             provides opportunities for teachers and students
   provided, estimate its monetary value.                 to participate in NASA's mission of research and
Complete the grant form and attach the proposal           discovery through inquiry-based experiences
and return to: Bess Moffatt, MSTA Executive               directly related to the work of NASA scientists
Officer, 1510 Oldfield Road, Gautier, MS 39553            and engineers.
                   Mississippi Science                    Throughout the school year, the NES Virtual
                   Olympiad                               Campus website will serve as a portal to
             The Mississippi Science Olympiad             dynamic learning experiences, allowing students
             is devoted to improving the quality          to examine real-world problems and challenges
of science education, increasing student interest         based on NASA research and exploration.
in science and providing recognition for                  Classroom activities are coupled with special
outstanding achievement in science education by           events featuring interactions with NASA's
both students and teachers.                               scientific and technical workforce, so students
The Science Olympiad goals are accomplished               learn firsthand about mission highlights, new
through the dedication of Mississippi Science             technologies and research findings.
teachers and parents who organize classroom               Teachers have the opportunity to participate in
activities, research, and after school training           professional development experiences delivered
clubs. A main focus of our competition is to              through NES Virtual Campus technology to
elevate science education and learning to a level         support effective classroom implementation of
of enthusiasm and support that is normally                NES resources.
reserved only for varsity sports programs.
                                                          At the end of the year, NES will recognize its
The Science Olympiad tournaments are rigorous             best teachers and schools with NASA
academic interscholastic competitions that                experiences such as field center training,
consist of a series of individual and team events,        research opportunities and flights aboard a
which students prepare for during the year. The           reduced-gravity aircraft.
competitions follow the format of popular board
                                                          All participants must be U.S. citizens. Each must
games, TV shows and athletic games. These
                                                          be an administrator, aide, curriculum specialist,
challenging and motivational events are well
                                                          educator, guidance counselor, media specialist,
balanced between the various science disciplines
                                                          resource teacher or student teacher in a state- or
of biology, earth science, chemistry, physics,
computers and technology. There is also a
Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                                  08/27/2010
nationally accredited K-12 education institution        are Dale Stanford, Tupelo Middle School
in the United States or a U.S territory.                teacher, and Dr. Betty Latimer, ATOMS2xp
For more information and to schedule an                 Project Director who designed and built a
orientation session, visit                              spectroscope in order to teach students about          reflection/refraction and the properties of light as
/national/nes2/home/index.html.                         it relates to our Earth, Sun and the Universe
                                                        surrounding us. The spectroscope activity was
Questions about the new NASA Explorer                   one of many hands-on, problem-based learning
Schools project should be directed to nasa-             activities presented as part of the Summer                         Institute through a partnership with the John C.
Summer Learning to Enhance                              Stennis Space Center.
Student Achievement                                     Please visit our website
Teachers throughout Mississippi recently
completed the ATOMS2xp Summer Institute.                The forty-four teachers who successfully
The Summer Institute is part of a year-long             completed the Summer Institute include:
science program known as ATOMS2xp.                      Rashea Bailey (Natchez Adams School District)
ATOMS2xp which stands for Advancing                     Trevia Brownlee (West Point School District)
Teacher of Middle School Science is a program           Bertha Bush (Oktibbeha County School District)
                                                        Stacy Chandler (Leake County School District)
at Mississippi State University that is funded by       David Cobb (North Panola School District)
the Mississippi Department of Education and is          Joan Estapa (Bay-Waveland School District)
currently in its 6th year of training teachers.         Jessica Ferguson (Starkville School District)
ATOMS2xp has four primary goals. (1) Assist             Barbara Fulton (Leake County School District)
middle school teachers in developing the in-            Shane Gann (West Point School District)
depth science content knowledge and                     Tia Green (Lee County School District)
                                                        Beverly Henson (Corinth City Schools)
instructional methods necessary for increasing          Brenda Herren (Lowndes County School District)
students' knowledge in today's 4th - 8th grade          Brandi Herrington (Neshoba County School District)
science classrooms; (2) Provide ongoing content         Deborah Hibbler (North Panola School District)
and pedagogical professional development to             Katie Hollingsworth (Louisville Municipal School
participants throughout the course of each              District)
                                                        Gail Huff (South Pike School District)
program year; (3) Increase student achievement          Dawn Kerr (Kosciusko Public School District)
by providing teachers with in-depth science             Gail Knox (South Pike School District)
content instruction and professional                    Tracy Leake (Lee County School District)
development training that link classroom                Holly Martin (Lee County School District)
practices to the National Science Education             Cindy McMaster (Starkville School District)
Standards (NSES), the 2010 Mississippi Science          Robert Mikell (Neshoba County School District)
                                                        Martie Minga (Lee County School District)
Framework (MSF), and the principles of the              Teneasha Moody (Oktibbeha County School District)
Understanding by Design (UbD) model; (4)                Cheryl Moore (DeSoto County School District)
Provide 4th-8th grade science teachers with             Joyce Moore (Lee County School District)
opportunities to grow as professionals including        Niki Necaise (Calhoun County School District)
recertification and/or becoming highly qualified        Cindy Newsom (Kosciusko Public School District)
                                                        Paula Pankratz (Choctaw Tribal Schools)
science teachers. These teachers have deepened          Suzanne Parker (Calhoun County School District)
their content knowledge and pedagogical skills,         Karen Pearson (Louisville Municipal School District)
gained innovated ideas and science resources            Carolyn Rice (Oktibbeha County School District)
through the ATOMS2xp program in order to                Lynn Russell (West Point School District)Gloria Seward
improve their students’ achievement. Pictured           (Neshoba County School District)

Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                                     08/27/2010
Dale Stanford (Tupelo Public School District)              Kathy Townsend (Scott County School District)
Don Stokes (Kemper Academy)                                Donald Wall (Rankin County School District)
Johnnie Wells (Noxubee County School District)
William White (Louisville Municipal School District)
Crystal Wilson (Tupelo Public School District)
Beverly Wise (Jackson County School District)
Rhonda Woullard (Moss Point School District)
Amy Yarbrough (Picayune School District)

                                                           On the agenda for teachers turned students this
Computational Science Workshop                             week how to integrate skills in the classroom in
                                                           the following subjects, computational biology,
         Contributor: Drew Powell
         Email:                           computational chemistry and, biological
         STARKVILLE, Miss. (WTVA) -                        simulation.
 Science teachers from all over the Magnolia               "Like today they learned about biological
state are on campus to learn about an emerging             simulation and fluid mechanics," adds Echols.
field of computational science.                            "So what we did was show them computers can
                                                           be used to kind of simulate the things that would
Thanks to a five year grant the National Science
                                                           happen when we run actual experiments."
Foundation program is enabling a group of
science teachers to play the role of student and           One unique aspect of the workshop is that the
learn about what the field of computational                teachers become students for one week and in
science has to offer.                                      return they go back to their schools and teach the
"This is a unique workshop," says Judy Flake,              next generation of students coming up.
science teacher. "Very challenging, it is teaching         "So the goal is really teach them so that they can
us new information giving us new ideas and                 teach their students who will become the
giving us access to materials that we have not             professionals in that field," says Echols.
had."                                                      On Friday the teachers will learn how tools are
"What we're wanting to do is educate the                   used in research and next year the workshop will
teachers so they can go and educate their                  take place at Southern Miss.
students in computational science," says Katie
Echols, Education Outreach Coordinator. "That              Rainwater Observatory News:
they get into college and there is an interest there       GREENWOOD AREA INVITED TO
for them in technology and that they may pursue            COTTONLANDIA SEPTEMBER 16 TO
it and be our next generation of researchers and           VIEW THE MOON
teachers."                                                 We’ll be doing a public talk about the Moon at
                                                           the Cottonlandia Museum in Greenwood on
                                                           Thursday September 16 at 7:00 pm. The talk
Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                                  08/27/2010
and viewing the Moon and Jupiter through                  b found at
telescopes is free and the public is welcome. If
you plan to bring a group please contact the              handson.html
museum at 662-453-6377. Any Greenwood area                January 28-29, 2011, Implementing and
amateur astronomers who would like to help                Enhancing High School Astronomy Classes, Dr.
with observing are welcome to bring their                 Larry Krumenaker, founder of ―To Teach the
scopes. Please contact Jim Hill at 662-547-6377           Stars‖. Information and registration will be
if you’ll be bringing a scope.                            posted shortly.
FALL ―BACKYARD                                            ONE DAY WORKSHOPS
ASTRONOMY‖READY FOR ON-LINE                               We also have funding from the Mississippi
REGISTRATIONS                                             NASA Space Grant Consortium to allow us to             conduct short fractional CEU workshops around
backyard.html                                             the state. Contact us if you’d like to set up a one
October 2: Introduction to the Fall                       day astronomy activities workshop in your area
Constellations                                            or school district. We can provide workshops for
David Teske will share about the stories of the           different grade levels and curriculum areas.
fall sky patterns and how to find them in the             CALENDAR OF COMING EVENTS Contact
heavens. Featured will be the tale of the hero            us to schedule a program or field trip
Perseus and his rescue of Princess Andromeda              August 27: Houser Family group
from Cetus the sea monster.                               September 2: St. Louis group
October 9: Archeoastronomy of the American                September 10: Rainwater Public program
Southwest                                                 meeting and observing
Jim Hill spent the summer out west and has lots           September 16: Carrolton Baptist Church Good
of amazing tales about the astronomical                   Timers 7:00 pm
knowledge of the Native Americans who lived               September 16: at Cottonlandia Museum, Moon
in the four corners region a thousand years ago.          Program 7:00 pm
                                                          September 18: Saltillo Cub Pack 5
October 16: Jupiter: Giant of the Solar System            September 18: International Observe the Moon
Edwin Faughn will share about the giant planet            Night - Open House - program and public
that is in the fall sky and that outweighs by three       observing session.
times all the other planets in the solar system.
Learn about its history and what we’ve learned            RECENT ADDITIONS TO THE RAINWATER
recently.                                                 MATERIALS CENTER
                                                          We’ve added quite a few new books, DVDs and
October 23: Death from the Skies                          fossil specimens. Thanks to Lisa Ham and
Dave Teske will wrap up the series with a look            others for enhancing our ability to be of service
at the dangers that may lurk in the sky for our           with donations and loans. The next time you’re
planet Earth. What are the chances of asteroids,          at Rainwater, check out the
comets, or solar flares causing destruction on the
Earth in the future?                                      ASTRONOMY NEWS LINKS

WEEKEND ASTRONOMY EDUCATION                               Some great new images of the Saturnian system
CEU WORKSHOPS                                             have been released for the Cassini mission.
November 5-6, 2010, Using Constellations to     
Teach Science and Astronomy, Dr. Chris Sirola             new-close-up-images-of-enceladus/
of USM. Information and online registration can

Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                                 08/27/2010
Astronomy and physics have unraveled the                goals. Discussion of each of the four goals will
source of the elements in the universe.                 describe how each addresses current issues in            science education and how NSTA’s current and
y-without-a-telescope-alchemy-by-supernova/             future initiatives will achieve these goals. There
Venus is beautiful in the evening sky. The              will also be a question-and-answer session in
Japanese have a spacecraft that will tell us more       which members of the task force will answer any
about its strange atmosphere and how it evolved         questions that you may have about the
so differently from that of the Earth.                  document.        To submit questions to be answered during the
nasa/2010/16aug_vco/                                    question-and-answer portion of the web seminar,
The inner workings of the Sun may be causing            send an e-mail to
the solar cycle to be lengthening.                      Please include your name, where you are from,            and your question in the body of the e-mail. For
conveyor-belt-may-lengthen-solar-cycles/                more information about the web seminar or to
                                                        register for the event, visit the NSTA Learning
Finally, the moon is bowling boulders.                  Center.
boulders-leave-trails-on-the-moon/                      President Signs $10 Billion
                                                        Education Jobs Bill into Law
NSTA NEWS:                                              States and districts will soon be receiving $10
                                  NSTA Unveils          billion to avert teacher lay offs this fall or bring
                                  Strategic Goals       back teachers already laid off from their jobs,
                                                        thanks to the EduJobs bill that President Obama
                                  2010                  signed into law last week. And 49 recipients
                         Today, the National            (from a whopping pool of 1,700 applicants) got
                         Science Teachers               word they are in line to receive one of the first
                         Association unveiled its       Department of Education Investing in
                         Strategic Goals 2010           Innovation (i3) Grants.
                                                        Read more in this issue of NSTA Legislative
df ) document online. NSTA Strategic Goals              Update.
2010 is a comprehensive plan to help guide the
association’s efforts for the next five years. A        2010 Siemens We Can Change the
yearlong, multiphase project developed to reflect       World Challenge Winners Visit
the changes in science education, Strategic
Goals 2010 is the successor to Strategy 2005.
                                                        Yellowstone National Park
                                                        Last month, the middle school grand prize and
On Tuesday, October 12, at 6:30 p.m. ET,
                                                        second place winners of the 2010 Siemens We
members of the Strategic Goals 2010 Task
                                                        Can Change the World Challenge, took a five-
Force will be leading a special interactive web
                                                        day adventure trip to Yellowstone National Park.
seminar about the document and the future
                                                        Team ―No1Idling‖ from Novi Middle School in
direction of the association. NSTA members and
                                                        Novi, Michigan, and Team ―Drug Disposal
those with a vested interest in NSTA are
                                                        Informants‖ from West Branch Middle School in
encouraged to participate.
                                                        West Branch, Iowa, were joined by Jeff Corwin,
In this web seminar, members of the task force          wildlife biologist and Emmy-winning host of
will explain the background, purpose, and               The Jeff Corwin Experience; Philippe Cousteau,
development process of the new 2010 strategic           grandson of Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau and
Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                                  08/27/2010
Discovery Education’s Chief Spokesperson for             support effective classroom implementation of
Environmental Education; and officials from              NES resources. At the end of the year, NES will
NSTA, the Siemens Foundation, and Discovery              recognize its best teachers and schools with
Education. While in Yellowstone the winning              NASA experiences such as field center training,
teams went fly fishing and toured some of the            research opportunities, and flights aboard a
park’s most famous sites, including the                  reduced-gravity aircraft.
Roosevelt Arch and Old Faithful. The Discovery           All participants must be U.S. citizens. Each must
Adventure trip to Yellowstone National Park              be an administrator, aide, curriculum specialist,
was part of the middle level winners’                    educator, guidance counselor, media specialist,
comprehensive prize package.                             resource teacher, or student teacher in a state- or
The Siemens We Can Change the World                      nationally accredited K–12 education institution
Challenge encourages elementary, middle and              in the United States or a U.S territory.
high school students to develop plans to initiate        For more information and to schedule an
environmental change in their schools and                orientation session, visit the NASA website.
communities. For more information about the
Challenge, visit                    Questions about the new NASA Explorer
                                                         Schools project should be directed to nasa-
Registration Open for NASA                     
Explorer School Project
The NASA Explorer Schools (NES) project is
                                                         Partial MSTA Program WE
NASA's classroom-based gateway for middle                        need you too.
school (grades 4–8) and high school (grades 9–
12) classrooms. NES provides free teaching and           Deborah Booth, University of Southern Mississippi,
learning resources that promote student                  Tom Sumrall Chemistry, Physical Science Middle
                                                         School, High School No Place to Hang Out Guided
engagement in science, technology, engineering
                                                         Inquiry activities for both Chemistry and Physical
and mathematics, or STEM. The project                    Science outline the hazardous nature of oil and gas
provides opportunities for teachers and students         storage facilities. The activities feature a free 11
to participate in NASA's mission of research and         minute video from the Chemical Safety Board citing
discovery through inquiry-based experiences              a case study from Carnes Mississippi. The video
directly related to the work of NASA scientists          was filmed by Forrest County Agricultural High
and engineers.                                           School students and professionally edited. It is a
                                                         powerful warning about the hazards associated with
Throughout the school year, the NES Virtual
                                                         these sites which are located in all parts of
Campus website will serve as a portal to                 Mississippi are not secured and are not posted.
dynamic learning experiences, allowing students          Activities are project-based and unify concepts in
to examine real-world problems and challenges            both subject areas.
based on NASA research and exploration.
Classroom activities are coupled with special            Debra Simpson Hands-on Workshop,
events featuring interactions with NASA's                Commercial/Exhibitor Presentation Biology,
scientific and technical workforce, so students          Earth/Space Science, Inquiry, Literacy, Physical
                                                         Science Elementary Inquiry for the Non-Sciencey
learn firsthand about mission highlights, new
                                                         Science Teacher See how to use hands-on, inquiry-
technologies, and research findings.                     based resources, nonfiction texts, and reference
Teachers have the opportunity to participate in          materials to bring your K- 5 science program to life
professional development experiences delivered           & meet the new MS Science Standards without
through NES Virtual Campus technology to                 turning your whole world upside down. Free
                                                         Resources & Door Prizes provided!!
Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                                         08/27/2010
Debra Simpson Hands-on Workshop,                               Physical Science Middle School Mass vs. Weight
Commercial/Exhibitor Presentation Biology,                     – What's the Big Difference Anyway? "Mass" and
Chemistry, Earth/Space Science, Inquiry, Literacy,             "weight" are terms with a big difference in meaning
Physical Science High School How to Perk Up                    and used incorrectly by students. This workshop will
Your Science Program When You Can't Get New                    explore these terms utilizing new NASA curriculum
Textbooks See how to perk up your middle school                integrating education video filmed on-board the
science program with modular-based hands-on,                   International Space Station, NASA resources, and
inquiry-based activities, nonfiction texts, &                  inquiry activities
reference books to meet the new Science
Frameworks, even if you were not able to get new               Steve Culivan NASA Stennis Space Center Hands-
textbooks! Free Materials & Door Prizes!!                      on Workshop Earth/Space Science, Inquiry, Physical
                                                               Science Middle School Spaced Out Sports –
Susan A. Bender Hands-on Workshop Biology,                     Science Behind the Games on Earth and in Space
Chemistry, Inquiry, Teacher Preparation       Middle           Engage in ―Space and Sports‖ connections by
School, High School, College Piecing Together an               exploring how Newton’s Laws of Motion affect
Identity Use the presence or absence of specific               games played on Earth and in space. New NASA
genetic markers and presence or absence of specific            curriculum, ―Spaced Out Sports‖ design challenge
ABO(H) antigens to piece together the identity of a            integrates inquiry activities and career video. Learn
set of human remains. Handouts, CD"s and complete              how to get spacey with sports!
lab instructions provided. Sponsored in part by a
grant awarded by the Howard Hughes Medical                     Margaret Smith Ruleville Central High School
Institute and the Base Pair/ SOAR program at                   Hands-on Workshop Biology, Chemistry, Physics
UMMC Dr. Rob Rockhold Project Director                         General science fun A Session on games, activities
                                                               and project ideas. I will present on Making Book
Carl Dewitt University of Mississippi Center for               Projects that are easy to do and give ideas for you to
Math and Science Education Hands-on Workshop                   use in your own class. A CD ROM will be give to
Earth/Space Science Middle School, High School                 each person that comes to the session.
Alternative Energy Power Plant Activity Take
home a great lesson idea that involves using data              Lillie Akin Teacher Preparation Middle School
from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric                      MAST: preparing teachers for Assessing Inquiry
Administration (NOAA) to find a building site for an           The new strand in the Mississippi Framework
alternative energy power plant.                                addresses the latest in methodology . The research
                                                               based material , Inquiry , is emphasized in the
Cheryl Ross Magnolia Jr. High School, Moss Point,              MAST NSF funded program held in the summers ,
MS Hands-on Workshop Ecology/ Environmental                    directed by Dr. Mehri Fadavi at Jackson State
Science Middle School Environmental Science in a               Universality . Let’s look at how we assess Inquiry
World of 7 Billion, Discover timely,                           based teaching. Lesson outline will be given , and
interdisciplinary, hands-on activities to help students        practiced in the session
understand the connections between human
population growth and a host of environmental                  Prof. Jim Wandersee LSU Prof. Renee Clary, MSU
challenges. Receive curriculum on CD-ROM.                      Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth/Space
                                                               Science, Ecology/Environmental Science, Physical
Angela O. Bedenbaugh Hands-on Workshop                         Science, Physics High School Teach Your Students
Earth/Space Science, Inquiry Middle School, High               Two New Science Study Strategies Join us to find
School, College Improving Graphing Skills A                    out how to teach your students to use two new
hurricane tracking activity will allow participants to         science study strategies that our research group has
use latitude and longitude to follow the path of a             tested--one to manage their study time better, and
hurricane. Student worksheets and resource                     one to monitor which aspects of a new topic interests
information will be provided. Door prizes.                     them most.
Steve Culivan NASA Stennis Space Center Hands-                 Renee Clary Mississippi State University James
on Workshop Earth/Space Science, Inquiry,                      Wandersee Hands-on Workshop Earth/Space
Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                                        08/27/2010
Science General It’s All about Scale: How to                  provided, aligned with the Mississippi 2010 Science
Convey Geologic Time and Mississippi’s Geologic               Framework!!
History in Your Science Classroom Geologic time
presents a drastically different time frame for most          Deborah Tucker National Science Teachers
students. We demonstrate tried-and-true classroom             Association Hands-on Workshop Astronomy,
methods that effectively convey the magnitude of              Biology, Chemistry, Earth/Space Science,
Earth’s history. Free Mississippi fossils, step-by-           Ecology/Environmental Science, Inquiry, Physical
step instructions, and suggested activities are               Science, Physics Elementary, Middle School, High
provided.                                                     School, College The NSTA Learning Center –
                                                              Online Content Building Resources for Teachers
Renee Clary Mississippi State University, James               NSTA’s Learning Center
Dunne, Charles Wax Hands-on Workshop                          ( provides thousands of
Earth/Space Science Middle School TEACHER                     standards-aligned e-PD science resources, tools, and
ACADEMY in the NATURAL SCIENCES                               opportunities 24/7/365 to build content background.
(TANS): Geosciences Share-a-Thon for Middle                   Log in to your free account; personalize your
School Science Teachers Join our GEOSCIENCES                  portfolio; build your e-library of resources. Laptops
Share-a-Thon session, led by middle school science            optional.
teachers! Mississippi TANS teachers demonstrate
creative and fun activities to incorporate weather and        Sheila Smith Hands-on Workshop Biology, Inquiry,
geology content in middle school classrooms. Free             Literacy Middle School, High School Overhead
lesson plans provided, aligned with the Mississippi           Projector (Not LCD) The Frugal Biology Teacher
2010 Science Framework! Please schedule all                   "Budget Cuts! Very Little Money! Come learn
TANS share-a-thon sessions (if accepted) back-to-             how to engage your students with hands-on activities
back on Monday. Also, please do not schedule at the           using inexpensive materials from your local grocery
same time as Clary's It's All about Scale geologic            and discount stores.
time session. Thank you!!                                     Jeff Pace McWane Science Center Hands-on
Renee Clary Mississippi State University, James               Workshop Inquiry Elementary Science Smorgasbord
Dunne, Josh Winter Hands-on Workshop Physical                 Chemistry, physics and more! Designed for K-6th
Science, Physics Middle School TEACHER                        grade educators, this workshop will provide you
ACADEMY in the NATURAL SCIENCES                               with a wide variety of inexpensive inquiry-based
(TANS): Physics Share-a-Thon for Middle School                science activities and demonstrations to engage your
Science Teachers Join our PHYSICS Share-a-Thon                students and reinforce science content standards in
session, led by middle school science teachers!               the classroom - all on a minimal budget.
Mississippi TANS teachers demonstrate creative                Angel Rohnke Mississippi Museum of Natural
solutions to incorporate physics content in the               Science Joan Elder Hands-on Workshop
middle school classroom. Free lesson plans                    Ecology/Environmental Science, Teacher
provided, aligned with the Mississippi 2010 Science           Preparation Elementary Growing UP WILD-
Framework!                                                    Providing an Early Start for Connecting
Renee Clary Mississippi State University, James               Children to Nature Growing Up WILD is an
Dunne, Svein Saebo Hands-on Workshop Chemistry                early childhood education program that builds on
Middle School TEACHER ACADEMY in the                          children’s sense of wonder about nature and invites
NATURAL SCIENCES (TANS): Chemistry                            them to explore wildlife and the world around them.
Share-a-Thon for Middle School Science                        Through a wide range of activities and experiences,
Teachers "Join our CHEMISTRY Share-a-Thon                     Growing Up WILD provides an early foundation for
session, led by middle school science teachers!               developing positive impressions about nature and
Mississippi TANS teachers demonstrate creative                lifelong social and academic skills.
activities to incorporate chemistry content in the            Cindy Cook Rankin County School District,
middle school classroom. Free lesson plans                    Mautoyia Cooper, Libby Cook Hands-on Workshop
                                                              Biology Middle School, High School Overhead
Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                                    08/27/2010
Projector (Not LCD), Food Forensics This session           ant, is infected with the parasitic bacterium
will provide an overview of epidemiology.                  Wolbachia. Free biotech resources and training
Activities covered will be associated with the             provided by the ―Princeton Satellite Learning
determination of a contaminated food source at a           Center" located in Brookhaven, MS, will be
hypothetical luncheon. This session is suitable for        discussed.
middle and high school. Handouts and door prizes
will be given.                                             Christina Wagner Grenada High School Hands-on
                                                           Workshop Biology High School Inquiry-Based AP
Kathy McKone Enterprise Attendance Center                  Biology Labs College Board is moving towards
Biology, Technology Middle School, High School,            making the 12 standard AP Biology labs more
College Taking the Sting Out of PCR (Polymerase            inquiry-based in their current redesign. Learn how to
Chain Reaction) Use cutting-edge biotechnology to          tweek the "Dirty Dozen‖ to represent an inquiry-
determine if a common pest, the red imported fire          based learning format.

                              MSTA IS GOING GREEN
  We want to put the MSTA publications online. The
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  an announcement to you to inform you that the newsletter
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  newsletter after the conference will be produced and
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  need to add to the contacts in your
  address book so the notification does not go to your spam.

Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                                            08/27/2010


 2010 MSTA Annual Convention October 25-27 Marriott Jackson, Jackson, MS
IMPORTANT NOTES: Each person attending the annual convention must complete
a separate form. Spouses must file separate forms. Convention attendees must
wear their nametag to gain admission to all convention activities. Advance
registration deadline is Wednesday, October 5, 2010 (applications MUST be
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For hotel reservations: Marriott Hotel-Jackson, Mississippi (Phone: 601-969-5100-Cut-
off-date for rooms is September 25, 2010).
    Name___________________________________                      Full Program (Mon. & Tues.) Rates
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    School/Organization (for convention badge)                   ___Undergraduate/Graduate Student $25.00
    PROFESSIONAL ADDRESS                                         ___Non-teaching Family/Guest/Spouse $35.00
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    City/State/Zip ____________________________                  ___OR ___ Daily Admission: [Check the day(s)]
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    * On-site registration fees will be $5.00 higher and does
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    must register at the Member/Nonmember rate.
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    Send completed form and payment to:
    Johnette Bosarge                                             Amount Received: _______________________
    4100 Twisted Run Lane
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Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                                                                        08/27/2010

                            MSTA Fall Conference - What a Bargain!!
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                  MSTA Reception and Auction
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                  Planetarium Show
                  And do not forget the six publications per year and listserv to keep you up-to-date
                   on Science Education opportunities.

    Don’t forget:
           Go online to submit presentation proposals. Deadline September
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           Reserve your room by September 25, 2009. (Mention MSTA)
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 Mississippi Science Teachers Association                                                                         08/27/2010

                                            2010-2011 MSTA Board of Directors
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Immediate Past President & Long Range Goals Sheila Smith                 Scholarships Ms. Minnie Parham (;
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                    Committee Chairs                                     District A Donna Roberts (
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(                                              College and University Dr. Bill Scott ( &
Convention Program Mr. Ken Wester (                     John Wiginton ( )
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