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Why plane crashed _3_


									Why plane crashed (3) 2009 Äê 04 ÔÂ 20 ÈÕ 13:03 Sina reading
In the hotel lobby was jammed, I saw a tall lanky young man wearing
glasses group claims there are pictures. He no doubt also a news peers. I
walked just about to questioning, he suddenly shouted at me:
"Yeah, the big brother, hello familiar! Where I feel like
I've seen you! Which media would you be?" I am a very
happy He held out his hand to: "is it? This shows that our
affinity for it! very ashamed, I am a new paper unknown Hunfan
it." not be me to introduce myself, this young man happy to
exclaim: "Oh, Ishino , you are Ishino reporter? undercover
reporter! "in the left Beijing far away, reporters gathered in
the interview scene, still people recognize me and call out my name, of
course, I was surprised and very pleased to prepare. July 2004, my first
news documentary, "Undercover Adventure: my fourth
escaped," the introduction by the China Federation of Literature
Publishing House, became the best-selling book, first being
"Huaxi Dushi Bao," the first to serials, it was Sina
strongly recommended reading in strategic locations, followed by dozens
of newspapers and Web sites of domestic reproduced. As the book all the
news of my experience in the South, and with pieces of my photos, which
makes the media a lot of people know me. I just did not expect so far
away in the surprise will be peer-once identified.
The introduction, I knew this was born in 1982, refined appearance, long
curly hair keep the young men called # # # is the "Inner
Mongolia Morning" news correspondents stationed in Baotou, this
time being, and his colleagues interviewed the families of the crash
claims situation. He had been reading from Sina seen on my book, but also
about my other experiences, too long for my appearance to heart, just did
not expect to run into me here. Confirmation after I Ishino, Xiaobo very
happy, clinging to my hands, fuss of, photo not shot, and I sincerely
invite a guest to their newspaper. Then he called one of his female
colleague - a look Meiqingmuxiu, they rush around the girls up interview
introduced me know, I know this is the newspaper photographer was Ye
Fei's girlfriend Panel Data colleagues who are .
As more people, plus we are all busy, we hit it off the corner at the
hotel is pleased to chat for a while, busy on their own opened. Pro,
respectively, before pulling Xiaobo said to me: "Stone Big
Brother, I worship you! Your news is too simple a trip. There's a
lot of our colleagues have read your book, you must go tomorrow, our
correspondents guest, and we need to talk, and I want to invite you drink
a cup to play host. "
Hotel lobby to set a surety, life insurance companies such as the work of
several points. After the accident took place that afternoon,
China's Ping An Insurance Co., Ltd. Inner Mongolia Baotou center
branch office immediately start emergency response procedures, set up
headed by General Manager Li Youjun, deputy general manager Guo Rumin as
deputy head of the office , group insurance department, business
management department, a risk department, intermediary executives are
members of the emergency management team, while the accident reported to
the Corporation and the Inner Mongolia Insurance Regulatory Bureau. In
the implementation of a number of insurance, the implementation of
Xianhangpeifu. The responsible person: "the aircraft after the
accident, 10 more than our company sent to the scene." According
to its introduction, the passengers boarded the plane on a voluntary
basis in the purchase of aviation accident insurance. One policy, receive
up to 200,000 yuan in compensation.
At 18:00 on the on the 21st, the first settlement of claims arising fee.
China Ping An Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Inner Mongolia Baotou center
branch office decided the incident in a train yard header killed an
officer for damages, his personal life insurance claim paid 13.8 million
As of 22 around 4 pm, the staff insurance companies have already
confirmed bought 25 air travel accident insurance, which one to buy two,
the families of the victims will receive 40 million in insurance money.
It is understood that 47 passengers are known to have 26 in the company
of the insured.

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