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?What is a cochlear implant for the best time? In other words, at that
age to do the best cochlear? This is not just a matter of time, but also
for the hearing-impaired children to develop a comprehensive hearing
services to one of the important principles. As more and more deaf
children with cochlear, research in this area is increasing. Chinese
Journal of Audiology Network (www.chineseaudiology.com) reported that the
latest study showed that infants of 18 months, that is year and a half
ago cochlear can make children in listening, understanding, and
ultimately learn to speak so, benefit the most. The Johns Hopkins
University scientists led by the United States multi-center study, 188
were selected, aged 6 months to 5 years old children as subjects, they
are suffering from severe hearing loss, six hospitals in the United
States, cochlear After implantation, a full three years, has been
tracking. In order to accurately compare the effect of children's
hearing rehabilitation and progress, the researchers also used the 97
normal hearing children, as the control group, to observe the hearing-
impaired children's speech development in hearing the speed and
  When all the variables the same time, the age of these children will
become the most important factor, use of age and development status of
these children, the relationship between the audiologist can more
accurately determine the effect of cochlear. An important finding of this
study is that in the mature period of hearing-impaired children,
including a very important period, if we can seize this opportunity, in
this time period, enhancing the rehabilitation training of hearing
impaired children, results will be very obviously, the other hand, if the
missed period, would lose the best opportunity. Researcher believes that
deaf children receive cochlear delay, in fact, cut off the audio
equivalent of the world, and deprived of speech and hearing
rehabilitation for children to learn right.
  The study showed that hearing-impaired children with cochlear year
delay for one year, in fact, equivalent to the capacity of children to
learn words one year were delayed. Meanwhile, although the children who
receive cochlear implants, can not completely restore hearing, into a
normal hearing, but hearing their language development and maturity far
beyond their age, the same hearing-impaired children. The study
specifically found that children with cochlear implants and speech
language acquisition time required for development of capacity is not
used twice in patients with cochlear implants; them to learn
communication skills, both use the word or the age the means of
communication , and the control group, the former 1.5 times faster. If
these children in the 18 months prior to cochlear implantation, they only
need three years to catch up with normal hearing children of hearing and
speech development; more interesting is that if cochlear implants after
the age of three, then each year of delay implantation, the one-year
delay in children with learning time. This relationship is directly
proportional to describe the consequences of delayed cochlear
  In addition to earlier acceptance of the cochlea is an important factor
of late, they also found that parents of hearing impaired children, early
very fast, and fully involved in the rehabilitation of hearing impaired
children, is also an important factor. The study pointed out that early
cochlear implants can be accepted by parents of children with language
and communication, and be further raised. This interactive dialogue
between parents and has a very important role.
  Therefore, to meet the other conditions, hearing impaired children
should receive cochlear earlier, the best.
Transfer from: China Audiology Network

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