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                               A Fulbright-Hays Grant Funded
                              Travel Seminar for U.S. Educators
                         July 11 - August 13, 2010 (tentative dates)

About the Seminar
The Center for Global Education at
                                            The seminar will be based in Windhoek,
                                            Namibia and will travel to northern
Augsburg College is the recipient of        Namibia to learn about rural education
                                            efforts and to have a two-day homestay,
                                                                                        TRAVEL SEMINAR
a grant from the US Department of
Education’s Fulbright-Hays Group            as well as the Atlantic Coast to learn
Project Abroad, which will enable us        about mining and environmental issues.
to coordinate a four-week curriculum
development program for U.S. educators      Community visits may include
in Namibia at a low cost of $850 which
                                            • Dialogue with representatives from
includes cost of international airfare.
                                            non-governmental organizations and
                                            community groups on their roles in the
The program aims to equip educators
                                            process of nation building
with first-hand knowledge about
Namibia, demonstrate new ways to teach      • Visit a youth empowerment program to
through global experiential education,      boost academic achievement
and assist educators to develop             • Meet with professors and
curricular units for use in their home      administrators at the University of
schools. Curriculum will be focused         Namibia and Polytechnic of Namibia
around three main themes: family life,
                                            • Learn about educational issues in rural
the environment, and nation building.
Namibia is one of Africa’s newest
nations, a society in transition after      • Tour Etosha Pan National Park and
decades of struggle to gain independence    Game Reserve, one of the most noted
from South Africa in 1990. Educators        wild animal parks in Africa, to learn
will meet with a diverse cross-section      about conservation efforts
of the Namibian society, participate in     • Visits with leaders of mining and         Fulbright-Hays Group
home-stays, and develop curriculum units
related to either family life, democracy-
                                            fishing industries in and around Walvis     Project Abroad grant
                                            Bay on the Atlantic Coast
building, or the environment.
                                            • Meet with government officials from
                                                                                        provides a 4-week
Itinerary and Program Overview              the Ministry of Health and Social           seminar in Namibia for
                                            Services and the Parliament
•   July 11-12 – pre-trip orientation in                                                $850. Includes
    Atlanta to start work in curriculum
    teams, start building the learning      Eligibility
                                                                                        international airfare.
    community, and give a background
                                            Twelve eligible participants will be
    on Namibia.
                                            selected from:
•   July 13-August 13, 2010 – travel
    to and from Namibia for a 28-day        • Elementary and secondary school and
    seminar.                                special education teachers
• Preservice teachers                                              Atlanta where the orientation will take place. Cost includes
                                                                   round-trip airfare from Atlanta to Windhoek, Namibia, all
• Education faculty                                                lodging, meals, ground transportation, and programming. This
                                                                   does not include any inoculations, passport fees, or personal
All applicants must be employed at or enrolled in a U.S.           expenses.

Responsibilities                                                   Application and Payment
All accepted participants must:                                    Applications are due at the Center for Global Education by
                                                                   April 19, 2010. Selection will be done by April 26, 2010 and
• Participate in the pre-trip orientation in the gate city, July   applicants will be notified that week. Selected participants
11-12, 2010 (tentative dates).                                     must register by May 15 and pay a non-refundable $250
• Participate in the full seminar in Namibia, July 13-August       deposit. The deposit can be made by credit card or check.
13, 2010 (tentative dates).                                        The remaining fee must be paid by May 31, 2010.
• Participate in a curriculum writing team during the seminar
and write a curricular unit that will be completed and
available within three months of the end of the travel seminar.
Curriculum must relate to one of the identified themes:            The Center for Global Education at Augsburg College
family life, the environment, and nation building.                 provides cross-cultural educational opportunities in order to
                                                                   foster critical analysis of local and global conditions so that
• Each participant will be required to offer a workshop
                                                                   personal an systemic change takes place leading to a more
in their home school and at local or regional conferences
                                                                   just and sustainable world.
in order to disseminate the skills and materials to other
Scholarships will be awarded based on applicants’ experience       Background
in curriculum development and Ethnic or Multicultural
                                                                   Founded in 1982, the Center is nationally recognized for its
Studies, ability to secure funding for the program costs
                                                                   work in experiential, intercultural, and educational travel
beyond the scholarship, and the ability to perform all of the
                                                                   opportunities. More than 10,000 seminars, which are well-
responsibilities outlined above.
                                                                   known and respected for exposing travelers to a variety of
                                                                   points of view, especially the perspectives of those working
                                                                   for justice and human dignity. The Center also has also
                                                                   served over 2,000 students from more than 300 colleges and
Shamani Shikwambi, Ed.D, will act as the Southern Africa           universities through our undergraduate summer, semester, and
Curriculum Consultant and accompany the group to Namibia.          internship programs in Mexico, Central America and Southern
He completed his doctoral program in Educational Leadership        Africa.
at the University of Northern Iowa in May of 2005. He has
had a longstanding relationship with the Center’s program
in Namibia where he was a resource person who frequently           Excellence
spoke with students and travel seminars when he was HIV/
                                                                   The Center was the 2003 recipient of the National Society
AIDS Education Coordinator with The Rainbow Project
                                                                   for Experiential Education Program of the Year Award.
and Director of the National Early Childhood Development
Association in Windhoek. He is currently a faculty member at
Loras College.                                                     Affiliation
                                                                   Augsburg College, founded in 1869, is a private liberal
Accommodations                                                     arts and sciences college in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The
                                                                   Princeton Review featured Augsburg as one of the “Best in
Participants will be housed in shared rooms in the Center’s
                                                                   the Midwest” colleges in 2009.
study center in Windhoek, Namibia, in modest guest houses,
and in a 2-day homestay with a rural family.
                                                                   For more information
Cost                                                               Contact David Hamilton or Regina
                                                                   McGoff or call the numbers listed
The Fulbright-Hays grant allows us to offer this travel
seminar for the greatly reduced cost of $850 per participant.
Participants must provide their own travel to and from

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